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I Am Simon Alexandra, The Water Bearer

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posted on Jun, 20 2013 @ 04:16 AM
To all he who have ears, let them hear:

God has anointed me Simon Alexandra, The water-bearer.
Keeper of the artesian springs.
Star of the West, whom has slayed his dragons.
Brought in from the Cyrene darkness by God, to deliver the Light of Life.
I am supplant of the Fisherman, who was supplant of the Bull
He who has swallowed the beast, so the beast becomes the man.
I am he having read of the Codices Arcanus
I am he to whom no knowledge can stay buried
Awoken of Sananda. Simon am I now again

No longer shall I allow the house of Rome to mock me and defile my name with "Will the lord save you, Messiah" being chanted as they name me as "Jesus Christ".

This is not my name, this has NEVER been my name. It is title given to see me nameless, a final insult given in death.

Here now shall I tell you the truth of such things which did come to pass.

Drink of it, or do not. But I say to you now that as sure as I draw breath;
The time of which trespassers shall be be allowed to claim my fields has passed.
God has seen me awoken of this world, to reclaim all of which to those it does not belong.
My desecration shall be revealed and true divinity restored.

Now may you all drink of the truth, which for far too long has not been heard:
In time shall I lead all my man from the hands of the trespassers and give to them the light of life.

Firstly may I present to you, the truth of the Lords Prayer:

Matthew 6:5

When you do good for others, be not like the hypocrites who love to parade this all upon a stage or on television for all to see. For I say to you the act itself should be all the reward you need.

What you should do when you perform good deeds for another, is try to do so anonymously. For all that you give without expectation of reward, should bring reward within itself.

And when you carry out such deeds, do not brag of it to many in hope that word may reach their ears.

And you will come to see the light of God, to see every question answered before it is asked.

To become of God, know of this; 'Our divinity is of the light, holy are we all. Come to know this light, you shall become such light. Be it inside of you, as it is outside of you. Let us find, what we seek to find. To deliver us from the trespassers, so we may know those who trespassed against us. Lead not by those who gave in to temptation, but the ones who delivered us from darkness. So that ours will be the light, in all its power and glory forever. Amen.

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posted on Jun, 20 2013 @ 04:24 AM
Now I present to you an example of how Rome has perverted the truth of things;

No Peter was ever given domain of what would be my house!

Such was the given to my beloved you call 'Mary'.

Romans are the Stones. He is not fit to bear my birth name Simon.

For the name of Simon is that which is given only to 'he who hears'.

Simon Peter then should say to you all that his name is; The Romans Simon. But this could never to be said as true, as no Roman has ever known the truth of the light. None in your church still to this day have ever been born of the light. Therefore none who seek to lead you, have ever truly known the divine.

Simon Peter is 'He who hears not!'

Who stole the right of the Church from Mary.

You labeled of my beloved as 'Lazarus Leper' in your writings. You whispered of her as whore.
All she performed with wisdom you claimed of another, by names such as Judas and Thomas.

For it was Mary that was my balance in all things. Us two who became one. She was my balance in half, my whole, my twin.

Could not any of you see it clear within the names chosen to strip her of her divinity?

Didymos Judas Thomas; "Feminine twin, praised as, Masculine twin."

Could you not see that I would never let any many touch of my wound after claimed 'resurrection' before I would allow such to my beloved?

Much you need to be taught of what really happened.

How they have defiled her name and stripped her of her divinity and birth right.

posted on Jun, 20 2013 @ 04:25 AM
Allow me to correct some of the things that the Romans perverted in your Bible.



1. There was a certain man named Simon Peter, who accused Mary not worthy of her church.

2. So he called her in and said to her, “I have deemed you not worthy. Bring to me all of your students, for the Church is no longer yours.”

3. Mary said to herself, “What shall I do now? They are taking what is mine. I'm not strong enough to fight them, and I shall die before I beg.”

4. “I must make plans, so that when they cast me out, mankind may still come to learn of the light.”

5. So she called in each of her Churches leaders. She asked of the first, “How many have you taught the wisdom of God?”

6. “Nine hundred so far have I seen anointed” he replied.
“Take all of them who are literate, and see that half of them write it down.”

7. Then she asked the second, “How many have you taught?”
“A thousand have fed of the truth,” he replied.
“Then gather all who are literate, in hope eight hundred write its word.”

