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Mankind Project.

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posted on Nov, 8 2004 @ 10:49 AM
I have a co-worker who has attended the Mankind Project's "warrior weekend".
He won't reveal any detail of the event, says he is sworn to secrecy. Does
anyone know what the hell the do? Sounds like the event is lead by, you got it. Kooks.


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posted on Nov, 8 2004 @ 06:24 PM
This is what I came up with for ya.

Sounds like new-age gobblygook mixed in with a pinch of secrecy, thrown in a pot, and then packaged under a facade in hopes of seeming "Masonic".

But they don't look Masonic, they just look cheap. Dot Com startup kind of cheap.

BTW: I'm not a mason or a Masonic 'devotee', just a guy who tries to learn what I can.


P.S. if your pal was trying to get you do go. Maybe you should go 'poke around'. No telling what you might turn up. Or at least speak to him on the same level and get him out of that, if it's a malicious organization...

Probably it's just fluff though.

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posted on Nov, 9 2004 @ 12:52 AM
Thsnks for the URL. Here is the kicker, it costs $600.00 to sleep on a cot for two nights. Maybe it's some kinda spooky ponzi scheme.


posted on Nov, 10 2004 @ 11:38 AM
Ouch 600 bucks to open the door to life-long friendships and inner peace?

Yep, a total crock.

For $120 or less, you and your pal (If he's not already been brainwashed) could get a tent, a few cots, some nice libations, and have a two-day trip in the wilderness.

I'd wager you'd find more about the universe looking up at the sky or hearing nature, than you'd ever get from this 'Mankind Project'.

Also, did you get a '80s-era' vibe off their website? I swear I did. I wonder if they use synth music and are proponents of "big hair"?

Spooky indeed.


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