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Nature, Action, Suffering, Lack, Freedom, Duality - All Explained

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posted on Jun, 20 2013 @ 08:16 AM
I got inspired to write all of this. I especially like the part about Freedom and I will speak about this more in another thread. What do you think about this? The name of this short book is "The Mechanics" because it is an observation of the driving force of life which is potential (or the ability to do something)...

1. Nature

True power is ability.
It is not dependent on the controlling of others.
It does not focus on what is not possible.
It makes the best usage of what is possible.
It is potential and life.

2. Action

A belief is a thought.
An observation with a belief gives life to emotion.
Emotion compels action.
A wholesome thought will compel a wholesome action.

3. Suffering

When a thought is repeated long enough, it combines with emotion.
A thought with emotion is easily believed to be true.
When thought and truth is disharmonious, suffering happens.
The belief in lack is the belief that reality is not all there is.
Falsehood is a confusion of truth, and therefore truth is the source of all things.

4. Lack

A thought of lack will say "I cannot".
A thought of lack will say "This should not be".
A thought of lack will say "This is missing".
Focus on "I can", rather than "I cannot"; this is true freedom.
Focus on "This is how it is", rather than "This should not be"; this is true acceptance.
Focus on "This is what is here", rather than "This is missing"; this is true fulfillment.

5. Freedom

Freedom is the basis of existence.
From the possibility of an action - the potential, the action can be done.
From the possibility of a chicken - the egg, a chicken can be born.
It is from the possibility of something, that something can be created.
To feel freedom is to have wisdom of the nature of possibility.

6. Duality

Every thought and action arrives from "presence" or "absence".
A thought of hatred comes from a belief in "absence".
It is a belief that something should be different.
It is a feeling of disappointment.
A thought of appreciation comes from a belief in "presence".
It is a belief that everything is well.
It is a feeling arriving pure observation.

posted on Jun, 20 2013 @ 08:36 AM
reply to post by arpgme

Like it.

I'll take this one with me home....

To feel freedom is to have wisdom of the nature of possibility.

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