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An Analysis of the Real Conspiracy

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posted on Nov, 7 2004 @ 04:20 PM
Heads of the Hydra

It is common right of every American to have an understanding of the forces that govern his life, and to have representation in these systems. That is the most fundamental of American liberties; a foundation stone of our government. There have developed new kinds of organizations and forces that have avoided the necessary inquiry of the people, so that they might act outside of the system of checks and balances that we have established by right and sacrifice to safeguard our liberty. It is the express duty of this generation to identify these new powers, to enumerate and describe their scope and mission, and to subject them to the same controls and obligations of representation that we give any other power that seeks to affect us.

It has become apparent that the new combinations of power that formed after the victory of free markets and free governments in the 20th century must be carefully examined. It is the right of a free people to clearly see the powers that have come to be.
These forces have become as powerful as governments themselves. They gather at the tops of the economic pyramid, and have thus far enjoyed anonymity and secrecy, and it is my contention that in this sheltered environment they have gained too much influence and power over the people of this world.

Before I begin, I would tell you the prerequisites you will need before pursuing this course of study. First, an understanding of what real power is, and its nature. Second, an understanding of the spiritual aspects of this universe, and how they are manifested in this world and in living beings.
This is a revelation of the earthly aspect of the cosmic battle between good and evil, and for the seat of Human Consciousness itself. It requires every faculty of the human intellect to comprehend its depth and breadth. Part of it are intertwined with the systems and infrastructures of the world and its nations, in the principalities of their power, their systems of finance and industry, and in the psychology of men.

1. The Description of what IT is

There are only the vague descriptions of ancient books and modern conspiracy “theorists” on the path of something the know is evil, but do not yet fully understand. IT is indeed evil, it is actually the source of evil in this world. IT is the realm of the human intelligence that has become twisted and corrupted to serve the principals of evil and death, IT has become very powerful indeed.

A description of its nature is necessary to understand how IT interfaces with this world. IT is a thought being of immense proportions. IT is not limited by a physical body, but maintains an energy form that does not behave like the matter of this physical world. IT possesses the attributes of intellect and will, and IT is capable of planning, deception, and intricate operations. IT loves the rich things of this world, the lusts and sensations of men, IT loves power, domination, and fear. IT wants to be a ruler. That is what IT is trying to do – now more than ever before.

ITs origins are unclear, but it is apparent through ancient writings that IT is at least as old as civilization, perhaps as old as consciousness itself. If you desire to hear more about the origin of evil, then read the old books for yourself. Zoroaster’s Avestas are a good place to start.

For us living in this late age, the present form and will of this power is much more immediate than the old stories, because it has become quite apparent that IT is forming a very dangerous plot against this entire world. Not only does this plot encompass the physical apparatus of this world and its nations, but it involves the sacred realm of human consciousness, the soul if you will, and how it resides in the body and exists in this world. A total system of control, because the primary attribute of IT is CONTROL. IT will do whatever it needs to do to gain control of you, me, the animals, the forces of nature, eventually the Throne of the Universe itself, if it were able.

2. The Stage is Set

Several developments in the world that have led us into this crisis. The technological advancements of the world are what has allowed this evil power to consider an ambition it had never before been able to accomplish. Technology has allowed men freedom of movement over the entire world. Technology has allowed gigantic systems of control to be established over the populations of nations, effectively containing the entire lives of mankind. Seeing its opportunity in this new hierarchy of dependence, it aimed for the top levels.

This evil force has always mingled with the rich and powerful through the ages, though it was limited by differences in culture, time, and distance. It could never spread itself over the whole world, it could only hope to take small areas under its rule, individuals, perhaps a nation or two. But always, the Force of Light would prevail and the corruption would soon be vanquished, and the evil purged.

Yet as time advanced and the areas of this planet filled with the societies of men that have come to be, technology arose that allowed for a common awareness to exist fairly easily. Television, Radio, computers, travel, telephones, satellites, and the whole host of modern technology have created a world where the inhabitants are aware of the same things at nearly the same time, a commonality never before achieved in the human era. Every system of power grew until it came in contact with its neighbor, and they began to annihilate or merge, until a fairly homogenous consistency of human existence emerged. This is perhaps more true in the developed nations, who have become so similar to one another that one can migrate to any place in the developed world and enjoy an identical lifestyle and commerce to the one he enjoyed before.

Of course, this meant that governments began to resemble one another. Once the cold war ended, the final barrier to the totality of a world culture was removed, and greedy eyes of private power knew a golden opportunity had come. These powers well know the potential of a totally connected world. It is a control matrix – to remove the sense of freedom from the people is the first step towards a totalitarian system.

