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I Am Simon Alexandra, The Water Bearer

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posted on Jul, 27 2013 @ 12:28 AM
Pope wont have much fun tomorrow.

posted on Jul, 27 2013 @ 12:30 AM
reply to post by BornOfSin

What say ye give a little more detail?

posted on Jul, 27 2013 @ 02:29 AM
You are on ATS pretending to be a God.with intention to punish evil.
Are you for real?

No other better platform, maybe a few miracles, walk on water.
Speed up my computer, restore my marriage.

You got a few nuts and bolts rattling there kid.

posted on Jul, 28 2013 @ 05:14 PM
reply to post by BornOfSin

Well it seems you were wrong about this one...

The pope had a rockin time, kissin babies and touring the country side....

Perhaps he had got an infected hangnail?

posted on Jul, 29 2013 @ 08:10 PM
I was wrong about nothing.

All I speak of is restoring the female divine.

34 million people were awakened the eventuality of such through a 60 minutes news report last night on the misogynistic hypocrites living in splendor in Rome, holding gold crosses whilst they pray for the poor.

And to born;

I do not claim to be God. I never have. I claim to be the water-bearer.

The metaphorical usage of water in the Bible is that of 'Earthly wisdom'. That which is beyond the view of eyes of most. Therefore, I do not lie about my claim, cause I do bring such truth.

I also 'claim' that I have memories of which do not belong to me, and have had so for my entire life. Whether these memories of those I am awakening to mean that I 'was' those people in a previous life, or just that I am being shown such memories by seeking to access such knowledge is beyond my understanding at this time. Either way it is inconsequential to the fact that I SEE the truth of these things. That has been hidden.

I have also claimed that I share a mind with the divinity. Which is done from us coming from the same heart and intention towards restoring balance to the human population and freeing us those trapped within the lower frequencies so that they may evolve with the rest of to the higher frequencies of the new Age.

Just cause I can 'speak' with a Divinity that you would consider to be 'God' at will, does not mean that I am of the same Divinity as them.

Divinity is a term which simply refers to anyone who holds a higher understanding of things than yourself. Therefore by this distinction I would be very right in saying that compared to those who subscribe to the Biblical religions I am Divine in nature.

But there is always a higher divinity, as there is always a higher truth.

This is the essence of wisdom and love that has been lost by our species.

You want me to walk on water? You should probably know that 'Jesus' never walked on Water. He merely took a swim and those that saw him do it did not know it was possible and therefore thought he had performed a miracle.

Water into wine is more metaphorical misinterpretation.

I have nothing to prove to anyone who seeks me to be a pony jumping through hoops. I am of the same heart as my Divine light teachers and we bring the rains upon the Earth that flood half this planet.

The planes have continued to crash across the world, just as I said they would. The fires rage on every continent, just as I told you that they would continue to do.

I am only the 'human' Ambassador for the Elohim reclamation of this planet.

We are many. We are one.

It is we who bring this upon the fearful, who sit and wait eagerly for their apocalypse as they have wrapped themselves so tightly in their security blanket to dispel their fear of their own mortality so tightly, they have cut off the blood flow to the 'intelligence' centres of their brains.

No Christians will be 'raptured' this is not going to happen.

They will however cease to exist upon this planet when the majority of the rest of our collective hive mind move to the higher frequencies which our planet and whole system also moves towards. This is the resonance of existence. If we wish to continue to exist within a world at a higher frequency we must also shift to those higher evolved frequencies.

There is a specific range by which our matter density can exist within our habitable spaciotemporal environment.

So what it boils down to is; if we all shift upwards, as the planet shifts upwards. Those who refuse to allow themselves to do so, will eventually fall below the frequency range by which they can exist. And will cease to do so.

You may think this sounds ridiculous. But all you need to do is examine the Schumann resonance, by which all life on this planet also resonates to see basis for this truth.

Then you only need to go and look at the cyclic events through the history of our planet, where entire civilisations worshiping primitive Gods just 'vanished' overnight.

Can't stop progress. Can't stop evolution. You have to go with the flow. Literally.

But all the fearful and greedy such as the Vatican and their surrogate mother Monarchist (hahah) are inhibiting the collective from its evolution.

If you want to remove a weed from your garden. You have to take it out by the roots.

