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The New Circular Order, A Dystopian Reality, by EstimatedProphet

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posted on Jul, 23 2013 @ 05:44 PM
The real leaders would never reveal themselfs as you say, in person.
They will always hide behind big corporations who already rule the world.
If as you say they will come forward it will only be when whole of humanity has been dumbed down enough.

And what do you mean by an asteroid? If they want to make their move they won't wait for an asteroid.
They would just create it, don't you think.

The system is just doing fine, no need to rush it
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posted on Jul, 23 2013 @ 09:22 PM

Quote by BornOfSin

All I saw was some kid running around in sunglasses thinking he is 'Neo'

Hows the weather in the U.S.A??

Mr One. Why don't you do something about what is being done to your Country by mother nature?

Show me your power!

I'm already showing you what I can do. Your country is being SPANKED!

Impotent Neo! LOL

Planes will keep going down, just as I promised. More fires will burn, just as I promised.

You just sit there and keep talking.

Spank tha Beach for all I care YA BEACH...This country is a big puzy waiting to get F*ked by all the nations of the world after they unite through the global union system. They shall burn and strip her naked with nuclear bombardments..."Babylonia, the great mystery," also known as the United States of Americana, she shall fall, and this is where the thrown of Satan resides, the prince of this world..!

Yet you are right, I am weak and feeble like any other mortal that lives in this world because of my sin, but the moment that I am killed and set-free, my powers shall restore me to my former self...After my death, this will be the point that I shall reanimate my corpse and manifest myself in different places around the globe, before I leave and then return with a great stone to crush this world!!!

And you are right BornOfSin, you probably have a-lot of powers...

Why don't you take a giant shoyt from down-under and flush it over here, please, because Obama needs his stimulus package now and unfortunately I don't have the powers that you do, to bring-it at the moment..!

Big Shoyt sinful package by Mr. Powers, a.k.a. BornOfSin

Oh and I forgot to mention that before the movie "Matrix" came-out, I was already wearing sunglasses because my weak-ass "eyes" are to delicate to the suns ultra violet rays, etcetera, not to mention that I look Asian, just to top-it-off...

And that image that you removed from your Avatar I put it on your quote, it looks like a hot dog in the hand, put-it in your mouth!

intergalactic fire

The real leaders would never reveal themselves as you say, in person.
They will always hide behind big corporations who already rule the world.
If as you say they will come forward it will only be when whole of humanity has been dumbed down enough.

And what do you mean by an asteroid? If they want to make their move they won't wait for an asteroid.
They would just create it, don't you think.

The system is just doing fine, no need to rush it

No, the system is not doing fine and the majority of the people are in constant oppression...Do you understand that it will soon come to an-end and be over, that's-it, no more!

People will soon come to live without these constant sufferings and the sinful ways of living in a system of bondage...They shall live together with love and peace and equilibrium with each-other and with their Creator and Lord, not like we are living-in now..!

The world leaders must and will reveal themselves because they are the kings of thee earth and also the chief and commanders of that new world system that I am talking about here...You do not see the royal family from Europe and Russia and/or America hiding behind corporation's today, nor shall they do so in the new...That's stupid, please, why do you respond to me with such lies and rumors thereof, like if I don't know or understand what's going-on in the world.

And this generation is already dumbed-down because I am already exposing these truth's before they happen and you do not believe...And the reasons for the asteroid are for the destruction of the world and system thereof and for the depopulation of the common people, while the government men hide inside the earth from destruction..!

Again, the asteroid is the equilibrium between the people and the elite soldiers and/or police of the false new world...There are about 7 billion souls in the world, too much for the soldiers and police to handle, but after the asteroid impact, these odds will level, therefore reducing the population while the governments hide inside of caves and the aftermath is to eradicate the remainder of survivors because of the shortage of recourses, like food and water etcetera, after the fallen stone here on earth!!!

posted on Jul, 24 2013 @ 12:42 AM
Before I continue I would like to add this quote directly to BornOfSin, you are like the government rulers of the land because you cant promise the people $h!t, accept spreading more lies of your false realities!

Listen please to what I have to say. I know just a little about you, but just enough to know that its wrong of what you are doing...You have the power to repent and change before its too late and to stop writing meaningless books and talking in seminars about these stupid and ridiculous ideas of yours because its not a joke..!


People are barely waking-up to some of the truth that I speak-of in these words, yet the worldly institutions, organizations, systems and the religious communities, etcetera, are not allowing these people to understand about these truth's...The people hear and even listen to these lies at work, school, the media and even church, etcetera, keeping them (the people) so asleep and oblivious to these facts of what I'm posting here..!

Its very important for me to wake them-up because allot of these people are going to die because of what's coming...If I am truly your friend than you can probably help me do the same and follow me, not physically but spiritually to glory, but note, that if they find-out, "they will kill you and that's your sacrifice if you are willing..!"

I know about the reptilian crap and even almost came to believe in it, but no, because $h!t like this is not real...Yes there are some hybrids out there in the world and the mixed species and deformities, etcetera, but the world is not run by alien beings or lizard people..!

I know about the power of imagery because I use it myself to expose the lies and to bring about the truth, so to show the people of what I'm talking about, just as you and the other so-called truth'ers and/or religious leaders who deceive the masses with this crap of yours and constant Bull-Shoyt lies for deception purposes.

Yet I know that there will be other people who will argue with me because they love the world and the system of bondage that they are living-in because they are defending an illusion, wither they knew-it or not!

