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Rare case of gun violence - Man fatally shoots 5 people and beats a 6th to death in China

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posted on Jun, 23 2013 @ 01:51 AM

Rare case of gun violence -
Man fatally shoots 5 people and beats a 6th to death in China

BEIJING (AP) — In a rare case of gun violence in China, a man fatally shot five people and beat a sixth to death, including some of his factory colleagues and a soldier, police said Sunday. The 62-year-old man's killing spree started when he used unspecified tools to beat a colleague to death over an economic dispute, according to Shanghai police. The man identified as having the surname Fan killed his colleague on Saturday afternoon at a chemical factory in Shanghai's Baoshan district, the Shanghai Public Security Bureau said on its microblog.

Come to think of it, despite everything else;
you don't really hear too much about mass-shootings or killing sprees in China.
In-part because of strict regulations on gun ownership.

Guns are hard to come by in China. Firearms are tightly controlled and private ownership is for the most part illegal. Citizens who have hunting permits may apply at their local police station for permission to own a hunting rifle.

If this had been in the here in the U.S. -
It would just be more fuel to the fire in the gun-control debate.

I would assume that this isn't exactly going to make headlines here in the west.
But I did happen to catch it going across the 'wire'.
It is quite a story, the description is vivid like a scene from a movie.

The bureau said Fan then took a hunting rifle that was hidden in his dormitory, asked a driver to take him to another district and then shot him on the way. After killing the man, Fan drove the vehicle back to Baoshan and killed a soldier who was guarding the entrance to a barracks. He also took the soldier's gun.

Fan then returned to the factory and fatally shot three more people with his hunting rifle, including a manager. Police said they captured him in the factory about six hours after his killing spree started.

Also, in other news: Gunmen kill 11 foreign tourists in Pakistan

^^My point is, the headline above doesn't surprise me like the OP.

In China; a place where fatalities come in bunches, seemingly...
You just don't often see it as a result of gun-violence.

That is why this caught my eye.

(just spreading the news.)
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posted on Jun, 23 2013 @ 11:33 AM
Thanks for the S&Fs!

No replies however, but it's all good.

I would like to quickly 'correct' a typo made above -
it should have read, "If this had been here in the U.S."



Also, since I mentioned the tourists being shot in Pakistan...
I've just read an update confirming One American, is among the victims shot at a camp in Northern Pakistan.

It's semi off-topic, but here is a snippet from the update - I'll link below:

"Unidentified gunmen last night entered a hotel where foreign tourists were staying and opened fire at them," said the Gilgit police chief, Deputy Inspector General Ali Sher.

Pakistani militants claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it was revenge for drone strikes.

"We carried out (the) attack and killed 10 foreigners in Gilgit-Baltistan. Our attacks on foreigners will continue to protest over drone strikes," a spokesman for the Pakistani Taliban Ihsanullah Ihsan told NBC News over the telephone.

It's always something.

posted on Jun, 23 2013 @ 10:59 PM
i seen this on the news i think.

thanks for posting.


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