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Splendor et Ascendet

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posted on Jun, 27 2013 @ 03:05 PM

not ascendant but ascendet

"Splendor is the soul that can ascend like a light in the darkness,in times of trouble."

If you will tell to someone to splendor ,that person will look in your eyes without understanding the meaning of your words.

But if you will show to that person the splendor that can be his(her) soul,then just like a fire in the night that soul will begin to splendor.

And after will start to splendor that soul will ascend in a beautiful harmony of the two.

"Spendor et Ascendet",two magical words,the key to happiness.

Because every soul can splendor,like any soul will ascende after showing his splendor.

But we cannot show the splendor of our soul without the magical word that can spark in the night,which is "Light".

So the only thing that can make the soul to splendor and to ascend is a certain type of light which can be found in that unexplored corner of your mind,untouched by any evil thought ,"Unaltered Light of the mind in her pure state of consciousness".

But in the same time I can splendor in the purity of the light of your soul only if the conection between the two souls is made without hidden thoughts on both sides.

Splendor et ascendet,sooner or later all of us will splendor and we will ascend in one way or the other.

Because almost any soul cannot remain in state of impurity without opening the path of light where he will ascend.

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