I am truly a One man against the world and I shall succeed against all these so-called organizations of deception and delusions because I was set as a conqueror in the world and after my death I shall then become Lord of this earth tell the King of Glory comes and takes His place in Zion!!!

(The Whole/ Entire Earth is Our Zion The Jewel/Salem of the Lord God)

Even doe I am struggling in this world and the odds are against me, I shall not give-up, even if the generation and family keeps rejecting me I shall never stop until my death, then shall I carry-on with other duties and services to my Lord for whom I'm awaiting for..!

Just to give you a little hint and secret; I am the White Horse of thee Apocalypse...The white stands for light of life, the Crown is for authority and Lordship and the Bow is my tool and weapon for spreading this truth all across the world before the Great and Dreadful Day(s) of the Lord arrive, via the internet and satellites, etc...After me shall come Martial Law, Mass Depopulation and Genocide all across the world, the new age of chaos, etc!!!
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posted on Jul, 24 2013 @ 08:53 AM
You didn't get my point so it seems.
In their eyes the system is just doing fine, so what's the rush?
They are not waiting for any ''asteroid'' to make the change, they are the change and they give us the sollution.
But yes indeed, they think they are smarter than us.

posted on Jul, 24 2013 @ 04:18 PM
Liking all the new fires in the USA today since my last post? Just as I said.

A couple more planes gone down too. Just as I said.

God doesn't come to punish your whole country my friend.

Just those like you who spread fear and are happy about it.

You think you are gods messenger? You are a messenger of darkness and evil.

Do you know that 'Demon' means 'Deity'. So all who follow Jesus as their deity; follow a demon, through their own interpretation of things.

These are those who live in darkness and shall pay for their sins upon the rest of us in this world.

More still comes my friend. You tell a true messenger of the divine to burn in hell? This shows your true nature, You will see 'burn' my friend. Don't you worry.

Keep watching.

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posted on Jul, 24 2013 @ 04:32 PM
WTF have I stumbled upon?

Battle of the schizos?

posted on Jul, 24 2013 @ 04:41 PM

Originally posted by Lysergic
WTF have I stumbled upon?

Battle of the schizos?

posted on Jul, 26 2013 @ 12:05 AM
EstimatedProphets' Answers;

OK, maybe I didn't explain myself correctly or maybe you don't understand and I don't know why people are so dumb and stupid, or maybe they are just pretending to-be, because "you" are just defending a piece-of-shoyt system that in-reality it doesn't exist. But many of you people believe in it because you love-it...Hey, I don't blame you guys for your stubborn ignorance because ever since you where small, you where forced into those worldly institutions and therefore you grew-up believing in these worldly systems.

I don't care anymore because if you do not understand of what's going to take place, then you can just move-on, "along with thee others," just go-ahead, and live your short lives in this world oblivious...No one is going to stop me from what I must do here, because if you do not wish to understand, than the governments shall I prepare and to get them ready for what's going to take-place, and please try too understand that I am not forcing anyone to believe me..!

Please don't worry, everything is going to be fine, just live your lives the way that you are, nothing is going to happen!!!

And again, please remember that everything will be taken care-of after the fall of the stone here on earth, when the governments set-up a new world system of totalitarianism, wither you, (the people) like it or not;

intergalactic fire;

And BornOfSin;

And also for whom it may concern..!


Anyways, the authorities and the polices during those days will know exactly of what to do in such-a "state of an emergency and/or situation" if an asteroid strikes here on earth...Yes, the FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agencies) together with the [color=cyan]Homeland Security Agencies
and the new world polices, soldiers of all ranks and the elite government forces will be ready...Yes, they are standing by for such a catastrophe,
and they shall take care of their civilian populations well,
(Yea F*king right
in the American country where I'm living-in now, and while thee other nations shall do the same, to their people and/or population through organizations' and agencies such as these, and this will happen world wide "immediately" after the things that I have spoken about, come to pass..!

I'm sorry, I just had to add a happy face with a twist because you are all in for a ride and you still don't believe me, but their is a nice video below that partially speaks about the truth!

And again, those will be the days that will be considered the times of The Great Tribulations all across the globe, and also these are the things that are described and written in the Apocalypse and/or Revelations in the bible!

Do You Understand?

No, You Still Don't Understand, Very Well, Please Go Back To SLEEP,
(Human Sheep!)

Organized and brought to you, by thee EstimatedProphet of the Living God...
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posted on Jul, 26 2013 @ 12:57 PM
To everyone listening, I'll put it really simply.

Basically there are two lines of probability. That of light and that of dark.

The light line is hard to see cause it takes and enlightened heart to see it.

The line of darkness, any idiot can see. Darkness will speak to anyone spreading fear cause they are too stupid to realise that is what they are doing. Spreading the evil and darkness of fear.

What this douche who thinks he is a 'prophet' is seeing is a line of probability perpetuated by darkness that is designed to keep the population of the world in fear.

The reason being cause when they are locked in fear (which is the main role of all the major religion) the perception of reality shifts to the masculine. Therefore it can be controlled in the real world by those 'Men who made themselves King' for their own personal greed.

This guy is a product of such a machine. He thinks he knows what he is talking about because he can see lines of probability that weren't even calculated out of his own head, they were GIVEN TO HIM.

On the contrary to him being powerful, this actually means he is weak. Cause he has succumb to such visions.

