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I Am Simon Alexandra, The Water Bearer

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posted on Aug, 2 2013 @ 02:27 AM
reply to post by BornOfSin

You make it sound like you are missing out and suffering while everyone gets to reap the benefit of your crusade. Do you ever expect to get some peace of mind?
Next time you communicate with an ascended being or whatever they are to you can you please ask them, hey how is that rookie Chris going lol. I am serious though ask them. They love me upstairs they even got a book about me

posted on Aug, 2 2013 @ 02:36 AM
They said quote; "Chris is not Christ. Watch yourself." unquote.

To my Vatican friends.

You seen the crop circle at Stone Henge?

Illustrating Complex (Quadratic) non-linear dynamics??

Who do you think they are illustrating with this picture? Who is it that speaks to you about understanding such things for a while now???

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posted on Aug, 2 2013 @ 02:44 AM
reply to post by BornOfSin

That is right i am Chris, just Chris. It sounds like they are not to fond of me at all. I wonder what they think you have to watch out for? Anyway you are a smart cookie and you have nothing to worry about, at least from me anyway.

posted on Aug, 2 2013 @ 09:13 AM

Originally posted by BornOfSin

can u elaborate further on what this diagram represents? particularly the right side having to do with motion resonance. can you tell me the source of this information or is it your own development?

what i see is no doubt a representation of the chakras in the colours of the rainbow. but im very interested in the Hz relation demonstrated in the diagram. most others have the chakras defined with low frequency numbers.

Root Chakra:
Solfeggio Frequency -UT- 396 Hz -Meaning- “Liberating Guilt and Fear, Grounding”
Platonic Tone -194.18 Hz -The tone of the Earth’s Day
Root Chakra Carrier Wave -256 Hz

Sacral Chakra:
Solfeggio Frequency -RE – 417 Hz -Meaning- “Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change”
Platonic Tone -210.42 Hz The tone of the Synodic Moon
Sacral Chakra Carrier Wave – 288 Hz

Solar Plexus Chakra:
Solfeggio Frequency -MI – 528 Hz -Meaning- “Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)”
Platonic Tone -126.22 Hz The tone of the Sun
Solar Plexus Chakra Carrier Wave – 320 Hz

Heart Chakra:
Solfeggio Frequency -FA – 639 Hz -Meaning- “Connecting/Relationships”
Platonic Tone -136.10 Hz The tone of the Earth’s year
Heart Chakra Carrier Wave – 341 Hz

Throat Chakra:
Solfeggio Frequency -SOL – 741 Hz -Meaning- “Expression/Solutions”
Platonic Tone -141.27 Hz The tone of Planet Mercury
Throat Carrier Wave – 384 Hz

3rd Eye Chakra:
Solfeggio Frequency -LA – 852 Hz -Meaning- “Awakening Intuition/Spiritual Balance”
Platonic Tone -221.23 Hz The tone of Planet Venus
3rd Eye Carrier Wave – 448 hz

Crown Chakra:
Solfeggio Frequency -TI – 963 Hz -Meaning- “Communication with Divine, Higher Dimensions”
Platonic Tone -172.06 Hz The tone of the platonic year (period the solar system moves around center of galaxy)
Crown Carrier Wave – 480 Hz

I've just posted this information for those who might want to know what im talking about. but my question to BornofSin is this.

how do the numbers in your diagram relate to what is found in what i just posted above? i would say however, i feel your numbers may be closer to the truth in some way. because of the left side. even tho i only agree with numbers 1,2 and 7 to a certain degree. i will examine the arrangements further. but for now while im at work and before i begin my research to corroborate what you've posted. will you tell me as much as you would about the numbers posted, and how they were derived or where i can look to find related information for scrutiny?
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posted on Aug, 2 2013 @ 10:01 AM
Alright i see a correlation here:

i take it the diagram on motion resonance showing the violet having a wider band is to symbolize the lesser restrictions or confinement that light on that level is bound to. meaning as we go up in resonance our freedom of movement, which includes thought as a vehicle is increased

but i still need to know the source of the resonant frequencies stated. how were those numbers derived?

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posted on Aug, 2 2013 @ 03:02 PM
reply to post by arpgme

Well Im more interested in pinning how things work. And for example, reading Gregg Braden's book, the Divine Matrix, which is really good. He brought to my attention a scientist by the name of Bohm. And his work in Los Angelos University type nuclear research, and what is inside atoms. Not particles, but to relate to aspects of the Electric Universe/Telsa, plasma type screen. I would call that the roll of film and this the movie. Anyway, he theorizes hologrpahic universe (and there other indications and findings as well) and that this is a projection from a Higher Universe.

That makes sense. The ufology experiences I've had and what we would in memory call our home or higher universes, they're NOT this one.

