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Will you take the Mark of the Beast?

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posted on Nov, 7 2004 @ 02:55 PM
The NWO has instituted it's plan for total world government and general nastiness. A third of the world's population has been killed in wars, famine and disease and the Antichrist has been revealed to be George Bush/Kofi Annan/The Pope/Britney Spears/your neighbour, Frank.

Miliions of Christians got sucked up to heaven to be spared all this messy armageddon kafuffle, but unfortunately, you didn't. You suddenly realize you made one huge booboo, that the Christians were right, that their is only one God, and that he's in an extremely bad mood.

Suddenly, the Antichrist institutes this new religion. As you have already been trained to think by the media, he proclaims all previous religions to be the cause of all wars, suffering, and some truly awful cable TV shows. He sets himself up to be a new benign god of the human race and offers protection and peace, as long as you renounce any other gods, bow down and worship him (or his statue which was erected in your city square) and accept a chip in your hand or temple so that he can keep track of you wherever you are.

But you know better. You've been on ATS, you've researched alternative media, you've read Revelation, you're a decent person, and you want no part of this new religion. So you think, "Easy. I just refuse the Chip of The Beast and everything'll be sweet."

But will you be able to resist the Mark? Imagine this:

You escaped into the wilderness with your survival kit at the onset of the NWO. You finished the freeze-dried and canned foods you had stocked up. Your ammunition ran out and you can't seem to get a workable bow and arrow going. Your vegetable seeds didn't germinate or didn't grow quick enough and the weather has inexplicably turned frosty anyway. Where did all the animals go? You are starving to death. You decide to make a daring excursion into a town/city to steal some supplies. An NWO camera with thermal imaging and a chip-finder scans the street and spots you hiding in the bushes. Like one of the last humans amongst the body-snatchers, you are pointed out, quickly overpowered, and taken into custody to accept the Mark.

You are in a prison camp for "terrorists" who refuse to take the Mark. Stories circulate of gruesome torture, of those who thought they could resist but couldn't. You notice that one of the guards outside of the camp is the same guy who just last week was boldly stating that he would die before taking the Mark. He cannot meet your eyes. He has a small reddish lump on the side of his forehead.

One day, the familiar, gut-wrenching, inaudible vibration emits from the speakers around the enclosure you are in. Everybody falls to the ground in pain, nausea and confusion. The low-frequency humming stops and four guards march into the enclosure, as they do all day every day at two hour intervals to take someone away. Apart from the guard outside the camp, none of those taken out have ever come back. But this time they come for you. Two of the guards lift you up and carry you out of the enclosure while the other two point their weapons casually at the crowd. Not that any would resist - you all knew what happened to those who did.

You are taken to a small, warmly lit room with comfortable armchairs. The guards leave you alone in the room. Pictures of the "New God" adorn the walls, his beautific smile shines and golden light emanates from around his head. A door opens and a man in priestly robes enters. The lines of his face serve to make him look wise and gentle.

He asks you to sit and proceeds to explain to you that you have been deceived all of your life by greedy religious leaders and politicians who used religion to further their own control agendas. He explains that the New God is the one, true God and that the Christian God was a fallacy created by pretentious, power-hungry extra-terrestrials who visited the Earth many eons ago. He explains that their is no such thing as the "Antichrist" and that the New God is what you would think of as an extra-terrestrial, but is actually a higher spiritual being who is trying to free humankind from the lies of these wicked aliens. He implores you to cast aside your deceptions and accept the truth. To your amazement, he brings in members of your family who you thought had been killed or lost. They rush into your arms and with tears streaming from their eyes, beg you to worship the New God and just take the Mark, for their sakes as well as your own.

WIth tears of sorrow and self-conflict, you shake your head and tell your family that you know that this "New God" is evil and you cannot accept his mark. Without any visible signal from the "priest", the guards enter the room and take you away. Your family members cry and try to hold onto you before falling to the ground clutching their heads in pain at some invisible force. The priest shakes his head sadly as he watches you go.

You are taken into an elevator which descends deep underground. Before the elevator stops you can already hear the terrible, bone-chilling screams. You are led down a long hallway, the floor and walls of which are spattered with blood and the evidence of mutilation. Sounds of human suffering and of machines of torture emanate from the rows of doors along the hall. The guards take you to one of the doors which is open. Your knees weaken at the sight of the two men in surgical uniforms and masks, and at the array of stainless steel instruments, drills and saws around the table, but the guards drag you inside emotionlessly.

You are strapped onto the table and the guards leave the room. One of the surgeons leans over.

"We don't have to do this, you know. If you could only accept Him," he says, "all this pain could be avoided. Why suffer for a false God who, even at the end, cares for you not?"

