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Ohio man charged with ramming into White House perimeter to leave political graffiti

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posted on Jun, 13 2013 @ 11:28 AM

Originally posted by RedParrotHead
reply to post by whatzshaken

I've never been accused of being a suspected government spook before...although I did once start a rumor that I was a police officer when on vacation in the Bahamas to keep the pot dealers away from me on the beach.

For a few reasons. First, there's the "meet the new boss, same as the old boss" thing we're used to. Secondly, we all want to believe in our leader. After all he's one of us and has good intentions...he's just caught up in the game and has to play. Right? Third, what is the alternative? Take up arms against the government and kick off a bloody civil war or worse find yourself alone against the U.S. government...I think we'd all rather just bitch, moan and vote then go back to watching Game of Thrones with our microwaved movie-theater-buttered flavored popcorn.

I agree it is un-american, but too often harassment is defended by calling it "freedom of speech"

I would say there is only two options for the American people. Put up or shut up.

The revolt does not have to be an armed civil revolt. Those were old times we live in modern times now where information is the weapon of mass destruction.

What will it take?

Enough people to have the nerve, desire, patriotic duty, to organize and demand the immediate resignation/impeachment of Obama.

Oh and the only vote that matters is a blank ballet. When you vote, you give up your voice to someone who wants represents you, Obama represents America and the world(those who were not in the know) has been deceived.
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I do not want to take flack for the only vote that matters statement but in the current state of GOVT, this is true, there are the rare candidates that are true real and honest, but they are too far in between and made to be the "outcast" on the political spectrum.

Politics will change you before you can change it, it is that powerful and corrupt, Those who oppose tyranny in GOVT and are Politically motivated are strong willed
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