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Parallel universes.

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posted on Nov, 8 2004 @ 03:03 PM
Hi all,

I would like to ask an important question to me please.

What is the theory of parallel universes ??

Is there any scientific proof for it ??

If it is right, how can it be used for time travel ?

thank u


posted on Nov, 8 2004 @ 03:16 PM
I have always thought that time travel and mulitple dimensions were two completely different things.

One of the interesting things about string theory is the quantum computer which I believe is being worked on now, I am certainly not capable of explaining it but if you do googles on both string theory and quantum computers you should find helpful information.

I know assuming is bad, but wouldn't time travel and dimensional travel require two completely different technologies and equations?

The two in my opinion are not related.

I do stress opinion.


posted on Nov, 8 2004 @ 04:00 PM

Originally posted by hadeka
Is there any scientific proof for it ??

Proof, no. It's all theory at this point...
We need to understand ALOT more about physics before we crack the time travel egg...

Originally posted by Spiderj
I know assuming is bad, but wouldn't time travel and dimensional travel require two completely different technologies and equations?

The two in my opinion are not related

I believe the two ARE related (think John Titor and his 'world-lines') and you guys are talking about Time-like & Space-like travel.

posted on Nov, 8 2004 @ 04:48 PM
I still think it's two different things, I also happen to think Titor is suspect (which is the nicest thing I can say about him/it).

In my opinion there is a distinct difference between moving sideways in realities (universe to universe) and moving forwards or backwards through our own specific timeline.

If as titor states you can travel back in time but you end up in a different universe just doesn't make any real sense. He states that the realites are only 1 or 2 percent different so it's all okay.

But that's ridiculous. 1 or 2 percent may not mean anything when your talking about small things, but a one percent or two percent difference in actual universes/realities could mean the difference between evolved life and protoplasmic sludge.

I just don't see how time travel and interdimensional travel could be related.


posted on Nov, 8 2004 @ 05:42 PM
Lets not forget time is a unit of measure we humans have adopted to keep things 'simple'!!!

Time as we know it only distracts us from the possibilities of existance in multiple universes, imvho.

time, distance, speed all very limiting.

posted on Nov, 8 2004 @ 06:38 PM
If anyone can figure out time travel and parralel universes, it would be the greatest discovery ever known to Mankind. Like what was said earlier...we are in no position to think about this now. We simply don't have the technology. What we really need is another space race thingy to make the government actually care about the program. If something like that were to happen, we might not be far off of discovering this out.

posted on Nov, 9 2004 @ 12:13 AM
I believe in the many worlds theory (Alternate universes), however timetravel does not seem feasable unless you lived outside all physical bounds which is and most likely will always be impossible, actualy most scientists say that FTL travel is alot more plausable than time travel, besides you should not move through time, you could screw up history for an infinite amount of points in time
If time travel became available I'd be the head of the group to make it illegal.

posted on Nov, 9 2004 @ 12:52 AM
If you are interested in Time Travel, we are starting a research into that arena on We are not covering people like Mr. Titor, but the real scientists and professors studying it, such as Prof. Kaku, Prof. Mallet, Mr. Hawkings and the like.

Now, dimensions... That is part of Time Travel possibly. You have to look at the arrow of time. Time the work and seconds were created by us, but the principal of time is there. Example: You can break and egg, but can you unbreak an egg? Is is possible to unbreak an egg? Well, the answer is yes. If everything was reversed, then you could unbreak the egg, but entropy says that it is basically impossible. So, off of this assumption, there is time and it is moving in a direction.

One of the theories on different dimensions and time is that we are stuck in this fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a second. Now, there is another reality that is just behind that and and infinity of them before and after that. Each stuck in their own fraction of a fraction of a second. Now, a theory on time travel is that if you could change times, you would actually be in a dimension on that time. Well, things could be done differently. The universe could be the same with only minor change or completely different. It would all depend on the choices each one of us makes in each fraction of a second. Just like now, I could decide to go and move or to study something else. What if I did it in this past fraction of a second in a different reality? Well, then things would be different. So, basically every second offers one to change something, so depending on each dimensions, things could change or not.