There is indeed destruction coming for man, but it is nothing like this. These visions are the last ditch desperate grab of the illuminated orders of the snake, and the masculine 'Gods' by which this guy is a puppet and he doesn't even realise.

He sits and talks about how bad it is, they are coming, they are going to win, and by perpetuating their fear, he is actually HELPING THEM!

He is the instrument of evil.

Just as someone jumps out and 'fightens' your mind; your body will react ... Well so too is reality influenced by the mind, as much as the mind is influenced by reality.

EstimatedProphet has no idea what is happening. He is an instrument of fear.

Even though he has been INFORMED that he is an instrument of fear and hate. He still persists and ignores the timeline of love.

If he wants to know true power. Then he needs to look at the 'other' side of the coin which is the 'love' and purity' that will return to this planet.

He wont do this cause he knows that it comes through the end of his religions and he refuses to recognise that this is a good thing.

Therefore he is a servant of evil and of the darkness ...

There is no such apocalypse coming for all mankind. The 'End times' that are coming are just for religion. There are massive weather shifts and prophecy that signifies this coming. There will also be a lot of people dying, but this will be because of the weather patterns of the world that happen every few four thousand years.

"The End" that is coming is the end of Christianity/Catholicism, Judaism and Islam. The return of the divine feminine, and an end to the archaic darkness on this planet that was the old religions that was holding us back from evolution.

This will happen regardless of if he likes it or not, or what he 'THINKS" will happen.

The Elohim; Children of Light are awakening on this planet and there are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF US! All a higher vibrating resonance to any religions on Earth and therefore much more powerful.

We all have 'abilities' that the old root races don't possess and therefore, we will take over this planet whether the old Solar messiahs like it or not.

The balance of the true divinity that is your 'God' is coming upon this world. I have met it. I work with it.

All who continue to worship the Gods of the old Age, will be left very alone in the future.

Best of luck to you 'Prophet'!
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posted on Jul, 26 2013 @ 01:04 PM
Here is something for you to try EstimatedDouchebag,

I bet you wont, cause it will prove that I am right.

Next time you are being 'shown' visions. Demand those communicating with you show their face.

If they do this; Ask them to tell you that; "They love you, and they are showing you for the good of the planet".

They will not be able to. The reason being; 'They are not of love, they are of darkness. You are being fooled. They will NOT show you their face to begin with. Let alone tell you they love you.

This is how you know the heart of the spirits that speak with you.

Or, if you wont do this. AT LEAST; demand that they show you the visions of 'the light probability'.

Think about this very carefully.

WHAT LOVING BEING WOULD SHOW YOU DISASTER; but not tell you how to prevent it.

This does not make sense.

Surely you can't be THAT stupid! And you talk about OTHERS being sheep. LOL

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posted on Aug, 8 2013 @ 12:00 AM

Debt and the Monetary System of Both Worlds, the Former and of the New World Order

Part 1, by the EstimatedProphet of the Lord;

Only a few individuals in the world have it great while the majority struggles to get-by another day…The power over such debt and the "control over humanity" and to succeed in this world is the currency for buying and selling, also known as “money,” that serves as a medium for exchange and for purchasing human and animal consumption, trading and used also for material and recourse gain, etcetera…Money is key for keeping the people in much debt and the source for making or turning this world into a "slave-ship or a slave-market." The ones who have much of-it, (money/cash/currency and/or circulation) are the ones who rule over them, (the people!)

Most of the people in general believe through their human instinct and knowledge of that which is artificial to be considered real and they constantly perceive this or these ideas and then they make-up more lies or theories, such as to their existence. Thus the people create meaningless stories and legends off of their own imagination(s) that are far from the truth and the interpretation of things that are nothing more than physical and/or of material things!

This is the reason why the governments great delusion(s) on the surviving population(s) of a "new world" shall be brought fourth, after the destruction of the former system, because all the while people have believed in those worldly systematic institutions of lies and of a false belief or pretense…And through this new world delusion is how the Lord shall separate the goats from the sheep and from does who are “worldly blind and are asleep from the truth” and to those individuals who can “see and/or are awake to the truth” to what I am talking about!

Only a small minority will be awake through my help, yet they would be cut-off from the world and “sacrificed” to their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, during the times of trials…Yes, they shall be put to death, yet these are the ones who shall be redeemed from the world and will find repose, (rest) from the systematic bondage and rule of human consciousness and of a corrupted government of deception(s) and delusion!

These "people" are also the "Two Olive Trees" and they are also the "Two Witnesses" of both the "Eastern and Western Nations" around the globe during the times of the Great Tribulations!!!

This image was taken somewhere in Egypt in the year 2011, during the peoples revolt against their totalitarian governments during those days...Just imagine something like this happening all over the world, right after the asteroid strike on earth and when the governments set-up and decree their new world order on all the civilian populations...This is an example and exactly of what the "elect saints/people/bride of Christ, sealed with the Holy name of God" shall do and suffer during those dreadful days of trials!!!

The remainder of the population who has accepted the lie and delusions of the new world system of the (NWO) shall come to suffer and see and witness the days of “God’s wrath,” when the Lord shall thread upon this planet earth…The people of the land during those days shall hide themselves within the earth because of a great Star/Planet all a-blaze shall appear in the sky, so near or close to the earth…This star shall bring fourth different plagues and judgments on all the living creatures and inhibiters on the land and of the sea here on earth. It is the heavenly kingdom of God the Creator and the Son with all the stars, who are angelic beings who serve Him day and night and for all eternity…These along with the saints who where put to death during the days of trials shall inherit the earth forever and ever and they shall altogether reign in righteousness, peace and love forever, “Amen!”