This is their Bible. This is what I am doing.

Once the Bible is eliminated, their security blanket will be stripped. At which time they will either have to learn to conquer their fears and become balanced human beings. Or find another ridiculous deity or solar messiah to worship.

The monks now stand to fight. The Ascended Masters will soon rise up. The three headed beast of Islam, Judaism and Catholicism/CHristianity shall all be slay. This is not wishful thinking. This is a fact of the future my friend. There are many Elohim such as me who now awaken who will see this happen.

Love and Light.

60 Minutes
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posted on Jul, 29 2013 @ 09:13 PM
reply to post by BornOfSin

Very good post. That clears things up, metaphors and from your understanding. To me its obvious you have guidance, and have some floods of information being given.

posted on Jul, 29 2013 @ 10:29 PM

Originally posted by Unity_99
reply to post by BornOfSin

Very good post. That clears things up, metaphors and from your understanding. To me its obvious you have guidance, and have some floods of information being given.

And to me its the blind leading the blind. Guidence.... it is a funny thing when your being guided into a little box that someone else owns.

I just couldnt help myself as i was sure this thread had run its course. Still it is a decent thread if one is looking to identify distortions in the expression.

posted on Jul, 30 2013 @ 01:08 AM
Guiding? There is no guiding taking place, there is only those evolving and those not.

Think of it like two kids at an amusement park, the older one wants to ride the roller coaster but he can't cause he has to look after the little one, who refuses to beat his fears for just long enough to get strapped in.

Except in the case where we are comparing the theologies of the past age and the balanced spiritual teachings, its more like trying to hang-gliding with a prison weight attached to your leg. It's either not going to be possible or rather painful.

Nobody wants to 'convert' you to a new belief system. You can praise a spaghetti monster for we care, as long as that spaghetti monsters man-dictated expectations and rules are not then integrated into the greater society of EVERYWHERE where we are forced to put up with the consequences of a fear-based paradigm of inequality and division.

'FEAR OF GOD' can no longer be the common influencing and dominating factor within modern society to come from religion. As it has been tried now for two thousand years on all levels, Governments, Social models and it has always failed!!

If all the major religions of this world could turn around today and say "OK GUYS .. WE GET IT!! .. We shouldn't let our religious systems be involved in social constructs that will involve EVERYONE. We'll keep them separate from now on. And we promise we wont try and scare you into joining our faith through fear of eternal damnation, persecution and death, OH and we wont spread hate towards you for not believing as we do, or to those who believe in a different version of superman coming to save them from the burning building." ...

Then I would have problem with all the major religions existing, and going about their lives harmoniously with the rest of the rational world.

But they simply cannot do this. And it is not their fault when you break it right down; it is the construct of their very belief system, that they are educated that with faith, comes the need to 'spread' your belief to others. These characteristics are; at the most fundamental of levels; the same principles by which we define 'A virus', only religion proves to be far more destructive.

You are mistaking the desire of those who understand true divine spirituality to be 'set free' as being an attempt to 'convert you'. This is not something that is built into the design of our believe systems. Worship your cat for all we care, just don't start wars in the name of that cat, or hate on your neighbour for not understanding how your cat is superior to his. That's all that is asked.

Unfortunately, with how the founding literature of Christianity is viewed, this will never be possible. And that is because it has been incorrectly translated it.

You are like children reading their favourite book, who suddenly don't like it so much when an adult reads the words out for them.

It's your book, you can't blame us for the content. The blame of the corruption can only fall upon the Council of Nicaea who took a great deal of time carefully constructing a book that they seem to have completely #ed up. To the point where you could only say that such has been done on purpose.

FEAR OF GOD, must end.

LOVE OF GOD, must be restored.

You want to illustrate the distinction between the two; go and look at any numerous Christian webpages or news feeds, and take a look at how many of the stories are about 'the end times' 'signs of the apocalypse' 'the problem with atheists' etc etc,

Then go to an Ascended Master of Buddhist site or news feed and find me ONE negative story, or prediction of doom, or expose on the inadequacy of other belief systems. (Besides the 969 campaign monks killing Muslims, which .. Can't be said to be unjustified. Even killing Muslims, they are happy and loving monks... )

Or then tell me the last time a Buddhist knocked on your door to 'spread his word' or picketed funerals, or spread 'hate' within your country. I bet you don't even know any, or ever notice them. This is cause they go about their existence and leave others to theirs.