But then what is this.

Are we like Buffy on the hellgate, doing our bit to wake up and strive to shine our inner light from home and be positive overcoming our body and ego and the world so we can be gentle, kind humble and yet nudge others too?

I want to know how things work, assuming this universe was a step up from the hellzone, the inbetween testing ground, instead it looks like we're looking out into the abyss. This time I don't want a metaphor, just want the details and factoids.

Because if that is how low this planet is, its time for everyone to really really really wake up and start to meditate and raise earth's frequency.

Sometimes I like metaphors, but this video made me really some facts.

I'm not willing that the abyss can have anyone.
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posted on Aug, 2 2013 @ 09:44 PM
reply to post by filledcup

I am talking about spaciotemporal density. Different to the range of resonant frequences inside each density.

These are the 'defining' resonant frequencies of Universal life on our perceivable scale. The 'base' frequency' for each density.

Similar to what some people think is the resonant viscosity of space in superfluid theorem.

The macrocosm relativity of motion and energy.

Everything spirals outwards in macrocosm and inward in microcosm.

For example; take the "SPEED OF LIGHT MULTIPLES" in my diagram into consideration.

If we relate this to the MESSIER 82 galaxy, whos arms were only discovered using the NIR (Near-Infra-Red) imaging of Hubble.

There was an irregular object in there which was transmitting terrestrial-length radio waves, which puzzled Astronomers cause they appeared to be going at 4 times the speed of light.

This is because they exist in a density of spacetime with a higher base resonant frequency than ours. Something no one understands yet (I have a correct Cosmology model taught to me by my light teachers.) Therefore, it makes perfect sense that such radio waves would (appear to us at least) to be traveling at four times the speed of light. Just like my diagram.

The very same is the answer to the flawed belief that 'Quantum Entanglement' connects things instantaneously throughout space. Something which I personally believed, until my teachers proved me wrong.

Although it would APPEAR that they have made an instantaneous transmission of data; they are still connected through the scientific system which split the photon and measures it as part of the experiment. Therefore the data is still transmitted through such a system.

If they photons are created through a quantized reaction within the infrared or ultraviolet spectrum, then they are subject to?? Guess what? The speed which governs that particular spaciotemporal density.

Therefore it was absolutely no surprise to me when scientists came out and said 'WOW, ENTANGLEMENT HAPPENS AT AROUND 4 TIMES THE SPEED OF LIGHT!' *Palm face*

Our understanding of space and the fundamental forces that govern them are backwards in many respects; where we think 'Cause is effect' and vice-versa; when they are in actual fact the other way around. Forces we believe to be 'effects' of energy are actually those that govern it.

This is why science is becoming increasingly difficult.

It's like trying to reach a destination in a car 3 blocks to the right in a car that can only turn left. This is of course possible with a little bit of planning .. But then as we progress .. It becomes way more difficult to reach a destination 500 blocks over.

This is cause of the errors in basic relativity where we consider the 'by-product' of energy that is 'RADIATED ENERGY' to be the source of that energy, when it is not.

Because they do not allow for the intrinsic and intangible axiom level energy in their equations, they are become increasingly flawed as they progress, and therefore far harder to calculate than they should be, if their base theorem and variables were correct.

This is just the first step towards the understanding that 'Science' and 'Spirituality' are in actual fact linked in the middle.

Once you understand the Cosmology of this Universe and our place within it; our spirituality becomes apparent. And by such, very easy to decipher.

This is the source of the true power of our minds, which is near immeasurable in a connected Universal understanding.

Something that shall probably take me the rest of my life to teach others .. and even then I may not come close to sharing all that I have been taught.

posted on Aug, 2 2013 @ 09:57 PM
That (I hope) also answers again .. A lot for you Unity_99

Also Unity .. Did you realise the true meaning of 'Unity 99' when you created your username?

Cause it's pretty amazingly descriptive for your understanding of things. "The Unity of the Feminine "we"'.

posted on Aug, 2 2013 @ 10:29 PM
reply to post by BornOfSin

Ok but how were those numbers measured? or are those just numbers you were told?

posted on Aug, 3 2013 @ 12:08 AM

Originally posted by filledcup
reply to post by BornOfSin

Ok but how were those numbers measured? or are those just numbers you were told?

Via the same types of exponential formula that define all intelligent design.

Spiral, shells, vortex.

My mind is that of visual, not mathematics. These are the the numbers I was given.

posted on Aug, 3 2013 @ 12:14 AM
To prove that I am right on the Quantum entanglement part.

If scientists were to split the photon and then to separate the halves completely from each other into two separate measurement systems. They would find that no data is transmitted.

Hence disproving the entanglement theory. They are still connected at their base level, even when split through the transmission system in which they exist.

