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The Mystery of China's "Ghost Cities" -- Solved at Last? (And coming to a place near you, too?)

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posted on Jun, 21 2013 @ 04:06 AM

Originally posted by Gemwolf
reply to post by silent thunder

I don't understand. If the purpose is to centralize, i.e. remove everyone from the rural areas - away from farms - to make them dependent on the evil Government - where will all the food come from? Who is going to produce the produce, livestock and grain, i.e. the life force of any country, if there is no one left on the farms?

Monsanto and it's ilk will become the worlds's already started.

Remove the worlds traditional small-scale farmers into cities and sweatshops, Monsanto and others will move in and supply the farming and biotech muscle and the scheme will be repeated around the entire planet.

It's about the monopoly on food and controlling exactly what the world eats or doesn't eat.

When one can control what the people eat, when there are patented and engineered organisms and nothing else or nobody else able to supply the food, the people will have NO choice but to ingest whatever you produce for them to eat, and whatever you inset into the genetics of the food will be consumed too.

The potential for horrific abuse abounds in this scenario. If you can insert genes from a Jellyfish into a tomato for example, you can just as easily insert other genes, compounds, virus, drugs...toxins...anything you'd like the worlds population to consume.

If there's no choice of food, there's simply no choice but to eat whatever they produce..and that is very scary.

posted on Jun, 21 2013 @ 04:11 AM

Originally posted by silent thunder

Originally posted by alfa1
Forcibly relocating, by the sound of the rest of his blog.

But whats his **SOURCE** for this claim?

Check the quote in the first post: "relocated AT GUNPOINT." And it comes from a Princeton professor, not some dude in his basement.

A Princeton Professor you say. OOOH, Sounds impressive. Obama Went to Columbia and Clinton to Oxford. Don't believe them bastards either.
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posted on Jun, 21 2013 @ 04:11 AM
I'd have to disagree with the gov moving them so the population can be dependent on their handouts.
EVERYONE CHINESE KNOWS the Chinese government gives absolutely NOTHING to it's people.
Why do you think the first thing Chinese think of is money ?

I'd have to check this out myself to see if these movements are true.
I've been hearing about alot of forced urbanization in many towns and villages in the north of China, I think it's just completely narrow thinking for these area's, it takes time to develop and for the society. you can't just create these places.

I think it might be land taxation, they can make more money by forcing people to buy their 'home' at a higher price and cram 1000's of people into small area's.
Just another revenue making scheme.

posted on Jun, 21 2013 @ 04:36 AM
reply to post by crackerjack

I guess this is why it says in the NYTimes article

Now, the party has shifted priorities, mainly to find a new source of growth for a slowing economy that depends increasingly on a consuming class of city dwellers.

China needs to sustain its growth otherwise it will implode but i don't know how long can they postpone the inevitable.

posted on Jun, 21 2013 @ 04:47 AM
Urbanisation has been a key part of China's success. It's probably a mistake to force it in this manner but it's not surprising that they would try it, given the centralised, top-down nature of their government.

posted on Jun, 21 2013 @ 06:03 AM

Originally posted by keenasbro
reply to post by LeLeu

Why is the Australian Government paying Farmers to leave the land.
Is there not a global food shortage.

Or has it something to do with what the article states....Agenda 21. I'll go with that.

im glad there is another aussie on this thread that may be able back me up.

there has been a lot of talk over here about the amount of farms the chinese are buying up here in australia. they now just about own every dairy. in fact.....there is a massive outcry just starting about the amount of foreign ownership of our farmlands. everyone from the middle east, asia and even europe are buying up at a massive rate.

i think mate you will find its not the government buying up the farmers...but rather foreign governments.

will see if i can find some links

posted on Jun, 21 2013 @ 06:03 AM
reply to post by silent thunder

Wow, this is bull on so many levels!

It's no mystery why the buildings have been empty.

It's mostly luxury apartments and offices, priced too high to sell well yet.

It is also no mystery why sales is rocketing in the ghost towns. 'Ghost town investors' have severely lowered the prices - two for one at places. That combined with a rapidly growing number of moderately wealthy Chinese and with bank interests being much lower than projected rising in property prices explains why the ghost towns is coming to live.

Also, the second round of ghost town building were done with prices in mind. The new ones are much more affordable, making the market for them much larger.

The 'prospect of no jobs in the cities' is a silly claim. It's so much easier - or less hard - finding jobs in China's urban areas than in the rural. The prospects of jobs is exactly what drives the urbanization.

There is NO indication - not even remotely - that the government want to adapt a feeding-by-handout-policy. And they have no reason to. China isn't half as socialist as the name implies - actually the redistribution of wealth might very well be more pronounced in the US!