They goal is to attain a system of slavery, where people think they are free. That way they will commerce like free men, but in truth be slaves. That is the ideal of these powers: That way the wealth of the free can be gained without the Liberty of the free, and the power of the rulers can be absolute. The stage is set for this new monster to emerge.

2. Cosmology – The orders of Intelligence and Spirit

In order to understand how this matrix of power exists, and to view it properly you need to have a concept of cosmology. The phenomenon of Human Consciousness emanates from a God Source, which is the being of Awareness and Total Knowledge. Ancient religions and wise men made it their business to perceive and describe these structures to us. We have their descriptions, but few understand them anymore.

Briefly, human beings will attain a certain level of development in their lives, that will determine in which realm their spirit (awareness) will dwell. This process is expressed throughout the life of a person. This is not knew knowledge, and any wise man or book will describe this to you.

What is not commonly known is the nature of the lower levels. Men often shy away from their study, and rightfully so. But something has begun to develop in these lower levels that has threatened the rest of us: A will to power has stirred among the dark powers that linger here. They have developed a dangerous plan to invade the middle regions, and to lengthen the influence of their demonic power into the world of living men, which we occupy.

It is an invasion in a very real sense. To occupy a living being has always been something that the denizens of these lower levels have done, but this has begun to happen on a whole new level. These forces have begun to grow in such power and force that entire populations have been invaded and taken into their demonic power, forming structures of rule and power among the nations of men. It has favored the upper classes and the captains of industry for its chosen hosts. That way, it could form combinations of power and prepare a kingdom for itself AMONG THE NATIONS OF MEN. It would not manifest itself physically, but would express itself THROUGH the living ones by the power of its non-corporeal being. That is the true conspiracy, the true threat never came from the men themselves, or any of their organizations. It lies within them, and in the realms of the spirit.


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posted on Nov, 7 2004 @ 04:46 PM
didn't understand, really

So were humans made by god or aliens or neither?

posted on Nov, 7 2004 @ 06:07 PM
Hello Ark.

First of all what the blazers is "It". Like 55 Im a bit confused. You talk about something wich could make sense but you are speaking too hush hush.

Be more open, let us as a intelligent people know more about what you are talking about. Dont hold your info back, let it all out.

Beacuse one day the people will know the truth.

There is a war going on and its called intelligence vs ignorance.

Intelligence will win; Hope youre on the right side, I know I am.

posted on Nov, 7 2004 @ 06:15 PM
IT is the psycho-spiritual force of darkness that has manifested in this world and is the organizing force behind the globalization of the nations and the destruction of Liberty.

IT is the same force of darkness that the men of the Light Religions have fought against since the beginning of this era.

IT is demonic in origin, non-human, and relied upon connections IT makes within human beings to exist and interact in the systems of this world. IT thrives upon the physical energy of this living world like a parasite. IT is best understood when you understand what the whole battle is between the forces of Heaven and the Forces of Darkness.

IT is the opponent of Christ and all righteous men - It is trying to overturn the Liberty of the world and establish a slave planet of total control. IT is using the rich and powerful to execute its means. As for what IT is exactly, that is a matter for theology and Cosmology to address. Read Zoroaster, He fought against IT, Read Indra, HE fought it. Read Christ, HE fought IT.

Now WE must fight it, because IT is stronger than it has EVER been before.


posted on Nov, 7 2004 @ 06:18 PM
hey Arkaleus - i think many people from across the globe feel that there is an evil force behind the scheme of things and as time shifts onwards ever so rapidly then this evil becomes more visable.

it is very important to know more about this invisible enemy in order to shift peoples awareness in their favour.

As we move into a new era, things become more ludicrous in this reality - almost to the point where they cannot be denied.

The Governments bombard the masses with even more b/s in various forms than in the past and technology has played a key part in this.

do you think this is to keep us all distracted from the evil that controls us?

if the puppet politians are having their strings pulled by an invisible predator then this works perfect as the masses focus all their suspicions on them rather than the real threat.

posted on Nov, 7 2004 @ 06:40 PM
That's right. It is hiding behind the physical appearance of this world. It requires that men continue to deny the spiritual aspect of existence because THAT is where it dwells.

As long as men and women focus on the material world and avoid the spiritual and the psychic things, then IT will continue to grow in power and control until it becomes completely unstoppable.

Our leaders are not truly puppets, but they are involved in a deception. They won't fight it. That's what the whole skull and bones business is: They skirt along the edge of its influence, making a terrible joke out of the matter. They strike a kind of bargain with IT - Not to fight it directly, in exchange for a certain level of independence from it. But it is a foolish bargain , because eventually IT will overtake all forms of independence and displace it with ITs own tyranny. Bush pretends to be a righteous man, but no man can be called righteous that does not admit and fight against this evil.


posted on Nov, 7 2004 @ 06:45 PM
Okay Ark.

