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Pythagorean Hylozoics

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posted on May, 8 2014 @ 06:09 PM

It is an unfortunate fact of life perhaps that, sometimes, we have to attend to other matters for a while. I apologize for all but disappearing like that, but - and I will warn you - I do have the tendency to do just such a thing from time to time and sometimes for a lot longer mind you. They say that patience is a virtue - you will need it with me, to be sure.

To be perfectly frank, I am not altogether sure just where to begin here - and so perhaps the best bet is to re-iterate a point I had made on a previous occasion and that is as follows:

If you would approach PH, then you must be willing to set aside your previous mental system as they will undoubtedly be in conflict with each other. LoO or PH, but not both - that just will not work out in the end. There will be differences and you will be forced to choose. For those of you trying to make an effort to understand PH, I can serve as a bit of a resource. To be perfectly frank, I have enough work to do in mastering PH already without also trying to compare and contrast various mental systems - such as the LoO - at the same time. I hope that you can all appreciate that. In short, what I am saying is that I will no longer be comparing PH and LoO as they are not compatible in the long-run; however, I would be willing to continue answering questions related to PH to the very best of my abilities - given that you can take what I say with a grain of salt, allowing me the space to make mistakes.

Thanks for your time,


Fr. T.E.U. - Fr. E.S.Q.S.

posted on May, 9 2014 @ 11:07 AM
I suspect that many of the people that were here prior are not around at this point - and I suppose that I cannot blame them for that. That said, I will use the dull moment here to address a few thoughts and questions from previous posting.

On the matter of austerity:

The reason I had said that austerity can be dangerous is that, in a lot of cases, people tend to practice austerities for the wrong reason. Austerity, in the true sense of the word, should mean something similar to simplicity or the Art of Living - and yet it does not where most people are concerned. Many people take it to the extremes of monkish asceticism. Asceticism is not austerity proper - nor is it's extreme opposite, extravagance. The danger of this monkish ascetic attitude is that, in a lot of cases, it is merely a masked extravagance or exoticism. They take up all manner of spurious and curious practices - all manner of occult and mystical exercises, less because they find value in it and more so because of the way it makes them appear. Instead of counter-acting the inflation of the lower personality, it tends to puff it up with conceit and make it all the more difficult to overcome.

NOTE: Some people are genuine in their practices of asceticism - ditto to that. Read carefully, I said a lot - not all. In most cases, I am referring to solitary practitioners and not ordained monks - I am referring to the increasing prevalence of so-called and self-proclaimed hermeticists, alchemists, magicians, yogis, etc., ad. inf./ad naus. - who, by their ridiculous posturing and the infantile presentations of their rather lack-lustre brain farts, give the whole of esoterics a bad name.

It is a funny sort of thing that Buddha's "Middle Way" was mentioned, as that is precisely what I am on about - in a manner of speaking; avoiding the extremes of austerity and cleaving closely to the "Golden Mean". Virtue and vice. Austerity should mean simplicity, not ridiculous exotic practices. Hopefully, this serves to effectively clarify a few points.

On the matter of Oneness and improper English:

There is no need to apologize for something like this - we are all aware that English is not your first language. You are allowed to make mistakes - and especially in this case. Do not fret. Keep you head up - and, by god, learn to laugh at your own mistakes.


You are correct.

On the matter of the correlations between the Higher Self in some systems and Augoeides in PH:

The answer here is fairly simple - sometimes there is a correspondence and sometimes there is not. It all rather depends on the particular context and usage of the term Higher Self. Higher Self, as you might understand, is a fairly ill-defined term and, as such, can be used to allude to just about anything. By comparison, Augoeides alludes to a particular thing.


Thanks for your time,


Fr. T.E.U. - Fr. E.S.Q.S.

posted on May, 9 2014 @ 11:08 AM
On the matter of the Akashic Records:

It never ceases to amaze me at just how much profuse balderdash is produced about the so-called Akashic Records. First and foremost, let me make it crystal clear - no man, an individual of the fourth natural kingdom, has access to what could even remotely be called the Akashic Records which would be the collective memory of solar systemic processes found in world 44 - the submanifestal world - and likely only in the atomic kind 44:1. The key to understanding the problem of the Akashic Records is as follows.

