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posted on Nov, 7 2004 @ 02:37 PM
Transtopians, Eritis sicut dii -- you shall be as gods.

Very hedonistic 'cult'.
General goal: infinite existence under the best possible conditions
Primary means: reason, science, and technology
Motivation: enlightened self-interest

Their patron saints seem to be Lucifer, Chimaera and Ouroboros and they seem to lack the even the slightest political correctness.

Part of their survival strategy seems to be very low profile. Their members don't seem to be too keen to publicize themselves. Even whois for their website gives just "whois privacy protection company" address. They do express their ideas on their webpage very openly though.

I wouldn't wonder if they go even more underground since Bush re-election. One of the Bush administration science advisors called plain transhumanism one of the worlds most dangerous ideas and transtopians seem to go much further than the garden variety nice and friendly neighbourhood transhumanists. If transtopians were more publicized I can't imagine seeing anyone driving thru the bible belt with "I'm transtopian" sticker in their bumper .

As their point is to reach their goal by basically any means I don't see it impossible that they're behind the scenes somewhere taking preparative steps to remove the obstacles of ultimate self-empowerment. Or then not.

They use some good transhumanistic and libertarian ideas yes, and that makes it much more interesting. They at least present their goals as if they were trying to recruit intelligent and powerful people when usually cults go for the dummest. Although it's possible that they're going after the dumb who think they're smart but it doesn't seem to fit. So this would be more of a secret society than cult.

What do you think about them ? Are there any insiders here ?

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posted on Nov, 7 2004 @ 02:51 PM

Transhumanists seek to become posthuman (demi-)gods -- "persons of unprecedented physical, intellectual, and psychological capacity. Self-programming, self-constituting, potentially immortal, unlimited individuals." It is a fairly common belief among transhumanists that unless we destroy ourselves first (or get wiped out by a natural disaster), the pace of technological progress will accelerate enormously within the first half of this century, ultimately resulting in the birth of superhuman intelligence, which in turn will trigger a period of even faster and more profound social and technological change, after which nothing can be reliably conceived; the Singularity.

Transtopians remind me of the Borg off Star Trek. (I swear to you im not a trekkie!!!)

They just want to live forever, who can blame them?

posted on Nov, 7 2004 @ 03:03 PM

Transtopians remind me of the Borg off Star Trek. They just want to live forever, who can blame them?

Yes, but the Borg were a collective without individualism. If I understood integral part of the transtopianism is individualism and individual empowerment. So they're on the same ladder but exactly opposite to Borgism(?) on the power of individual axis making transtopianism much more attractive for those who believe strong should rule the weak.

They don't just want to live forever they want to be gods... Ok I admit, it's not so uncommon either


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