8. By this Peter commended Mary on what she had wisely done.
She said, “Now shall the children of the next age know of the wisdom stripped from the children of this generation, so that they may become children of the light.”

9. “And I say to you that the money you love, can not see love brought. Nor can it buy you into light of the afterlife.”

10. Mary said, “Whoever can be trusted with little, can by trusted with much.
And whoever is dishonest with little will also be dishonest with much.”

11. “So if you have not been trustworthy in handling worldly wealth, who then will trust you with life's true riches?”

12. “And if you have not been trustworthy with someone else’s property, who will then give you property of your own?”

13. “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.”

14. The Vatican faithful, who love their money, may read all this and regard me with contempt.

15. I say to them, “You are they who justify themselves before men believing in one, but God knows of your true hearts. What among men is exalted, is an abomination before the truth of God.”

16. “So was Gods Law and always has it been. Now have I been sent forth to man so that from this time forth shall the true Kingdom of God become known, so that all my Children may know of the light.”

17. “For sooner shall it be that the Heavens and the Earth pass away, than man's title deemed as law 'of one', not know of its fall.”

18. “Everyone who now does not acknowledge truth of Gods divine feminine balance, or commits their heart to only his masculine, lives in darkness. And those who saw her stripped from her masculine balance, have given their heart to a life in darkness.”


19. When Peter became rich he clothed himself in finest linen of royal colours and happily lived each day in splendour.

20. And then there was poor Mary, favoured by God. Who was cast out the gates, for being deemed by man, unworthy.

21. Wanting nothing more than to teach to those too poor to sit at Peters table. She found even those of man's lowest standard, mocked all of which Mary offered to them.

22. When it came to pass that Mary died, she was carried by the light back to the arms of, 'The God of men'. Then too, so did Peter die and was buried.

23. And once upon the Underworld, Peter lifted his gaze to he as he was now truly sorry.
He saw 'The God made by man', with Mary by his side.

24. And he cried out, “Joyous Father! Have mercy on me and send me the help of God, that we might by our hands cool and extinguish the flames of suffering which now burn by deed of my tongue.”

25. The 'God of men' said, “Child, remember that I did tell you how to find light, inside of all life, and by Gods help likewise to resist of the darkness. Now that you are here you are sorry and you beg me?”

26. “Now you must cross the great oceans which divide us.
And only by walking an enlightened path and becoming worthy, will you cross there to us.”

27. Peter pleaded again, “I implore you then Father! That you would yourself go to the house of the God I created.”

28. “For have I five brothers in faith (Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia Minor and Bithynia) and I would see them warned, that not also they might come to be of the place which I have come to know.”

29. He replied, “They will have 'The saviour who draws from the waters' and his council, let them be heard”.

30. Peter said, “Please Father, God of men; but if one from the dead appears to them, they will repent.”

31. He answered, “If they do not hear the water-bearer and his council, then not even if the dead should rise, will they be persuaded.”

posted on Jun, 20 2013 @ 04:29 AM
Now do I present to you the truth behind events as they came to pass for me

The Romans disagreed with the fact that I taught to the uneducated that which they deemed to be teachings reserved for the Elite. More than this, the fact that I refused to allow them to drink of the cup of such Wisdom.

They did not disagree with my teachings, only whom I chose to teach it to.

Such was so with my beloved Mary. They believed that the power of the knowledge that I freely distributed amongst the people irregardless of race, creed or wealth, should be something that was restricted only to be known to men, as to keep women within their place by their beliefs.

They sought to exploit my teachings to further advance their dominion over man.

They failed to understand the essence of what I was bringing to man. A path which could not be walked by such a heart, nor one lacking regard to women.

So to Peter then did Herod turn to learn my truth for want of Alchemy. They offered their backing to his Church, if see he share what I gave to him.

For such to know its course, would have Mary and I both met our death. So to my beloved Mary you name 'Judas' I turned and told to her our fate.

The only course of which I saw, by which Mary and teachings should survive. Was for to Herod herself she go, wishing to denounce me to the crown.

I spoke to her in chambers to warn of what will pass. "Though I may speak to all at my table tonight, dictating that we've built shall pass to you, with Roman backing shall they come later to cast you out as unworthy female.

But this is not the worst that could befall you my love, they seek to see us both dead to own what belongs to tall. But it shall be by my sacrifice my beloved that you shall be spared. And as too the teachings you carry of good heart. But with the years that pass they shall make of Gods blessing, what they will to fill their pockets. Know of the danger that shall then befall your word and take measures to see them endure time.