All matter has memory; every atom, every molecule, every aggregate, every planet, every solar system, every cosmos - all of them have a memory of the things which have happened to them. This is the most important thing to grasp. The only permanent memory is found in the primordial atoms or monads themselves, and this is precisely because primordial atoms of monads are the only indestructible form - everything else being as many and various aggregate bodies of increasing/decreasing involvement. These forms are subject to constant change and, so, their memories dissolve as the form is dissolved.

With that let us look at man for a moment, for in looking at man, we can get an understanding - by analogy - of the planet and the solar system. Think microcosmic/macrocosmic. Despite the naïve theories of modern psychology, man has - according to esoterics - a variety of kinds of memory, one for each and every type and kind of matter that enters into his make-up. This, of course, follows from what we said above - that all matter has memory; all forms of matter have their own memory. Thus a man has, at the very least, three kinds of memory - physical memory, emotional memory, and mental memory. These could be further sub-divided, and - in a sense - we ought to and thus we arrive at a gross physical memory - 49:5-7, a physical-etheric memory - 49:2-4, a emotional memory - 48:2-7, a mental memory - 4:4-7, and a causal memory - 47:1-3. Roughly speaking, of course. These matters, which make up his various envelopes, record whatever happens to them; whatever sorts of vibrations have affected them. Thus, memory is the capability of the various envelopes to repeat a vibration that had been previously experienced. There is a certain motion, a certain material element, and a certain conscious content that can be recalled by this act of remembering; however, let us recall that our memories - emotional and mental - are most certainly not perfect. If our ability to remember was infallible and perfectly accurate, we would be living in a very different kind of world I suspect - one in which we did not make the same mistakes over and over again.

NOTE: The gross physical, physical-etheric, emotional, and mental memories are dissolved at the end of each incarnation. Thus, where most people are concerned, remembering past lives is pretty well out of the question. Though it is true that the causal envelope and it's memory remains as the permanent envelope of incarnating man, it is no simple task to access it's memory and is part-and-parcel of the great work of man's development. Most memories of past lives can be chalked up to emotional fantasies - and this has been proven on a number of occasions by scientists studying the matter and testing the accuracy of the historical data obtained which has proved all but useless. Science - it's method - when it is at it's best, does not lie and helps to keep us grounded in what is sensible.

As it is with man, so to is it with the planet; the planet has a number of envelopes as well - a physical-etheric envelope, a emotional envelope, a mental envelop, and a causal envelope amongst others above and beyond that. Thus, every man has envelopes which are part-and-parcel of these planetary envelopes; man lives in these planetary envelopes. These planetary envelopes or involutionary molecular worlds have their own collective memory in much the same way that each and every man has a corresponding collective memory of the matter that makes up his own envelopes. Analogy. Correspondence. As emotional and mental memory is unreliable in man as a source of infallible and accurate recall, so too are these collective planetary memories of the corresponding types and kinds - the only worlds that man, as an individual in the fourth natural kingdom, can potentially access.

...It seems that I have hit the word limit for this post and, so, I will post it now. I will have to continue with it on another occasion.


Thanks for your time,


Fr. T.E.U. - Fr. E.S.Q.S.

posted on May, 9 2014 @ 11:00 PM
I had returned this evening with a mind to making some minor edits to the above posting; however, it seems that there is a time limit on that. So much for that. That said, I suppose I might as well continue with the above posting.

First and foremost, let me just reiterate a point:

No man, an individual of the fourth natural kingdom, can access the Akashic Records or the collective memory of the submanifestal world. Man does not have a submanifestal envelope with it's corresponding type and kind of consciousness and, so, has no access to that particular world and it's collective memory. As was mentioned above, man has three main envelopes - which can be further sub-divided into five - namely the gross physical organism 49:5-7, the physical-etheric envelope 49:2-4, the emotional envelope 48:2-7, the mental envelope 47:4-7, and the causal envelope 47:1-3. Thus, by correspondence, we can gather that man is active in the physical world 49, the emotional world 48, and the mental-causal world 47 - nowhere near the submanifestal world 44.

