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An Analysis of the Real Conspiracy

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posted on Nov, 13 2004 @ 04:56 PM
Emily Cragg:

You seem to be more mature than I. I am 29. I was raised under Reagan and in the California Bay Area. I was probably the last generation of children to come from a school that was administered by a male, where the children were allowed to run and play, throw balls at once another, getting hurt was a part of childhood, running was something that a boy did as part of his God given nature.

ADHD did not exist, we did not take drugs and pills for behavioral problems, and things seemed to be just fine in class. That little school I came from was the very last school that was run this way, they closed it about 15 years after I left. Now all schools are run by women, and the children are totally controlled, limited, drugged, and crushed into confomity to a system designed by IT.

Your comment about building our own credit unions from our CONGREGATIONS is an EXCELLENT idea. Taking our money out of the banks and into non-profit collectives that allow us to interface with the money system WITHOUT serving IT or any power we can't see. It seems rather foolish to buy into the corporate banking system when our money can buy us indepedance just as easily at it can buy us slavery.

I would do it myself, but I am not a banker. I have an affilitation to the Mormons, and I know them to be a rich and affluent people, with many bankers among their numbers. I am sure if they really were a people trying to keep themselves out of the world's affairs, then these bankers could easily form a free banking system for Christians to use.

But you see, IT is really in change of them, like all organizations. They are forbidden by their leadeship to do this. That did at one time have a bank, called Zion's bank, but it was sold long ago to the corporate world, and now it is just like all other banks.

There is a spirit of gathering that is developming among us. It's not mature yet. It will appear within the next ten years as the world begins to fall under the dominion of IT and its human systems of rule. But we are not ready yet. It WILL happen. We will form our own communities again.

And about the Antichrist and related stuff:

I have only begun to form my awareness of this matter. I have managed to see some of the intent of IT and the huamn powers that serve IT - it is to form their own kind of centralized power in a human being, similar to the Christ that we all venerate, except that it is formed by the convergence of evil instead of the forces of good.

I don't know about the bloodlines business, and I think that reptilian garbage is just a lot of phychotic nonesense of people who got close to the truth, but lost their minds in the pursuit of of truth. They are seeing demons, and calling them by the wrong names. They aren't aliens.

Teach me a little about this stuff please. I have never looked into it. I read a little of David Icke, but I think he is mostly mad. Some of his conclusions and revelations are the kinds of things you get out of channelers who claim to be in touch with the spirits from MU or Atlantis, or some star system. It's all hogwash. He's seeing the same things we are, but he's interpresting them strangely.


[edit on 13-11-2004 by Arkaleus]

posted on Nov, 13 2004 @ 06:02 PM

I also grew up in the Bay Area--three of my offspring live on the West Coast even now. I finished grammar school in San Francisco and high school in Sonoma Valley.

That was a different era. People were permitted to have their own thoughts without the word "politically-correct" intervening in there.

IT has taken over the Mormons [now complacent]; IT has taken over the Witnesses [now on the defensive]; IT has taken over the Jews [except for the remnant of non-Zionist Jews]. Gathering as many Jews to Israel as physically possible, the Zionist movement is also about provoking Arabs until, in outrage and humiliation, they bring Retribution down on Jerusalem once more.

But, we can't stop that. It's a hyper-dimensional problem originating in the Subjective [as before].

What we can stop is our own exploitation. And we can only do that by adopting the Christ's methods: Share what you have with those in need; drop out of IT; reorganize your community to be for itself and not for [Outside] greed [as Essenes did, as Masada did].

If a credit union is too complicated, then the proverbial pawn/consignment shop will do. If a daycare center is too law-intensive, then go for a baby-sitting "cooperative." If a buying club is too labor intensive, go for a shared once-a-month-shopping trip to town. Publish your own want ads and trade stuff with each other--anything to get out of ITs grasp.

Yeah, I'm an old fart, Ark. High school class of 1960, college class of 1988. Five kids ages 41, 40, 30, 23 and 18, all spread out. And I miss the Bay Area; but who can afford to live there? IT costs too much to live there.

