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Shambhavi Mahamudra

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posted on Jun, 23 2013 @ 02:12 AM
this sadhana extremely effective. it is what i do, though i do add one kyria im not willing to include.

Sitting in Crossed Legged Posture on the Floor Bring Both Feet/Heels
Together, pull as much as you can towards the reproductive organ. Clasp both feet
at the fingers point with your hands and do butter fly flapping of both legs up down
for 2 minutes. This is called Patanga Asana or Butter Fly Flapping.

4-Again return to Ardha Siddhasana and bring the right foot and rest it on the
middle of your Left Arm, bring your right Hand, from below your right foot and
catch hold of your left arm Fingers, such that both Left and Right Hand Fingers are
Locked inside Each other and twist your spine like rocking a baby. The other[Left]
Foot Rests Between the Anal Outlet and Reproductive Organ. This is Shishupala
Asana. Shishu Means A Baby. Repeat with Left Leg in Right Arm. Do this for 2
Minutes for Each Leg.

5-Then place your body on your knees and hands like a Tiger and Bring the Left Leg
Knee to touch your forehead which comes down. At this point the Spine is up and it
is exhalation of breath. Then as the Head Goes Forward, The Left Leg Becomes
Straight and Goes Back. At this Point the Spine is straight and it is Inhalation of
Breath. Your Spine should bend flexibly according to the breath and movement of
knee. While doing one side the other side should be completely relaxed. Repeat this
with another Leg/knee. Do This 3 Times for each leg/knee. My Advise here would be
for you to buy the Vivekananda Kendra Pratisthan, Chennai, India, Yoga Asanas
Book from or any Ramakrishna
Mission Book Centre in order to get this Cat Stretch Procedure Correctly.

6-Now the Actual Kriya:

Return and Sit in Ardha Siddhasana and then Start Sukha Pranayama as follows.
Close your Right Nostril with Right Thumb all other fingers of the right Hand are
straight pointed upward the ceiling. Exhale Slowly, via the Left Nostril Completely.
Then After Exhalation, Inhale Deeply via the Left Nostril, Close Left Nostril with

little finger of Right Hand and Exhale completely from the right. No retention of
breath is needed. Then Inhale completely from the Right Nostril, Close right Nostril
using Right hand thumb and exhale from the left nostril. Keep Doing this for about
6-7 mts. The Left Hand is not used at all and rests comfortably on your lap. The
Point to be remembered here is always start and end the Sukha Pranayama with
Exhalation from the Left Nostril. Keep in mind that your breathing must be very
slow and relaxed that if even a feather is placed beneath your nose even that should
not vibrate.

7-Then Sitting in the same asana as above keep Yoga Mudra that is
Both Hand on Knees and tip of thumb and index finger touching
together as a circle O. All other three Fingers Straight. Chant A-U-M.
Open your mouth as wide as possible and say AAAAAAA- Slowly
Close 1/2 and Say UUUUUUUU. Fully Close and Say MMMMMMMM.
While doing this keep awareness on the vibrations in your naval
region, in mid portion of your body and pit of throat according to the
Vibrations of A-U-M. Do this for 21 times.

8-After this in same asana holding Yoga Mudra do rapid fluttering of breath deep
inhalation and exhalation from both nostrils for about 4 to 5 mts. This is Kapala
Bhati Pranayama or Fluttering of Breath.

9-Sit in Ardha Siddhasana and then Deeply Inhale, Pull Your Anal
Muscles and Stomach Muscles up Inside, Allow Your Head to Fall
Back and Then Bring Your Head Forward & Then Down In One Fluid Motion, So
that the Chin touches your chest. Hold this as long as you are comfortable
and then bring your head in normal position, Exhale 1 st , Release your Stomach
Muscles 2 nd , Then Anal Muscles 3 rd . Repeat this with Exhalation of Breath 1 st .
This has to be done once for exhalation of breath and once for inhalation of breath.
This is called Uddhyana Bandha, Muladhara Bandha and Jaladhara Bandha. Neck
Lock, Anal Lock and Stomach Lock. Bandha Means Lock.

10- Sit in Ardhasiddhasana and Keep Yoga Mudra! Close Your Eyes
and keep your head slightly pointed to the ceiling not fully and
concentrate on the space between the eye brows. This is Ajna Chakra or 3 rd Eye
Meditation. Do this for 2-3 Minutes.

for thus willing to go beyond their limitations and willing to give up the compulsion of self perseverance, enjoy. me giving this kyria is highly irresponsible but for those on the path of dissolution they need a better technology than following the sensation of the breath. if you don't feel you're doing something right don't do it. improper yoga can be dangerous.

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