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Lead Gardasil Vaccine Creator Confesses to Clear her Conscience

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posted on Jul, 8 2013 @ 02:50 AM
a few posters have indicated that by and large, vaccines are ok and that claims to the contrary are lacking in research. so here's a few links to court cases that were very damming against vaccines. all members contemplating vaccinating their children should at least study these findings before committing to "the jab" of doubt.
if you decide to go ahead with the "jab", please know that many of the following ingredients will be injected into your loved one.
formaldehyde, aluminum hydroxide, aluminum phosphate, thimerosal, and polysorbate 80 (Tween-80),polyribosylribitol phosphate ammonium sulfate, formalin, measles live virus neomycin sorbitol hydrolized gelatin, chick embryo, human diploid cells from aborted fetal tissue, diphtheria and tetanus toxoids and acellular pertussis adsorbed, ammonium sulfatel, washed sheep RBCs, streptomycin, 2-phenoxyethenol continuous line of monkey kidney cells, -------------------------etcetera etcetera--------------the full list can be
read here
well, thats quite a fruit salad. ready for the shot yet?


a very interesting article by joe martino(where these links were obtained) can be read here below.

posted on Jul, 8 2013 @ 03:55 AM
Hello ATSers!

I am someone who works in the Gynecologic field and can maybe throw in a little info and put some minds at ease.

Gaurdasil is not a vaccine that completely prevents HPV. There are many strains of HPV, and some still may not be known. There are two main strains that are known to cause MOST per-cancerous lesions and that is strains 16 and 18. These are the strains the vaccine is for. Getting the vaccine does not eliminate the risk of infection but does lower the risk. Here are some pros and cons
Pros: If your a female your insurance is about to more than likely tell you to get a PAP smear every 3 or 5 years. The problem with this is that it only takes a cancerous lesion about three years to develop.(meaning a hysterectomy) The risk of cervical cancer is so low the insurance companies have deemed it cost effective to forgo yearly screenings. While cervical cancer will not shoot through the roof, there will be some who fall through the cracks, and develop cancer specifically because of this.

This is where the vaccine comes in, if you do not want to get a screening every year and pay out of pocket, it may be in your interest to investigate getting a vaccine and rely on the 3-5 year tests, because the combo of the two would likely be good protection.

Cons: I do not work for the makers of Gaurdasil, therefore who the hell knows every ingredient in the vaccines and their effects on every individual. There is a risk in every medication, medications as of right now cannot be targeted for every individual, therefore there may be exceptions, you may be that exception.

Cons: Risk of infection is very low,(about less than 1% of tests are cancerous in nature) and as a result a vaccine may not be needed. Your body will fight off most infections naturally. I think the last stat I heard was about 80% of everyone out there will have HPV at one time or another.(don't quote me on that)

With that said......
Cervical cancer is one of the most preventable cancers we know of, and no one should die from it. Period. Again while I am skeptical of nearly all medicines and vaccines, there is too much evidence to suggest that Gaurdasil vaccinates for HPV strains 16 and 18. I advised my wife to get the vaccine, and she did, and so far, we do not regret it. My reasoning is that human error occurs in medicine, if you can avoid being a casualty, then do it! It only take one error in the 3-5 year screening process for someone to return after having physical symptoms to discover they have some stage 4 metastatic carcinoma. Then it is too late.

Make an informed decision, I am around cancer daily so my awareness, or paranoia, is greater than the average person, therefore I want my wife to take every precaution, and for us, it is yearly screenings combined with the vaccine. I advise those who question to do a little research, do not assume because it is a vaccine its only intent is to kill you. Some can do the opposite.

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posted on Jul, 8 2013 @ 04:21 AM
reply to post by Metallicus

NO DOUBT! It is always after 10 years that the studies are released proving the dangers of ANY new big PHARMA miracle drugs or VACCINATIONS... I absolutely REFUSED to allow my daughter to have this shot and argued with my pediatrician for all of about 10 minutes, with the mindset that I'd rather wait 10 years and SEE what it'd side affects were BEFORE allowing my daughter to find out for them. Her argument was that if she was not vaccinated before age 11 and BEFORE she was sexually active then it would not help at all.

I then explained that I was MORE than ready to take on the responsibility of preventing my daughter from becoming sexually active prior to age 11 AND before 10 years was up... JUST like I had prevented my 18 year old son from as well.... HE was ....believe it or not.. still a virgin that year.. and turning 18... the argument ended.

