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Surviving getting screwed over --WWIII

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posted on Jul, 4 2013 @ 10:02 AM
reply to post by Brotherman

Thank you sir..

It was just the wind up for the pitch..

posted on Jul, 4 2013 @ 10:04 AM
reply to post by Brotherman

As for epic halo moment I am still building to it..

I am hoping I got most of the idea across..

posted on Jul, 4 2013 @ 10:07 AM
reply to post by bekod

thank you..

Like Coss and Burton told the co-piolit

One day when ATS is old enough.. You all will get the full story..

posted on Jul, 6 2013 @ 11:45 PM
ten minutes later

Gretchen opened the car door, "You four will be staying in our guest house."

A half dressed Isabelle is having to help the Lt. Commander walk to the car. She giggles as the Lt. Commander whispers in her ear as he is forced to lean on her. "And, then.."

"Wow," Isabelle looks at Gretchen. "I dont think she bends that way. Thats not humanly possible.."

"Double jointed in the hips my darling," Lt. Commander Coss smiles. "Admiral, I stand relieved.."

"@#$% you, Lt. Commander.. "

Former Agent Nosse smiles as Isabelle's sister readjust her dress, "I swear to god that dress looks better on the floor. Carpets and drapes my dear.." He pats her rear..

"You horrible man.. This dress," Jane shakes her head.. "Your boyfriend is a bad influence on my man sis.."

The women start talking in the back seat as Gretchen gets in the driver side.. The Congresswoman walks over with a cigarette in her mouth, "Thank you mam. You will make sure that young man stays out of public eye and anymore trouble."

"Yes mam. My husband will take over the young misbehaving Marines.." Gretchen smiled, "By the way congrats on your winning bid. The Navy Marine Corps relief society does appreciates your donation.."

Congresswoman smiles, "And you Lt. Commander.. I swear to god you pat my A$$ in DC like you have been here.." She shakes her head.. "Agent Nosse, before we leave for DC I want you to come by my office. I am curious to hear what evidence you had that the CIA overlooked. I have bumped heads with them before.. Do not worry about your .. unique transfer to the Navy.. I will smooth it over."

"Yes mam," Agent Nosse smiles..

Turning to the FBI Agents, "I assume you are happier with the idea of them being at the Admiral's house.. More secure location and all.."

"Yes mam, We will be following them. Do you need any of us to stay here," The FBI agent asked?

Looking over at the Admiral who is on the phone standing, at attention, as he talked respectfully.. "I am pretty sure her husband will be more then happy to stay as my security.. Make sure these two stay out of trouble."


Uhaul Facility
San Diego California

The NSA agent held his hand to his head, "Senior Chief.." He looked at Latts dead body, "Dress him up as a homeless man. Fix the details..teeth, smell, dirt, ectra.. Make him a John Doe.."

"I cant believe that a$$hole called it," The Senior Chief shook his head."How did the the Lt. Commander know this?"

"Same way he knew about the tunnels," The NSA agent shook his head. "The couple were going to let a nuke go off in a major American City. He is a conspiracy nut."

The SEAL Senior Chief looks at the Agent with doubt in his eyes.

"As odd as it sounds, he was an active member of the site just before he.. Made his way to officer.."

"Tin foil hat type," Senior was shaking his head.

"The NSA actively monitors the site he is part of.. He nailed the CIA director's behavior. He was prepared for the Directors betrayal and thought since it was a conspiracy, there would be tunnels no one knew about.."

"Your telling me I am alive because the insane man thought the government was behind it?"

Looking at the dead directors husband, "Why do you think he gave the orders before you left the hole that it was all explosives the terrorist used?" The NSA Agent shook his head, "When no one was listening, he got our attention and outlined what he thought the Director was up to."

"I thought conspiracy nuts do not trust the government," The SEAL shook his head.

"Lt. Commander Coss does not. Our expert profiler clearly states that he is Bats#$% insane. Lucky for us however, he is on our team. He put us onto the Directors husband due to a comment she made." Sighing, "You know he was a good man. I hate doing this to Latts, damn it. They tried to give the other nuke to a third party to make it seem like the threat was way bigger then it was.."

"Other nuke," The SEAL worriedly spoke?

"The one the Director of the CIA took from the house. The one the CIA got was a dud with a tracker. He left the real one in the freezers between the bodies." The NSA agent shook his head, "He told us what he was doing. In case he failed we needed to have the information. To him, the citizens of the US is who he is sworn to protect."

"You were in on..You helped him kill the Director of the CIA. All those interconnected and individual cameras going down at the same time."

"I have no clue what your talking about. That officially was a cyber terror attack against the US." The NSA agent smiled, "The rest was the Department of the Navy."