How much clearer of a picture do you need to be painted than this.

If the pope were to come out tomorrow, and admit the truth of the equal divinity balance of the feminine. And admit to the corruption of their founding texts.

Then I would no longer have an axe to grind with them.

But when I know for FACT, that they have perpetuated the biggest lie in human history to which they still continue to lie to a BILLION people, and do it under the guise of being 'Holy'

Then you better be damned sure I'm going to do all I can to bring them forth to answer for those lies.

Thou shall not bear false witness. And thou shall CERTAINLY not then proclaim yourselves as saints after having knowing lied your entire Papacy.

Their fall shall be great and glorious!

Originally posted by TheomExperience

Originally posted by Unity_99

posted on Jul, 30 2013 @ 01:15 AM



1. It all began; when the Divine Creator formed the spiritual world and the physical world.

2. And the physical world was full of chaos and uncertainty; from shadows cast upon it by our fear of the unknown. And the Spirit of Divinity came though our Earthly wisdom.

3. And the Divine Creator declared; “Let there be light” and there came light.

4. And the Divine Creator was pleased by the light as its divine splendour cast light upon the darkness.

5. And Elohim declared; the light as 'day', and the darkness as 'night'. So from this balance every evening, would see its morning. LIGHT OF THE SUN - DIVINE MASULINE.

7. And the Divine Creator gave it the strength of the heavens, and set it appart through the strength of the wisdom from below; and the strength of the wisdom from above. And so be it.

8. And Elohim declared it as the foundation of the spiritual world, and so it was. As every evening is needed for morning to exist. So too is the balance of LIGHT OF THE MOON – DIVINE FEMININE.

*NOTE: Day Two is MONDAY. This translates to 'DAY OF THE MOON'. The other half of the Divine balance to DAY / NIGHT .. PHYSICAL / SPIRITUAL .. MALE / FEMALE.

9. And the Divine Creator declared, “Let the Earthly wisdom unite all in the spiritual world upon the same path, and let them find comfort.” And so be it.

10. And the Elohim called this comfort Earth; and compiling their Earthly wisdom declared it 'Religion'. And the Divine saw that it was good.

11.  And the Divine Creator declared, “Let the Earth bring forth grass, herb, woods and their seed. And the fruit trees bear their unique fruits, whos seeds fertilize the land.” And so be it.

12.  And so; the earth brought forth grass, herb, woods and their seeds of all kinds. And the trees bore their fruits, with their seeds all kinds. And the Divine saw that it was good.

13. And from such balance, as evening is to morning; we learn LIGHT OF PEACE - DIVINE PEACE.

*NOTE: Day Three is TUESDAY. This translates to 'DAY OF MARS'. In Ancient Roman myth Mars was the God of War, and its balance of Peace. He was also the agricultural guardian, hence him being associated with the previous verses.

14. And the Divine Creator declared, “Let there be lights in the physical skies that differentiate between day and night by which we can distinguish and identify the days and years.”

15. “And navigate by the strength of the skies that shed light upon your paths.” And so be it.

16. And the Divine Creator gave us the two great lights. The rising Sun of the day, and the light of the Moon to rule the night sky with the stars.

17. And Divinity offers us such light from above in the spiritual world as well, to light our paths.

18. For just as the physical day is to the night, so too is the spiritual divide of the light from darkness. And the Divine saw that it was good.

19. And from such balance, as evening is to morning; we learn LIGHT OF HARMONY – DIVINE HARMONY.

*NOTE: Day Four is WEDNESDAY. This translates to 'DAY OF MERCURY'. In Ancient Roman myth Mercury was the God of Commerce (Physical Gain) and Divination (Spiritual Gain). He is also the 'guide of souls to the underworld', hence him being associated with the navigation.

20. And the Divine Creator declared; “Ensure the waters teem with their abundance of life; and that the birds soar above all the lands throughout the skies.”

21. So the Divine created all the creatures of the oceans from the largest whales, to the smallest living animals. He made all that slithers and swims in the seas. And everything that flies above with wings or feathers. And the Divine saw that it was good.

22. And the Divine bid them well saying; “Be fruitful and multiply to inhabit all the waters. And let the birds above refuse the land.”