Revelation 6:12_I watched as he opened the sixth seal. There was a great earthquake. The sun turned black like sackcloth made of goat hair, the whole moon turned blood red,"Also written in the entirety of Revelation chapter 11 and found in verse 11, about the resurrected witnesses!"

13_and the stars in the sky fell to earth, as figs drop from a fig tree when shaken by a strong wind.

14_The heavens receded like a scroll being rolled up, and every mountain and island was removed from its place.

15_Then the kings of the earth, the princes, the generals, the rich, the mighty, and everyone else, both slave and free, hid in caves and among the rocks of the mountains. "Also in the entirety of Ezekiel chapter 7 and the verse that explains this is found in verse 16!"

16_They called to the mountains and the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb!

17_For the great day of their wrath has come, and who can withstand it?”

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posted on Aug, 21 2013 @ 06:11 PM

Before I begin with part two of the monetary systems, I would like to add a little taste of truth for “whom it may concern!”

And concerning about what some members have spoken about me spreading “fear” in my posts and/or messages, this is not true…I write and talk about the revelations of future events concerning this day in age and generation.

I know that I speak about terrifying and dreadful things in my threads or messages but in reality it is the logical truth and the probability of what may happen if what I have spoken about comes to pass. Unfortunately, most of the people are to slow to understanding about these things because they are blinded by the world that they are living-in!

The Lord had spoken about the “Good News and about the Kingdom of Heaven!”
In contrary, I do not speak about such things, because it is my priority and interest to speak about the bad news first.

It is very crucial to the people to receive the message(s) of warning first, so that they may go-ahead preparing themselves for what is to come and therefore be ready for the Lord whom shall come for His people…The Lord shall come to us, not us to Him in the kingdom, for all the people and souls must wait upon the Lord in this earth!

Therefore we must first prepare ourselves and wait for our Lord who will gather us “Spiritually,” elect and chosen from the four corners of thee earth!

Wither you are Jew or Gentile it does not matter
…For the chosen of the Lord are those who believe in the “true faith” and not from the influence of worldly religion.

[color=cyan]Note: There is no “Rapture coming,” for all are convicted of sin and the Lord cannot look upon sin, therefore “Sacrifice” is necessary!

The rapture is a religious lie to manipulate and to deceive the people only…Almost all worldly religions have some theories as to how it is all going to take place when the Lord arrives, etcetera…But its not going to unfold according to their thoughts or theories, for they are predicting things from their own imaginations and not from the spirit or faith from the Lord, for their minds are based upon worldly things and not of Gods interest!

Please take note and understand about the gathering of Gods people and about the true meaning of what scripture says. It speaks about the gathering of His people Israel and/or Salem/Jerusalem and a “Remnant (remainder.”)

God’s people are not necessarily of Jewish descant, but in scripture it is a symbolic meaning of the true people or children of God, from every nation, tribe and language around the world, those who revere His Holy name and keep His decrees and commandments faithfully..!

This is why it speaks of Him gathering them, (The Elect) from the four corners or nations around the world on earth!

But religion tells us otherwise, such as the Lord will gather “only” his people Israel or of Jewish descent and bring them back into the "holy land and/or Jerusalem," but this teaching from the religious community is a ridiculous lie to confuse the people in deception from the religious leaders own delusion and imaginations!

Today there are many written books and websites concluding and/or talking about this matter, that God will bring all his people "Israel" back into the Promised Land, yet again it is not going to happen or unfold according to their (religious) thoughts or plans, because the Lord God has other plans that are NOT of the stubborn thoughts of man's interpretations, like the Gathering of His Remnant!

I will speak more about this topic in a religious thread, for it is very important because people are being lied to from these worldly religious organizations of human influence and manipulation of deception to confuse the people..!

Here are a few verses in scripture so to help you understand a little of what I am talking about:

Deuteronomy 30:1-8 + Isaiah 11:10-12 + Matthew 24:30-31 + Revelations 7:9-10

Now there are more verses in the "holy bible" concerning this matter but again, I shall add that information on the religious thread forum!

And try to remember this for it is very important, the gathering of the exiles and/or remnant of God's people is not how many interpret it to be. Many people especially the religious community along with those who are of Jewish descant, believe that these Israelis (who are Jews) whom are living in other nations will be gathered through human intervention, such as being brought back to their promised land by aircraft around the globe!

This theory is far from the truth that I speak of and of what is written in scripture...The gathering of the exiles and/or remnant from the four corners of the land is a "Spiritual Gathering!" Meaning that all of those people who where "Sacrificed" during the days of trials, (which are bound to come ahead) will be gathered "Spiritually" from the for corners of the globe, when they are cut-off from the world right after thee asteroid impact here on earth. This is when the new, One World Government and Religion Systems are set-up for the surviving people in this new world of Totalitarianism, also known in revelation, the system of the "Beast!"

Note: The asteroid shall strike in the "Atlantic Sea," therefore the "Beast" (New World System) shall "rise-up out of the Sea!" As written in Revelation 13.

Now the beast (system of the new world order) that rises-up out of the land, as mentioned in the same chapter in revelation verse 11, is a (new, One World Religious System) for all humanity to worship during those dreadful days!