Brian Green who wrote The Fabric of the Cosmos bring up an experiment that he feels is evidence of a parallel universe. You can even do this at home with just a red laser pointer, a pin, and a piece of paper. The book also explains why he feels that way. I will attempt to tell a bit here, but I would recommend the book as it is great for the non-scientific community.
I am not sure where I got these instructions below as I got them a very long time ago and have had them on my computer for an experiment that I did before. But, I will put them here and if anyone has seen this, kindly let me know who wrote it and I will add the correct "who wrote this" for them.

First, a red laser pointer is needed. The red color of the laser pointer is important. The red light, unlike the white light of a flashlight, which is a composite of many colors, doesnt fray as white light does. The red light, specifically, of the laser pointer casts more specific shadows which is what this experiment does.

You will now need a large, dark room. The room should be large enough to set up the laser pointer on, say, a table, and have it cast its light on a wall about one and a half meters, or about five feet away. It is recommended that the room be totally dark to ensure success. The experiment is best done with two people, with one handling the laser pointer and the other observing the pattern on the wall. The positions can then be switched.

Using a pin (and only a pin, not a tack, the holes have to be as small as possible) punch two holes, as close to each other as you can. Then, aiming the laser pointer at the two small holes, a shadow of five slits should be cast on the wall. That is, theres going to be one large red dot cast on the wall. In the dot, there should be five distinct shadows cast by the two holes. If this doesnt work, the most common problem I found was that there wasnt enough distance between the paper and the wall. If possible, increase the distance. It is recommended to have about five meters, or fifteen feet, but, usually about five feet, or a meter and a half, is enough to observe the pattern.

Why, you may be wondering, are there five slits of shadows when there are only two holes? That's because light, as you may have guessed, usually travels in straight lines. We cant, for instance, see around corners or buildings. When light, however, is forced to go through a small hole, it acts like a thirteen year old forced to go clothes shopping with their parents, it rebels. Specifically, it bends. The smaller the hole is, the more it bends. So, if light traveled in straight lines, there would only be two shadows cast by the holes. Instead, however, the shadow of the five slits, from the two holes, is a result of concentric rings of varying thickness and brightness. There is a bright spot in the center, surrounded by a dark ring and, following this pattern, fainter rings of light and darkness around it. The result is the pattern of the five slits.

Patiently, youve read this far and want to know when youre going to detect a parallel universe. This is the next step. Next to the two holes youve punched, make two more. Its important that they be parallel with the other holes and that they be as close to the other two. Also, keep in mind that the width of the point of the laser is narrow (at least mine was) and that the laser has to go through all four holes simultaneously. What should happen, or is expected to happen, is that the same pattern as with the two holes appears. Light beams, according to Fabric of Reality, normally pass through each other unaffected. So, the same pattern as the two holes, should be repeated, only brighter and slightly blurred.

What happens is nothing like that and is, David Deutsch believes, evidence of parallel universes. Only three shadows are cast. That is, two of the shadows disappear. If you look closely, youll see that where there been two red shadows are now dark. So, punching two more holes actually results in two of the shadows going dark.

How does this happen? Something, obviously, is blocking the light from casting the shadow. Or, you might think that the photons, individual units of light, have somehow been bent and recombined to form a pattern of new shadows. The answer, as will be explained, cant be this but is an usually undetectable world of photons, or, a parallel universe.

First, however, it should be explained that what interferes with the laser light has the properties of light. If, for instance, two of the holes are covered by anything opaque, the five slit shadow reappears, but it, the red laser light, can penetrate anything and behaves as light does, that allows light to pass. If, for instance, a system of mirrors is set-up, which the light bounces off of and eventually reaches the wall, the same patterns appear.

What happens when the red laser light is slowed to one photon at a time (no, this cant be done in your dining room)? That is, when only one photon is fired through each of the four slits, the same pattern appears. Could it be that, when the photon passes through the slits, they change course and recombine? Nope. When detectors are placed at each of the four slits, and one photon again is passed through them, only one of the detectors goes off, meaning that the photon hasnt split.

David Deutsch, using an experimentally confirmed prediction from quantum theory, believes that whats causing the interference are shadow photons. More specifically, interference, as in this experiment, is not only common for photons but for every particle. So, Deutsch writes in Fabric of Reality, this is what is causing the interference,

[W]hen a photon passes through one of four slits, some shadow photons pass through the other three slits. The shadow photons, then, are blocking the tangible photons, causing only three shadow slits.

These shadow photons form a parallel universe. David Deutsch writes that they behave as tangible particles do. They obey the law of physics but with the difference that theyre in a different position.