You close your eyes and ignore him, only to open them again as electrodes from some strange machine are strapped onto your forehead.

"Now," the surgeon says, "what's the worst torture you can think of?"

Your mind involuntarily races through torture scenes until you come to your true fear. A pain that you have feared since some early stage in your life. Everybody has one.

"Ahhh. "The surgeon intones drily. "Castration. How original."
Hours later, you are delirious from the hellish pain that wracks your broken and tortured body. Your voice is merely a rasp after all your screaming and your eyes are crusted with the salt from your tears. Their ability to keep you alive and to waken you from the sweet escape of unconsciousness exceeds your worst nightmares. Yet still, you hold onto something. Images of your family run through your head and you are grateful they did not have to go through this, even if they are possibly damned forever.

"My, my, my." The surgeon shakes his head. "You ARE a tough one. Oh, well," he sighs, "time for plan B."

The top half of the surgical table you are on raises up like a dentist chair so that you are brought to a sitting position. You sob as your eyes take in the hurts done to your body. Your eyes flicker up as a television screen flicks on in front of you, wild static racing across it. The surgeon wipes the teras from your eyes so you can see clearly and whispers in your ear.

"Now, see how your false God loves you."

The static stops abrubtly and the screen shows a room like the one you are in, with three people strapped to tables exactly the same as yours. The hand-held camera rockily zooms in on one of the surgeons who is holding a circular surgical saw covered in dried blood. He starts up the saw and brings it down towards one of the unfortunate victims' ankle. The camera pulls back and moves over to show the face of the victim. The face of one of your loved ones.

You scream hoarsely in horror, fighting uselessly against the straps which hold you down. Tears of rage and sorrow stream from your eyes.

The surgeon yells over your screams, "Will you accept Him? Will you accept the New God. He can save you and your family if you will only worship him. Your false God loves you not. He has abandoned you to pain and death. WILL YOU ACCEPT THE NEW GOD? WHAT IS YOUR ANSWER?"

You sob and sob, the vision of your loved ones about to be tortured still showing through the blur of tears, and you open your mouth to speak...

So...uhh, yeah, what would you do?

posted on Nov, 7 2004 @ 04:11 PM
Any God that would turn his face from someone giving in to such torture is just as bad as those giving the torture.

I don't really want any god - they are all a bit violent for my taste; I crave the sweet release of oblivion nothing nowhere.

posted on Nov, 7 2004 @ 08:10 PM
Entertaining crap none the less.

People seem to get confused about the mark of the beast as being a computer chip and religion and a mixture of the two.

I have no idea what it will be, but from my understanding of the bible it says something along the line of the number being on your forhead and hand.

My belief is, the mark of the beast does, as you say, come down to worship. I do not think it will come down to the worship of alians though, but the worship between God and the devil, (and I do think it will be a subtle difference as 'even the elect will be deceived')

So the mark of the beast will be evident in what you 'believe' What you are thinking and what you are doing.

the chip thing is scary, however I do not think it will be initally associated with religion. At a later stage it might be once everyone has it. That would stop the 'buying and selling'.

In addition, I do not think they would have the time for torture, they will most probably just put you on an electric chair or shoot you.

posted on Nov, 8 2004 @ 05:46 PM
who will take the mark? maybe we are so accustomed to living life on ease, and are not prepared for the coming hard times, they are coming, that;s why everyone has to go back and grow their own food to saty alive.

posted on Nov, 9 2004 @ 10:52 AM
An entertaining read with a point. Very few of those out there these days. I think governments would use torture. After all, the testimony of one who has been converted is indeed a powerful influence especially when they're in the majority.

posted on Nov, 9 2004 @ 10:56 AM
Nice piece? Well, it's the reality.

Ask a Chinese woman who is being forced into an unwanted abortion.

Ask a school kid who has to work for minimum wage to pay for his books.

Ask a mother who runs from job to home to school to church and never has time to think straight.

Force and control are the names of this Game "They're" playing on us.

Just as Christians were fed to the Lions, so we who eschew the Mark of the Beast--whether you are Amish and forego the Social Security system or a conscientous-sensitive person who declares themselves exempt from being chipped--there are consequences of one's Choices.

There are ALWAYS consequences from the Choices we make; we are here to learn what those consequences ARE, from Good Choices and from Unfortunate Choices.

No kidding.

[edit on 9-11-2004 by Emily_Cragg]

posted on Nov, 9 2004 @ 12:46 PM
I was thinking about what methods woulds be used to convince people to accept the mark, because it seems that the VAST majority will accept it, and accept it willingly. I don't think the story came even close to the methods that would be used; as they say: "truth is always stranger than fiction."