They shall worship an image, android and/or artificial machine of the new, One World Government or Leader, whom I call the "Voice," of that new (worldly) system of chaos!!!

These are the true interpretations and meanings of what is written "Symbolically and Figuratively" in the scriptures in the book of revelations concerning about these "beasts," which again, the bible is talking about the governments new world order and a one world religious system(s) and how humans shall be initiated through this system by being "microchipped," as the new world currency, also known as the "Mark of the Beast" during those chaotic days of trials here on earth!

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posted on Aug, 21 2013 @ 10:50 PM

The Continuation of the Debt and of the Monetary Systems of Both the Former and of the New World Order!

By the EstimatedProphet of the Living God;


Will there be a new system of buying and selling in the new world order and what would be that new currency, (money) of the human market and trading system in those days during the times of trials?

Yes, there will be a new system of buying and selling through using the same human beings as the currency of that system…This systematic process would be the real or actual initiation into becoming a member of the new global system of the “one world government(s) new world order of totalitarianism!”

Everyone must be microchiped in-order to live in that new worldly system of totalitarianism and of oppressed human bondage!!!

The common people who are not military or police will work as a slave populace for “credits,” supposedly. The information of these individuals will be stored within a computer file and/or database and the device that people must wear within their body, is an R.F.I.D microchip…This is a “radio frequency identification chip,” that will be imbedded or implanted inside of the human subject or victim of deception for another human delusion and of a false counterfeit system of lies!

Note: The authority figures and governments must also be microchipped. This is mandatory for all residents of the New World Order!!!

In-other words, humans will be selling their very souls to a system that is false and made-up by human imagination(s) only…These people will forever loose their inheritance of eternal life because they had rejected Christ and have accepted and embraced another false system of human delusion(s) and of a satanic matrix and/or origin of deception and bondage, for both the human body and soul!

Note: This microchip is the actual “Mark of the Beast” that is mentioned in the book of revelation…The number or name of that man from the satanic system is 666. This man would be from the "order of clergy" from the "Roman Catholic church." He along with many others who where or are religious leaders of an occult are deceivers of a "new religious order" of human lies and imaginations. They will deceive the people in a great delusion of a false new worldly system and of a satanic religion for all man to worship during those days!

These religious leaders will deceive the people by telling them that worshipping an image of the new world leader and being microchipped shall be the way to higher evolution and eternal life. They will lie after lie telling and imploring the people into accepting a new "religious order!"

Therefore, since the people are easily brain-washed and manipulated into false theories and imaginations, many will falter and embrace the "new age" deception because they did not believe in the truth and they reject the ways of the Lord and have hated Christ, who is Demigod of thee earth and heaven!!!

Here are some facts in biblical scripture concerning these prophetic events!

Revelation 13:5-5
_The beast was given a mouth to utter proud words and blasphemies and to exercise its authority for forty-two months.

6_It opened its mouth to blaspheme God, and to slander his name and his dwelling place and those who live in heaven.

7_It was given power to wage war against God’s holy people and to conquer them. And it was given authority over every tribe, people, language and nation.

8_All inhabitants of the earth will worship the beast—all whose names have not been written in the Lamb’s book of life, the Lamb who was slain from the creation of the world.

9_Whoever has ears, let them hear.

10_“If anyone is to go into captivity, into captivity they will go. If anyone is to be killed with the sword, with the sword they will be killed.”

This calls for patient endurance and faithfulness on the part of God’s people.

The Beast out of the Earth

11_Then I saw a second beast, coming out of the earth. It had two horns like a lamb, but it spoke like a dragon.

12_It exercised all the authority of the first beast on its behalf, and made the earth and its inhabitants worship the first beast, whose fatal wound had been healed.

13_And it performed great signs, even causing fire to come down from heaven to the earth in full view of the people.

14_Because of the signs it was given power to perform on behalf of the first beast, it deceived the inhabitants of the earth. It ordered them to set up an image in honor of the beast who was wounded by the sword and yet lived.

15_The second beast was given power to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that the image could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed.

16_It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads,

17_so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.

18_This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 666.

Vicarius Filii Dei: "Vicar" Latin, short for, (Representative of the Son of God)

Again note: That this idea of the number 666, which is the natural number of “Six Hundred Threescore and Six” it also represents the number and/or name of that “System” that is biblically known as the beast that is mentioned in the book of revelation.

This is already being implemented and/or in effect in today’s modern systems of currency for buying and selling…In other words, you will see these numbers or figures in-almost every market and/or store in-order to condition or manipulate the minds of the people while they buy or sell things, thus getting these people ready for their plans of microchipping or implanting the people with this symbolic and satanic number of deception..!

There is more to this chaotic mess that we are all living-in and this is my duty and zeal to “straiten out” and to restore it with the truth before the Lord and thus preparing the people, thus straitening the path to salvation and righteousness before His glorious return!

Because the asteroid that shall strike this earth and destroy the world will also destroy much of the earth’s recourses and eradicate (destroy) much of the plant and animal life here on earth, almost to extinction!!!

If this entire catastrophe is caused by this fallen rock, what are people going to eat if a third of the living plant species including animals are wiped-out..?

There will be nothing left in the stores for people to buy and sell and consume because of this catastrophe...whither you have the power to buy and sell once microchiped, the primary sources for keeping you alive will not be available, such as the food and water to consume and keeping you living!