The problem I had, was not with my pediatrician however.. it ended up being with the unauthorized 20 something year old that took my daughter to another pediatrician and proceeded to give my daughter the vaccine without ANY guardianship or approval. This is what happens friends when your childs FATHER allows another person to take your minor daughter to the doctor, and that doctor does whatever the hell they please. There is something WRONG in this country, and it BEGINS and ENDS with BIG PHARMA... if you ask ME!

posted on Jul, 8 2013 @ 06:00 PM
I was talking to my mom the other day, when we briefly discussed Gardasil. I can't remember the exact source of the information, if it was on a pamphlet/mailer, on the news channel, or internet, but there was an announcement about Gardasil. The announcement was being made to inform the general public that Gardasil is not being reccomended for young men too!

She didn't know much about Gardasil, and, really, neither do I. However, my memory was sparked and it took me back a couple years or so. There was an outbreak of serious illness is a localized group of young girls.

The girls got ill and were detained and quarantined by the CDC. The CDC would give absolutely no information on the nature of the illness, it's source, the condition of the girls, or when they would answer those questions. In fact, the CDC and other officials would not even tell the truth to the parents!!

I am sure some of you will remember this story and, hopefully, you can help me by filling any potential mistakes in my recollection with more accurate information.

I will look for the source that says Gardasil is being reccomended for young men and post here shortly, if I can find it.

posted on Jul, 8 2013 @ 06:09 PM
reply to post by 727Sky

Sadly in the US the government Motto along with the CDC is that casualties are part of every modern means to keep the majority of the population safe.

So they even expect death from anything from vaccinations to medications and is ok with them, because is not their children or love ones that died or get maimed unnecessarily from the crap they push on the population.

I also feel sorry for any parent that falls for the scaremongering of government and big pharma to then learn the hard way when their love ones fall to the medication spells.

People needs to be smart shoppers no only with what they eat but what they allow their loves that have not choice in the matter like babies to be used as pin cushions freshly out of the womb.

posted on Jul, 8 2013 @ 07:41 PM
Gardasil is complete marketing ploy utilizing soft kill methods from the TPTB to wreck havoc on the people who they call cattle or peasants, and by the way George Washington used to call the people (The grazing cattle) look it up!

Anyone with a high perception will notice that the whole TV commercial from Gardasil takes about 5 mins and they show happy, smiling mothers and daughters, playing in the sunshine wearing bright colored garments to present a paradise, or some sort of Utopia. However at the end of the commercial the person narrating the side effects takes almost another 3 minutes talking super fast that you can't even understand what he says, all this to cover their asses from any lawsuits that come their way from harm done from this vaccine. Anyone with a high enough perception should see that as a complete poison.

Let me tell you a little story:

When I was 16 I was vaccinated with 9 vaccines taken in a two week time span. They came very suddenly, at the time my doctor asked me if I had been vaccinated when I was younger, and I told them that I didn't know, that I'm pretty sure my parents knew, and he told me to ask them, so I asked my mom and she said she couldn't remember.

Next time I went to my doctor he asked me about the vaccines, and I told them my mom couldn't remember, so he said, we gotta vaccinate you then, even if you had been vaccinated we would still need to do it because they are supposed to be given to people every 10 years since they will only last in your system for approximately 10 years. So he gave me 5 shots the first time and told me to come in two weeks for the other 4 shots. After that he gave me a paper that had all the illnesses that I had been vaccinated against which included, polio, rubella, and 7 others.

I immediately started to feel the side effects: I was working out at the time and I easily was squatting 200 lbs, and bench pressing 200 lbs. I weighed about 178 to 180 lbs at the time. I immediately noticed that I was not able to lift the same weight, and even went down 20 lbs on both squats and bench presses and still I was barely lifting them, and ended up getting a herniated disk in my back wich took about 4 years to completely heal. I started to see that even my facial factions started changing, I was becoming some sort of ugly, weird looking guy, and I even remember thinking, damn I didn't use to look this ugly before. The side effects continued, not only were my muscles becoming weaker and my bones brittle, and my face uglier and disproportionate, but I was getting mood swings as well, and was becoming restless, anxious, and inpatient in everything, even holding out normal conversations with other people became something unpleasant. I felt that I was going mad!

The side effects continued, my skin began to crack, I was using the same body cream and same deodorant that I had been using for years, and I started noticing my arm pits cracking really bad, and my butt cheeks as well, my skin was drying up and becoming thinner like an old man. Lastly my concentration at school, and on any given assignment be it reading, calculating, speaking were impossible for me to achieve, I went from getting B+ and A- to barely passing classes, and it was like people in my school didn't recognize me since my physique had changed so much, and I wasn't fat, I was still the same weight I was when I used to work out. My height at 16 was 5'8 and I never grew any taller ever since, so that is another side effect from the vaccines, they stunted my growth.