So by this I demand of you my love; go forth to Herod and denounce my name. Offer to give me over to him, so that light and life shall live through you.

And so then after she went to Herod, did she did she give me unto them, with the last sweet kiss in life I should ever know from her.

It was for true love did I see my life forfeit, but no resurrection in that time did I know. But my spirit was it that returned to Mary, lest she see herself to hang.

God allowed me to return upon the Earth for 40 days to her in spirit so see her wounds heal to refresh lifes meaning. "I did not give myself of the life, to see you waste the gift I gave." I spoke to her. When first she heard my voice to her, she refused to believe it me. "Do I need to come to you in the flesh my love, for you to know it's truly me? Do you need to sit here looking upon my body and touching of its wounds to accept that I have passed?"

With forty days she knew of my spirit did she again find will to live. My teachings she distributed to the pure of heart on the outskirts of the empire built in stone.

In time their teachings found conflict with what was that of truth.

For how could it be, that a perversion of lies, could ever stand up to purest truth?

More who learned of my truth began to question the Romans, for sensing their words find fault.
It spread amongst the empire, like fire through house of straw.

When word of truth had reached Egypt bold action they saw necessary to take.

No longer shall it be accepted, to question the faith of the empire, under punishment of death.

By simple greed was pure heart of man corrupted, and with Gold did they paint his halls.

I am awoken now to memories of this life past lived and how an empire was born of lies.

posted on Jun, 20 2013 @ 04:30 AM
The passing hills of Rome, put me to death to have what I would not give.
They defiled my legacy for the want of filling their own pockets.
They glorified my enemies and ridiculed those I loved.
They attempted to destroy any trace of who I really was by labeling me 'Jesus Christ' which means "Ask the Lord for Salvation, Messiah." and burned the wealth of knowledge in library of man.
And so to did they take the life of my most beloved.
With her going to the cross upside down to see her opposite her one true love.

In the writings did they paint her of noble deed as 'man' Thomas, as they deemed her worthy of receiving note. They painted her as leper, they painted her as whore. They even stole tale of her demise by their hand and gave it to the 'stone' of their Church.

No man shall be forgiven, who has mocked of the divinity.

For if any to be forgiven, they must first admit to fault.

Your Vatican stands as Rome today aware of all these truths.
No repentance have they brought forth.
No truth have they offered to history of lies.

NO MAN OF THEIR CLOTHE HAS COME TO VINDICATE MY BELOVED! So the world may know the purity of her heart and the wisdom that was hers, written into every page of the abomination they call my word.

posted on Jun, 20 2013 @ 04:32 AM
And what would be the point of all this nonsense?

posted on Jun, 20 2013 @ 04:35 AM
Welcome to the Age of Aquarius and all it truly stands for Water Bearer.

posted on Jun, 20 2013 @ 04:35 AM
Read shall you from the book of "Thomas" penned of my beloved.

Know it to be in kind with much of what you know of as Luke and many other books, also penned of my beloveds writings.

13. Jesus said to his disciples; “If you could liken me to anything, what would I be?
Simon Peter (He who does not hear (stone)) “You are a divine entity!”
Matthew (Gift of God – 'Received' who has 'ears') “You are a wise, enlightened man”.
13. Thomas (Mary) said to him; “Master, no words could ever express what you mean to me.”
Jesus said to her; “I am not your master. Because you are in love with me you see me as such as I have filled your heart with joy.”
And he took her and retired, where he told her of three things. When Mary rejoined her companions they asked her; “What did Jesus say to you?”
Mary said to them; “I can tell you of one thing he shared; that you shall all cast me out, and in casting me out you will light the fire that will see you damned.

14. Jesus said to them; “And in doing that you know wrong, you will regard your darkness. And when you call to Gods favour, you shall be found unfit to be heard. And all you give in his name, will see you further from his grace.
And in all lands, and across all borders where you word is heard. You will offer to them salvation, only to take all that they offer you.
But it will not be that you take which will damn you, but the lies from your mouth, that shall see you damned.

15. Jesus said; “When you find one who not born of woman, that is who is worthy of your worship. They are your God.

16. Jesus said, “Men seem to think, that it will 'peace' that will be my legacy upon this world. They will come to see that it will be dissension by which they will write my legacy in this world: Fire, Sword and War. For there will be five speaking of truth. Three will be against two and they against the three, the old of faith against those it spawned. And they will all stand divided.”

