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A 'Virtual' Heterosexual Pride Parade.

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posted on Jul, 4 2013 @ 06:28 PM

Originally posted by captaintyinknots

"people were already aware of the existence of homosexuals". If you think this is what it is about, I highly suggest coming out of the basement.

Actually, I happen to think it is more about throwing it in the faces of heterosexuals than anything else.

I honestly don't care if someone wants to be gay, or whatever, but the agenda has gotten out of hand at this point.

posted on Jul, 5 2013 @ 07:40 PM
In countries with legal rights for gay people, where the gay pride parades are partly celebratory in nature, I wouldn't have a problem with a straight pride parade at all.
In countries where gay pride is violently repressed (as I discovered in my own thread on gay pride parades), I don't see much point, since here the few gay activists are swamped by crowds of straight people in any case (that is, the gay event is actually hijacked by a violent expression of heterosexual patriarchy).

I think it will actually be a good idea to let straight people see just how difficult it is to organize a bunch of people who have little in common apart from their sexual identity.
Since straight people far outnumber gay people, the headache of reconciling differences of class, race, religion and attitudes to gender rights will be even greater.
Gay parades are very much about celebrating diversity, yet a lot of groups who feel most strongly that "straight is great" may not share liberal ideals of diversity.

I picture a procession like this:
The first floats could have the more respectable straight people, perhaps led by a heterosexual bride and groom on a marriage float.
Then we could have straight couples from different countries waving flags, and also groups of pregnant women, children and orphanages to show that straight sex is productive sex.
Next we could have different religious groups like monks and nuns, as well as Muslims and evangelicals.
They can stop for an interfaith prayer (perhaps led by Kirk Cameron), or each group gets to pray, although that could take a very long time.
Finally we could have the special interest groups, like feminists, the men's movements, polygamists, the s/m community, sex workers demanding rights, single moms and dads (perhaps some can hook up) and perhaps gays and lesbians who support straight pride (gay pride is inclusive, so straight pride should also be).

Afterwards there could be a huge party in a beer tent where adults can let their hair down with cage fights and strippers, courtship dances from around the world, and intoxicated guys can pinch the bottoms of the waitresses.

Good luck to anyone trying to organize such a march and keeping everybody happy, but as long as people simply want to show their own pride, and it doesn't just turn into into a gay-bashing fest, that's fine.
It would certainly change the way that the gay vs. straight debate is constructed at the moment, because it would highlight the fact that the straight community is far from monolithic and that the diverse identities and interest groups cannot simply be bounced off against the gay identity.

Doubtlessly there would be a long debate around the media coverage of the event, since the press will typically focus on the more outrageous behavior.

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