A Chinese political topic is how to combat urbanization. The fear of suffering farming leading to growing dependence on foreign markets is very much present. It would make no sense forcing people away from rural areas. Also, enforcing is not needed!

Princeton is a hell of a long way from rural China - be a professor all you want, that does not qualify you speak about people in the middle of nowhere being moved at gunpoint. Leave that to the twitter generation.

posted on Jun, 21 2013 @ 06:22 AM

Originally posted by Gemwolf
reply to post by silent thunder

I don't understand. If the purpose is to centralize, i.e. remove everyone from the rural areas - away from farms - to make them dependent on the evil Government - where will all the food come from? Who is going to produce the produce, livestock and grain, i.e. the life force of any country, if there is no one left on the farms?

Dear Gemwolf,

In the United States we now produce more food then ever before with fewer people than ever before.

posted on Jun, 21 2013 @ 07:03 AM
reply to post by silent thunder

Sorry, I'm not buying this at all. There seems to be no actual evidence to back up any of these claims, it's just more of "this guy said..."

It's widely believed by economists who have studied this subject that this is all about corruption within the elite class and a deliberate intention to inflate the wealth of the nation.

Basically, a corrupt official, or ten, have deals to funnel money out of government into these projects, they siphon off a large chunk of cash for themselves and the size of these developments makes it almost impossible to trace.

But, there are also other theories about this being part of a war plan too. If China were to go to war tomorrow, they could evacuate millions of people from the major urban areas within days.

Think about that from our own perspectives. What would happen if London, Paris, New York and so on were under threat? Where would all those people go? Can a warring nation successfully defend their largest cities?

During WW2, in the UK, millions of children were relocated to other areas out of the urban sprawl because they were under threat. There was nowhere for them to go other than with volunteer families in the villages and towns all across the country. Now that we have the capability, any third world war would be fought using missiles and drones, these probably wouldn't be limited to targeting military sites and government buildings, at least not for long.

Having so many smaller satellite cities all around the country allows China to evacuate their largest cities and spread the population out, for protection against attack. The worrying thing is that, if this is the case, they have a plan and have had one for more than a decade. They seem to be expecting another war, and seem to be actively planning for it if this is the case.

It's just a theory, but the only explanations I can come to is that this is either just corruption, a war plan, or both.

posted on Jun, 21 2013 @ 08:31 AM

Originally posted by Gemwolf
reply to post by silent thunder

I don't understand. If the purpose is to centralize, i.e. remove everyone from the rural areas - away from farms - to make them dependent on the evil Government - where will all the food come from? Who is going to produce the produce, livestock and grain, i.e. the life force of any country, if there is no one left on the farms?

Still there would be Monsanto.

Finally they could fulfill their promise by feeding the world.

posted on Jun, 21 2013 @ 09:21 AM
reply to post by silent thunder

This is straight out of Agenda 21. I don't know why it never dawned on me. Farm land and vast wild terrain will be void of humans according to Agenda 21 because owning vast amount of land is unsustainable in the long run...according to the UN. Here's a map of what the US is going to look like if this affront to human rights is fully implemented.

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posted on Jun, 21 2013 @ 09:59 AM

Originally posted by bloodreviara
We also cannot forget about the economic reasons for building these,
construction is used to fuel economies even when it isn't needed,
there was an interesting article about this a while back, talking about
chinas housing bubble, which these were part of, basically they were
building to make it look like there was this great demand when in
reality the demand was fiction, the median income of most Chinese
is not enough to purchase one of the newer homes, the jest of the
article was that china was pretty much in the same spot the US was
during its housing bubble, too many houses that were far too over

The only sane comment in this thread.

Wake up folks china needs to consume raw materials to ensure the global economy stays afloat.

It is really on a matter of time till it goes bust.

posted on Jun, 21 2013 @ 09:59 AM
I remember reading an article awhile back about how the younger generation was leaving the farmlands. Seems they just were no longer interested in being farmers and where headed to the city for better opportunities. The article went on to say how China's aging population could create a food crisis with no one left to tend to the farms.


posted on Jun, 21 2013 @ 10:21 AM
reply to post by silent thunder

They said this long ago about the empty cities when people wanted them explained...yet no people were brought to the cities, I don't think this is the true explanation at all.

posted on Jun, 21 2013 @ 12:21 PM

I was generally interested in what was happening to these ghost city's and half way through reading it turned into a pile of trollop and lauable BS conspiracy's