Just remember: We stopped the Vietnam War by dropping out. We're going to have to do that again, to stop this one.

posted on Nov, 13 2004 @ 07:55 PM
The key to our refuge lies in forming communities. That's what spiritual people have done many times before in the past. The industrial urban revolution made them vanish, but now it's time to re-invent them.

Like minded people are quite happy when they are among their own. Free thinkers appreciate other free thinkers, and good people blossom around other good people. Much of our problems stem from being mingled among the slaves of IT, for we often find ourselves surrounded by evil people, and they see us quite clearly for what we are, and they do all the nasty things they do.

It is certain that if we remain in our urban centers, we will forfeit much of what makes us individual spirits, and will be forced into troubled times and a new social order. You don't want to be dependent on the system when the system becomes a tyrannical nightmare. You want to be as unplugged as possible.

Think of that that Stephen King book the Stand. Think about what they did, gathering themselves in a community of "called" people. That's akin to what I foresee will happen in America. As the net closes in on the rest of nation, we little sparrows will escape out of the gaps provided to us by the preparation of the One who Loves us. We will find our compatriots and establish our safe places.

I think you are correct about the Mormons. It is painful to be among them when I visit the churches. Their meetings are like empty houses, they speak about nothing od real importance, even the meetings of the priests which is supposed to be where men can freely speak about matters of spiritual and social concern, are totally scripted, read out of books, and kept within the narrow confines of the approved. They cause no controversy among themselves, and no one steps out in the open and speaks his mind. It's a very unhealthy and stifling atmosphere. The spark of divinity that appears in some of the members isn't appreciated, men do not have the spirit they claim to. So I have not associated with my mormon brethren in many years.

I will probably go back soon, to see if I can find any living ones in here in the center of it all, Utah.


[edit on 13-11-2004 by Arkaleus]

posted on Nov, 13 2004 @ 08:01 PM
I tried going back; it didn't work. They were/are afraid/terrified of me and my free mind.

Yes, we must be in community; that's why my web-site is archiving intermediate technology tools and ways back through time to something simpler and more lasting.

God will provide the place and the way for us to build one. I'm in prayer about this constantly.

posted on Nov, 13 2004 @ 08:16 PM
i am of the opinion that God has placed a special spiritual burden on those who attain their own individual selves. What I mean by this is that the source of Life, the source of intellect, favors those who have come to a perfection of their own selves, rather than those who live in group-minds, or collectives. Collectives seem to be anethema to Christ, and generally abusive to free thinking individuals like Christ and Socrates. I personally think that IT is the cause of collectivism among human beings, and ITs will is done through these people by their persecutions of indivudlas who rise out of the group.

Heaven has always seemed to favor men and women who break free of the group, and rewards them with an understanding mind. I think it's how we are introduced to the True God of Liberty, and the True God of Wisdom, and I don't think he favors them who are not fully expressed individuals seeking light.

Christ was the perfect example of the Man who knew more than the establishment, and a great example of Liberty vs the collective. This is what the Gnostics favored, and what drew them forth from their communities into a whole new nation. That little nation was squashed by the jealous powers of IT, and we are its remnant.

Things will come together for us by and by, as our prepared and set-apart siblings come to an awareness of what they are. The real structure of this nation of becoming visible to me, Its a phenomenon that was commented upon by them in East, who noted that whenever a Buddha appeared, others born in his generation were often attendants, and spiritually linked to the coming of that particular great one. I think we are seeing a similar phenomenon now, people call them indigo children, etc. If you want to seek wisdom, then undertsand WHO they have gathered around. Remember the old scripture: wherever the eagles have gathered, there the corpse lies. I will let you interpret that for yourselves.

As it stands now, we are seeing the dragon emerge from this world, what men call the NWO, I would liken it to a dragon, and who else would appear but that One who excels inthe slaying of dragons? Think about that one and draw up your response.


posted on Nov, 13 2004 @ 08:32 PM
Yes, some have the responsibility to lead.

Let's talk about Moses. He had to walk with people beneath his presumed class, across the wilderness for forty years, just to bring them to a Home that he would never experience.