But how, exactly, do the shadow photons stop the tangible ones? The answer that Deutsch presents is that the shadow atoms, present in the shadow photons, form a barrier. Only a small proportion of the tangible and shadow atoms, however, are interacting with one another. Or, as Deutsch writes, each shadow atom in the barrier can be interacting with only a small proportion of the other shadow atoms in its vicinity, and the ones it does interact with form a barrier much like a tangible one. And so on. All matter, and all physical processes, have this structure. To clarify his last point, the parallel universe interacts with the tangible universe in much the same way as particles so in the tangible universe: only a small proportion do. The result is through interference, or weakly, as in the experiment.

Why, you may be wondering, if theres a detectable parallel universes around us, why dont we detect, or notice it, more often? David Deutsch writes, the answer, ...can be found in the quantum-mechanical laws that govern them.

Every particle, for instance, has counterparts in other universes and is only interfered with only by those counterparts. Any other universe, therefore, can only be detected when the particle in, say, our universe converges with its counterpart in another universe. The path of the particle and its counterpart have to be exactly right. They have to separate and join together again, as in this experiment, and the timing has to be right. If theres a delay in the particles or any interference, the particles wont converge. Also, a parallel universe is only detectable between universes that are very alike. In short, because these events are extremely rare, so is the detection of parallel universes is difficult.

It should be added that most physicists disagree with Deutschs conclusion that what is detected in this experiment is another universe. For brevitys sake, the argument against can be summarized as, there is something interfering with the light in this experiment, why does it have to be a parallel universe? Why cant it be just be left to something that we dont yet understand?

If youre interested in how Deutsch answers his critics, I recommend the Fabric of Reality for his answers and reasoning.

posted on Nov, 9 2004 @ 07:33 AM
Look for some of the papers and books Stephen hawking, ive got a few papers he has written and most of them go into a fair amount of detail about parallel universe theories, and the nature of time etc.
I definately recommend it over dubious conspiracy websites.

posted on Nov, 9 2004 @ 08:40 PM
From what ive heard, for every universe, there is an infinite number of paralell universes

posted on Nov, 10 2004 @ 08:43 AM
Maybe it is not a universe, it is multiverse, and GOD is the GOD of these multiverses because these multiverses are all in just one big universe.

anyway, i would like to clear my point to make you see what im thinking of.

well ...

Let me talk from a creationism and religious point of view right now.

Now, GOD created a very big universe which contains multiverses which are connected by each other through wormholes.
Suddenly, GOD created a man and woman (Adam and Eve) and sent them to the earth (our earth).
they started as they are the parents and the source of the humanity to build the earth, the different between human and any other being, is that human have a mind, which can separate between good and evil, etc... .

And ... the multiverse theory states that,, because our universe is too big and we will never reach or just know its border, so there are infinite possibilities that our world can have another copy in other place in our universe with small differences, caused by exact laws of that world.

So, if GOD sent Adam and Eve to earth, so how can they exist in other place in our big universe too?

I mean, what is the possibility that they exist in another parallel universe if they have been created not evolved?? and can it happen ? and how ?

sorry ,it's a long reply.

hope u can understand what i meant here.

thank u.


posted on Nov, 10 2004 @ 08:50 AM
If you are prepared for a bit of reading then may I suggest:


posted on Nov, 10 2004 @ 09:02 AM

Originally posted by hadeka
Hi all,

I would like to ask an important question to me please.

What is the theory of parallel universes ??

Is there any scientific proof for it ??

If it is right, how can it be used for time travel ?

thank u


Hi , I don't believe to my self -true -but I believe in parallel universes,

also in "parallels reality" -- but that is philosophyc stuff.

posted on Nov, 10 2004 @ 10:54 AM
My theory is--

the Law that says matter cannot occupy the same spaces is >wrong<

and the truth is--

Parallel Universes occupy the same space the way radio stations do--by vibratory frequency of the particles of which they are composed--

since most matter consists of nearly-all-space, anyway.