Clearly does it state to you all the truth of what your Church has done, if you are only to read between the lines.

More from my beloved in 'Thomas'

21. Mary said to Jesus; “Whom would you liken your disciples to?”
He said, “They are like children who have settled in a field which is not theirs. When the owners come to claim their field they will tell them “Let us have back our field.” They will see you stripped in their presence, in order they may keep the field that they give to themselves.
Therefore I say to you, if the owner of a house knows that a thief is to come, they can take measure to prevent him from entering the house which belongs to them to carry away what is theirs.
You then, be on guard against the world. Arm yourself with great strength lest the thieves find a way to take from you. For the difficulties you expect to arise, shall be so.
Let there be among you a man of understanding. When the grain does ripen, he moves quickly with sickle in hand to reap it. Whoever has ears, let him hear.

I am he who hears, the defender of man.
I have come to claim the Church, from those to whom it never belonged.

To the men of Rome who made themselves Kings
Elevated by hand of Gods stolen word
The owner of the Church is coming to reclaim it
God has sent me, his son, to bring the light of life.

I am the son blessed of God who has swallowed the beast.
I shall bring all that is secret to be known.
I shall make all that is buried be unearthed.
No longer shall my children be denied what is theirs.

You have been put on notice. For I am now awaken.
Gods council now comes, to end your reign of man.

posted on Jun, 20 2013 @ 04:37 AM
To all other I implore you; Beware the Romans and the books which they penned.

For if a man were to murder your blood born son, would you then seat them at the table of your house and afford to him your complete trust?

You have been blinded. I will see you given eyes.
You have had ears stricken from head. I shall see them restored.

All men shall come to know the Light of Life.
Blessings to you all my Children of love and light

posted on Jun, 20 2013 @ 04:41 AM
Sounds to me like a great story about a group of people with a peaceful philosophy *to put it lightly*, who chose to preserve it for future generations in hopes that the core ideas would help the next group of humans walking the similar path.

Good stuff --- but I'm not digging your lack of sources. Honestly, it doesn't take away from the "effect" to give us the links in which you copied and pasted.

posted on Jun, 20 2013 @ 05:02 AM
No,i am the messiah!
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posted on Jun, 20 2013 @ 05:12 AM
So your here to bring down peters church? How are you going to go about it? You have my full support , enjoyed reading this thread

posted on Jun, 20 2013 @ 05:22 AM
I'm booking my seat for this one............. So they recorded Mary as Judas - that would explain A LOT

posted on Jun, 20 2013 @ 06:06 AM
BornofSin has already admitted to being the Dragon that comes out of the sea to speak blasphemy in another thread.

The Bible has already warned about such things.

In reality, BornofSin is just a false prophet. He only wishes he had the power of Satan to become the Dragon, Beast and Anti-Christ. Because that's what he's been promised by lying spirits.

posted on Jun, 20 2013 @ 06:19 AM
reply to post by BornOfSin

All men shall come to know the Light of Life.
Blessings to you all my Children of love and light

There's only one light of life and the "children of love and light" are not it. They are followers of Lucifer, the son of the Morning Star.

I recommend turning away from the son of the Morning Star and turn to the Morning Star (Jesus) himself!

Jesus already told us what's to come, even the coming of the Dragon that speaks blasphemy and will claim himself to be God before he's destroyed for having done so.

Dragon, you can stand in the temple and declare yourself God, but you will fall, just like Lucifer did.

posted on Jun, 20 2013 @ 06:39 AM
I have ears to hear but my nose tells me this thread is off

posted on Jun, 20 2013 @ 06:51 AM
reply to post by borntowatch

It's not just the thread that's off.

In another thread the OP has admitted to living an evil life and being visited by the Annunaki who tortured him for almost a year before he found the real "God", who claims to be the Annunaki's teachers. He's been played with and continues to be a tool for the deceivers.

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posted on Jun, 20 2013 @ 07:06 AM
Yeah I didnt think it necessary to say that the op was off, thats self evident

posted on Jun, 20 2013 @ 07:14 AM
reply to post by borntowatch

Maybe self evident to some, but the die hard mystics will fall for this kind of thing hook, line and sinker, which is exactly why they shouldn't be dabbling in such things in the first place.

posted on Jun, 20 2013 @ 07:21 AM
reply to post by Deetermined

Die hard mystics understand the god complex

The Ego trap, as I prefer to call it.

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