Mentally they drove me mad, I became anti social, depressed, and suicidal after that. I have pictures that were taken 3 months before the vaccines, and 4 months after the vaccines, and I look like a complete wreck (almost like an ogre) after I was vaccinated.

More than a decade has passed now, and I'm still alive, but I tell you I sure miss the strength, looks, physique, social skills, and mental capacity that I used to have when I was 16. Do I squat or bench 200 lbs now? Not even close.

posted on Jul, 9 2013 @ 05:52 AM
reply to post by bartholomeo

That is a horrible story; especially if the vaccines were the direct cause and not something else. It is stories like yours and other anecdotal evidence that has many people not trusting commercials, vaccines, CDC, you name it any more. Sorry you had to go through that ......

On the other hand poison a few % with bad vaccines let the word get out and the population becomes more and more afraid of inoculations and then, TPTB (or whoever) is running the scam gets vaccinated against some commond yet super bug and then they release said bug. Walla population control at it's finest!! Just a passing thought but nevertheless something that has been in the back of my mine for a while now. Possibilities are many if there are evil minds trying to get to a certain destination, no?

posted on Jul, 9 2013 @ 01:11 PM
Okay, lets look at this logically...with some common sense...some what if's...

Even if vaccines were safe, how can giving so many of them in such a short time span be safe?
To newborns who's immune systems aren't even fully developed yet?
Let's overload their systems!
Thimerosal is dangerous in contact lens solutions, but it's okay to inject directly into newborns???

So they inject babies & toddlers with preservatives & chemicals,
that compromise their immune systems.
Then subsequent vaccines can do even more damage???!!!

Maybe if everyone still nursed their babies, so that they had more natural immunity,
they would have some protection from the chemicals.
Also, more natural immunity from childhood illnesses!

But how many mothers can do that today? Is that another possible piece to the puzzle?
That could be an argument for vaccines, there's less natural immunity now!
But it should still be a choice!!!

I wonder if there are any studies as to the incidence of autism/ learning disabilities, etc,
in breast fed babies vs formula fed ones? Supposedly there are concerning allergies.

I know I was appalled at how many shots my grandkids were required to have,
in such a short time, compared to when my kids got them!
Not to mention all the required boosters now!

And our kids got them one at a time, maybe only two a year.
Not to mention what I received! Oral polio & smallpox vaccine! When I was 5 or 6!
That was it!!! I didn't die from any nasty diseases!!!

When our kids were little, mothers had measles & chicken pox parties,
so their kids could be exposed, get them & get it over with!
My sister had measles so bad, that she had them inside her mouth & eyelids!
The doctor didn't need/ want to see her, she didn't need to be put in the hospital,
wasn't prescribed any medication! Those were the days! No scare tactics!

Outside of polio, I never heard of any bad outcomes around here from childhood diseases!
And never heard of anyone who contracted polio,
but I was too small to have heard about that when the polio vaccine came out!
A lot of it is scare tactics! If not, then why don't they still vaccinate against small pox???

Because it's supposedly been eradicated? Where did it go...where did it come from before?
You mean to tell me there isn't at least some stashed away in labs somewhere?
What a perfect scenario for TPTB!!!

Eradicate a disease, so you don't need a preventative vaccine anymore.
The only people who still have immunity are us old folks who got vaccinated,
& we're too old to fight back & are dying of old age anyway!
All the younger ones have compromised immune systems from vaccine overload!
Then unleash some from a lab....BAM! Georgia Guide Stones fulfilled!

Just saying!!!
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posted on Jul, 9 2013 @ 01:37 PM
in regard to vaccines eliminating smallpox... Only when people started refusing smallpox vaccines did the disease wane.

in 1881 96.5% of babies were vaccinated and there were 3708 deaths from smallpox.
in1901 67.9% were vaccinated and there were 437 deaths.
in 1941 39.9 % were vaccinated and there was one death.

Source is a book. Immunization Theory vs. Reality

Does anyone know how a vaccine is created?
It differs slightly among vaccines but a disease germ/bacterium/virus is acquired, the virus is weakened through serial passage. measles was passed through chick embryos, polio through monkey kidneys, and the rubella virus through the tissue of an aborted human fetus. Killed vaccines are "inactivated" through heat, radiation, or chemicals.