23. And from such balance, as evening is to morning; we learn LIGHT OF RESPECT – DIVINE RESPECT.

*NOTE: Day Five is THURSDAY. This translates to 'DAY OF JUPITER'. In Ancient Roman myth Jupiter was the God of the Sky. Who interprets signs from birds and was represented by an Eagle. Which is how it became the symbol of the Roman army (Aquila).

24. And the Divine Creator said, “Ensure the physical world can sustain all variety of living animals, and insects, and beasts; loving all that grace the Earth.” And so be it.

25. And the Divine Creator brought forth the wild animals of all kinds, the cattle of all kinds, and the bugs and insects of all kinds. And the Divine saw that it was good.

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posted on Jul, 30 2013 @ 01:16 AM
26. And the Divine Creator declared, “Let us create intelligence in our design to complete our work. To have dominion over the fish in the sea, birds in the air, the physical world and all the clawed dangerous creatures upon the Earth.”

27. So the Divine Creator brought forth an intelligence within their creation. A Divine creation. He created from him the male. And the female was created by she.

28. And the Divine Creator bid them well, saying unto them, “Go forth, multiply and fill the physical world. Feed off the fish in the sea, and the birds of the air, and off all living things that roam the land.”

29. And the Divine Creator said, “Respect that which I have given to you all. The herbs, seeds and bountiful crops, which grow upon all the lands. And all the trees that bear to you fruit. For it is their harvests which shall sustain you.”

30. “And all the living animals of the Earth, and all the birds in the sky and all manner of divine splendour shall sustain you upon your paths and be bountiful for food.” And so be it.

31. And the Divine Creator looked upon all they had created, which now was; and saw that it was good. And from such balance, as evening is to morning; we learn LIGHT OF LOVE. DIVINE LOVE.

*NOTE: Day Six is FRIDAY. This translates to 'DAY OF VENUS (Frigga)'. In Ancient Roman myth Venus was the Goddess of Love.


1. By thus was born the spiritual world, the physical world and all its inhabitants.

2. And the Seventh Light of Divinity and all creation which was now completed then came together to form the balance of LIGHT OF UNITY. The DIVINE UNITY of all creation they had brought forth.

*NOTE: Day Seven is SATURDAY. This translates to 'DAY OF SATURN' or 'DAY OF CRONUS'. Cronus presided over 'The Golden Age' and was 'Patron of Harvest'. Old English: Sabat/Sabbath. Saturday, not Sunday.

3. And the Divine gave thanks to the, for the LIGHT OF UNITY and declared it sacred. Because through it, everything came together. All existence, which the Divine Creator had brought into being.

4. These are the origins of the spiritual and physical worlds when they were formed. On the day of the Elohims Divine triumph of the creation of the physical world and all above it.

5. And most plants in their infancy had yet to blossom, the most crops in their fields had yet to sprout. For the Elohim had not yet brought rains upon the Earth, and people did not yet work the lands.

6. Then clouds rose up in the sky and rained upon the whole face of the Earth.

7. And the King of the Elohim appeared, as a mortal man. In the flesh and breathing the breath of life. And from this man became a spiritual being. 26. And the Divine Creator declared, “Let us create intelligence in our design to complete our work. To have dominion over the fish in the sea, birds in the air, the physical world and all the clawed dangerous creatures upon the Earth.”

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posted on Jul, 30 2013 @ 01:59 AM
Also I do find it rather comical that someone would comment about 'distortions in expression' when they belong to a belief system that;

1) Killed their own saviour; BUT DON'T BLAME US! It had to happen. He told us so right before we necked him. Believe us.

2) Then collected his teachings and similar older teachings, slapped his face on the front and called it their own.

If a cop killed a 'criminal' today and then a week later is seen living in that criminals house and driving around in his car .. I think it would warrant some questions. Don't you?

3) Glorifies an 'us and them' mentality where all those who are painted as 'inferior' to them, needs to be 'saved'.

4) Holds certainty that even though mankind has been around for hundreds of thousands of years, their truly benevolent and 'loving God' decided to wait until just a couple thousand ago to bring his 'children' salvation.

5) Believes that they were just 'unlucky' to miss that boat a couple thousand years ago, and now you just gotta beg him your whole life that he might open the door for you when you get there.