Nice response thanks for the info. Now how do we as a people fight "It".

I understand that these books say what they may about christ and fighting "It" but to defeat ones enemy, one must think like "It".

What Im saying is that we the people live in the now. History maybe a good insight into how we as a people take such steps to defeat and conquer "It", but this so called thing spirt could also have changed its preception over the years and, as such (like you say youre self) has gotten alot stronger.

Again more info is needed to actually take any course of action for the upcoming future.

There are aliens, "It" could be any one number of these beings (if any aliens are reading this dont take offence im just stating). There are demons, there is so much mankind does not know, that it would be folly to take actions when one does not know fully what one does.

Like I said there is a war, and at the moment humankind is going through enlightment that means man woman and child are going to go through spirtitual, physical, and mental enlightment all for the better (u gotta love god and the way he works!).

Strangley as Im writting this evry1 on this plant we call earth, the greater good is at work for the better of humankind against all evil and this so called "It".

posted on Nov, 7 2004 @ 06:47 PM
Perhaps irrelevant but leads to a closer idea as to what you describe and its nature:

What is IT seeks to achieve once their is no more resistance?

Can IT exist without ITs opposite?

Is It able to achieve contentment in its goals or is IT contradictory and self destructive?

Is the nature of IT absolute?
or can ITs nature be changed?

Can there be an ultimate understanding to IT or is it the chaos that will never stop consuming until IT collapses upon itself?

what determines whether or not a man will reach a level of development to resist IT?

is it a phenomenon of "good chosen ones" vs "evil chosen one's" and the rest are pawns who are influenced randomly?

"Good chosen ones" vs "the rest"?

Can good excercise the IT from the man IT inhabits or is the man already lost?

_need to understand what avenues are possible or if there is a singular inevitable strategy.
This is what _ can not determine.

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posted on Nov, 7 2004 @ 08:41 PM
This story is perhaps the greatest one ever told. It is the culmination of MANY different religions across thousands of years.

It is especially interesting to Christians, because the story of the Christ is essential to understand what is happening today.

I will try to answer your questions.

What [does] IT seek to achieve once [there] is no more resistance?

IT is a force that exists in this world by a kind of spiritual parasitic occupation. It attaches to the vital forces of the spirit that reside in a person. It takes over the higher cognitive functions and subverts it to its own power, which causes it to strengthen its collective. IT functions like a kind of collective. IT is described in the Book of revelations in a kind of mysterious language, so read that if you want.

Simply put, IT is seeking to RULE this world, and to dominate the source of Life and Intellect. IT is attempting to force its way into the fundamental forces that govern life on this planet, kind of like the MPC in the movie TRON. IT is trying to become GOD. IT is called The Beast by the Christians, but IT has many names given to it by those who have observed it in ancient times. You have to learn those ancient things to see the whole picture. You all have a spiritual intuition that you are sensing IT with. It feels very foul to you. You know it's there, but you don't know what to make of it yet. That's what I am going to help you do.

Can IT exist without ITs opposite?

IT does not have an opposite. There is no balance of forces that IT maintains. IT is a corruption of the "Intelligence Force" That some call God. IT is not a whole or stable being, IT is a parasite that requires the healthy to exist. The healthy do not require IT. IT can be removed from this universe and the Universe would rejoice and be quite well. Good is not equal to evil. Many people think that IT represents the Yang principal of Eastern Thought, but IT is not. There is no Cosmic-Mandated balance between Good and evil. That is one of the greatest lies in the universe. IT is a corruption and a dangerous threat to all Life. IT is the product of Intelligence that has fallen away from the Perfection of Good. That is what Satan really is.

Is It able to achieve contentment in its goals or is IT contradictory and self destructive?

No. It does not have the ability to be content. It is like a parasite vampire. It cannot generate ITs own life force. It must constantly feed off of US. IT is unstable because it is composed of all the hateful and ill-formed things of this universe. They are held together with brute force, unified under the common hatred of good things, beautiful things, and perfection. That kind of alliance is by its very nature self-destructive and unstable. What you are asking for is a psychoanalysis of the Root of evil. It's hard to do that, but it can be safely said that IT is very unstable and cannot maintain the order it has built eternally, but will eventually degrade and fall back into chaos. It is so strong right now because it has organized up all the human souls it has stolen from this world and united them in a mad vengeance against the Christ and all life on this world.

Is the nature of IT absolute, or can ITs nature be changed?

