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Event of the Decade: Terrible surprising Invasion in the East, would trigger a Nuclear Armageddon

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posted on Jan, 29 2015 @ 11:23 AM
First things first, Iran try's to nuke Israel, partial success, during the outcry, the Norks go on the rampage, china intervenes to try and calm thing down, which just makes it worse, all of America's fleets, except the sixth, (Mediterranean?) head for the china sea's, which does help to calm things down, (in Korea) but the Arab nations also kick of against Israel, which means Israeli nukes get launched, the Levant becomes a cinder patch, and the fall out poisons Ashcanistan, Pakistan, India, and points east.
After that, anyones guess!

posted on Jan, 29 2015 @ 03:03 PM
a reply to: pikestaff

Dear pikestaff,

Well, what thing is clear , if Ukraine conflict becomes out of control, if it turns to be an European war, this is going to open the door to a generalization of the confrontation to many other points of the world, and middle east is going to be by sure one of the worst.

I think the speech of the Nobel Peace Prize, Mr Mikhail Gorbachev, of today is very accurate in to warns that the current situation is no going to remain as it is for ever, that this crisis is going detonate a major conflict in the world that can be devastating for everybody.

In the name of God, with what money America is going to fight a war against Russia in Europe? with Chinese one? that is absolutely absurd, there is no way to win such a conflict, the American economy will no resist it. The great recession was boosted by the Iraq war, what kind of economic crisis could emerge of this one? Only a second depression is what we are going to see as an outcome of this.

Gorbachev is quite correct, the political game that is played by the west in this crisis is insane, since it is in the long run evidently suicidal to our own finances, is not going to work at all, we all are we going to pay a terrible price for it.

Who ever knows of logistics can realize that America does not have funding to defend Europe of a Russian Invasion, and by the way China has a pact with Moscow, so to whom do you think this is going to create more damage?

Americans of all conditions are tired to see that all what they work , every certain number of years, is sent to the trash can due to war debt that when appears suck the entire economy, we can't continue jeopardizing economy recovering with conflicts that only are beneficial for the industrial Military establishment.

President Eisenhower predicted with incredibly precision in 1961 the crash of the American Economy if we would continue involved in some many conflicts around the world.


The Angel of lightness
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