"What now," the Seal Asked?

"The Lt. Commander will be briefing the Sec Def personally in a Clean Room. The infiltration goes very deep and we missed it." Shaking his head, "Insane man caught it."

Shaking his head the SEAL mumbles, "Just because I am paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get me."
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posted on Jul, 7 2013 @ 06:16 PM

Four days later
Bad neighborhood
LA, Califonia

The crowd was on the street as the people were watching..

Senior Chief was leading the cadence, "How did ya earn your livin..."

The marines were fully decked out in gear with rifles and backpacks.. They jogged in formation..

Some of the gang bangers were making gestures of shooting..

"And Halt," Senior Chief called out..

Everyone in the neighborhood froze.. Senior Chief made some hand Gestures and the Marines spread out. Crouching behind cars and laying in the Grass. Fifty Caliber rifles deployed on hoods of cars as the marines deployed..

Commander Coss walked up to a door and knocks. The private next to him.. "Sir my gran mama is alone and asleep.."

An old Lady comes to the door, "My goodness.." She hugs her only son and looks at the Lt. Commander, "And you.. Your a bad influence," she hugs him as well.

"Mam I heard you had an issue with some local thugs," Coss smiles..He motions and some of the recruits bring a sign out of there backpack. It reads, ' house and occupants under Marine corps protection '.

"Dont go starting anything over me. My grandson making something of himself is enough," the old lady kindly spoke.

"Private," Coss ordered.. "Take your grandmother inside and barricade down.. Senior get a guard on this building entry and exit."

"Aye, Lt. Commander.." Senior pulls men off other positions.. Three climb to the roof as others go around..

"Mam will you be so kind as to bring me some real sweet tea. I am going to sit here till," Coss Voice comes to a louder command pitch.. "We come to an understanding. Those signs mean I will personally hunt down kill them like dogs. Your from my mothers generation.. Mam this is a man thing.. Sorry .. Bring me the drink and I will deal with the Dogs.." He pats the old lady on the butte..

She slaps him and shakes her head, "Your as bad a boy as my Harold was.. Sweet tea with ice comin up.."

She walks in with her grandson. As soon as the door shuts..

"How we gonna play this.. Am I burning down this neighbor hood or is someone gonna go fetch their boss." One of the marines made the ammo load in the Fifty cal.. Smiling, "I will declare you terrorist on US soil. "

"You cant do this dawg, our children are here.. that old lady," the thug took a step forward only to stop. A sniper round hit the street in front of him..

"Senior get the flares and load the napalm rounds," Coss looked the man straight in the eye.


Youtube video
posted an hour later

The flames from the fire fight had died down. Bullet ridden cars sat in the rode..

Lt.Commander Coss with his foot in a boot, "WHO's HOOD IS THIS!!!"

The little gangbanger spit up blood, as he mumbled something..

Pointing at the Camera recording this, "You cant be heard.. Sound off like you got a pair.. The nation is watching.. I asked whos hood is this?"

"Marine Corps hood," the little gangbanger spit out blood..

He got slapped," what is supposed to be the first and last words out of your mouth.."

"Sir, This is Marine Corps Hood SIR.."

"And what did I tell you the US Navy would do if you screw with our little brother ever F#$%ing again??"

Spitting out a tooth, "Sir.. The worlds most powerful Navy will hunt us down like dogs.. No where on earth would we be able to hide.." Coughing blood, "SIR!"

"And," Lt. Commander Coss angrily!

"Sir.. The same goes for your special needs cousin the US Army, Your little sister the coast guard, and your Rich snobs cousins the Air Force.. Sir.."

"Keep going," Senior had his side arm pulled..

"Sir," the thug spoke..

Senior hit the thug, "Do not call me sir, I work for a living.."

The scared thug responded loudly, "Senior Chief.. Any veteran not a gang member presently is off limits. Their spouses and families. You will kill us all if they so much as break a nail."

"For all you little bright Boys who think your gonna go crying to the law.. Take the Navy to court, you need to know this.. At balls this morning, your organization has been put under investigation as a terrorist organization. I only came peacefully to deliver the message. You then opened fire on US Marines who were merely out for a nature hike." Lt. Commander Coss shook his head, "As we speak the state of California is seizing your assets under the reverse Erie doctrine. Your bosses millions are going directly into the state coffers."

"They will hunt you down," the thug uttered defiantly.

Lt. Commander Coss Laughed and let go of the thug, "You mean the same group who smuggled nukes to detonate on US soil."

The thugs eyes went wide," We had nothing to do with that."