I speculate that there is a single intelligence at the very core of IT. IT is a conglomerate of spirit, a kind of shell of brutal construction. This intelligence is called the Prince of Darkness by some, but I do not know ITs proper name. If there is a single intelligence at the core of this abomination, then it is probably subject to change and alteration according to its will. It cannot be absolute, because then it would be eternal and have no need of what IT has needed thus far to express power in this world.

what determines whether or not a man will reach a level of development to resist IT?

I have studied this a little. IT seems to take over a person by depressing certain regions of the mind and body that govern the WILL and EMANATION of a person's being. Indian Vedic traditions outline these forces and their places in the body, and I found to my great surprise that they were correct, and correlated with what I had observed in people who had been overcome by IT. Those who are overcome by IT show remarkably similar symptoms: A clinched forehead and the lack of light in the eyes, and the ability to project their spirit in a violent and destructive way against other people they don't like. I reason that this is because the seat of the soul, which some say is behind the forehead in the enter of the brain, is a center of nervous energy, and this is where IT connects to and feeds from and influences the will of those IT has subverted.

One of the Primary functions of Christianity is to develop the "Holy Spirit" within the body of its members. The Holy Spirit is the Light Power of Holy beings, Good spirits if you will, that can attach themselves to you and guard your key energy places against the brutal force of IT and IT's vast numbers of Human subjects. That's what the whole religion is about, kids. To resist IT, you need to develop a very strong sense of Identity and Goodness, you need to refuse to do any sort of EVIL. You especially cannot engage in any of the psychic mischief that entices people towards IT to begin with. IT attracts many souls to ITself because it teaches them how to use their spiritual power to influence and control other people, and to do things like read minds, invade thoughts, and interfere with the nerves and muscles of other people. If you hate those things and hate those who do them, then you are already resisting IT. To learn everything about these mysteries if how you gain the assistance of HEAVEN and GOOD SPIRITS, which is how you can OVERCOME IT completely and join the WAR as a righteous combatant.

Read the book of revelations with this understanding, and it will unfold to you.

is it a phenomenon of "good chosen ones" vs "evil chosen one's" and the rest are pawns who are influenced randomly?

Part of this is explained above. The "chosen" aspect of your question is very interesting. Yes, there is a choosing that takes place. You see, from our birth we are watched by the invisible forces of heaven and evil. Some of us are more able to form righteous thought because of the nature of our intelligence. Such persons are drawn into the chosen sons of Heaven, and powerful spiritual forces align with them. That is part of the concept of being a chosen one. All persons are potentially able to choose good, but they are tempted away by the promise of power, or the various lusts which degrade the mind, and cause them to grow so weak that IT can seize their minds and eventually their souls. It's not part of a judgment system, IT is a very evil invasion of the life of this world. No one planned it to be like this. Especially God. We as a race of human beings have adapted to this threat over thousands of years, which is how we got Jesus, who was an Avatar of the Christ, who is worshipped under many different names by many different Faiths. This story I am telling is actually a war story, a war of the spirit. We are all drafted into one army, or the other!

Can good exercise the IT from the man IT inhabits or is the man already lost?

Yes. It is a matter of personal will. The frightening this that has developed today is that certain men stand to gain immense power from an alliance with IT. Most of American people are living in a very corrupted and degraded state. They seek nothing but a material existence. That is one of the designs of IT, because material people are easily controlled. IT has grown so powerful because men and women have given their strength to it, willingly, and have agreed to serve its purpose in this life. That is part of the terrible struggle warned about in the book of revelations. People know IT is evil, they learn about IT, and then they give themselves to it at some level, and some of them give everything to it. IT has targeted the leadership classes of government and business, because that IT is what IT desires. IT loves the chief places in the world, the rich things, the sensual pleasures that we enjoy, IT wants for itself. IT doesn't have a body of its own, so IT wants the next best thing, to RULE ours completely.

Can a man be freed from ITs influence? Yes, but that's not what I have studied. I don't know much about that yet. Perhaps I will learn once I am older and stronger.

_need to understand what avenues are possible or if there is a singular inevitable strategy.

That's what is forming even as I write this. First, we must come to awareness. Then we must awaken the parts of our minds that have fallen asleep. That's what the Gnostics were doing, and they paid for it with their lives, their faith, and their orders. The Satanic influence over the Roman Catholic Church in the ancient times crushed them out, because they were attempting to FIGHT IT. Now we must take up again what they left for us.

I seem to be part of the American Awakening. I am struggling right now to overcome these forces, which have physically invaded my body. Once I accomplish this, it will likely trigger the rest of you to do the same. We are being guided by heaven, each of us, and all those who have been chosen for this righteous conflict will by a miraculous fashion come to one accord. Sound amazing? It is. Wait and see how incredible it will get for us!


posted on Nov, 7 2004 @ 09:11 PM
Indeed ark indeed.

