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The Next......

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posted on Jun, 19 2013 @ 12:14 PM
Basic Anthropological Subsistence Groups

Subsistence groups that have evolved throughout mankind’s history;

Hunting & Gathering – everyone fights for what they get. Inconsistent food source.

Cultivation – use of tools to produce consistent dependable food supply. First instance of need to defend property.

Pastoralism – raising of herds and crops either local or nomadic. More widespread need to defend property. Organized defense occurs

Distribution and Exchange – development of economies based on various methods of exchange. Economies devote some resources to defense.

Distribution and Exchange – massive economies develop. Massive resources devoted to protect economy and property. Wars occur between large economies.

Parasitic – dual societies develop within larger societies. Very small subset is dependent on productivity of larger subset. Smaller subset has control of all resources and all defenses.

The next subsistence group……

The parasitic model will persist until the larger societal subset becomes so disgruntled that they determine to purge the smaller subset (ala: French Revolution). The resulting aftermath could lead to a number of variations of how the next subsistence group will look.

Option A: The smaller subset society initially would likely use it’s control mechanisms to manipulate the larger subset and keep them in line. This would only be a temporary solution.

Option B: The smaller subset society would be forced to alter the economic equity with the larger society subset. Unlikely as the smaller subset would not be able to sufficiently raise economic level of the larger subset

Option C: The smaller subset society would likely be forced to use it’s defense resources against the larger subset society in a controlled fashion. This would only be a temporary solution as once force is used civil unrest would eventually escalate.

Option D: The smaller subset society would be forced to use all out force to put down major uprisings. Economies suffer. Both smaller and larger subset societies suffer. Economy becomes vulnerable to total collapse or takeover by other economies. Political system may change. Key economic industries may disappear completely. Educational opportunities greatly diminish. Socio-economic prospects of individuals greatly diminished. Family structure begins to erode.

The next subsistence model will be;

Scavenger – a hybrid of hunter gatherer, the scavenger will steal, kill and scavenge as needed to survive. Survival of the fittest. Loose gangs. Violence. Family structure is destroyed.

posted on Jun, 19 2013 @ 12:19 PM
It's cyclic.

Nobody lives long enough to offer anything alternative that will work, because the same mistakes are made after the memory of those mistakes die with those who experienced them.

everything goes in circles, EVERYTHING.

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