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Broken Law: Ohio County Hides Actual Vote Count

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posted on Nov, 17 2004 @ 09:19 AM
not sure if this was posted here already or before but heres the MSNBC voting fraud report:

i heard after they aired this all news was told not to run stories on it....

posted on Nov, 23 2004 @ 03:02 PM
Quote: "He's fooling himself, of course, if he thinks that HE won all those votes, when in actuality a large percentage of them were AGAINST Bush."

Ditto - I voted AGAINST BUSH not FOR Kerry! He is dreaming - the Democratic Party has become as Bogies as the Republican Party - They are BOTH Pro-Corporate &
Anti-Worker. I was reading a newspaper a couple of days ago which asked the question: A) Did Kerry fail to penetrate with his Message or B) There are just too many Republicans out there?

Option "B" is too frightening a thought - so I would have to go with "A". You have to admit Kerry's Message was pretty Muddled. It kind of went like this: "I Feel your Pain Middle Class America -
OK I'm now off to a Fund Raiser Swaray with my Billionaire Wife - Tootles"!?!

Then Kerry said that the Osama Tape Sunk him - Well the Osama Tape Personally Made me think
"Mission *NOT* Accomplished"!!!

Anyone else take on this stuff?

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posted on Nov, 25 2004 @ 01:10 PM
Here's a proposal that I know the stupid congress would'nt go for since they are only interested in ^&%@ing us.

Replace *ALL* voting systems nationwide in one and a half years with electronic systems that all follow the meet one exacting standard described below. Pay for it by dropping all state porkbarrel projects for that time period while allowing all 50 states to offer services of building the systems, software and networking facilities to centralise the data collection. Put ALL partisanship asside, we can't go complaining about the Ukrain when we have all of this half-ass crap going on. Democracy in the US first, then we can worry about others, stop the hypocracy.

Election Requirments:
1. All electronic systems with accuarte touch-screen LCDs or similar technology.
2. Simple screen layout that clearly marks the ballet and also shows on a sidebar like an E-Shopping cart your selections.
3. Double paper trail system for verifaction.
3A. One print out that resembles a lotto ticket prints for the voter with a set of control numbers that link back to your vote.
3B. One printout stays in the machine locked. Will have to be able to hold the encoding for several thousand votes in large precincts.
4. On election night all of the electronic databases are uploaded to election HQ and used as preliminary election results and stated as such.
5. All of the paper tapes from the machines are brought in within 24-48 hours to be run on optical scanners for the offical tally.
6. The public can then use the code number they have to verify their vote with the system online or at a specified county/parish location.
7. All software source controlling the database and paper trails to be verified by programmers under non-partisan control and must be non-proprietary. Voting systems are a government function not a capitolist venture.

For all intents and pourposes, this past election was a failure for electronic systems,

posted on Nov, 29 2004 @ 05:18 PM
i had to stand in line to ever to cast a provisional vote, which i'm sure was not ultimately counted. I also went with my friend to vote later that day and in line we were laughing that the "grinding" sounds that the booths were making after people voted was the sound of a kerry vote being shredded, might not have been so funny after all!

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