The bible talks of "strong delusion" being put upon us. Strong delusion could take the form of media manipulation as we see today. It could take the form of your family members being used against you. If you truly believed in God, seeing a child threatened to be killed in front of you would be terrible beyond words, but you would be consoled knowing that you and that child would live in peace forever with God, rather than in a short-lived saving of the flesh. It could take the form of doctrine and dogma from the "churches". The vision of hell being eternal torture and burning forever and ever was given to us by the church. This fate is only reserved for Lucifer and his fallen angels who put themselves above God. AND if you do some research regarding HAARP and Project Blue Beam, you'll see their are some theories out there about mass mind control as well.

But the bible does state fairly clearly that those who refuse the mark will be martyred, and indicates that beheading might be the preferred method. This is particularly interesting in light of the beheadings that are being presented to us more and more regularly. Are we being conditioned? Will it come to the stage where those who don't accept the Mark will be executed on television, just as they have been in China in the past, and most of us will cheer? Or are we being mentally and visually terrorized in order to increase our fear of this gruesome death and reduce our spirtual fortitude?

I personally hope that the methods used would not be as gruesome as continuous torture, and I agree that it would be a little unfair of God to expect someone to go through that. Everyone has their limit.

Something tells me we are already being conditioned to accept some new false religion that will be presented to us before the end, and that the Father of Lies would be very cunning in his way of convincing people, to the point where torture might not be necessary. Just look at how religion is blamed for all the ills of the world today. "Fanatical muslims want to kill us because their God told them to." "Dubya kills children in the name of God." "Half the Catholic priests are paedophiles, and gee, let's not forget the Inquisition and the crusades." What we always seem to forget is that these are MEN that are doing these acts of evil in the NAME of religion. God does not condone these acts; people do. People who have been deceived and lied to. Hands up all those who think suicide bombers are really existing in bliss in an afterlife somewhere, patting each other on the back about how they proved their faith and will be rewarded forever?

I think in the end that people will be lining up willingly to take the Mark of the Beast, although I'm sure it won't be called that. That would be too easy. Those who refuse it, whatever it is, will be harrassed and beaten and killed. They will be seen as trying to hold on to the old ways of division, of wars, of suicide bombers and of leaders killing and raping in God's name. They will be accused of trying to stop mankind from evolving. The Antichrist will present himself with love and goodwill, not hate. He will present himself as saving us from our woes, not causing them. He will wear the face of an angel, not of a demon. But the truth is that he will have been the true cause of all of them. Imagine the fire alarm salesman who secretly burns down your garage and then knocks on your front door, smiling and offering a way to "save you from future sorrow."

Only once he has instituted war and disease and suffering and destroyed our world will the Antichrist present himself as our saviour and god.

posted on Nov, 9 2004 @ 01:45 PM
Prophecy noted and acknowledged.

posted on Nov, 9 2004 @ 03:23 PM
Revelations is about WORSHIP. the whole book is about worship, who you worship etc.

God will not allow ppl to be tortured beyond what they can handle, and many people will actually believe the lie and take the mark, AND worship the beast.

those who dont take the mark will be killed, i doubt they will have the resources and time to torture all the people who dont take it, plus revelations talks of people going into captivity, hiding etc. the jews in WWII only all over the world..and the targets will be christians and jews (because the God of Abraham, Isacc, Jacob and JESUS is the TRUE GOD)

simple way to look at it is that in revelations it says that the saints are those who "DID NOT LOVE THEIR OWN LIVES TO THE DEATH"
jesus said you have to loose your life to find life with him....he also said that even to the end of the world/age he will be with us

[edit on 9-11-2004 by TruthStrgnrThanFiction]

posted on Nov, 9 2004 @ 03:36 PM
I would still not want anything to do with the nonsense. What's so bad about Satan anyways?...

posted on Nov, 10 2004 @ 06:10 AM
I remember reading somewhere about the forehead and the hand thing. Apparently the hand is supposed to be some metaphore for our actions and the forehead is supposed to represent our thoughts. I wont stand by this as fact as I can't remember where I read it. But it makes sense to me.

So in this case it would all be about how we act and think.

posted on Nov, 10 2004 @ 06:23 AM
If, several nukes go off in the states. In order to find the terrorist, get food, or just leave the "hot" areas, don't you think you would accept an identification "chip".

posted on Nov, 10 2004 @ 08:26 AM
Nope. That would compromise God's identifying me as one of His Own. My identification as a Child of God is more important to me than what happens when things fall apart.

Besides, God's the ONE who holds my life together anyway, better than any Gummint.


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