Sorry I just had to write, maybe youre just bull...ting but wouldnt be nice if a change for the good was to be ahead for all and sundry.

I know I want my children to live a great and fun existence.

Anyway one can dream (but then if we didnt dream reality would not be!)

posted on Nov, 7 2004 @ 10:36 PM
The time for wishful thinking is gone, brothers. This world is under invasion, your souls are threatened, and the lives of your children cannot be kept in the illusion any longer.

It is harmful and dangerous to lead your children into illusion. You cannot keep them in the bubble of your false dreams, and except them to survive once it pops. There are violent spiritual forces waiting to devour each and every life that appears in this world. Do you send your sons to fight it with paper swords and plastic shields? That is what you do when you turn your head away from what is real.

Many of you desire your children to be happy and healthy. You cannot attain this goal by preparin them for a material life, because this will lead them into slavery. You need to be brave and stand up against the forces that desire to keep you in this ignorant and submissive state. They are doing it for a reason.

There's a reason why cops can pull you over whenever they like, why there are so many laws, why the policemen have come to have total power over anyone they chose to bother. You don't respect these people. They are doing evil to you, and they are breaking the contact of civil trust we have put in them. You fight them in every non-violent way you can. You resist and resist until you can win yourself in court, and you keep your soul intact. That's what you fight for. They will break your body and kill you because of this, but you MUST keep your souls.


posted on Nov, 8 2004 @ 12:31 AM
Arkaleus you seem very wise and full of knowledge.

I am very intriuged by your vast knowledge for a subject that I been trying to discover more as each day passes.

I have felt the power of evil in my life for longer than I have realized. Since I was a child my mind was always open to the other side of what everyone calls reality. My mind has always wondered if we are all trapped inside the forces of evil.

As my mind has matured more and more the awarness for what is coming and what has already infiltrated becomes much more apparent.

I have a few questions for you if you wouldnt mind answering.

1. Where have you attained your information on this subject? What you have said all makes so much sense in my mind and I just would like some credibility to base your claims off of.

2. Are the forces of evil that have captured all American minds causing us to lose our chance into heaven? With many commandments being broken daily caused by such apparent things from sexual inudendo on television to our deep passion for money and wealth? Will our belief in Christ and God save us like I have been told all my life from going to church?

3. Is IT the force of Satan casted from Heaven in The Bible ? And has IT created a force of humans to carry out IT's plan to conquer Earth through the means of government and mind control? Hence an Illuminati plot?

I have more questions but I cant quite word them yet.

Anyway thanks in advance for the responce....

posted on Nov, 8 2004 @ 01:03 AM
so this dark side of the force, or "IT", what have you, is feeding on us right. i also read here that IT doesnt have an opposite because of this. so then if IT only exists because of us, then really, it is at our mercy, once we recognise it correct? interesting. Arkaleus, i think you should post a story of how you came to your recognition of the "IT", and how you've come to where you are with it today, and what you plan for the future. perhaps then we can get an more indepth idea of IT all (no pun intended). meanwhile, i'll get the popcorn, cheers
dfh out.

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posted on Nov, 8 2004 @ 06:34 PM
One of the things to realize is that human life, all human life, has its origin in divine principals. Life itself is a creation of the divine. We all come into this world with an awareness of the basic forces of the universe like good and evil. It’s part of our being. By our original natures, we recoil from evil, and are attracted to good. Little children show this trait – what teaches them it? Nothing needs to. Animals show this trait too, it is part of the expressed nature of the Divine God that composes the awareness of life itself.

Some people have a strong sense of good and evil. This is something that we are given as a gift from above. Those of us who survive our childhood with this sense intact are often brought higher levels of awareness and sensitivity. Very few Americans survive with this sense intact. There are MANY forces striving to destroy this as soon as it emerges from us. American people have been taken by IT in large numbers, and are very hateful towards free people in general.

To answer your questions:

1. My awareness of these things came the hard way. I was totally unaware of any kind of malevolent spiritual force until I was about 24. Then I began to awaken. Then at 26, I was attacked in a violent fashion by these forces. I won’t detail this to you, but it involved a very violent and sudden attack in every energy center in my body.

I began to read every book I could find on spiritual knowledge, until I came to the Gnostics, and I found out that what I had experienced was something that every person who gets near to enlightenment experiences. It was made worse because of the time I live in , and general ignorance I was in before. I was taken advantage of by cruel and malevolent people because of my naïve and child-like nature. I didn’t understand back then that everywhere I went I would be facing essentially the same enemy. I thought everyone was more or less like myself, little did I know that they were part of something else. I don’t want to go into my own personal suffering, but I will certainly share the great wealth of knowledge I gained in a rather short time.