6) Collects your money to buy more gold crosses and marble flooring, and tells you to pray for the starving.

7) Spends tens of millions of dollars doing a meet'n'greet P.R run in Rio, and whilst they are there urges their priests to go preach in slums to 'help the people'.

8) Hides their dealings with pedophilia behind curtains so the world is unsure as to what exact degree of '# all' they do about it, then in displays of their 'love' support 'Youth orientated events' to pat themselves on the back.

9) Calls their association of American nuns belief in womens equality a 'crisis', whilst buggering of children is just an unfortunate occurrence they do not wish to talk about.

10) Claim the title as 'spiritual leaders' of this world, yet hides and never speaks out on any truly important world issues which might get their hands dirty.

11) Demands 'worship' through characters within a book which has they clearly historically 'stole' and implemented through a campaign of totalitarian violence.

12) Has been reading the same bad instruction manual for 2,000 years and still can't put anything solid together by it.

13) Teaches that we all came from a bloodline where Caine killed Able, then produced children with either his mother or sister, but Incest and Murder is wrong.

14) That women are responsible for the #ed state of the world because 2,000 years ago a phallic fantasy convinced her to eat an apple. Damn, sucks to be female! Damned before you're born!

15) Thinks that natural inbuilt healing properties of our body being trigger to do what they are designed to by a persons disillusion confidence that a man in a funny hat touching their head cured them, counts as miraculous.

And most importantly; thinks that a man-god is going to fly down upon a cloud to save them after a nasty man speaking bad words about their religion fools the world into believing they are right.

How they could misunderstand 'Comes with the clouds'; relating to the water-bearers rains, to be a dude flying in on a cloud to be monkey magic is beyond me.

Apparently 'The world will see him descend upon a cloud.'

How the hell is that going to happen? Is his publicist going to call a press-conference prior so that the media can be there ready to televise it? Or is he just going to do repeat performances for everyone individually as he comes across them?

You want to talk distorted perception? You need to seriously evaluate how very simplistic meanings of physical occurrences and metaphorical allegories can ever be taken seriously be those who claim to be sane and rational adults.

Kids stop believing in Santa when they are teenagers. Yet Zombie-man God of the bloodline Incest of the apple penis, is going to swoop down upon a cloud and take you all somewhere better.

No Christians have even stopped to realise; that there is polarisation in belief even within their billion members that see's them hate each other.

Even if this ridiculous belief were to come to fruition, you'd all end up in your happy place, still hating upon everything around you cause its different to you, and still not realising that its usually the person that hates everyone different to them, that is the problem .. Not everyone else that is different.

posted on Jul, 30 2013 @ 02:15 AM


Sorry mate! You can never know the truth of God in life. We're all flawed. So you got no hope.

Why not?

Says in this book a bloke read to me, that someone else gave him, that was given to them, and translated from a few different books before that, that some guy got from another guy a few thousand years ago, that they heard from the bloke up the street. But .. Consensus is .. he's a pretty reliable source for these types of things.

Really? So where did he read it to you

Place up the street from my place. Yeah. He lets me and this group of strangers come around once a week to give him some money and listen to him talk.

And what does he say about dying? I'm really scared of dying!

Yeah .. I know all about it mate! I was pretty damn scared of dying myself until he promised me it wouldn't happen!


Yep! haha .. All these silly people out there dealing with the certainty of their own mortality, when all they have to do is give cough up a little bit of cash once a week, say sorry to their dead ancestor. The best part is, you pay for your forgiveness .. You don't actually have to make up for the things you do wrong. You just stick your hand up and go 'YEP .. I #ed up again .. But hey, im only human I can't help it' and he waves his hand at ya and its all good again.

Man .. That sounds so much better than making amends for the things you've done wrong.

I KNOW RIGHT!!! It's like a one-stop guilt freeing sin shop!

posted on Jul, 30 2013 @ 02:24 AM
reply to post by BornOfSin

You do say many interesting things and there are probably many "truths" in your words. It feels like an "Egregore" though. Sometimes you are directing at me, other times in general. There are many generalized observations made and expressed from a polarized short sighted awareness viewpoint. What i mean is that you surly cannot know a lot of this as a "fact" even to yourself but you will sit "up" and speak "down" to those you claim to want to help. I mean no disrespect to you by this it is just how i see it.
One day once the "apocalypse" has been cancelled i was hoping to have that beer remember

posted on Jul, 30 2013 @ 02:31 AM

Originally posted by borntowatch
You are on ATS pretending to be a God.with intention to punish evil.
Are you for real?

