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Some UFO Cases You May Not Have Known

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posted on Jun, 15 2013 @ 04:13 PM

The Claremont, New Hampshire sighting

On July 30, 1968, in Claremont, New Hampshire, a couple, getting ready to retire soon, have recently completed their new home, which was located in the Robert's Hill District, in Claremont. While sitting in their home, the couple noticed a group of lights moving around in a field which was in the back of the their house. After noticing the unusual lights, the couple quickly moved to the window to take a closer look at them
What they saw when they had took a closer look at the lights, was a very unusual thing; instead of separate lights moving about the field, they saw a dome-shaped UFO directly above the field. At this point, the time was about 2:30 a.m. The bottom of the UFO was brightly lit, with the light from the object lighting up more than 20 feet of the ground around the UFO.
There was a sound being emitted from the UFO, similar to that of a transformer, or substation.
Two members of the New Hampshire NICAP Subcommittee, a husband and his wife, scrutinized the sighting, or alien encounter, if you will, along with the Claremont police. The couple who witnessed the sighting had reported that the object hovered over the field for more than two hours, staying in the area until 4:30 a.m, before leaving.

As the object was either preparing to leave, or was already leaving, the sound that was being emitted, which was similar to a transformer, or even bees, became much louder, with the light on the underside of the object becoming much brighter, which it then started moving to the west before moving completely out of sight.

The Milford, Ohio sighting

(The object looked similar to the one simulated in this picture.)On February 11, 1967, in Milford, Ohio, Michael McKee and Sharon Hildebrand, one a Pennsylvania Railroad employee, the other, his friend, saw a very unusual, bright light located somewhere in the woods. Since one of the two was a railroad employee, he had a railroad light nearby, which he used to move through the woods to get closer to the object. As they moved closer, they had noticed that the object was actually not just a glowing, bright light in the woods, but actually a glowing, oval-shaped, object, or UFO, which it might have been at some points, if, and when it was actually in the air. The reason I say this is explained next. Not only was it oval shaped, the object also had unusual, tubular, appendage-like object that the UFO might have actually been suspended on, so it was at the time, on the ground. So calling it a UFO would not have been proper, as it was not "flying".
After reaching a distance of about 100 feet to the object, they estimated it's size, giving it's diameter a length of roughly 30 feet in length.

Mckee had noticed that the object was metallic in nature, as when he had shone his railroad lantern towards the object, it's surface gave off a metallic reflection, of sorts. Hilderbrand reported that while Mckee was shining his lantern towards the object, a row of lights were visible; however, as soon as Mckee had shone his light in a different direction, the row of lights were no longer visible, possibly because of the relatively low-light conditions at the time, as this was around the very early morning. The two became frightened by the object, likely after seeing the row of lights disappear as soon as the lantern was turned away from the object, or craft. The two then contacted Leonard Stringfield, who was an advisor at NICAP (National Investigations Committee On Aerial Phenomena), who suggested that they notify the police regarding their unusual sighting.

After some time, the police met the two, and one of the officers went with Mckee and Hilderbrand to the area where the object was seen, at about 3:30 a.m. At the area of the sighting, the three saw "splintered tree limbs and twigs" roughly around the area of where the object had been seen, or landed, if you will. To investigate this, Stringfield called his friend who was an engineer the day after to scrutinize the area of where the object landed. The engineer reported that the "splintered tree limbs and twigs" that they saw were "pressed down by a heavy-weight."
After this, it had been reported that on the day before the sighting, many people, up to seven actually, in many different places; Madeira, Kenwood, and Blue Ash, Ohio, as well as Wyoming.
A glowing object with a diameter of roughly 20 feet in length was spotted by a woman, at around 11:45 p.m., not too far from Kentwood, Ohio. Another object, this time having a reddish, glowing light, was spotted in around the same place as the former sighting, at around 12:15 a.m. by a couple. There was yet again, another sighting reported at around the same time, with the object having an appearance similar to the first object seen in Milford One in Blue Ash, Ohio, and another in Wyoming. People who had seen the two objects describe them as having a red, possibly orange, glowing light.

Stringfield had also learned that Frank Guber, who was a patroller in Lockland, Ohio, had seen a glowing, red object move through a large part of the sky, while also hovering for a short time, before changing direction, and moving out of sight.