That is the role of Teacher, to bring the people to a place where they can experience the Blessings of God, but by leaving everything and everyone else behind, the Leader's heart is left behind also ... until God redeems him.

[A leader is always a "him"--one who is left-brain dominant.]

If you Arkaleus, are an annointed Leader, you will follow the pattern: Leave everything you love behind and help your sheep find their Home. And then again, their Home will not be YOUR Home. Your Home will be with God, as Moses' was with God and mine is with God, as even the Pope's is with God and as Mother Theresa's is with God.

This is sainthood: giving it all up so the sheep can be led Home.

Are you ready to consent to do this, Arkaleus?

posted on Nov, 13 2004 @ 09:12 PM

I know that Ark is correct in his beliefs (in a general way) because I am living it.

I say "in a general way" because I feel more comfortable not attributing names or religions to this darkness. Not that I am saying Ark is wrong in doing so...just that I don't know; and that several things feel wrong.

Emily, I don't know who you are, but always enjoy reading your posts.

I feel like there is a lot of truth here, and I am thankful for this thread.

However, I do feel (and that's what it is, a feeling) that something other than truth is dancing throughout this discussion. Why?

posted on Nov, 13 2004 @ 10:56 PM
Keep seeking and you will find it; keep knocking and it will be opened to you.

Perhaps you sense that the future is not carved in stone?

Yes. I sense that too.

Yet God is Faithful, and He will bring us through it, cost what that may.

But ...

give some thought to what it would take for you to "drop out" and share your goods with others.

We all ought to give that some prayerful thought.

posted on Nov, 13 2004 @ 11:21 PM
A leader appointed by God is something that is a marvellous appearance throughout history. It is always accompanied by great need. We are going to find that great need fairly soon.

As far as noting something dancing through this thread that is not truth, I would like you to be a little more specfiic. I take such words very seriously, and I am not above anyone's critisism. If I have spoken wrongly, then I love to be called on it. I adhere to the Confucian attitude towards correction - even in "great masters." They accept learning even from the most lowly of sources.

Please do not leave us with such phrases as that without elaborating. You say you see the same things as I do, but use different names. That is very understandable. We don't yet have a vocabulary to discuss these things. Part of the reason why I write these things is to create one. Once we have a vocabulary, we can begin to speak in a more effective manner about things that have not been discussed for 1500 years. Since the Gnostics were after the same things that I am, or visa versa, I will barrow heavily from their vocabulary.

I'm a work right now, (I usually post only at work) so I am going to make a list of Nag Hammadi documents that refer to IT, and parallels in their thoughts and my words. I am sure it will open your mind. I will post some excerpts here and link them to my FTP site so you don't have to fish thru really difficult readings to find them.

(An edit afterthought
I think what you are sensing as "wrong" are the descriptions I am giving you of Jesus. Many people who attempt to know Jesus in fullness are buffeted by all sorts of negativity. There is literally a gigantic army of forces standing between mankind and Christ, and any attempt for men to peer into His Legacy meets with wanton agression.

I have been led to Christ BY Christ, not by another. And His lessons to me will not resemble your lessons. I am taught like a Father teaches a son, and prepared in much the same manner. I view the process of knowing Christ as a process of becoming equal to Him. I think the modern concept of him being at the head of some kind of imperial hierarchy as absolute monarch rather contradictory to Christ's own teaching, and certainly outside of the flavor of his ministry.

Christ changed the meaning of perfection for a man. He moved it from the absolute Tyrant to the absolute good. The model of the absolute tyrant is obsolete. Christ's intention was to build a nation of perfect liberty, because that is spiritual evolution in Heaven. Our ranks are defined by our intelligences, but we do not from ourselves into heirarchies of dominance.

That is the reason why we build republics instead of monarchies, because they are a more advanced and perfect form of government, and they allow for the most productive and healthy expanse of his intellect, wisdom, and civilzation.