No other better platform, maybe a few miracles, walk on water.
Speed up my computer, restore my marriage.

You got a few nuts and bolts rattling there kid.

Whom are you speaking of/to. (who partakes this ATS FoRuM as GOD) I take that as a personal insult, slap you now with a Frenchy three fingered glove minus the thumb. 16 paces apart you name the type of rooster to throw at each others faces and then the victor has to boil (defeather) and cook as an epicurian delight; side dish: any picking through with pig smell snouts mushrooms or truffles in the time/daylight allowed.
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posted on Jul, 30 2013 @ 10:24 AM
Actually Theom,

I do remember that you are the person from Darwin, and that you were actually quite respectful. I had you momentarily mistaken for someone else with your new display pic.

I will ask you to forgive me for the combative tone with which I delivered that I wrote this morning, but I was quite enraged after seeing the 'so-called' leader of the spiritual world, slamming the door shut on the possibility of women ever becoming an equal under the eyes of their church.

Such a rigidly blunt release given to the media on the topic shows that those running the Vatican have become the types of men who are quite happy to let human society unravel so they can keep clutching their money and consider themselves powerful upon this world, if giving the world the a truth they desperately need may mean them losing it.

This means that behind the posturing and hollow words which they deliver, such powers value their greed in a higher regard than they do that of their fellow men.

They are so unfit to reside in the house they possess that it sickens and angers me beyond words.

"Even as the world is ablaze before them, they shall be the ones who sit down to take stock of their amassed wealth."

I feel an immeasurable sadness for their Billion followers, so commendably devoted to those they believe to be of pure heart.

Their defiant inaction speaks that they are well prepared to continue to rob those they have blinded from the ability to truly understand their own divine nature.

They have all the keys with which to enter 'The Kingdom of Heaven' that they speak of on a daily basis, but they choose not only to not use them, but deny a million people of their human right to decide whether they choose to.

They are the very evil and black-hearted men that they warn the world against.

But this makes perfect sense in the context that; if their concept of 'Satan' were to be based on any type of fact. The most logical place for such a person to exist within the physical form, would be at the helm of the system which promises to protect you from him.

Originally posted by TheomExperience
reply to post by BornOfSin

You do say many interesting things and there are probably many "truths" in your words. It feels like an "Egregore" though. Sometimes you are directing at me, other times in general. There are many generalized observations made and expressed from a polarized short sighted awareness viewpoint. What i mean is that you surly cannot know a lot of this as a "fact" even to yourself but you will sit "up" and speak "down" to those you claim to want to help. I mean no disrespect to you by this it is just how i see it.
One day once the "apocalypse" has been cancelled i was hoping to have that beer remember

posted on Jul, 31 2013 @ 04:11 PM


You doubted me Queen?

This is the tip of the iceberg.

George Alexander Louis?? You should have named him Joffrey, cause a world of imagination is the only place he shall be King.

Your grandchild is not the famed teacher of the world, and defender of man.

You foolish woman. You have been told this and you scoffed at it thinking yourself as God. Now you shall know it.

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posted on Jul, 31 2013 @ 04:36 PM
reply to post by TheomExperience

Its not the blind leading the blind. I've never been blind and can see the world better than the mystery school groups, via my own insight, my own connections and contact, my own memories. I don't follow anyone. Never have. I don't agree with all of Born's interpretations, but there is an overall understanding, that is there and so I know he has own contacts, his own direction and insight, his own memories.

I'm just waiting on the concept of the age of aquarius as in a new religion, or upgraded Christian one as that is a huge No to me, for religions are slave systems and not to be entertained in any way shape or form. Spirituality, Christ Consciousness, what is under the hoods on scriptures, basically its the Tao and the way back home. Whether or not a man came showing this, even if he did, he didn't come to form a religion and my faith in Christ, as in my Higher Self or Higher Mind and possibly Higher Self's Higher Self to the Son, or the renewed Adam, the Christ irregardless of the material outward forms of this, ie I don't need to believe in Christ literal in the flesh, walking on earth, to believe in Christ.