The Yorktown, Iowa sighting

On April 23, 1966, Ronald E. Johnson, who was a farmer living in Yorktown, Iowa, had heard a very loud noise, similar to a roaring sound, while he was sleeping, at around 2:10 a.m. He woke up and went to see what was going on by looking through the window of his house. What he saw, was a 60 foot long, cigar-shaped UFO, settling down in a field roughly 50 feet away. From this distance, the object would have been very close to Johnson, thus giving him a close view of the cigar shaped UFO; however, at the time, there was a light rain with fog in the area so it might have been hard to see the details of the object, but nonetheless, Johnson got many details of the craft.
As the object was slowly starting to reach the ground, the loudness of the roaring was not as it was a short time before, and the roaring sound eventually stopped. A red, very bright, light was seen on one of the ends of the object. One the other end, which was farther way, Johnson had seen two blue lights, which he reported had a diameter of about 8 inches in length. The object also was resting on a row of nearly 20, "leg" like appendages. The object emitted an amber glow, haze, or light, perhaps similar to the glow of an ionized gas, from a portion of it's underside as well.

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posted on Jun, 15 2013 @ 04:14 PM
As soon as the object settled on the field, loud sounds, similar to explosions, were heard from it. The sounds were heard repeatedly, for a short amount of time. The farmer reported that around this time, a smell to the likes of ozone started to emanate from the craft, this adds to the theory of a plasma causing the amber haze, or glow from portions of the underside of the craft. After watching it for about 20 minutes, Johnson decided to go to back to sleep. After a small amount of time, Johnson woke back up to see if the object was there, but he did not see anything in the field. The craft could have still been there, but might not have had any lights on at the time. The next morning, Johnson scrutinized the area of the field on which the craft landed, and discovered numerous circular imprints in the ground; each impression had a diameter of six inches in length, and one was separated by the other by about 2.5 feet.

While looking for more imprints, he discovered another group just to the east of the ones first discovered. Except this group of imprints were different, as one of the sides were curved, similar to the arc of a circle, while the other side was flat, similar to the side of a square; and there were two lines appearing to "divide" the half of the imprint that was closer to the flat side. You may think these imprints are from the hooves of his cattle, however, Johnson claimed that the imprints were in fact, not from hooves. He is a farmer who deals with cattle, and other hooved animals, so he would likely be able to tell the difference.
Johnson had also noticed that two power lines not too far away from the area of the landing had small cavities in the bark; the cavities were separated by even spaces. He also noticed that the wires on the poles had similar cavities, but were obviously smaller.

Johnson reported this to the deputy at the time, who had later scrutinized the area on which the craft landed, as well as the area around it. The deputy, apparently, then sent the report of the investigation to the Offut Air Force base. In the July of 1967, the University of Colorado had asked for permission to receive information from the files, but were denied.

The Vicksburg, Michigan flying disk

On March 31, 1966, Vicksburg, Michigan, during the morning, Jeno Udvardy, who was going home after a night of working, had seen a large group of lights on the road some distance away from him. But the lights were towards in the same general direction as where he was going. As he was moving closer to the lights, he started to slow down, thinking that the lights were actually an ambulance on the road. As he reached a distance of about 10 feet to the lights, he noticed something very unusual; the lights were actually part of a flying disk, that was stationary in the air, very close to the road. The object was about 2-3 feet off the ground.
The object was obstructing the roadway, thus not permitting him to continue driving. He reported that the lights were so bright, that parts of the objects could not be seen due to the brightness.
Udvardy Attempted to back up away from the object; however, as he was doing so, his car was struck by something similar to a powerful gust of wind. But what it actually was, a gust of wind certainly was not; another a flying disk was directly behind his car, and after turning back around to look at the "first" craft, it was gone. This would mean that in seconds, perhaps even less, the object quickly overtook his car, and went directly opposite to where it was originally hovering. That would have been quite the acceleration.

He had then noticed his engine had stopped working, and he was no longer able to drive his car. Udvardy then opened the car window, and that is when he heard a very unusual sound being emitted from the disk-shaped object; the sound was similar to that of a multitude of bees. After a few minutes had passed, the object quickly started to gain altitude, and promptly disappeared in an easterly direction.

The Route 250 cone shaped UFO

On December 21, 1964, a gunsmith named Horace Burns, who was driving between Staunton and Waynesboro, in the state of Virginia, had seen a very unusual object crossing the highway in the direction that Burns was facing. The object crossing the highway, just a small height above the roads, was a large object shaped like an upside down cone, moving at a speed of about 15 mph. The crest of the cone was bent, or curved towards the direction of the object's motion. The object was not very far from Burns; it was about 200 feet away from his car, so the object was relatively close. An unusual thing is that, as the object, or craft was slowly moving over the highway, the engine of Burns' car stalled, and he was not able drive any longer, so he had to pull over. After a short amount of time, the object eventually landed in a field close to the highway. Burns stated that it landed so smoothly, it was "like a bubble."