Many Christians are stuck in authoritative models, under the Old Testament YHWH, who is a foreign Deity to me. That strange feeling you feel is the servants of YHWH striking out at the independent one, who is attempting to cross the imaginary barrier that leads into Christ's Liberty.

My theory, and it is a fairly unique one, is that this struggle for Liberty is the underlying cause for the NWO and our struggle against it. It is a struggle for our souls as much as it is for earthly liberty. Therefore the two concepts need to be wed in a wise fashion.

I am still working on this, so it is rather new.


[edit on 13-11-2004 by Arkaleus]

posted on Nov, 14 2004 @ 01:50 AM
Thank you Emily and "Ark" for responding.

I am a woman. A lawyer.

Emily: to respond to your last post; I AGREE, I am a poor, poor person, (in bank account, not in spirit
because I take care of people when I can and when I know they are in need. But, upon reading your post, I realize that I can do better.

I am not trying to sound like a Saint, or even anything special, because I am far from it; I am only saying that I want to help people.

Ark: I believe that you are a person of importance; however, I am confused about your criticism of women, among a few other things. I believe you are gifted.

And, as crazy as this may seem to some...I want to protect the children. I know what is happening. I keep coming back to this website only because I need to know all sides in order to protect the children.

Keep an open mind.

posted on Nov, 14 2004 @ 02:54 AM
Ah, the subject of subjects. I'll utilize some of the same wording to continue the flow.

There's a lot to IT. Gnostic is an excellent approach. Building community as well is an excellent approach. Building a community with Gnostic wisdom seems like a grand marriage.

You can still live completely within the system and be completely "free" from IT. In fact, it's more of a challenge. Physically, yes, the freedom of movement is severely hindered without physical energy (money). But, there is no such restriction holding back the mind/spirit.

What is the limit of the mind? Infinite?
What is the limit of the universe? Infinite?
If 2 things are infinite how are they separate or different?

Defeating IT is fairly simple after a few major roadblocks are knocked down. But before that you have to ask yourself what you hope to gain. What is the objective? You can't go into battle without a clear objective. Although it may seem like a small semantic issue, if you go into battle to stop IT from doing what IT's doing that is wishing to impose on free-will. But if you go into battle wishing to gain "yourself" you will surely get what you seek.

There's actually one secret that can defeat IT for each individual that feels IT's conscious signature. Jesus said it. But who can resist humor eh?

Here's the Secret

Warning: Some language and material contained in the link may not be suitable for closed-minded religious zealots. You were warned.

[edit on 11-14-2004 by ShadowHasNoSource]

posted on Nov, 14 2004 @ 03:18 AM
you peoples are still missing the point...

Especially Arkelus, you ibis headed freak....

Community is the only way for groups of people to maintain a society which improves its standard of living...but the problem is the potential for exploitation by elites using advanced technologies...that's why any community must hold the individual freedom and peaceful, constructive expressions of those freedoms above all else...however these behaviours are only positive when rooted in a real loving family home environment....This is what is going wrong in America at an exponential rate of decay; decay of the family unit. The Family is being abandoned for primitive behavior patterns inspired by the technological hive mind (media, movies, and now internet, etc.).

Who are the actual scions of IT? The human face of IT?

If humans are involved as tools, they must have handlers, IT manifested i.e 'aliens', demons, etc...There is nothing positive about alien abductions, so those little grey and reptilian bastards are definetly evil....

Every phenomenon is connected. IT, aliens, chupacabras, mothman....they are just different names or faces of the same thing.....

posted on Nov, 14 2004 @ 04:22 AM
anyone ever think that we're just making IT all up?

"illusions" by richard bach

posted on Nov, 14 2004 @ 04:46 AM
Before we go condemning IT we must realize that IT's necessary. It is the other side of "God" in the physical. There would be no good without evil. We cannot deny IT. We each possess IT. It is our "other" side in the physical realm. We are here to learn from IT. Once you learned what you need to you will no longer need IT and there's nothing IT can do about it.

posted on Nov, 14 2004 @ 04:53 AM
Some people like putting a more mystical aspect to things. It doesn't matter much if it's an inter-stellar gang of super evolved ethereal velociraptors or the human leaders of the world. Wait, what is the point? I still don't see one.

