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Original 1954 Bilderberg Minutes Reveal Backroom Dealings From The Start

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posted on Jun, 14 2013 @ 04:16 PM
So the Bidlerberg Group and the conspiracy that they are trying to take over the world was big news recently. These people are believed to be the "New World Order".

Well, it appears the conspiracy nuts were right again. A researcher has discovered the minutes from the 1954 Bilderberg Group in an archive in Washington DC university.

Here we can see where they laid the foundations for the EU and that "free trade agreements" and zones have been nothing more than an effort to control the world and the markets. Here is the smoking gun many wanted when they asked about why protest a bunch of old businessmen and cronies? Because they are doing evil as the late Jim Tucker would say.

The founding fathers limited corporations... is it about time we do too?


Washington D.C. - The Bilderberg Group is a network of powerful men and women from across the globe that hold an annual conference at various locations around the world, protected by armed guards and no media scrutiny. The members are not to speak about the group openly, even though they are said to discuss global issues and create international policies and business moves based on the meetings that affect the lives of billions, including yours.
Until the year 2012, The Bilderberg Group had avoided any serious media attention or groups of protesters outside of their meetings, but now in 2013, the tides are changing on the once secret gathering

In the uncovered transcripts, several participants (including first Bilderberg chairman Bernhard) express a desire to use the first conference and its ability to coordinate Anglo-American trade policy as a “starting point” for a “partnership for growth”. As UK parliamentarian Mr. Pilkington states on page 19 of the transcripts:

“I think that a “partnership for growth” is a fine idea. A good deal has been said but very little has been done about trade policy, and this would be a good place to start the partnership.”

Bilderberg’s insistent PR-talk about its innocence, suggesting the annual gathering is just a talking shop where no decisions are being made, stands in clear contrast to statements such as these. Bilderberg’s co-founder prince Bernhard on page 17 suggested that a common trade policy should be used as a means to make developing nations fall in line with the Anglo-American political construct:“We are naturally concerned about the underdeveloped countries which must depend, for their economic safety, on the export of raw materials.

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posted on Jun, 14 2013 @ 05:08 PM
I am sure the info is all legit, but I find it amusing that a secret group having a private meeting would take notes. I can see mini-me writing down everything in "short hand". I know it's probably not that funny's pretty funny.

PS It's certainly a lovely invitation
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posted on Jun, 14 2013 @ 06:50 PM
By this time in history it should be very apparent what has been going on. Only a complete imbecile can still deny the fact that extremely rich people will conspire together to guarantee their future place on top....looking down.

The sad part, all the "brave american soldiers." yeah, real brave..pfft. brave enough to go around the world and bully people with far lower tech weaponry, ON a LIE! to "protect our freedom". now cowardly from an a/c controlled room with a drone, women, children, injured, doesn't matter..

yet, they have NO .....(you know whats), to go after the REAL DEMONS causing.. no.. PROFITING from the misery of millions.. starving and poisoning people.. Yeah.. nothing wrong there..

I mean, come on!! how quick could just MARSOC pull off nigthtime "double taps" on the real MONSTERS..

the amount of "FREEDOM PROTECTED" by our "BRAVE SOLDIERS" in decapitating the hydra would ECLIPSE the "freedom" being protected in Iraq, Afghanistan, Cuba, Germany, Okinawa, Italy, etc.
INFINITELY.. yes infinite times more freedom.. soo, how "BRAVE" are they?

For the Generals and Admirals in the states getting FAT on pensions, raising some of the MOST DISGUSTINGLY spoiled drug addict vermin children... HOW BRAVE ARE YOU?!?!?
The fact Bilderberg EVEN EXISTS!!
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posted on Jun, 15 2013 @ 02:25 PM
You gotta wonder if these folks every get on the domestic terrorist lists , no fly lists, FBI lists, NSA, CIA lists, etc.? Are they not advocating and working toward the change of if not kindly overthrowing legitimate governments for the sake of their personal philosophies and fortunes? Certainly, we wouldn't expect it to be for the common good would we? Isn't that what our elected leaders of government are supposed to be doing, looking after our interests? What is the difference between them, who many cause untold deaths by monkeying with a country's economy, and a terrorist setting off a bomb? No much in my estimation. It seems that they tend to operate like bankers, allowed to be above the law. These are not just rich celebs like Paris Hilton jetting around just to party, they have actionable plans, so where is the governmental scrutiny?

Are they harmless, so ineffectual that no government gives a fig about what they do or plan on their annual romps? Are their respective government complacent or in on the real deal?. We conspiracy theorist tend to make a big deal of their gatherings, but perhaps we need to view them in the proper context. Is there a rationale for their public but yet secret meetings that draw so much negative attention? Here we have the world's elites meeting and making plans that effect us and all we can do is scratch our heads as to what is really going on. I must wonder if this public acting out of these elites has a hidden purpose. We have the UN which is supposed to have international powers, but these Bilderberg people have a network of individual power that trumps the UN in many areas. Are they to become the secret world government of elite, unelected leaders having their way with us?

To answer my own question, I would have respond with a, "yes," to my rhetorical question above. It seems to be that as the UN gains power on the legislative side of our lives and at the same time national borders are made to disappear than business leaders of the world's dominant industries will emerge as an organization unto itself that will make the ebb and flow of economic/commercial interrelationships work around the world while being outside of traditional governments which will become relatively powerless in those areas. That is my take on what they are about. They work for self-interest under the guise of helping the world move into its next phase.

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