After the cone-shaped craft landed, Burns pulled over the car to the side of the highway, and went out of his car to observe the object as it had landed. Burns stated that the object was "125 feet in diameter, at least, and 80 to 90 feet high". The texture of the object's surface was similar to that of a honeybee hive. Each of the circular disks, or walls, would rotate up towards the crest of the cone, similar to a tornado, or barber shop pole. The craft was also very large, as Burns reported that as the UFO was moving over the highway, the craft, as seen from Burns, was greater in width than the windshield of his car. The details of the object were hard to see, as there was not much available light due to the fact that it was a winter's evening, and the sun was already low on the horizon. However, Burns did notice that the craft's surface was metallic in nature, though was rather dull. (Many cases with such encounters have the object's surface appear dull, and metallic in nature, which is quite interesting.) Burns was not able to see any details such details as windows, doors, or any openings on the craft. It was simply a plain, craft. However, Burns did see a constantly shining, circular, blue light, close to the base of the craft as shown in the picture. He estimated the source of the light to be between 12, and 18 inches in height. The craft was not resting on anything that might appear to be landing gear; instead, it was resting on it's base, which was apparently was curved, rather than straight; the base was apparently similar to a convex curve.

Continued in next post:

posted on Jun, 15 2013 @ 04:14 PM
After a little more than a minute, the craft began to gain altitude, and flew up to 700 feet in the air, where it then quickly accelerated to a high velocity towards the northeast. As before, the crest of the cone curved towards the direction it was moving, as it flew off.

Burns was able to drive his car back home, as the engine was now working again. When he arrived at his house, he informed his wife of his sighting of the unusual craft. He swore that he would never tell anyone regarding the sighting of the cone-shaped craft. Though he did reveal his story when a radio station revealed that a new UFO investigation group had been started at the Eastern Mennonite College, located in Harrisonburg, Virginia, through the guidance of Dr. Ernest G. Gehman, who was a professor at the college. Burns revealed his story due to his wife strongly recommending he disclose it. Burns then spoke of the sighting on the local radio some time after.

Dr. Gehman went to the site of the sighting, as well as the area of which the craft landed on. He tested the area for ionizing radiation, and received high results. The tests concluded that there was a very high amount of ionizing radiation in the landing area. He was actually brought to the area of the landing because of high results he was receiving, that would become much higher and higher as he would move closer to the area of the landing.
To confirm this test, two research engineers from DuPont tested the area as well; the tests done confirmed that there were, in fact, high levels of ionizing radiation present in the landing area.

These cases were very interesting, and I'm sure many of you found them interesting as well.

Thank you for reading.

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posted on Jun, 15 2013 @ 04:44 PM
Whoops! It appears as though the title of the thread was misspelled a bit; but I've edited it already.

posted on Jun, 15 2013 @ 08:31 PM
Those are a few pretty dandy sightings.....
Its funny that so many people have seen what most people cannot believe......
I too have seen their craft....but nobody would believe me anyways...
Its frustrating to actually know something and yet have to wait for the whole goddamn world to catch up.....

posted on Jun, 15 2013 @ 08:59 PM
Yep, I've sen two craft and several orbs or lights....I'm a pilot and the last orb I saw was doing 550 knots departing DFW regional on a standard departure route one mile above ground level.....get this was off the wing of a md-90 maybe half-a-mile....going twice the speed of the departing airliner...

the second craft I saw was the mother cigar...400 feet long....saw it for 12 seconds or was at 4000 msl over Dallas on a ground track taking it over Dallas Love Field....going in and out of cloak.....pastel blue ion thrusters 5/8 back on the sides....on something that looked like outriggers made of black lattice the boom or jib on a crane.

posted on Jun, 15 2013 @ 09:34 PM
I saw mine at sunset when the stars were comming out....
Looking at the constellation that looks like a little kite one of the "stars was moving;
It descended to about 5 miles away and about 1000ft kind of glowwing a bit on the way down, and dimming as it levelled off....
it flew with a sine wave motion kind of undlating vertically.....
it got to within a mile or so and suddenly shot off (without perceptible change of motion...) at 170 degree abgle from its flight line to that left so fast it was exactly like a light bulb going out in a dark room......
And it left me quite shaken it got that close....

posted on Jun, 15 2013 @ 11:18 PM
reply to post by extraterrestrialentity

The Yorktown, Iowa sighting

cigar-shaped UFO, settling down in a field roughly 50 feet away. From this distance, the object would have been very close to Johnson, thus giving him a close view.