You cannot eat a car or a house or anything else which is not edible...People will need food and water to survive and live in the earth. Unfortunately, store shelves will be empty during those days!

People shall turn to cannibalism in-order to survive and this would give rise too the crazy “zombie virus effect," supposedly, in the new system of chaos and of totalitarianism of the New World Order, after the destruction of the known modern world by a fallen asteroid on earth!!!


Warning, the following images are disturbing, please do not be afraid of such things for they are bound to happen!

Cannibalism and the Bible Prophecy During the Days of Trials

Ezekiel 5:8_“Therefore this is what the Sovereign Lord says: I myself am against you, Jerusalem, and I will inflict punishment on you in the sight of the nations.

9_Because of all your detestable idols, I will do to you what I have never done before and will never do again.

10_Therefore in your midst parents will eat their children, and children will eat their parents. I will inflict punishment on you and will scatter all your survivors to the winds.

11_Therefore as surely as I live, declares the Sovereign Lord, because you have defiled my sanctuary with all your vile images and detestable practices, I myself will withdraw from you; I will not look on you with pity or spare you. 12_A third of your people will die of the plague or perish by famine inside you; a third will fall by the sword outside your walls; and a third I will scatter to the winds and pursue with drawn sword.

13_“Then my anger will cease and my wrath against them will subside, and I will be avenged. And when I have spent my wrath on them, they will know that I the Lord have spoken in my zeal.

Here are some more biblical verses in scripture concerning this matter with the same meaning of thee oracle (prophecy):

Leviticus 26:27-35 + Lamentations 4:4-11 + Jeremiah 19:7-9 + Isaiah 49:22-26

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The Days of Punishment, Trials and Justification to the Population by the New World Police State, the Army of the Lord God, Jehovah;

Part 1
By the EstimatedProphet,

Now listen carefully to my instructions you officials and authorities of the world…You are the instrument of punishment to the populations around the globe, to punish those (the people) who have survived thee asteroid apocalypse!

Immediately after thee “impact,” you are to surround the “city” prepare siege works, station the tanks and vehicles, The community busses and trains shall be converted into prison transportation units, ready to round-up the people..!

Siege of Jerusalem Symbolized,

Ezekiel 4:1_“Now, son of man, take a block of clay, put it in front of you and draw the city of Jerusalem on it.

2_Then lay siege to it: Erect siege works against it, build a ramp up to it, set up camps against it and put battering rams around it,

3_Then take an iron pan, place it as an iron wall between you and the city and turn your face toward it. It will be under siege, and you shall besiege it. This will be a sign to the people of Israel.

4_“Then lie on your left side and put the sin of the people of Israel upon yourself. You are to bear their sin for the number of days you lie on your side.

5_I have assigned you the same number of days as the years of their sin. So for 390 days you will bear the sin of the people of Israel.

Here are a few more oracles that explain about the same meaning in that prophecy;

The entirety of Isaiah 13 + Jeremiah 25:15-38 + and there is much more…Almost the entire old testament speaks about future events that have not come to pass yet. They are still pending and are in relation with the New Testament concerning the days of trials and of the “Wrath of God” here on earth!

The clay is the symbolic representation of thee Earth.
Jerusalem is the symbolic representation of the cities here on earth where the people dwell in.
Israel is the symbolic word that is used in-order for describing the people of God, but in reality it is actually referring to "all the people" in general that live and strive within this earth!

Therefore in-regards of what is mentioned in scripture about the “The Land of Israel and the City of Jerusalem,” they are both considered thee earth that God has created and the cities of man within the four corners of the global sphere…Again it is NOT necessarily the city that is found in the middle eastern nations but the entire world in general, because the bible uses figures of speech and symbolism to hide its true interpretation from the powers of those false religious organizations of deception!!!

In the entirety of Ezekiel 7, you can find the truth of what I’m trying to explain and/or talking about!

Note: In Ezekiel 7:17-18_Do you know what this means…It means that with complete terror, all the people who dwell on earth and witness the presence and/or arrival of the Lord and His Wrath will experience the symptoms known as "Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder" and/or Neurosis, when the Lord threads upon thee earth!

This is a video with various documents concerning these symptoms of what the people shall encounter during His imminent arrival…Are you ready?

It is OK if you break-down and cry, looking at your loved one’s and the fate that awaits us all and for that very reason “I am here,” to let you know that He is coming soon...And do not worry about me, for my destiny is coming soon, and I shall remain anonymous (unidentified) until my time comes. It will be the "Baptism" of the Holy Ghost, from His carnal sins, "The Counselor of Truth!"

What I speak about is totally different and contrary to what they preach in those religious organizations of deception, because they are comparing the arrival of the Lord as a glorious thing and this is true, for the spiritual beings who have died in the flesh, but not so, for humanity, to those individuals who are still alive in the flesh, for that day will burn them-up, all creatures who are found in the open. This is why people will flee to the mountains and hide inside of caves to escape the wrath/fire of the Lord God.

"The Prophet" works as God's personal agent. Here in this oracle, the prophet is acting-out like if he was God, thus, "symbolizing" the punishment that God will inflict upon the entire company that resides in the earth...Note that the prophet is the mediator between the Lord and the people and he is given this authority by God to do so!