It's a flawed theory.

Quantum Physics is actually the study of physical behaviour in relation to its parent spaciotemporal density.

Because they have no factored this in, they believe it diverge from relative physics, which it does not.
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posted on Aug, 3 2013 @ 12:24 AM
reply to post by BornOfSin

In prayer, Mother told me that I was to save the children.

That night, there was a full moon, or nearly, and a bank of pink clouds at the foot of the moon like pink pillows. I hadn't seen colored clouds at night like that. A gust of wind or very strong energetic type wind, rearranged that pillow into two pink angel wings on both sides of the moon for me. For about 5-10 minutes. I knew it was a Miracle, and it was a sign from Mother and directly linked to the prayer. And then the same energetic gust occurred and the pillow of pink returned to the foot of the moon. I have a pink heart cloud experience too could share, where I pictured hearts. Miracles that I will hold forever.

And then, due to my posts on ufology related subjects, got some interesting friends who seemed to have para military backgrounds, and even ended up with scout planes and tr3b out back checking around for 2 days in a row, after telling 2 of them about in house contact. They were also experiencers, and I have nothing but love for them despite alot of suspicions. Always want to lend a helping hand and have absolutely nothing to hide, may some of them wake up and renounce some of their dealings. But in any case, this one was quite chauvinistic and still very likeable, yet he tried to pull rank on me, and was really into balancing, negative and positive, male and female. I told him that Mothers and Grandmothers outranked Generals in the Universe. For real. I know that already. That is progression. And its not reverse chauvinisim, it means the equality and the value being in children and citizens, not rank and file.

Had mother tell me again, to always be the Divine Femine in this universe.

Then shortly after this, had Sirius negatives, my negative experiences seem to be blond haired Sirius council over earth, connected to our elites here. And had 3 different experiences with Sirius, one an invite to mars, to a colony on mars and I asked him to identify. Told him he must be a renegade then. The other was threats against my family,and my soul recognized the man as being a long lost cousin Lyra, who had gone the wrong way, and sent him so much compassion he pretty much grew uncomfortable and left.

The third was an implant or device, and they told me that I was Clarie De Lune. I took that to mean, from Mother or Divine Feminine.

They don't seem to like Equality much and know that is what is very important, that greatest person here on earth is the least, the smallest child in the streets. That is what Love sees.

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posted on Aug, 3 2013 @ 12:46 AM
reply to post by BornOfSin

Well on the entanglement theory I only know we aren't even really here. We are projecting in imagination into a movie kind of metaphorically speaking. i was sent a video on infinity and when I reached inside myself to the infinity there, had HS instantly greet me. Had 2 months nearly of downloads and a shared vision of an old man step out of the sky and laugh with delight, and my son was shocked. I said, "he laughed" to test him and he nodded emphatically. This unvierse is NOT what we imagine it to be, its not even real. I don't see anything real except for our feelings and the nerve endings that we experience as real in the body suit. Do we even know if its oxygen we're supposed to be breathing? That the sky is blue? To many odd experiences. That shared one clinched alot of things. I wrote a thread on the holographic universe shortly after the Old Man experience.

But Higher Self, showed me some things. One vision, its like walking into another room with her. Was walking down the stairs. And was feeling terrible that day, couldn't think past a grey fog, body hurt, tired. Each step down raised my frequency higher and higher and everything brightened up, enormously with each step down. And my Higher Self, both within and without me. I could have sat down at a table with her, yet she was inside too, I knew without any hesitation who she was. But she was a scientist, a mother, a counselor, an artist, and had a great sense of humor. Almost a Goldie Hawn sense of humor. Im pretty serious in this life. That is something I wish for. In any case, she said: Where Do You Think You Are? Do You Ever Really Leave Home?

Then I saw a series of curtains. One was around a cot, as if I was in the hospital with semi sheer curtains and I could make out my family beside me. Then next it was a cafe curtain, cheerful, with this world all around and then, the big red curtains akin to the old fashioned movie theatre of my childhood. They opened and it was the movie of our lives FOREVER. That movie never goes away. So...we want to be hero's in it.

i don't know if its all entangled here or not, but Higher Ups just pick the reel of film they want to enter. Thats how they time travel, and open the door.

When you have an experience and no one else shares it, you may know inside its real, but you're always tryign to make it stop, and you want the choice to be able rationalize it away as something else, to be able to not see more. But when 2 people share an experience, we dont share brains. Thats when the universe became something else altogether. May never be able to prove to another what is real, for everyone is on their own journey and in their own growth program anyway. We just try to nudge the Love, so that people don't get hurt too much, make train wrecks of their lives and afterlives for any length of time. We want to go home. But not alone. But 2 sharing an experience is a game changer for me. Because I knew more. We're on a path, and the river is flowing, and have a lot of faith. But the river is still flowing, and pushing us inside.

