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Choice of Monsanto Betrays World Food Prize Purpose, Say Global Leaders

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posted on Jun, 29 2013 @ 10:50 AM
I suppose, if you are funding an organization, chances are that you will receive some of the awards. Does anyone expect anything different? What about the people that discovered some natural rust resistant wheats. One was a Japanese research group and the other was a few researchers out of Africa I guess. They must have discovered them being grown by a farmer, not really a discovery but an acknowledgement that led to testing of the wheat.

I just got done weedeating on side of the driveway, when I tried to drink a cup of coffee, my hand was shaking so bad that coffee was flying out of the cup. I don't always have that problem but have experienced it quite a few times. Even with mowing with the riding mower. I am going to try to locate the weed that gives me almost Parkinson style shakes or another example would be the muscle jumping that occurs when I am hooked up to the Montgomery Wards medical box for a while. It is something along side the road, one of the weeds. It is not an allergy, it is a neurological phenomenon in my body. There should be some good use for this weed. It is a good thing if you are a bartender, you do not need the shaker cups and all glasses of beer could have a nice head on them when delivered.

posted on Jun, 29 2013 @ 12:10 PM

Originally posted by charles1952
Just as an aside, the first prize was given over 25 years ago,the prize was not founded by Monsanto, Monsanto was not the first sponsor, Monsanto was not the second sponsor after the first withdrew. Monsanto is a sponsor now, along with about 60 other people and groups (I didn't count them, check the sponsor page). The guy running the prize originally, and his son now, weren't connected to food, they're the family behind Ruan Trucking, without a connection to Monsanto.

Soap bubble conspiracy.

No connections?

Feeding the world

Mr. Ruan held the belief that if people around the world could simply get enough food to eat, they would have the opportunity to improve their lives. Another accomplished Iowan, Dr. Norman Borlaug, had been working toward this goal his entire career. The father of the Green Revolution, Dr. Borlaug dreamed of a Nobel Prize-level award for achievement in agriculture. When he could not persuade the Nobel Committee to add such a category, he started his own prize.

Mr Ruan was a very rich, powerful and respected man. And for the most part, he probably remained that way for his entire life. His vision seemed pure and honest. His interest in food was just one of his passions.

Mr. Ruan, unaware of Dr. Borlaug's ambition, had been thinking along the very same lines. So when Dr. Borlaug's sponsor backed out just three years after the formation of the World Food Prize, Mr. Ruan stepped in as its sponsor in 1990.

The World Food Prize became his passion. He worked with Dr. Borlaug to develop a symposium that would bring the brightest innovators in agriculture to Des Moines every October. They developed programs to promote agricultural study in schools and universities. And, they succeeded in making the World Food Prize the most prestigious, important and richest award in agriculture.

Oh comes the Saviors of Our Planet!

Hall of Laureates Donors List

They all have their hand in the honey pot in some way or another. It's a self serving system designed to further compartmentalize big agriculture into people who have more money and think they are smarter than us.

The whole evolution and adaption thing has been hi-jacked. We are no longer responsible for our own well being because we may hurt ourselves and die, which would be fine by them until they found out how to keep us paying into the system and then stealing what little money we have left. Now we are an asset.
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