Next the weakened germ must be strengthened with adjuvants and stabilizers such as... Neomycin, streptomycin, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide, aluminum hydroxide, aluminum hydrochloride, sorbitol, hydrolized gelatin, thimerosal(mercury derivative), and formaldehyde.
Aluminum, mercury, and formaldehyde have a very long history as substances that are toxic in trace amounts.

Whats more is undetected animal viruses can jump the species barrier as happened with the simian virus#40. Foreign genetic material is also contaminating the shots after serial passage.

Can you say disgusting? All that gobbely gook is injected right into your child's bloodstream bypassing regular immuno functions. Sick

posted on Jul, 10 2013 @ 10:39 AM
reply to post by wasobservingquietly

Yes, lets look at it logically shall we.
But properly this time.

If vaccines are so bad then why aren't there so many adverse events reported.
Since they're so bad it shouldn't be the around 0.0003 of one % as it is now (that's taking into account all vaccines by the way. Also, adverse events are those directly attributed to a vaccination and can something as simple as a sore arm at site of injection).

Anti-vaxers have this thing about thimerosal I'm guessing without really understanding how the body metabolises it and excretes it (quite quickly as well). All they see is "MERCURY" and they freak out.
It's an organic compound of mercury, which as I mentioned, is metabolised and excreted by the body in about a week. It doesn't accumulate like inorganic mercury.
Even if it did, the microscopic amounts given would mean that a human would probably have to have a vaccination every week for about 15 to 20 years before there was enough to be toxic.

I'm glad you never heard of any kids becoming really ill from childhood diseases but I worked in a paediatric ICU and we used to get several in every year from conditions exacerbated by measles. They were dreadfully ill but thankfully I don't think we ever lost one.
Whooping cough was a different story though. Horrific disease in a youngster.

EDIT: If you live in a city you'll be breathing in far larger amounts of more toxic chemicals than are in vaccines on a daily basis.

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posted on Jul, 10 2013 @ 10:45 AM
reply to post by tigershark1988

So you got your information from a book eh?
Just the one book was it by any chance?
Written by a certain Neil Z. Miller the prominent anti-vaxxer?
I bet it was a very well-balanced book full of arguments and counter arguments and filled with the appropriate medical and scientific citations?

Oh, but he has no medical background whatsoever does he?
And all of the other books are fiercely anti vaccination aren't they?
I'm guessing there's an agenda somewhere.....

Here's a beautiful breakdown of Neil Z. Miller and his cohort Goldman's book.

posted on Jul, 10 2013 @ 03:01 PM
reply to post by Pardon?

If you think a single book is the basis for my opinion on vaccines, you're wrong. Every thing listed in his book is sourced, btw. His information comes from many in the medical professions. As far as not many adverse reactions reported, parents do report adverse reactions but are told that it is coincidental and unrelated to the shots.

P.S. No, the book was indeed very biased, he makes that clear in the book. He mentions it himself. It's not possible to find an unbiased source. Your "breakdown" of the book is really just pointing out errors in one of his charts on infant mortality, does this discredit all other information written?
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posted on Jul, 10 2013 @ 03:05 PM

Here is a Doctor speaking out against vaccines.

posted on Jul, 10 2013 @ 04:39 PM

Originally posted by tigershark1988
reply to post by Pardon?

If you think a single book is the basis for my opinion on vaccines, you're wrong. Every thing listed in his book is sourced, btw. His information comes from many in the medical professions. As far as not many adverse reactions reported, parents do report adverse reactions but are told that it is coincidental and unrelated to the shots.

P.S. No, the book was indeed very biased, he makes that clear in the book. He mentions it himself. It's not possible to find an unbiased source. Your "breakdown" of the book is really just pointing out errors in one of his charts on infant mortality, does this discredit all other information written?
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Does it discredit all of the information in the book?
Pretty much, yes.
If he fudges the facts in what he's or they have written then it's a guarantee that the rest is falsified in some way too.

EDIT: If you take a look in the VAERS database (which really should not be used to demonstrate anything, other than what a bad idea something like this is) you will see an absolute menagerie of reported events allegedly connected with being vaccinated. Anyone at all can report to this, parents, nurses, doctors even lawyers (and boy do they report to it!).
So your statement saying that parents report them is completely true as they're told to report anything. But the fact is that virtually all of the events (outside a mild fever or sore arm) AREN'T related to the vaccines at all.
Until someone can show me irrefutable and repeatable proof to the contrary other than the odd and very unfortunate allergic reaction then I'm afraid I won't take the anti-vaxxers seriously.
If they do show me this evidence and it stands up to scrutiny then I'll be their biggest advocate but at the moment at best it's complete pseudo-scientific babble they're spouting and at worst downright lies.
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posted on Jul, 10 2013 @ 04:45 PM

Originally posted by tigershark1988

Here is a Doctor speaking out against vaccines.