Again, is the sky blue? do you know for sure your breathing 02? I don't! I no longer have that certainty. Therefore the concept of speed of light, and entanglement becomes very questionable as well? We don't know what's even real. Reality is a program in our head.

And one of my Biggest Questions for a few years is: Who Is The Old Man?
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posted on Aug, 3 2013 @ 02:16 AM
You need to remember that what you see spiritually is measured out to you by your mother in the same way that reality is measured out in 'lessons' to those seeking to learn. Inside as it is outside.

You are examining things in a non-linear perspective which is the correct path to understanding all things. But this does not mean that they don't have a grounding in the physical world that can be measured by a mathematical 'scientific' understanding of things.

All things are connected, both spiritually and physically.

Although you are right that we are merely characters of perception in a 'cyclic' game or 'movie' as you put it, this does not mean that we as those observing, are disconnected from the 'physics' which make half of the equation tangible.

This does not mean that we can not 'visualise' the complete system within our heads, or quantify it through mathematical equations.

Such is the very construct of the integrated system in which both exist, therefore it has to be measurable and calculable by its nature.

Physical and science, meet in the middle with spiritual perception. There is a bridge.

This is very similar to the principle of Jacobs ladder (which I believe I have just decoded).

We all 'struggle' with the understanding of the links between them until the dawn of enlightenment.

When we do things take on a clarity of understanding,

We will all see the manifestation of the lessons within our spiritual consciousness that are catered directly to us in order to lead us to the understanding of our connection between these worlds.

We just need to remember to not be 'confused' or 'fearful' of that which we are shown, and look at it logically to see the symbolism and lessons within what we are shown.

You are luckier than most that you are intimately in touch with our Divine feminine 'Mother' who guides you, for the fact that you are one who was 'listening' and 'looking' as one willing to learn.

By this I don't believe you can go terribly wrong in your path towards understanding, as you have at many stages not only shown a wealth of understanding beyond most alive, but have given me unique perspective that have helped my understanding of things.

This is the beauty and essence of the variety in the styles of teaching we get along our path, that the wealth of wisdom and knowledge can be shared among the collective. As it is meant to be.

But although you are right in your concept that the tangible world is manifest as the balance of our spiritual bodies; you must also realise that even though such is dictated in this way, it does not make it any less 'real' in what it is.

For what we consider 'real' is, granted; only a physical embodiment of the mind/body duality. But if it were not in essence 'real', then neither would its balance of our spirit be able to be considered real.

They are both as real as each other, and should be treated as such. Two parts of a whole.

posted on Aug, 3 2013 @ 02:33 AM
reply to post by BornOfSin

Well i think people came in, behind the curtain on their memories, in waves, knowing many people's purposes ahead of time, and that in some ways, it was arranged for various moments, when someone needs a door to open or window, for people be like stepping stones to each other. Often they don't even know they are being that.

I was seeking very young, asking where I came from in my heart, at 2 even. Got shown too. Started having dreams of beaming in as a ray of conscious light, myself in every way, and taking a warm snuggly nest/cocoon, with a reddish glow, very rosy. But it may have just been because I would have refused to come otherwise, since I don't believe in the right of this school to even exist, and for any mid management to ever harm anyone believing they are helping. And I've seen those councils, when I was a teen, kept thinking there was this council overhead testing me and I was so angry to be in a world with people dying on the news, that I was determined to on purpose fail the tests because this world couldn't be, it destroyed heaven. You can't harm people to progress them, its not allowed. The ones doing this are going to be facing everyone they've harmed even if they're huge and we're anthill. I'll be the ant that roared, right is right and right is might to me as well.'

So sometimes think its more of a Bungee Cord, those concerned with me getting swamped and harmed in the tests, and losing ground. For the Love that Family watching over, only feel so very grateful, and have cried over the encouragement, was overwhelmed with joy at this, and asked that everyone could have this. And the thing I don't wish to do is to let everyone down.

posted on Aug, 3 2013 @ 04:15 PM

posted on Aug, 6 2013 @ 11:03 AM
The moderators of this forum wish to leave out a very simple 'Ignore' function for serial-pests and half-wits, yet are all too eager to police and chastise those who stand up for themselves against such idiots.

Therefore I am taking my interpretations and the things I discover through them to a private Facebook group until such time as I release the books to the world.

If they don't ban me, I may from time to time post something of interest in here.

But I will no longer be sharing any content with this poorly formatted site due to their poor format.
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posted on Aug, 6 2013 @ 01:46 PM

Originally posted by BornOfSin



just so happens i made a thread about that .. here:

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