The true meaning about the "Nations" in the biblical scripture, is that the bible is actually referring or comparing the nations to the "systems of the world." Again, this is referring to the former and modern systems of this age...Therefore, any country that takes part with that "world system" is in-fact part of the nations. Any tribe or people that lives secluded (without) the nations, is not part of that systematic order of the world!

And again, The nations in biblical scripture are referred to the countries that are under the rule of human governments, such as the queens and kings that make-up their systematic laws of "enslavement and bondage" to all the living creatures in the world, and these are also the ones whom destroy the earth!

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The Days of Punishment, Part ii

Here is a past and present “prophetic” example of what I am talking about in these posts, so to help you understand, if you are willing to know before it actually happens!

It shall be like in those days when the ”German War Machine” invaded Poland and its neighboring cities and states in-order to conquer them. These are in-fact the revived and natural descendants’ of the barbarian ancestors of the Viking, Aryan, Roman and Scottish tribes…So shall it be in those days during the reign of the NWO around the globe here on earth, united together with every nation and tribe and people around the globe.

Also written in a prophecy of Nostradamus, Century 10, Quatrain 72:

The year 1999, seventh month, = (New Age and/or Millennium. Mark of the Beast?)
From the sky will come a great king of terror: = (Asteroid + Angel of thee Abyss, the Destroyer!)
To bring back to life the great Mongol king, = (New World Leader and/or Antichrist.)
Before and after Mars to reign by good fortune. = (Martius - Named after the Roman god of War!)

The Book of Joel 2:1_ Blow the trumpet in Zion;
sound the alarm on my holy hill. Let all who live in the land tremble, for the day of the LORD is coming. It is close at hand—

2_a day of darkness and gloom, a day of clouds and blackness. Like dawn spreading across the mountains a large and mighty army comes, such as never was in ancient times nor ever will be in ages to come.

(The World Police State During the Days of Tribulations, the Army of the Lord!)

3_Before them fire devours, behind them a flame blazes. Before them the land is like the garden of Eden, behind them, a desert waste—nothing escapes them.

4_They have the appearance of horses; they gallop along like cavalry. 5_With a noise like that of chariot they leap over the mountaintops, like a crackling fire consuming stubble, like a mighty army drawn up for battle.

6_At the sight of them, nations are in anguish; every face turns pale. 7_They charge like warriors; they scale walls like soldiers. They all march in line, not swerving from their course.

8_They do not jostle each other; each marches straight ahead. They plunge through defenses without breaking ranks. 9_They rush upon the city; they run along the wall. They climb into the houses; like thieves they enter through the windows.

Also found in Revelation 13:9-10 and 16:15.

10_Before them the earth shakes, the heavens tremble, the sun and moon are darkened, and the stars no longer shine. 11_The LORD thunders at the head of his army; his forces are beyond number, and mighty is the army that obeys his command. The day of the LORD is great; it is dreadful. Who can endure it?

12_“Even now,” declares the LORD, “return to me with all your heart, with fasting and weeping and mourning.”


"Addressed to the government officials and world leaders only!"

In the beginning you are to implore the people to be initiated into the “New World Order the System Out of Chaos,” of a destroyed world…Anyone who refuses must suffer the consequences. Those days will also be known as the “Days of Tribulation the Latter shall be from the Wrath of the Lord!”

Note: This is concerning of what is also written in the book of Daniel 7:25 and the entirety of Revelation chapter 13, about the laws and the times will change…The meaning of these verses is altogether obvious; The one world government during those days will take-away “human rights,” such as liberties and freedoms from the people, with a new one world society and a religious system of a harsh and corrupted institution of human bondage.

All government employees and officials must be ”Microchipped.” Refusal to comply with the government authority during those days, again, this shall result in "imprisonment and even death!”

Moreover, microchip implants shall be mandatory for all the civilian populations during the days of trials and of the new circular order of a totalitarian reality of the new world order!

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Further Preparations for the New World Police State and the Circumstances of the Civilian Population!

Part 3

• Build watch towers and set-up surveillance equipment(s) around fortified buildings and the cities and even the roads all around the country!

• Prepare inmate “police recruit” and military training programs for these incarcerated individuals who supposedly want a short term and to serve society by working for their release, while contributing and/or supporting their countries in military bondage.

• Initiated inmates who meet your standards and requirements must be “microchipped and/or implanted” into the “New Global System!”

• Note: These inmates should be the first personal to be “implanted with rfid tags!” It should take no more than three month’s to train these people while in your systematic institutional programs before the aftermath of thee apocalypse which I have spoken about. “Long term stay is necessary!”

• It is your duties and responsibilities to inform and to implore these inmates to join because they are a major benefit and percentage into your “Task Force” of military and police strength during those stressful times of trials!”

Yes, inmates/prisoners who are doing six months to a year and upwards could be initiated into such a program to shorten their stay and offer them career and educational opportunities and/or benefits, “supposedly.”

You, “Recruiting Staffing Agencies” are to deceive and manipulate the minds of these incarcerated people in believing everything that you tell them; as to what is mentioned above about the program benefits, etcetera!

This should be very simple for you officials to do, since you have been deceiving people throughout the years through your systematic institutional organizations!

These training programs must be co-ed, where both men and woman are to be trained together. The reason for both gender training is to encourage these inmates into joining. Since men and woman are divided while incarcerated, this will offer them an opportunity to socialize with thee opposite sex and therefore, this will also motivate them to join!

Do not treat them cruel. Give them opportunities to learn and as official training staff, you are to treat them with respect, because once in the field they will not hesitate to take down their enemy.