After watching it for about 20 minutes, Johnson decided

to go to back to sleep

Who the hell has a ufo land so close in the back yard & does this instead.

I don't understand. He has a chance to study this, but no decides to go back to bed.

Either he is very unusual or this case is a hoax.

posted on Jun, 16 2013 @ 01:15 AM
Those are some interesting sightings, ive always found UFO sightings more credible durring the era of the 1940's - 1980's, such as betty and barney hill, Roswell, Kenneth Arnold, Rendlesham forest, Wahington DC 1952 incident ....etc, bcuz nowadays there's so many hoaxs and people trying to get attention using photoshop / CGI, its really difficult to distinguish the real from the fake, there's such a wide diverse variety of different types of UFO's, there's the alien ones and then there's the man made ones created outta reverse engineering at places like Area 51, Just like what Ben Rich (second director of Lockheed Skunkworks) said on his deathbed, he quoted "There are 2 types of UFO's, the ones we build and ones "they" build. We learned from both crash retrievals and actual hand me downs",...... I personally think most the information for manmade UFO's came from Nikola Tesla, the Nazi's, Roswell and when we brought the nazi's to the US by Project Paperclip, haha and for all I know our government are probably working with the greys and other alien factions and exchanging of tech to keep their existence secret............ ""After watching it for about 20 minutes, Johnson decided to go to back to sleep"" lol who the F goes back to sleep with a giant UFO in their backyard WTF

posted on Jun, 16 2013 @ 01:18 AM
reply to post by acrux

Quite ! If I had the opportunity to study a u.f.o. close up, I would be taking photos / footage, getting close to it, not going back to sleep ! Maybe wake someone else to corroborate the visitation....?

It might have been a chance to be the first credible human contact with extraterrestrials.

Rather odd behaviour, if the story is true....?

Thanks to the op for the case studies though....interesting.

posted on Jun, 16 2013 @ 01:20 AM

Originally posted by acrux
reply to post by extraterrestrialentity

The Yorktown, Iowa sighting

cigar-shaped UFO, settling down in a field roughly 50 feet away. From this distance, the object would have been very close to Johnson, thus giving him a close view.

After watching it for about 20 minutes, Johnson decided

to go to back to sleep

Who the hell has a ufo land so close in the back yard & does this instead.

I don't understand. He has a chance to study this, but no decides to go back to bed.

Either he is very unusual or this case is a hoax.

It would be pretty weird to go back to sleep after 20 minutes. I mean the adrenaline would be flowing, the chance in thousands of years and the guy goes back to sleep? I think it is a hoax too.

posted on Jun, 16 2013 @ 12:48 PM
Some exerpts from a book I am writing about my military career:

One day I was in the office of the Security Manager for US Army facilities in Xxxxx. This former Marine Sergeant Major, exclaimed out of the blue, “I’ve seen one of those!” pointing to a small television which was behind me. When I turned around, I saw a US Navy early warning aircraft on the screen. I acknowledged him and said we see them all the time at Atsugi Air Base. He says, “No, no, just the top part”. He then told the following story. In 1965 he was the Sergeant Major of the 3rd Marine Air Wing in Viet Nam. He said it was his manner to personally greet the returning combat flights. One day he was on his way to the flight line when the crews of the returning flight were running at him. They physically picked him up saying, “you’ve got to see this”, and literally carried him to the briefing room to watch the gun camera films of the flight. Now, the combat flights normally consisted of three F-4 Phantom aircraft. Two armed and a third with cameras for later bomb damage assessment (BDA). They saw the two armed Phantoms seen to disappear and reappear as they maneuvered around a large metallic object. The gauges shown around the film showed the air speed was slowly, but steadily, increasing. Shortly, the Phantoms had to drop their auxiliary fuel tanks. At the end of the film the object makes a short increase in speed then, zoom it’s gone. The entire chase lasted some 3 ½ to 4 minutes.
After a day or so, an unmarked plane arrived at the base. The base was shut down and everyone told to forget everything they had see or heard.
Of the three Phantoms, one was shot down with the pilot and RIO being killed. Of the other two Phantoms, all four personnel died of Leukemia type disease. My friend says I was only the second person he’d ever told, the other being his daughter after his wife died.
Much later, I was talking to one of my trusted soldiers about the Viet Nam UFO incident. He commented that relative of his had worked at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB) for years. He said this was the home of Air Force Technical Intelligence, and is where the rumors said the wreckage of UFO’s are taken. He said the relative told him when Wright Field and Patterson Air Force Base merged, there was a small area that was surrounded, but not absorbed by the new WPAFB. There is a small area that is technically not on WPAFB but was between the two, and that is why the government can say they are holding nothing on WPAFB.

