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Words cannot begin to describe

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posted on Jul, 7 2013 @ 07:24 PM

Originally posted by Amagnon

Originally posted by TechUnique

I've seen my brothers and sisters across the pond in your once beautiful country suffer at the hands of complete and utter fascists.

While I agree completely with all of your commentary regarding events and conditions, it is curious to me that you appear to be overly concerned with the US - when it is most obvious that it is England that is by far furthest along the road to this western tyranny than any other country.

England is bad and even worse in some senses, especially in regards to spying and surveillance but when it comes to violence and brutality against its citizens the United States definitely comes on top. Police brutality is bad over here but much worse over there. Police over here abide by the law a lot more and there are much less human rights violations etc.

Look at the TSA for example and all the door to door raids without warrants etc etc. The list goes on and on. In England I reckon you are safer as a whistle blower as well. Our media isn't anything to be proud of corruption wise but we air a lot more stuff than you guys do. You guys get spoon fed some right crap over there and a lot more stuff gets swept under the rug.

Also our legal system is a lot fairer. You guys can get locked up for getting caught with soft drugs a few times. Over here you can commit countless petty crimes before you are even considered for a prison sentence. You can blame your private prison systems for that. Also your private health care can be deadly.. It really worries me because the UK is definitely heading in the direction of corporate run prisons/healthcare and that scares me a lot.

Britain is renowned for being freer than the United states for journalists.

Saying that though it is MUCH more expensive to live in the UK, we have more taxes, bad living conditions, bad working conditions/wages.. rent is much higher and food and fuel is more expensive. There are upsides and there are downsides to both countries but look at all the FEMA camps being built in the US and all the money being spent on ammunition and weapons/training to fight civilians in the near future. There is going to be absolute bloodshed in the US soon..

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posted on Jul, 7 2013 @ 08:52 PM
The USA went to crap starting in mid/late 1980's. It was on it's way before then, but really, really started to slide fast under Reagan.

The UK, pretty much always the lapdog of the USA, almost held firm under Thatcher but then joined them on the slippery slope under Major, Blair, Brown, and now Cameron.

There is so much rampant corruption in the political systems of the Western World now that even wiping the slate clean won't remove it. Corporations and special interests pretty much run the Western World with massive amounts of political bribery laughingly called "lobbying".

The Catholic Church isn't any better. Centuries of corruption in the Church have led to their members being completely blind to the actions of their senior Church officials.

Corporations are allowed to do almost anything they want with very little Government interference. The bottom line is all that counts, no one seems to be held accountable for any actions they take in how to increase this.

The banking and financial systems are left to run so wild that even when things like LIBOR come to light, the banks make BILLIONS and all they get is a slap on the wrist.

Intelligence services take advantage of these huge vaccuum in regulations and do whatever they please in order to spy on their own and foreign citizens, regardless of what their mandate is. They don't care, no one is ever held accountable.

Even when politicians etc ARE removed from office, they do the speaking circuit for a few years, become commentators on national news programs with large salaries, and then, when they think the electorate might have forgotten their transgressions, they run again or don't even step down at all. Larry David, Mark Sanford, Anthony Weiner, Elliott Spitzer are all examples of this.

The criminal system is so biased towards criminals, that now, victims of crime can be named in news articles, but suspected criminals can't be "to protect their rights". Criminals have had more rights than victims for decades.

The whole system is a festering sore, and STINKS to high heaven for the average person on the street.

posted on Jul, 17 2013 @ 01:38 PM
reply to post by TechUnique

I have seen the same as you. We just take it. All the injustice, the poverty, the murder for greed, wars for money and rescources, the air, the soil, modified grains to be bought every year instead of them producing naturally. Dont get me started either!

The Government has created fear in everyone. I think everybody forgot that we dont really have to put up with it. We have rights to overthrow our gov.

The only problem is, the media and our own selfishness has prevented us from doing so. We have the man power, we just cant get 20 people in the same room before they start ripping each others heads off.
We live in fear. Fear of poverty, fear of death. So what do we do when we get home?

We plop on the couch and just forget for a while. Then all this entertainment becomes our world, relaity tv, candy bars, pushing to become like Paris Hilton, and Honey boo boo. We gladly slurp down artificial sugar, and have our kids do it too. We dont care why certin dyes and additives do to our food either.

I was talking to someone else about evoloution. How the "cave man" started to get smarter with the additives they were given ( cooked meat, vegitables ect.). I think we are de evolving. Those additives put in our food is dumbing us down. Making us fat, and lazy and too scared to fight back.
Then when we are at our peak fatness and scared, they will just take what they want from us. We dont know how to hunt, how to gather. Most people dont know how to start a fire without a lighter or matches. They make everything right at our fingertips, and make us forget what made us human.

Passion makes us human. We have no passion anymore. Freedom is a joke now, we have the illusion of freedom. You think you are free? Go sit on a park bench pull out a beer and start drinking, in about ten minuets some cop will come by and arrest you for it. Try raising your voice in protest, he will tazer you.

I see people every day not willing to discuss our current sate. They just say " Dude you sound crazy, or thats just too much for me"

Nobody wants to admit that we are not free by any means. And while the corporations slowly take over everything we will just sit back, get fat, and be happy with the few crubms we get for being cogs in a great wheel of greed.

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