You are also to "evaluate them" and ask them if they have any family members residing in other states...You are to investigate this matter and in-order for them to join, they must be separated from their home town, away from any family members that they know..!

(Transporting them into another state, where they have no relatives or friends!)

Note: to the common person. If you do not understand why they must be moved, then it is because you are still ignorant..."Read the Oracle Very Carefully, it explains why!"

If they (inmate recruit) asks you why they must be moved and/or relocated, then tell them; "that it is for security purposes!" If they accept, have them sign, tagged (microchipped) and trained...I can and will give you further instructions to this endeavor, give me some time, but I do believe that I have given you adequate information on this topic and further instructions are still pending!

Buena Fortuna.

posted on Sep, 8 2013 @ 07:24 PM
The Days of Punishment – Part 4

Now here is further information regarding the “inmate police recruit service unit,” as I have promised:

• You are to give this unit a new name and their uniform color(s) should be either; Dark Blue, Yellow or Dark Red with full riot gear for intimidation purposes…The colors are to distinguish and/or for determining between what type of rank and/or how many days of training that each individual has, while these incarcerated men and woman are in your program/courses.

• Each individual must also be given a “different name,” such as a nickname and/or alias!

• Your “Elite Soldiers” who are already in service are to be their mentors, drill sergeants and training instructors, etcetera. Again the elite soldiers are to be above these incarcerated men and woman in your training and they must also prepare themselves by hiding in safety when the time comes. Thus concealing themselves before the devastation that shall occur in the surface of the planet in-regards of what I have spoken about.

• Your new recruits must also conceal themselves along with your elite during that time, and you must both wait until the order is given out by your new, "one world leader and/or government authority’(s)” to proceed out of the cover from your shelter after you have escaped the great devastation of thee “Impact!”

Now, before I continue with this prophetic crap, I must add some biblical information to back it up…

Here are some biblical oracles about the concerning of what shall take place. I will add some clarification to some verses in these chapters so to help you understand the symbolic meaning of what these chapters are referring to!

The entirety of Jeremiah chapter 4. Remember to follow the verses that I add so that you may get the full meaning and understanding of the interpretation(s):

In Jeremiah 4:6_
It speaks about raising a signal or flag to Zion, which is the prophetic “symbolic gesture” of my death when I shall be set-free and revealed unto the entire world. This is found in the entirety of Malachi chapter 4 and Luke 17:22-30 and also found at the very beginning of “Mother Shipton” Prophecies; and it quotes:

“A great man, shall come and go For prophecy declares it so.”

Before my "Time Comes" I shall remain anonymously in your midst. Almost all who know me consider my person as stupid as they are, not knowing or understanding of who I am!

Anyways, Zion is not necessarily the hill of Jerusalem, but it is figuratively speaking about a “Spiritual Safe House or Holy Sanctuary.” This “Zion” is mentioned and described in the book of Revelation 6:9-11 + 15:2-8 and 21:10-11. This account is also mentioned in the "Mother Shipton Oracle," and it quotes:

"And before the race is built anew, A silver serpent comes to view And spew out men of like unknown. To mingle with the cold earth, now grown from its heat and these men can Enlighten the minds of future man. To intermingle and show them how To live and love and thus endow, The children with the second sight, a natural thing so that they might grow gracefully, humble and when they do The Golden Age will start anew."

In Jeremiah 4:13-14_Clearly speaks about the so-called “Second Coming of the God-Son, Jesus Christ.” This is also found and mentioned in; the entirety of Psalm 97, Isaiah 19 + 45:21-24, Daniel 7:13-14 and 12:1-4, Zechariah 12:10-11, Matthew 24:29-31, Revelation 1:4-8 + 19:11-16, and there is much more.

Now in Jeremiah 4:18-26_Speaks about my personal account and of how me and the prophet/scribe and servant of the Lord physically and spiritually see things in a view of “clairvoyance” and of long suffering. After this in verse_27 through 30, it speaks about ruin and destruction.

The final verse_31 in the same chapter, speaks about the “Daughter of Zion,” which is the symbolic representation of the witnesses and/or saints, who will be executed during the times of trials here on earth during the reign of the united world order, when the global government(s) shall produce a Cataclysmic Genocide for the people. According to what is mentioned and written is scripture…The Daughter of Zion is also biblically known as the following:

“The Bride of Christ," – John 3:27-36, Romans 12:1-5, Revelation 19:7:9 + 21:1-11 and 22:12-17. Note: The Bride of Christ is NOT necessarily a “church” but symbolically, the true church are those people who will face execution during the days of trials and thus, this sacrifice will be atonement for all their earthly sins and it shall be in-fact an actual Baptism of the Holy Spirit and of what the Lord has spoken about in-regards to being born in the “Spirit” and it is also a purification process!!!

“The Two Witnesses and the Two Olive Trees” are one in the same accord regarding the bride and the 144,000 sealed of Israel and Those who where Slain and/or Beheaded - Revelation 20:4..!

Also written in the Book of Daniel chapter 12. Michael is in-fact Jesus Christ and it explains about His coming here on earth. And in the same chapter, verse 11, it speaks about the “Daily Sacrifice” which is again speaking about a holocaust and a systematic mass-extermination of those (people/saints) of the true faith of the God-Son during the reign of the NWO. And the “Abomination that causes Desolation” is referring to “Thermo Nuclear Warfare!”

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