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The matrix revealed. Ciestue que vie.

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posted on Jun, 20 2013 @ 04:27 PM
This is part 2 to my original thread the matrix revealed. Unam sanctum.

This is not fiction its a interpretation of the real matrix. This is the truth to the best of my knowledge.  If any info here is wrong, id like to know as I'm trying to get out of the matrix. The way out is the truth..... I'm looking for it.

Part 1 was explaining unam sanctam, and the video within that thread explained how all trusts are set up within Unam santctam. This thread will reveal the invisible tubes that connect us to The fictional fairy tale we are all currently subscribed to.......

The Matrix

When we are born our parents register our name with the government and we receive a birth certificate. The govt takes our name and creates a trust. This original trust would look something like this....

In trust law, if the trustee does not hear from any other party's to the trust for more than seven yrs, the trustee can take control of the trust. After the govt have taken over the administration of the trust, it ends up looking something like this....

This is why we are obliged to pay taxes. There is no law saying we must pay tax, our standing as settlor in the trust obliges us to perform as per the deeds to the trust. If we do not perform, we are in breach of the trust.

The cestui que use is the person for whose benefit the trust is created. The cestui que trust is the person entitled to an equitable, as opposed to a legal, estate. Thus, if land is granted to the use of A in trust for B, B is cestui que trust, and A trustee, or use. The term, principally owing to its cumbersome nature, has been virtually superseded in modern law by that of "beneficiary", and general law of trusts.

After the govt assume control of the trust after seven yrs of absence, obligations and duties are given to the settlor to perform. These obligations will include paying taxes and and obeying the rules. These rules are all the legislation put in place by government used to control us for its own benefit.

As the trustee is in the trusted position, to stay in honour and within the law, they must Carry out their duties for the benefit of the beneficiary. These obligations do not seem to benefit us at, they seem to benefit the trustee! How is that lawful?

In exchange for us carrying out those obligations, the beneficiary is offered indulgences, privileges and benefits, these will include ownership of property, loans, driving and use of public facilities. Now there is no controversy and the trust remains lawful.

But the government controls us through the rules set out in our obligations it dictates what we can and cannot do if the trustee has to work for our benefit also, how have they remained in honour agreeing that we must obey the rules?

The government is also beneficiary, so the trustee has to work for the benefit of all beneficiaries to the trust. As the government is self appointed as administrator to the trust, we are appointed grantor. The trust is empty, it only has a name, for the trust to work something must be granted into the trust. That which was set out for us to grant by the administrator, was our labour, creative ability, and capacity to perform. In exchange for this we are given a medium of credit/money. This money can be used for indulgences,  Now there is no controversy and the trust remains lawful.

The more this trust is used by us, the more valuable it becomes, all assets requiring paper work as proof of ownership, are in the name of the trust, your name! These will include land, vehicles, businesses, even cash in savings and  bank accounts. This is called the trust estate. 

You are beneficiary, and grantor of what is kept in this trust so the administrator appoints that you have sole right of use of the assets in your estate as you were the sole creator of the wealth put into the trust. This is how we do not own anything, if it's in your name, it's kept in trust. 

Every thing kept in trust is a fiction, it's a piece of paper that creates an illusion to satisfy mankinds dark desires derived from his own ignorance of the truth. Unplugging from the matrix can only be done when you see it for what it is. Many will deny it exists. I've seen it, and I'm creating a glitch. 

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posted on Jun, 20 2013 @ 06:14 PM
best way is to give them the middle finger and retire ?? it

is mega hard but i manage grow a lot of my own food and lucky enough to have a trade .

i just do jobs for friends but in a year maybe do less than 100 hours but it keeps me going since the 1st of feb this year i have lived on less than $500 or £350 and i smoke .

watch your back with the game you are playing is my best advice i see the hassle i get from the gov and it does not go unnoticed with my friends .

i get refused benefits from the goverment which i am entitled to long story short i look after me ?? not them and it is not liked by tptb .

posted on Jun, 20 2013 @ 06:39 PM
reply to post by billdadobbie

Good on you, that's the way it should be.

I haven't seen any agents smiths yet. I know they out there.

posted on Jun, 20 2013 @ 06:41 PM
Banking magic exposed...

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