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Welcome to the EWC, its not what you think.

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posted on Jul, 7 2013 @ 02:12 AM
Welcome to the "EWC", most of you have been hand picked , by means we will not tell you for it is a "NTK" need to know, and you need not know. Your names have been assigned to you. You will find them in your Task force folder, "TFF " each of you will be the first of your kind! You have all head of Drones, . The Major stated as he took another puff of his cigar, then asked do you. Most of the class said yes ... a few did not know, nor care, one minute they where playing a video game, some at home, some at class, either at High school or at Collage, and a few at work.... 50 in all in this class... [each class was told the same line's er lie's] when agents from the Gov came and got them, not one was told of why, whom or where they were going. and some just wanted back to the life they new before, before all the lies and deceit, before the forced draft.

Its not what you think
This was a new kind of draft one where brains and speed of your thumb finger or texting got you in to the Select Service Force SSF and the Major was the head of SSF Mech recon, DARPA begun the project back in the early 21st, where Drones could be more than spy planes,or UAV's Tanks M1 B4 AH64K's B2's F22G's the list went on. but whom to get, not everyone nor those in the Mil was up to it, some thought they where toys, had no respect of the power, nor the wisdom to see that it was more that a joy stick and weapon system to play with, it was thought and reflexes the ultimate in interaction of AI and man, and the way war was to fought from now on.

One person in the back spoke up , "hay you in the clown suit , where are we and when do we get to go home! "
Who the f**k said that!!! the Major roared!!!
"I did, said the young man in the back of the room, and who the F**k are you" he asked back.
The Major now fuming with rage, moved as if running to the place where the young man sat, pulling the young man out of his seat by griping the leather jacket at the neck line with both hands with such force the leather started to rip, the Major look him straight in the eye not saying a word gave him the once over glance as if looking at a cut of meat, what seemed like a minute passed before the Major said biting his teeth , Your not to speak till spoken too your name is thunder mine is the MAJOR!!!!! He yelled as loud as he could, throwing the young man back in his seat, whom looked at his collar seeing the finger indents, asked " you still did not answer my question, and for that matter what the f**k does EWC stand for anyway".

The Major froze, turned, flipped the cigar at the question asking punk, the last place you'll ever see you piece of Sheep dipped turd, if it was up to me I would shoot you where you sit , but it is not up to me, not yet, lets see how you'll do on the line first, FU** UP you'll get your out, you'll see your home, by the way of the grave, do you read me. The Major spoke growling, his eyes fixed and as if blazing, staring at the young man, he continued EWC stands for Encrypted Weapons Control, a Secure link between you and your"LBD" Land Based Drone, if we are done with this idle chit chat lets get down to BIZZ!!! OPEN!!!! you DAMN!!!! Folders, Time's wasting, your on the line in 30 min ladies and Scum!!!! The Major Bellowed as he headed back to the front of the room, to begin the 200th class of 50, a class that would have a traitor among them.

For it was widely known no one did go back as they where, they changed they did not fit in nor could interact with others they seemed more robot than human, as if they where more machine than human. when the first 50 came back after a year of being "in Service" friends and family started to notice the oddness and differences of ones that came back some did not, they where listed MIA or KIA, but if your not "in-country" nor in "harms way" how could they be.

As with all wars, not all the truth is told.
end of part one
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posted on Jul, 7 2013 @ 02:32 PM
Part 2 love, lust, broken dreams.
She sat watching every move the Major made, as well as the long haired, breaded young man that sat in the back of the room, Fro the time he walked into the room an emotion swept over her , one she had not felt for a long time , she could feel the moistness between her legs and she knew she had to have him , not only as a trainee but as a lover She was code named "Thumper" for more than one reason she was the fist to show what a 155 SPH could do It was a new Paladin, lighter faster and had a shorter barrel 2.5 meters long could travel at speeds up to 65 km over ruff terrain, when she first took the controls she made a 360 loop in mid air, firing all 35 rounds hitting a 100 of 100. Top of the class but most including the Major thought of her as a show off. not a team player, nor one that went by the rules but made up her own as she went a long, and could get away with it a Lt Col of all things. She was going to take Thunder and teach him all she knew, and had a special plan in mind for him as well, she spoke into the intercom, with a voice that would melt the hardest mans wall "Major , I would like to have you send in Thunder, in one peace if you do not mind."
The Major just nodded to this for the Class was not know they where be watched, Thunder you are excused leave through the blue door the Major side into his com link. for in the past week it had been the basic's how too log in then plug in how to form up, move left right as one, single spacing and double what your weapon system could do and not do

The Major was showing the class the next step in the folders, laptops is more like it , fixed in the Individual Pod Console, known as a "IPC" so they could not be removed, each one had interactive Nero links, head gear, that was worn by the student, reading bio feed back heart rate blood pressure temp reparation mussel flexes and reflexes, this was one of a 3 part system the second was the hand foot controls, joy sticks key board and foot pedals other had steering wheels or duel joy sticks.
The 3rd part was the interaction link, you where the machine, if one was a master one could control the weapon system by thought, Thumper had seen this in Thunder, and Thumper thought to her self they could be a unstoppable force, not only in combat but in the bedroom or any where one could get down. She had seen the report on Thunder, high IQ quick reflexes, seen by the game link, when he played the on line games. high scores with quick kills and could find all the hidden extras.

Thunder got up, gave the Major the finger then the salute and left the room , the blue door opened to a short hall 1 meter long to an other door , that opened when Thunder came up to it.
"Take a seat and ill join you shortly "the sultry voice said.
end of part 2

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