I began to perceive spiritual things as a result of this painful experience, until I could begin see the connections between things, and how these powers resided in people. I began connecting the dots. Combined with the books and people I read, I came to understand the common traits that the Ancient Gnostics were describing, and I found their parallel in those alive today, and I discovered that the forces behind it were the same forces that were around today. Then I pieced together a cosmology of this world, and sought after every wisdom.

You cannot gain an understanding of these without a strong spiritual awareness, and a knowledge of the major wisdom books. Then it becomes apparent. There is actually a change that takes place in your brain that allows you to see these things clearly. Otherwise, they remain invisible. You become able to see forces and energies and forms that were hidden from you before. Indian traditions speak more of this than other traditions.

2. As for the forces that have captured American minds, and their ability to reach heaven, I don’t think I can answer this for you. Reaching Heaven is not like traveling to China. It is a spiritual advancement that must be made within a person. These forces are very destructive to a human being’s ability to reach these developmental levels. In fact, they array themselves sometimes specifically for the purpose of stopping people from doing so. Women do this quite often if for whatever reason you offend their envy. Women in this culture are rather insane. Wise men should avoid them entirely. That is also what the ancients said, for reasons for this that I will not go into right now.

3. Yes. Humans serve as a kind of seat or chariot for IT. It has no body of its own, so it exists as kind of a thought-beast. It exists through the brains and life centers of the people that serve as its seat. The rest of the population are connected to it though the forebrain, where it can guide their thoughts and activities. This remote link become apparent when these masses combine at various times to oppress and terrorize the saintly people IT encounters. You will encounter this if you begin to awaken as much as I have. You will become visible as an individual being, which is what the beast will attack.

It’s not the Masons, the Illuminati, the Skull and Bones, or anything like that. Those are organizations of men. This force is not a force of men. Men who seek to gain power in this world often associate with it in an indirect manner. Many of the rich and powerful have a kind of “fool’s attitude” towards it. They know they are hopelessly worldly, and cannot ever hope to resist such evil, so they have a kind of collaboration with it. It wants to govern the world and everyone in it, so they assist it and submit to it in order to gain a certain level of independence and peace from it. We call those kind of folks traitors and collaborators.

There is not a single world leader or famous world-class person today that has the ability to confront or challenge this Beast. They ALL are under its command in one way or another, even if they are not demonic themselves.

My plan for the future is this: Gather and awaken my people, form a safe place and gather up my nation. Prepare for the inevitable fall of American Liberty, and the rise of evil to absolute power. We have the seeds of a new generation in us, like noah's ark. That's a little bit later though. First I have to wake up, and so do you.


posted on Nov, 9 2004 @ 07:30 AM
I don't get “””it”””
You (Ark) go on and on about malevolent force and such, swim through the book of Revelations then claim to be Gnostic?
    a religion that differentiates the evil god of this world (who is identified with the god of the Old Testament) from a higher more abstract God revealed by Jesus Christ, a religion that regards this world as the creation of a series of evil archons/powers who wish to keep the human soul trapped in an evil physical body, a religion that preaches a hidden wisdom or knowledge only to a select group as necessary for salvation or escape from this world.

Is this a fair definition of Gnosticism?

If so, then why do you (and other Gnostics) mention the Christian book of Revelations?

If you (or other Gnostics) claim a “””sublime””” knowledge then any reference to temporal writings makes no sense.

Help me out here. I don't ascribe to Gnosticism (as you can easily perceive) so my thrust is really one of debunking.

I think (and believe) the entire Gnostic “””thing””” is like so many other secret society statements. It (IT) is merely an elitist set of statements meant to obscure what in reality is simple. When man (as in mankind) buys in to beliefs such as Gnosticism he (or she) then resigns oneself to the interpretations and whims of others. This is akin to mental servility.

So, you being a Gnostic and claiming to gather in your people leads me further to believe servility of others is a Gnostic goal- is this right?

This is an anti-judeo god thing?

posted on Nov, 9 2004 @ 07:56 AM
i dont know anything of gnosicism...
iam judeo / christian...

AND i understand "IT" is what is commonly known as the devil, or if you like, the source of evil.
the evil in the hearts of men... the source...

if you cant understand this, stop debunking, and just listen to what people have to say.