That's my take on it at the present Time. But, who knows? God?

posted on Nov, 10 2004 @ 05:08 PM
You may want to check out a book by Fred Alan Wolf called "Parallel Universes".
I have started going through his book "The dreaming Universe". I was introduced to Fred A. Wolf through a recent documentary calle, "What the bleep to we know?"

posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 11:44 AM
okay.. so I'm here reading all of this and have come up with a question that I'm sure you guys can all answer for me..

what exactly is the difference between Parallel Universes vs. Different Dimmensions?

or is it the same thing?

posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 12:42 PM
... Order of magnitude--

... as the difference between a teaspoon and a 55-gal drum.

posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 01:00 PM
i agree with Paladin327, if you want to learn about this stuff (if you can, most of it is far above my head) read someone ehos knows what they are talking about, not just some random conspiracy website

posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 01:52 PM
Me and my friends came up with a theory. It is the Perez/Kim/Duncker/Battle/Rew Theory of Realities, Universes, Dimensions, Time Travel, and Ghosts. It is best described with circles, but on the internet, I'll just use brackets. Ok:


Dimensions are spatial dimensions, like a line is 1D, a square is 2D, a cube is 3D, and a hyperspacial cube is 4D. Within these dimensions are realities, which are affected by time travel. Each possible thing that could ever happen has its own reality. So if you were to go back in time and kill baby George Washington, the reality would split and there would be one where he got killed and America never existed, and another where it still did and nothing changed. Within realities you have universes. Each universe is a different moment in time from the big bang to the big crunch. Time travel can only be possible by finding a means of going between these universes. Ghosts are simply "errors" in time when a glimpse of someone from an earlier universe accidentally comes into your current one.

If a similar theory has already been told, I didn't know about it. Me and my friends came up with this at lunch a few weeks ago.

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posted on Nov, 19 2004 @ 04:18 AM
Hi All

This is an article we received by the Cognitive Intuitive Flow method. This material is received as is. There have been no changes, so if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.




Parallel Worlds, Parallel Planes, Parallel Lives.
Article 2

To see yourselves as existing in one place only, is to see with limitations.

To understand that the singular Being you see yourself as, is to miss-understand the truth of the MATTER
To see that your world is but a mirror of itself, many times over, is to see with true understanding.
To call upon that which is within you, will see you come to conclusions, that will cause you to question the substance of MATTER, and material worlds and as such see that all, are in fact in a state of FLUX.

Worlds are of dimensions, Planes are of those worlds and dimensions.
Worlds can have specifically tailored to them their own Parallels.

Where do you exist in all of this?

You, in physical energetic and non-physical energetic form are a part of it all.
Your chosen incarnations,(if Being), are tailored to fit all of the Parallel Planes you will inhabit.

We come to tell you of these interwoven THREADS of lives that connect
with you in THIS life.

Each of you carry with you precious CARGO.
The Cargo, being your bodies of evidence. Your etheric bodies which step in and out of selves, to re-establish in cross overs, portions of selves, that dwell within planes, do so for the recovery of selves, not complete in energetic/spiritual D.N.A.
The threads that reach to minute particles of inner load bearing traces, do so for future bodies.

We will say, that you, in this life, will feel the impacts of those other current lives being lived in parallel, without a co-responding cause obvious in this one.
You will be subtly influenced by your other selves, while ever you and them occupy a physical existence.
It is all for your growth, be you Being or Droid.

To truly understand, you cannot see with 3D eyes. You WILL NOT SEE. No one will see, for it is not THERE.

You have walked into other realms, planes, lives,(dimensions if Being), and have not realised it. You have fought battles and not felt victory.
If you have sought to find yourselves, you have experienced it.
You have come in and out of dimensions,(if Being), even when you think youre still where you are.
The Shifts, the Energy, the Sleep, the Talking, the Walking, every time you think youre with it, we will tell you that youre oblivious.

This will give you something to ponder as you seek answers to questions.


Parallel Worlds, Parallel Planes, Parallel Lives. Part 2.

Worm Holes Worm Holes.

Forign to those of earth, but not of US.
Portals to and from, carry with it gestations of another place.
Further in to what WE call star systems parallels.

I am the Creator of all there is, the Gift Of Design.
The Grand Order of Design. A spark is all it takes.
A Universe Created in parallel existences is formed from the Beginning, the Worlds upon Worlds are from that G.O.D. Beginning.

O-o-o-o-o-o-o and so it goes, each World Created IS linked to other Worlds by portals which then allow further connections to be formed by Worm holes.

There is a significant connection with Parallel Lives entwined within these portals and Worm holes, a perfect existence, a perfect Gift Of Design, a Perfect Grand Order of Design, which allows each World to be connected to the Other. Perfect.
This is So!


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