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MoD UFO Files Termination Day - A Media Exit on British UFO reports?

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posted on Jun, 21 2013 @ 04:23 PM
British UFO sightings and incidents have always needed the clout of MoD UFO related
reaction or comment to gain any attention within the media. A UFO video may create
a very brief media UFO fascination via a tabloid / media outlet with the media source
having no geniune investigative concern or partial interest in the UFO phenomena.

Once apon a Time.

Some have stated that any media UFO report /article/ coverage is good publicity for Ufology.

We have non geniune UFO researchers enter the subject for self promotion and media outlet.

It seemed a healthy balance to have MoD UFO secrecy over the years and now it seems the
MoD UFO files releases and termination have taken something away with the UFO secrecy angle.

We may now value the 'UFO document chasers' instead of relying on anecdotal UFO evidence

It creates a scenario that mainsteam media outlets can pick and choose the opportunity
to highlight and ridicule the UFO phenomena at any given purpose and time.

A rigged game for British UFO sightings and role players who act as convenient fools and tools..

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posted on Jun, 21 2013 @ 04:58 PM

Now that's really interesting but I would bet no matter how hard you look through the released files you won't find much of anything referring to Christmas of 1980 and Redelsheim Forest. It just kind of walked off the map and whatever really happened is still in somebody's filing cabinet not to be seen in our lifetimes. My best,

posted on Jun, 21 2013 @ 05:03 PM

Originally posted by airforce47
I would bet no matter how hard you look through the released files you won't find much of anything referring to Christmas of 1980 and Redelsheim Forest. It just kind of walked off the map

The main file at the National Archives relating to Rendlesham is DEFE 24-1948 (sometimes -- such as on the Wikipedia page on Rendlesham -- erroneously said to include "all documents relating to the incident").

Other MOD files containing material relating to Rendlesham Forest include:
DEFE 24-1925
DEFE 24-1929
DEFE 24-1930
DEFE 24-1931
DEFE 24-1941
DEFE 24-1942
DEFE 24-1948
DEFE 24-1949
DEFE 24-1955
DEFE 24-1956
DEFE 24-1957
DEFE 24-1958
DEFE 24-1963
DEFE 24-1964
DEFE 24-1966
DEFE 24-1967
DEFE 24-1968
DEFE 24-1969
DEFE 24-1970
DEFE 24-1971
DEFE 24-1973
DEFE 24-1978
DEFE 24-1979
DEFE 24-1980
DEFE 24-1981
DEFE 24-1982
DEFE 24-1983
DEFE 24-1986
DEFE 24-1991
DEFE 24-1992
DEFE 24-1993
DEFE 24-1994
DEFE 24-1995
DEFE 24-1996
DEFE 24-1997
DEFE 24-1998
DEFE 24-1999
DEFE 24-2001
DEFE 24-2002
DEFE 24-2004
DEFE 24-2006
DEFE 24-2009
DEFE 24-2011
DEFE 24-2012
DEFE 24-2013
DEFE 24-2014
DEFE 24-2015
DEFE 24-2016
DEFE 24-2018
DEFE 24-2019
DEFE 24-2021
DEFE 24-2023
DEFE 24-2024
DEFE 24-2025
DEFE 24-2026
DEFE 24-2027
DEFE 24-2029
DEFE 24-2030
DEFE 24-2032
DEFE 24-2033
DEFE 24-2034
DEFE 24-2037
DEFE 24-2038
DEFE 24-2040
DEFE 24-2041
DEFE 24-2042
DEFE 24-2044
DEFE 24-2047
DEFE 24-2048
DEFE 24-2049
DEFE 24-2050
DEFE 24-2052
DEFE 24-2053
DEFE 24-2054
DEFE 24-2055
DEFE 24-2056
DEFE 24-2057
DEFE 24-2060
DEFE 24-2064
DEFE 24-2066
DEFE 24-2067
DEFE 24-2069
DEFE 24-2070
DEFE 24-2071
DEFE 24-2072
DEFE 24-2075
DEFE 24-2076
DEFE 24-2085
DEFE 24-2086
DEFE 24-2091
DEFE 24-2092
DEFE 24-2094
DEFE 31-182
DEFE 31-184
DEFE 31-186
DEFE 31-188

NB The list above is almost certainly not exhaustive. However, it is something to build upon (both in terms of completeness and also by annotating it with a summary of the relevant contents, which in most cases is simply a page or two of correspondence).
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posted on Jun, 21 2013 @ 05:13 PM
reply to post by IsaacKoi

Not exhaustive?

Its exhausting just looking at it! Wow.

posted on Jun, 21 2013 @ 05:20 PM
I downloaded the whole bunch from national archives when they were first released a couple of years back, and I have to say it seems most the reports are by crazy people...but if they had proof of alien u.f.os then they wouldn't really release that to the public would they. But then again I watched a show on alien abductees the other night on channel 4 ( Britain ) and I couldn't help feel like a psychiatrist watching all of these strange troubled was actually really funny to watch.

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