Originally posted by abdul
you peoples are still missing the point...

[edit on 11-14-2004 by ShadowHasNoSource]

posted on Nov, 14 2004 @ 08:12 AM
1. We can attend to and live out someone else's--other humans'--choices or

2. We can live out our own choices by attending to and teaming with God.

This is all there is. There is no "third option."

In the writings, God expresses the preference that we get what we give.

This is some kind of Law like gravity or nutrition, only giving demands that we attend to and make the choice and follow that choice with behavior.

Of course, the family is where most giving occurs; and IT wants to dissolve all family bonds and knowledge to limit our choices to whom to attend [children and parents] and to whom to give [time, care and thoughts].

I guess my question to you Shadow is: "To whom do you CHOOSE to give your attention--to the Self that IT WANTS to separate from family OR to the Family that God wants to GIVE you?"

Your choice.

posted on Nov, 14 2004 @ 08:46 AM
Arkeleus, I am impressed! I have been following this thread with much interest. I have known of IT since I was a child, though I have a different name for IT. I have always called IT "boy". I suspect each one of us has our own name for IT, for it manifests itself to an individual in whatever form or concept that is most beneficial to its purposes.

This thread has revealed many levels of understanding. Tiger was right when they stated, "something other than truth is dancing throughout this discussion". Please correct me if I am wrong Tiger, but I don't think they meant that the thread itself was trying to deceive, but that IT was monitoring the discussion and was waiting for a chance to pervert it.

It has always been here. It hid in the dark places of the universe long before the "birth". It recoiled in revulsion at the appearance of the "Light". It fears the Light. It knows the Light is the only thing that can hold it at bay and expose it. For ages it waited for this new irritation to diminish but it did not. This new light pierced it's being, as a ray of sunlight hurts someone with a migraine. So it came from its dark hiding places and began its quest to dim the "Light".

Emily_Cragg is correct when she states that our true power is choice, and that there are only to choices, and IT will uses any means necessary to sway our choice.

Do not make the mistake of believing Newton's first law when it comes to IT. In the natural world it may be true that "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction", but this does not hold true when it comes to IT. How many times have you heard someone say, "why do bad things happen to good people?" IT has no sense of fair play. It only knows dominion.


posted on Nov, 14 2004 @ 09:18 AM
If by "dominion" you mean "control"--precisely, precisely so. This is why IT encourages each and all of us to "do our own thing" and to "buy it now and pay later." These are both forms of slavery that bind us to the "here" that is under ITS control.

This is why teaming with God is freeing: by letting go of immediate preferences and wishes, you can move on to more interesting territories, roles, functions and outcomes--more interesting and more productive.

But you have to be willing to give up the ego that says: "I want _x_ NOW."

That's SACRIFICE in common language.

posted on Nov, 14 2004 @ 10:18 AM
With everything that I read for months....I've come up with the big scene we live in and really, it makes sens and gives a purpose to life, our lives as human living here on planet earth...

We are souls that incarnate on earth, our souls chose our body in the 3D that is a "low plane" it's like in the MAtrix movie, what we see and feel in our body is just a shell we learn with because our souls have to experiment to return to the source that is higher plane of GOD. All humans had different experiences in pasts lives, our souls are not all on the same level so that's why some people are very very skeptics, they have less experienced souls.
In this 3D plane, humans are influence by the dark forces of the 4D but are not aware of it. The earth is actually what they call HELL, because we suffer and life is difficult. But each incarnation on earth is a learning, and the next incarnation is a result of the Karma.
Then there is "THEM" the dark forces of the 4D who control everything because they fight with the light, the source, and they want to win.
So the best way to fight is to be true and unconditionally loving!!!!!

That is like just 1/10 of what I could talk about!! I would love to share everything with ya hehehehehehe

Maybe I look totally LOCO in that post, but it's so hard to explain......

Here is a link


posted on Nov, 14 2004 @ 10:45 AM
Does "it" feed on lust? Or is lust deemed evil because some king wanted population control?

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