His definition of evil, regardless of gnostic or whatever religion/ philosophy/ brotherhood is an interesting and well thought out assertion.
Thats a fact.

it is interesting.

dont debunk him before you figure out what he is saying!
or else people will think you are "spinning" and then you will be dismissed as a deciever with an agenda, not someone who's opinion is valid!

anti-judeo god thing?
what the f?
Free your mind. "God" compels you to... "IT" compels you to have no ability to question anything, as the ignorant make the best pawns and slaves. Never succumb to spiritual arrogance...

posted on Nov, 9 2004 @ 08:36 AM
I know truth when I hear it, and our friend Arkaleus speaks the truth about this overwhelming evil that has taken so many of us already. I have always had a strong sense of good and evil since i was a child, and I try my hardest to promote the good in people and help them grow. But being enlightened as to the forces that are controlling people is to live alone. I dont say this because im trying to be preachy or reach out to any1. I say this because two weeks ago, I was beaten so badly I couldnt see or eat for 5days, and the sad thing is, it was the people I love and call my friends who caused this damage to me......they started giving abuse to a group of lads and then run off and let them beat me unconcience....I dint try to stop the lads as I didnt want to hurt them or fight with them.......since then my friends have mainly avoided seeing me because they know what they done, but something stops them from caring, stops them from wanting to help and stops them from loving......I'll never stop loving them no matter what they do, they are my friends, but I see this way of acting n almost evry1 I have met for years now, and I know THIS IS NOT THEM, they are acting like ths because IT has power over them to control and twist and sap the love and true goodness from their soul. I have 1 friend who is not like this, and he agrees with what I say about the world around us, so I know Im not mad.

Arkaleus I hope you do not feel alone as I do, your a very warm and caring person and please dont ever let that change.

posted on Nov, 9 2004 @ 09:14 AM
Yekway asks: "Now how do we as a people fight "It".

The One who created Life as we know it [and as we don't know it yet] also created the form that became "IT," that favors Power over Mercy; Compliance over Intelligence; Predation over Pacifism and Self-Sufficiency.

NOTICE: ALL [yes, all] statements coming from these OnHigh autocrats are TOP-DOWN generalizations. "The average ... does so and so; therefore, we will legislate to facilitate or prevent .... blah blah blah."

Top-down is the modus operandi of "IT."

NOTICE: In the Sermon on the Mount, there's NO TOP-DOWN. "It WAS written; but I say to you, [look what is in front of your eyes that you can sense with your senses] ... ."

Early Christians were persecuted because they refused to worship the TOP-DOWN dictator/Emperor. They were freed from role behaviors that limited their sense of what was appropriate.

We must do likewise. We can do so by bottom-UP [grassroots] activities like sharing and giving, cooperating together to form associations that actually solve our own problems.

Refuse to accept the top-down legal interpretations of the Media and its programming; be involved in consensus and forum activities among first-person initiatiates in what is actually true.

Refuse top-down violence and porn programming; don't pay for it; don't play with it; don't fill your mind with distractions. That's what IT wants to do is keep you busy.

Refuse top-down marketing and distribution of slave-made wares. Don't shop where slave-made goods are sold; keep your needs simple and buy from farmers and consignment shops, or make your own.

Refuse addictions. Addictions are economically situated to keep IT going. Learn to cope by meditation, healthful activities and useful work.

See? We're not helpless. We can resist IT, in all ITs forms.

The One who gave us our lives and forms is also telepathic. Pray for help, in this endeavor; and that is what you will get. God doesn't lie.

posted on Nov, 9 2004 @ 09:53 AM

I'm very glad to meet you.

While I feel certain you know what I'm about to write, I wanted to put it out here to add to your thoughts, I hope you don't mind.

I'd have to say that I believe 'IT' is indeed real in some form. You can follow events throughout history to see the influence 'IT' has held over time.

Did you know that Alexander The Great was so afraid of the truth contained in the original Zoroastrianism sacred texts (written in Avestan), that he had EVERY copy every "written" destroyed?

It's true, only because of some elders, were they able to piece together quite a lot of the sacred book.

Mainstream 'reality' would like you to believe that you must be part of the Zoroastrian religion in order to follow its path.

This is not the case at all. You need NO formal ties to the ancient religion in order to be in opposition to 'IT'.

Mainstream would have you believe that you can only take part in this "fight" if you were born into the religion, and that you cannot "convert" later in life.

The truth is however, that there is no conversion. If you're a morally good person, then you have already walked near the path of truth. Even if you didn't realize it.

Don't be fooled however. Much of mainstream religion through the ages has been under the influence of 'IT'. Some of the most blatant victories that 'IT' has enjoyed were won under the guise of righteousness.

That's not to say that everyone who follows a certain mainstream religion is working for 'IT'. Most are not. Most people who seek for a path of goodness in any religion, are wholly opposed to 'IT', even though they don't know it.

Anyways, since the 'convergence' of society, the rulers of this place have been able to keep the light of off this subject easily. They have declared what should be commonly accepted by 'US', and so feel little fear that such a small amount of "truth" is out amongst us all.

Perhaps that's their greatest folly, I'm unsure.

I'm glad you posted, can you give us all more info regarding where to read the full texts? That is something I've never done but would really love to.