Yes we will all be herded like cattle into mega cities and culled lol

posted on Jun, 21 2013 @ 01:14 PM

I don't understand. If the purpose is to centralize, i.e. remove everyone from the rural areas - away from farms - to make them dependent on the evil Government - where will all the food come from? Who is going to produce the produce, livestock and grain, i.e. the life force of any country, if there is no one left on the farms?
reply to post by Gemwolf

What is considered as food these days that you buy from the shelves should hardly be called food.
Something has been sparking on my mind lately, about food, GMOs etc. For the peasants/peons we will probably be fed some GMO or recycled paper mash artificially flavoured or Soylent Green with the right amount of fluoride aspartme antibiotics or corn syrup. Just enough to keep us working till we're 60 and then we die so that takes care of social security. The rural landscape farmlands will be set aside for rehabilitation and populated with untainted hormone free beef etc solely for the Elites use. It amazes me the amount of land set aside worldwide for marine parks national forests that have restrictions placed on it. Is this to preserve it for future generations of the super rich for their own private use?
I remember reading not too long ago that Prince Charles promoted through the World Wildlife Fund a genocidal fascist culling of the masses.
What I am really curious about is; are their special codes put on tinned food at the moment that only the elite know how to interpret so they know they are getting "clean food" while we randomly pick any tin off the shelf. I guess what I'm trying to say is their must be some systems already in place to give them food if they forget to order their clean food in time and they have to run down to the supermarket. But then again with their wealth they would probably send out a butcher to get a side of beef straight from the "clean farm"
The control aspect of centralizing everyone in towers/apartments has huge logistic benefits, security forces control, ease of transport, less need for cars (preserving fuel), energy allocation and water allocation per family.
Oh and what do they do when prisoners start rioting in gaols as seen in movies...they lock up the and tower blocks perfect for centralized lockdown in times of civil unrest. Already we have the cameras in place in every TV and xbox for surveillance.

posted on Jun, 21 2013 @ 02:17 PM
I wonder what any of us would do if we were in charge of a massive country, with unlimited funds and where population explosion was so bad that a generation ago you had to commit to a draconian scheme of 'one child only' including forced abortions to try to get things under control?

Something no one else has mentioned; all those ghost cities are far removed from the coastlines... if that 'Global Coastal Event' is some known quantity and global governments are just waiting for it to happen, having inland cities all ready and waiting for climate refugees could be seen as the ultimate in forethought.

posted on Jun, 21 2013 @ 03:19 PM

Originally posted by skepticconwatcher
I thought these buildings were in Africa, built by the Chinese.

That's how the author of the last thread that talked about it made it seem. So, where exactly are these ghost towns?

Each party chief of every province was given a fix percentage to increase productivity and economic growth by. The provincial chiefs faked the numbers by simply building factories, offices and freeways. They could then just tick the boxes and write in the numbers, send them off and get paid bonuses.

When the economy starts slowing down, the central party decides to actually get some real numbers on where the money is going. Suddenly the provincial chiefs are in a panic - the inspectors are coming. So what can they do? They send out the army to round up farmers (since the young people have already moved to the factories) and move them into the cities to create "consumers", fill up apartments and hopefully create a consumer market.

Will it work? More likely than not, the farmers will start looking at ways of growing farms in their apartment blocks. Rooftops, green spaces, outdoor markets.

What's going to happen elsewhere? Since the farmers won't be tending the farms, fixing terraces after earthquakes, there will landslides, floods, streams and rivers drying up, and then food shortages.

posted on Jun, 21 2013 @ 04:12 PM
i believe this is china (amongst others) paving the way
for a new world. a brave (and better?) new world.

people here still quote the NY times when they know it is owned and
controlled by the same corrupted western powers who have held sway for so long
over our lives.

posted on Jun, 21 2013 @ 07:02 PM
Thanks for your contributions, everyone.

I realize the source is a little sketchy, and even mainstream sources like Princeton professors or the New Yokk Times lie shamelessly. Who to trust? This gets harder and harder do determine each day.I'm not here to argue that this is absolutely, positively the way it is. I am more or less speculating, and this is the direction my speculations have led me.

That's what we do (or at leas what I do) on ATS...we speculate. So speculate away in any direction by all means.

Whether you call it "Agenda 21" or simply define it as a vague attempt to gain more power, I think lust for power lurks behind forced centralization as an important (if not *the most important*) motive. Communist or Capitalist, this centralization is going on globally, sometimes at gunpoint. That says something very ominous to me.

Perhaps there are also "altruistic" concerns like the good of the economy or efficient resource use in a crowded world. But never forget the lust for power and the ecstasy of playing with people and nations like chessmen that dwell in the dark hearts of all who experience power. It's part of the human condition, and of that I am utterly sure.

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