But no one needs an upgrade to the real spirituality under the hood of the scriptures. Its not meant to be an oppressive world religion that expects tithing. While the poor get poorer. And teach people to give their authority, their empowerment and discernement away to Daddies as if they are little children still and not ready to grow up yet.

Renegades bring religion. Even that which we call the top real good archangels, that interface with heavenly beyond, are working to free our minds from the dark side and religions,but have true Peace and Love as the cornerstone of our hearts and overcome our negative natures.

The earth is a mirror to our inner processes, and that means we all have work to do.

So I've spent some time watching Born, liking some of what he says, hoping its not NWO age of Aquarius programming, that he really means he had this contact.

I know what I've experienced and what I know about how humanity needs to start to question everything they're taught and pull away from all programming, politically (ie never walk by anyone in need. And to allow someone on the streets, especially a disabled person, like this could your uncle, SON EVEN. Everyone is family. We need complete abundance, clean energy, land and homes for all, high tech and Equality, AND FREEDOM).

Basically all economic systems, all political systems, all religions, our sciences ALL LIES FOR THE CONTROL SYSTEM AND TO MAKE MASSIVE SUFFERING, because they feed off suffering, or rather they who they are contracted to, draco entities and the like.

We have a hellzone group running this show.

People need to be out of this ugly school in a far better place to grow and learn how to overcome their negativity and love for no one every has the right to enslave another and you cannot use whatever means you wish to "help" someone like Hidden Hand maintains. You don't switch hats. Good is always good, it would never harm it would die before it would kill or enslave someone no matter what.

This planet has been tolerated for some reason, one that I argue with cosmically in huge ways, and someone said, oh you'll just be filled in by HS and let it all go, laugh over the silliness of all everyone went through. NOT!!!

I will be handing in reports, Mind To Mind, to all who should have stopped this but didn't from on High for a very long time until they are all bended knees pouring out tears of sorrow for abandoning anyone in hellzones.

How would Hitler be saved?

By making him born in a the third world?

Or by giving him a good family in a pogressive country like say Norway, as a little girl?

You learn Love by being Loved and raised that way as a child.

posted on Jul, 31 2013 @ 06:02 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

If you are percieving duality as a battle, what makes you so sure your not being played by the "good cop bad cop" routine?
The way i can see it is that all the "positives" and "negatives" are on the same side messing with perception keeping us embroiled in frustration and perpetual reconciliation with each other.
Have you considered that you are being tested and the only way to pass this test is to not take sides and feed into the artificial heirachy that has been created?

posted on Jul, 31 2013 @ 06:10 PM
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I know, have always known, see this entire plane as lower primitive kiddie camp, and feel strongly for every soul to be in a safe loving place to learn, no matter what some have for past indiscretions, or behaviors, because the prison planet is also possible for some, but this is not how Love would handle a reformation.

When you touch your own soul stone from childhood on, ask question inside from childhood on, analyze events on the news with both understanding and from a higher perspective, you don't get misled by the two brothers, so to speak. You just tell them both its time to turn up the dial of their love and prepare to go home. I know me and don't really trust any of them, except for what I know inside and recognize.

posted on Jul, 31 2013 @ 06:15 PM
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Here is something, its really shocking, even depressing. But it fits in with my understanding of this particular universe we're in.

(HD) How the Universe Works (S02E03) Planets From Hell

We're somewhat unique, there may be many other unique planets but they're harder for us to perceive in the midst of these hell planets and systems. And consequently i have a question:

Some say we're in hell! But if so, as we're unlike so many others, then would this not be more of a borderline, or inbetween world? And out of the other systems, with monster systems, would that not make our Sun something very special?

The other idea, is this isn't hell, but close. That when we look up, we're perceiving the 2 nd level of heaven, or basically the abyss. Where there are many levels and layers and densities of timeouts. So those planets/systems may very well represent, in this dimension, hellzones.

What do you think, because this video is quite alarming when its seen this way, the rarity of planets like this, in this dimensional plane?

These are nightmare worlds and the woman astonomer says, so there we are looking for heaven and we're finding hell!

Or did they manage to pull earth into hell? And we have to pull her back out?
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