At one point I debriefed teams returning from the a hostile country. After getting to know some of the teams you just became closer to some of the teams.
Well on one of their trips out we were in a debriefing session. Now in these sessions I would sit in the center of the room and have the team in a semi-circle around me. I tried never to have a desk or anything between myself and the teams as that tended to form a 'we – they’ attitude. Now everything I did was in written format, plus audio and video. Well, this one day the Colonel stopped talking in the middle of a session, looked to his right and then to his left, with the result of everyone in the team nodding their heads. He then asked me if I’d turn off the recorders. I turned them off and he told me this tale:
When the team was on it’s way out of Xxxx Xxxx, they were on the trans-Siberian rail road. They said this metallic, elliptical object with no wings or protrusions came out of the sky and flew parallel to the train for 14 minutes. Then after 14 minutes the object, which was beside the train just took off. In a flash, it was gone back into the sky.
He said he didn’t know if they should have brought the incident up. I said, that all the information was important. I turned the recorders back on, and guided the questioning to the incident. An it was made a formal record.
Now, all my interviews went to all the ‘alphabet agencies’ as written, audio and video format. So when I hear on the ‘UFO shows’ that agency so and so has no information on UFO…well, I know it’s wrong, because I put at least one incident in there myself.

[1973] ... We had the back part, while the front part was Audio-Visual Office (AVO). One day while taking a break on the porch of the AVO, one of the soldiers in my unit started talking about his detail at the time. He was taking inventory of the classified films held in the Fort Xxxxxx vault. He said two were especially interesting. One was a film of an infamous (even today) actress, often called traitor, that went to North Viet Nam and provided support to the enemy. He said the film showed her looking down into a ‘tiger pit’ with what was described as an American POW at the bottom. The other interesting film was of a UFO landing at an unidentified US Air Force base, supposedly in New Mexico, with US personnel going out to meet it.

posted on Jun, 16 2013 @ 01:30 PM
reply to post by extraterrestrialentity

S&F for the effort put into the post and a good compilation of cases.

The Milford, Ohio sighting gives the impression that it is the craft Lonnie Zamora spotted in April 1964 at Socorro due to the graphic used. My question is was it something very similar?

If so then surely there could be some kind of link between the sightings.

posted on Jun, 16 2013 @ 02:39 PM
Thank you for putting these cases out for all to see Op. I hadn't heard of a couple of these before.

What I find interesting about that farmer in Yorktown is that the University of Colorado was not allowed to see the

information from the Air force about his case. If it was a hoax it seems they would have been more then willing to

let the world know it. That is one thing that stops me from calling hoax. I do think that is its weird he decided to

go back to sleep but it could just be that his memories were altered by the ufo and/or any occupants.

posted on Jun, 16 2013 @ 03:05 PM
The Milford Ohio picture looks like the (Policeman) Lonnie Zamora ufo landing case. I gather that pic is for the Zamora landing, but it also represents the Ohio case, too?

posted on Jun, 16 2013 @ 03:09 PM

Originally posted by misschareesee
The Milford Ohio picture looks like the (Policeman) Lonnie Zamora ufo landing case. I gather that pic is for the Zamora landing, but it also represents the Ohio case, too?

Oh, but it is a photo representing the Zamora case. However, it is a rather good representation of the Milford, Ohio case as well, so I used it to show what the object in the Milford case might have looked like. Which is why I wrote a small statement under the photo, stating that the "object" in the photo, was similar to the object seen in the Milford case.

Thanks for posting.

posted on Jun, 16 2013 @ 03:12 PM
reply to post by mirageman

Thank you for the kind post mirageman.
And yes, the two cases might be similar, and thank you for pointing that out.

posted on Jun, 16 2013 @ 03:16 PM
reply to post by stirling

Some people never will, until the day they see it with their own eyes.
Pictures, videos, documents from the government all don't matter to people who don't want to believe. Some are scared of the idea. I think it's more sad that people don't utilize the internet to find out, the moment they see anything related to UFO they think alien, fearing ridicule from others they don't even do their own research.

posted on Jun, 16 2013 @ 04:17 PM
Great info. THX THX.

These look like solid cases.

I would appreciate any links or sources for each of them that you may have.

posted on Jun, 16 2013 @ 05:03 PM
I have sat outside and looked out at the night sky for hours and hours and have never seen anything :/

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