"Yeah good luck with that. See that camera, the whole world knows your face and what your crew was involved in. What makes it worse is you cut your boss out of his cut." Smiling, "Your cousins last words were to trade his daughters life for the info."

The thug went white face, "No!"

"Your free to go."
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posted on Jul, 9 2013 @ 10:48 AM
Admiral's guest House
same day

Isabelle crawled back into the bed, kissing the Lt. Commander on the back of his neck..

Coss smiles, "If I dont get some sleep I will be worthless." He yawns as he rolls over and holds her.

She snuggles close to him, "Baby."

The tone in her voice communicates her thoughts to Coss, "Yes my little thugarella." He kisses her lips, "You can say anything you want. My dear its ok."

Tears came from Isabelle's eyes, "I cant do this.. Forgive me.." She starts to get up and stops, "You have been so kind and gentle. And the sex is great.."

Not opening his eyes, "You got accepted to premed."

Wiping a tear, "How.. How did you know?" She was a little upset, " You.."

"A full scholarship, room, and board all paid for." Coss smiled as he held her, "Honey your young and have a very bright future ahead."

"I never thought they would accept me. I applied to shut you up." Isabelle was shaking, "I made a mistake in the application. Instead of nursing I put in the paperwork for the full course as a Doctor." Pausing as she cried, "You cant afford this. Where did you get this money?"

"I wiped out my savings account. It was just sitting there. Two hundred thousand, easy come easy go. I do love you. I am not going to hold you back my little Princess. I knocked out the issues you might face and now the future is all yours. You can make it anything you want it to."

"It means we.." she hit Coss,"You irredeemable troublemaker... What is with the love me crap?"

Coss smiles, "I never make love to a woman if I do not love her. You had me the first second I saw you. The rest was negotiation.." He hugged her, "Your new last name is my grandmothers as is your sisters.. The transcripts for your high school made you a solid c student.. It also makes you my family now.. Which makes what we have been doing.."

"Shut up," Isabelle kisses Coss. "Papi.. your a very bad boy.. I sentence you to my room.."


CNO's office
2100 next day

The CNO smiled as he watched the Youtube video again, "Ah Gunny, the good things in life. Whats your take on this video?"

Refilling the Admirals drink as the CNO lit a cigar, "Damndest thing, Admiral. Instead of what was predicted to happen I am seeing much higher Moral. Take today in this building. Naval personnel were actually being treated with respect outside of rank."

The CNO looked at the Gunny.

"Admiral in all honesty your a Senior Officer. I saw today something I havent seen today in ages. Lower level enlisted not shying away from greeting officers. Did you read the report from Iran that came in a few hours ago."

The CNO was shaking his head," Which one gunny? The one were a damn Air force pilot Rammed a jet into an enemy position because he was out of Ammo. Parachuted into enemy fire and took command of a Group of Army personnel pinned down. Or the fact we retook four cities today..Or are you referring to the fact a group of Army personnel ignored orders and went in and helped the Marines finish a mission."

"Your kidding me. " The gunny was shaking his head, "The Army helping the Marine Corps and no complaints. This plan you approved is having some Major mojo. If I didnt know better, we are getting our spirit de corps as the DOD back. Was the mission successful.."

"The report came back on the news when they were asked which branch was in charge.." A small tear from the CNO controlling his laughter, "The Army first Lt. said they were all with DFAS out of Cleveland Ohio.." Smiling at the Gunny, "We are getting our mojo of teamwork back.. You wont believe this but apparently the Secretary of the Air Force has unofficially asked to met with me later on tonight for cocktails.."

"What over," the Gunny asked.

"Apparently he doesnt want to let the Navy have all the fun kicking the Iranian's a$%. He wants to discuss a more active sharing of resources and cutting cost. Something about the Air Force and Naval pilots hunting the enemy together, loser buys the beer. True joint command and F#$% the politics."

"I'll be damned," the gunny was surprised.

"What I did not tell him was his respective counter parts will all be there. We are gonna have an un-official meeting of the JCS." The Admiral puffed his cigar," The Sec Def is gonna be there as well. I am gonna use this opportunity to get us all on the same page and working unofficially as a team without our lower levels present."

Taking a deep breath," You will need security Admiral. Give me twenty minutes to get security arrangements. "

"Who you got in mind," The CNO puffed as he asked.

"Recon. I will tell them it is quite like.." Gunny smiled and shook his head, "Brilliant move sir. Your secret weapon to win this war.. Teamwork."

"Send a message to Lt. Commander Coss through the SEAL's. At 0730 initiate phase two.. Cold War Vendettas."

The gunny looked at the CNO, " At 0730, phase two Cold War Vendettas."

The CNO smiled as he looked at the confusion he created in the Gunny's mind.

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