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Texans ban "couple" and "partners" in school text books because they are "homosexual"

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posted on Nov, 12 2004 @ 03:13 PM

Originally posted by James the Lesser
Hmmm, don't judge, unless they gay, I don't remember that in the bible. I swear, christians and republicans, they make it so easy to make fun of them. I mean, these people believe in all mighty powerful invisable people, they believe that women should be slaves, blacks should be slaves, poor people should be slaves, children are slaves, only ones who have the right to live are white rich republican christians. Can't we send them to an island so they can kill each other for one is to short, and you have to be this tall to go to heaven, or this skinny to be a good christian?

Always wanted to say that but did not have the guts...I love you dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
These fellows must be soooo unhappy, that is my vision IMO


posted on Nov, 21 2004 @ 12:47 PM
....What's worse, Taliban in Afghanistan or Taliban @ home?

PC Textbooks are not enough to keep our children on the right track,

Write your congressman and have those cartoons Talibanned:

1. Waylon Smithers
The closeted sidekick to Mr Burns in the Simpsons. There`s more to his loyalty to Burns than first meets the eye. Simpsons nerds will recall at least twenty episodes when Smithers declares his love, like the one where it appears that the world is coming to an end, Smithers says "Oh, what the hell," and kisses Mr. Burns full on the lips.

2. Peppermint Patty and Marcie
The ultimate pre-school butch-femme relationship.

3. Hopey
The `Love and Rockets` cutie is probably one of the most underrated lesbian cartoon characters in history. She`d beat the crap out of Tank Girl any day, and be back home in time to sort out her on-again/off-again lover, Maggie.

4. South Park
From Mr Garrison to Big Gay Al, to the episode when the whole town turns gay, it`s pointless picking out a gay character in this whirlpool of gayness. Sure, the makers often irritate some of the more pious queer activists, but lighten up, it`s only comedy.

5. Bugs Bunny
He cross-dresses, he loves opera, he`s got a very cute behind. What`s not gay about that?

6. Velma
She`s geeky, speccy and smart. Just take one look at her and you know she belongs to no man! She`s a lez, natch.

7. Yogi and Boo-Boo
Boo-boo is Yogi`s "little pal." Yeah, right, as if we`d buy that excuse. They`re both as gay as can be.

8. He-Man
Definitely one of those butch in the streets, femme in the sheets queens. If he were a real person He-Man would be the type of guy who works out at the gym and, when he`s not out cruising, spends his weekends gurning on ketamin at some of the less salubrous gay nightspots in town.

9. Beavis and Butthead
Their homophobia merely masks the fact that they are freaked out about the fact that they are themselves the gayest thing in town. The only word that describes them is closeted.

10. Batman and Robin
There`s nothing more to say about this pair.

11. Sesame Street Bert & Ernie
There`s nothing more to say about this pair.

12. IR Baboon
Definately something smelly about his red butt.

12. Teletubbies
......and the list goes on

[edit on 21-11-2004 by Countermeasures]

posted on Nov, 21 2004 @ 01:25 PM
in terms of information or points-of-view.

So, why do you want to treat cartoonists with contempt and overrule their work?

Where is the pornography that needs to be studiously avoided, in these cases?

I guess you're just trying to be cute.

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