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Did I experienced Karma?

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posted on Jun, 21 2013 @ 07:27 AM
Hey, yesterday and this morning was special and strange.
First, I can only use my right hand to write so apologizes for typos.

It started yesterday, I drove home and I had a car in front of me, I noticed blue smoke in common drive mode and when the car accelerated (load) it had really thick black smoke comming out of the exhaust. So I watched it 2 or 3 minutes and decided to give the driver a warning, his piston rings might be damaged or headseal, anyways it was 36 degrees C and if it burned oil this way, I thought man this motor will not do it long anymore.

So I high beamed, gave turn signals, waved hands, no reaction for ten kilometers at least. The car had tinned windows so I decided to follow the driver and give him a warning when he comes to a stop.

I finally stopped at the street in front of the property where the car came to a stop and noticed it was a women because of the high heels
. So she got out of the car and I waved her to come. This is how the conversation went:

"Hi, do you know, your motor is burning oil, you might have a check on your piston rings or headseal, your exhausting thick smoke when accelerating, I tried to warn you the last 3 minutes, you better check your oil level and have a read out at the shop"

"Me?" disturbed face expression

Then her boyfriend/husband came along, he overheard the conversation I think and he said with a slightly idiotic face expression "It´s a diesel"
"Yeah, I saw it at the exhaust already that it´s a diesel, anyways I had the same model (Audi A3, 1.9TDI, true storry) before, I ignored it and it turned out it were piston rings after motorblock damage had been diagnosed"
"Its a diesel! And it was this way when we bought it!" (bad face expression)
"Does a diesel do not have piston rings? Man I´m just trying to warn you"
"Yeah whatever, MOVE ALONG ALREADY"

The whole drive home I was a little angry, because all I wanted was trying to help! I decided NOT to hope the damn motor will go down, I hoped maybe tonight, when they surely talk about this before bed or so, they may be thankful or something like that.

So, this morning I started to do work in garden, my neighbor sneaked into the garage, unplugged my electrical hedge clipper in the middle of my work to jerk on me (this clown :lol
. first thought I hit the cable and checked it all the way (looong cable :@@
Really needed this, I was not in a good mood.

He said, let me help you, I´m gonna mow your lawn. I was real thankful, mood was up and thought, maybe this is karma. Seconds later, my other neighbors wife came around unplugged my extension cord to get my attention
I was like WTF now I really hit the cable, but it was her, offering help she would collect the gras if I want.

I got into the house and brought cool ice tea and cups to drink and some hershey peanutbutter cups, I imported from USA. The best for the best, I thought.
Then I came to the hedge I share with a third neighbor. She´s alone and I always clipped her side of the hedge too because I´m not an asshole leaving one side uncut for her. While clipping, I saw that she tossed garbage under the hedge and thought "damn it, this time you´re really gonna have to cut your side of the hedge yourself".
I decided to at least clip the part where the hedge joins a wooden fence, because of the dangers when the clipper hits the wood and jumps back, I did not want her to go through that trouble so I began to fight myself through said part. I had to grab around the clipper and hold it backwards, because of the moving parts that would scrape the wood to not damage her fence.

warning, what now comes is not for faint hearted.

Suddenly I hit the wood, the clipper blades jumped back, right into my left underarm, ripped through the flesh until hitting bone and the safety mechanism finally jumped in when I let go my hand on said button. I jumped back, looking at all the blood on my hand, shirt and jeans, first thought, (I don´t know why was like) "# it shouldn´t have thought that!".

Now, I looked around, nobody was there, I thought they went home doing mid day break or so, ringed the bell at the first neighbor, nobody home! Blood went blubbering down my left hand so I ran to my car and wrapped some gaze around, jumped in my car and speeded to the next town 6km away where I knew next doctor is aviable at that time, but no, there was a paper haning outside, closed due family death case. I knew that there was a sports doctor one house away, ran there, the gaze was now wet from blood, I thought this must be a joke, there was a paper haning there said "This afternoon, no service, since being at the red cross helping collect blood"

I thought, man really could need this now! So I jumped into my car, again, now noticing the heat and blood loss get´s me already dissy so I decided to walk to the supermarket ask for a telephone book and a call since I did not had my mobile with me.

"Why don´t you drive to the hospital???" she said there, looking up and down on all the blood.
I finally lost my nerves and shouted "Because I may not get there! Next hospital is like 20km!!! Just give me the damn phone I will call emergency"
"there is a doctor in kerking, drive there"
"give me the phone I´m not gonna make it there by car safely"
"did you went to dr. braun?"
"uhlmann next door?"
"then you may drive"
I washed the things she had on her info counter with a swipe to the floor and said some real bad things to her, because she could just have given my the damn phone instead of asking stupid questions. So I ran back, in hope the first doctor was at home at least and terror ringed the bell there, got help there finally, sewed me with at least 6 stiches, forget to count on after that when the pain came after the shock.

So now I´m home thinking about all this while my neighbors finish the work (glad I have such people around), turns out they went to a 5th neighbor looking for fuel for the mower.
The hersheys melted completely and now pain really becomes bad because I thought I could type with two hands after I had enough of one finger search system typing style.

I´m such an idiot, I admit.
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