All I see is an osteopath claiming falsehoods.
Although if you go to her website I'm sure she'll be able to sell you something nice.
Completely useless in medical terms but nice.

Sorry but she's a quack of the 1st order and a bit of a nutcase to boot.

posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 02:49 AM
reply to post by wasobservingquietly

I agree, I was the middle of three children and often asked my mother why my younger brother and I didn't have the same scar on our upper arm that my (often sick and not so mentally stable) older brother had.. She finally, when I was older explained that we did not have our immunizations. She stated that she saw how sick her first child was and the difference in him and myself, and before having my immunizations consulted a small town doctor about them first.

This doctor told my mother he didn't feel they were necessary. His belief was that the ghettos of the larger cities had issues with these diseases that we would more than likely never be exposed to. I guess 50 years ago there was a large number of immigrants still coming here from other countries and they were all located in specific areas, whether he thought they brought disease with them from other countries or became ill while traveling here I do not know for sure exactly. He was however, so certain that in the area we were born and raised that we would be fine without them, that he filled out the shot records as if we had, and that was that!

I will say this, I have never had the chicken pox, and have for the most part remained fairly healthy my entire life. I have 3 children and my two oldest did not have the new Chicken pox vaccine that is now required of all newborns, but my youngest did. SHE had chicken pox before she was 3 and gave it to her two older brothers... I was the lucky one to take care of all three of them throughout the entire strange adventure and still have not had them.. It all just seems a little off to me, and I've never understood why anything should be forced on anyone when it comes to our health... it should always be a choice.

I get that we could have some epidemic of sorts I guess? At that point I'm sure it would be all of our faults for not having been vaccinated, but I just don't see that happening... and I've had all the fear you can place in a young mother by my pediatrician... it still never "felt" right. I've always been of the belief that MY intuition and MY decisions were the best for my children, but this world we live in anymore evidently doesn't see it that way?

posted on Jul, 15 2013 @ 07:01 AM
reply to post by Pardon?

The Japanese government has officially stopped recommending the Human Papillomavirus vaccines and has begun warning its citizens against taking the shot.

In effect, the Japanese Ministry of Health is saying quite categorically that it has no faith in Gardasil and Cervarix… While the vaccines will remain freely available in the country, Japanese medical institutions are now required by law to inform young girls or their parents that the government does not recommend the vaccines any longer because of their associated adverse effects

After she left the CDC in 2009, Dr. Gerberding walked right through the revolving door between our government and mega corporations to take a job as President of Merck’s Vaccine Division

She was the one who directly helped pave the way for Merck’s Gardasil vaccine

Add that fact to a recent Global Burden and Disease study which found that, out of 187 countries assessed, Japanese people had the longest life expectancy rates in the world. Even though the U.S. spends $2.7 trillion on healthcare annually, our life expectancy rates were a dismal 29th for males and 33rd for females.

posted on Jul, 27 2013 @ 06:52 PM
My 15yo sister received the HPV vaccine, two days later she didn't wake up in the morning, she's no longer with us. My parents think it was the vaccine, she was healthy before, would never have a day off sick. I'm not sure, I know that correlation doesn't equal causation, maybe it's just a coincidence that she died. My parents are trying to push for compensation, but I told them that maybe she was going to die that day anyway. Who knows? The doctor says it's probably a coincidence, so he's with me on this.

My Mum wants her added to this website with other people who are meant to be victims, I've read through some of them, but I still don't think we have any proof that just because someone gets sick on the day of the vaccine that they weren't going to get sick anyway. I don't know, I failed science and math in high-school, but I do trust the doctor who said it was coincidence so shouldn't be reported. My mum told the newspapers, but they wouldn't publish the story as they said it would be fear-mongering, I agree with that. Journalists need to be responsible.

I miss my sister, of course I have a doubt in my mind, I know there is still some chance that vaccine killed her, but I think that modern vaccines are good and not so dangerous. Maybe the vaccine just triggered something that was going to happen anyway, speeded it up a few years. I want to think that she was going to die anyway, not that she has been killed be a needle.

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