Hope you write more up on this. Nice meeting you again.


posted on Nov, 9 2004 @ 05:24 PM
I will make a few statements of what is to come to us all.

Our words in this thread have revealed a common sense that exists among a certain few of us. That common thread is what the Gnostics referred to as being chosen. Those who share this understanding and awareness are remarkably similar in what "turns on their light." That's because we are part of a unity and a nation that I will elaborate on.

My words were constructed to do this to those of us who are among this group. This group has been maintained throughout history because that is where the Spirit of God rests among men. I didn't explain it in my first post, but that is how these celestial powers operate. They interface in this world by binding themselves to the men prepared to receive it: The Forces of IT and the Forces of Good, both have chariots of living ones here among us.

That is a basic description of what is truly the government of the Holy and how the infernal IT manifest in this world, but you will begin to understand this yourself once I declare it.

I notice that each of you that have come to greet me come from very different paths - This is a confirmation of the nature of the Holy Sprit - The Holy Spirit is the AUTHOR of human liberty, and it does not care where you come from, it only goes by what is in your heart, and how you relate to matters of truth and virtue. That is why all organized religions at this time are not fighting IT, because they are more interested in the TOP-DOWN authority models that resemble IT more than anything from Heaven. IT has power over all organized things at this time. WE, on the other hand, are individuals, lovers of God, lovers of truth and righteousness, lovers of each other. That is how the TRUE people of Christ are, even if they don't immediately associate themselves with Christ, they have been chosen by Christ and His People to join their nation.

That nation is what I am involved in. It is my aim to bring this Nation together from my people, Americans, English, whoever can receive it. We are coming to age, and our awareness is maturing, and I have come to understand that we are being guided into our future because of what will come to pass in this world.

IT has always opposed the forces of Light and Liberty. The wise posts of you who mentioned Zoroaster are quite correct: Zoroaster was perhaps the First Savior of the world, a prototype of Christ. His doctrines contained in the Avesta clearly describe the forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness, whom I have called IT for lack of a better name.

The forces of Light are among mankind to help him form Liberty and Light, and to establish the virtues in his civilization. They seek to strengthen his spirit and bonds with the God of Light and His Kingdom so that His kingdom might become established on the earth. Liberty is the common theme of this struggle, and it has been known throughout all history as the critical point over which these forces fight. The forces of darkness cannot thrive where Liberty is strong, because individuals who are intact in their identity and spirit stop IT dead in its tracks. IT needs weak slaves and host bodies to continue to manifest in this world.

We fell asleep in America. We were led into a trace that put our entire culture to sleep, and then the forces of IT overran us. We, the chosen survivors of this invasion, are awakening NOW, and we are finding each other. Once we finish awakening and the chosen ones of this time have been prepared, we will gather ourselves so that we might re-establish the principals of Liberty and Freedom.

It works something like this: Each of us are carrying the seeds of thoughts and awareness that come from Above - things like Liberty, freedom, spontaneous thought, All forms of righteousness. We were chosen to be the bearers of these holy things because of the invasion and occupation of IT in all the nations of the world. These things have been secreted out of the upper levels of society, where they were once enshrined in civic temples, wise scholars, judges, and brotherhoods. These things have all been driven out or destroyed by IT and Its servants. So, to save the work of the Light and the cause of Liberty, it has been hidden in US.

My prediction is that we will feel a compulsion to connect with one another in the next few years. It won't be until we are ready. Many of you do not know the History of Utah, where I am from. It was founded by people who had the same knowledge as myself, and they did exactly what I was talking about here. They were called the Mormons. They gathered their "Zion" in America, and called all awakened people to their colony in Utah. Mormonism is an invented religion - It requires its people to have a Gnostic divinity directly from Heaven, you can't receive it from books. It has degraded over the years until now it is just another protestant sect of "Christian" materialists. Nevertheless, the TRUE purpose of ZION in UTAH was for a gathering place of the Righteous Elect from America, and whoever else can get over here.

We are on the edge of the time when IT will have total control over this world. Remember, it is the SPIRIT of Liberty that IT is destroying from the world, not the material freedom of physical things. IT needs material and economics to run its kingdom and systems. Liberty was never a material thing, Liberty came from God.

We are the chosen generation of this world. We have brothers and sisters scattered all over the planet. We are waking up one by one, and coming to the Light, and receiving a special command. This is just the beginning of my writings.

We are the chosen vessels for the safekeeping of the holy things that have been driven out of their proper places in the high temples of this world, and IT has put itself in their place. One day we will be called to gather in a place of safety, a place where IT will have no place, no authority, and all of Its servants will be kept outside. A place of spiritual truth, not the LIE that has corrupted our parents and institutions.


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