Thus, I suppose this just begs the question: so what - are - people experiencing?

The answer is simple enough, but will likely require some more explaining. What they are experiencing, what they are calling the Akashic Records, is the products of their own conscious activities in the emotional world 48. What they are experiencing is some degree of "clairvoyance" or - more precisely - objective consciousness in the emotional world 48. "Clairvoyance" is, thus, a bit of a misnomer because there is nothing "clear" about it - it is even consider the "world of illusion" and the very epitome of maya. The involutionary matters of the emotional world 48 are very easily impressed by external vibrations and readily take whatever form is desired; in other words, it shows you what you want to see. The deception lies in the fact that it will prove whatever you want it to prove, be whatever you want it to be - and very few people ever suspect it. Proof lies in the fact that the experiences of various "clairvoyants" and seers are hardly in agreement - often even contradictory. Such is the deceptive nature of the matter. This is their Akashic Records - this, the "world of illusions". Is it any wonder then that, for all the people who have supposedly accessed the Akashic Records, the world has hardly changed; the world is still just as full of fools as it was before +1. That, I think, is all the evidence we need of just how useless this mumbo-jumbo is.

On the matter of people being deliberately deluded:

Well, I think we have more than enough proof of that - have a look at the world around you and where you are posting. You do not need to go to the emotional world 48 to become hopelessly deluded, but it certainly would not help the matter. Most people delude themselves splendidly, to be perfectly frank - it is not all the difficult to pull the wool down over their eyes a little tighter.

Thanks for your time,


Fr. T.E.U. - Fr. E.S.Q.S.

posted on May, 11 2014 @ 02:38 AM
Well I know that 'incident' too, I read every page in that thread very carefully, before that I have never known anything about PH(Pythagorean Hylozoics), so like the OP said, if for nothing else, I thought at least I can get some entertainment value from it :-) but then what was unfolded before my eyes was a really fantastic experience which I had never expected. To me PH looks more 'down to earth' than LoO, I will not go in detail why/how I made that 'judgement' because it will be too lengthy and irrelevant to our subject at hand but I will put it this way: what I have read in LoO actually makes me feel 'good' , but in the mean time makes me feel 'wrong' about it , yes it is possible that you can feel both 'good' and 'wrong' at the same time, a not good analogy but if you get the idea: it's like a substance that when you swollow you feel good it's tasty but you also sense something inherently wrong about that substance. Yes LoO smells more like a mind conditioning 'religion for sale' to me, although there are gems in it ( strictly speaking it is also possible , even if not very likely to me, that PH is next to LoO for sale , only more cleverly polished, BUT AS OF NOW I find it a fascinating subject that is well worthy my time [maybe effort too]) So I really want to ask some questions about PH, Fr. T.E.U. ( thank you so much for this opportunity by the way , that goes without saying ), but to be very honest, I dont know where/how to begin, yes that I dont know , it feels like any question (irrelevent of look-small or look-big questions) cast towards the body of the subject will quickly ripple the whole surface in the end it is everywhere that you fall clueless what your tracing or dealing with ( i think that is, more or less, evident in that another thread). So guess I better take a little more time to clear/organise my question first , and about what I really want to know 'at present', and see if I can come up with a 'focused' question.

posted on May, 12 2014 @ 08:50 PM
...And to think that I was just about to give up on ATS, altogether. I was beginning to wonder whether anyone even cared. It seems that people would much prefer to pay mind to the patently ridiculous - which, to be perfectly frank, rather encourages the proliferation of that sort of garbage. It is sometimes mind-boggling how a thread, about nothing of any worth whatsoever, can go on for hundreds of pages - and something like a discussion of PH can hardly get past six pages. I guess I really am not all that surprised - not least of all with PH being relegated to the "grey" area AKA the "loony bin".

On the matter of PH and LoO:

Having experience with both, I can say that PH is far superior to the LoO. Granted, this is only my informed opinion on the matter; you are free to whatever opinion you like all the same. As it is said, every man is the master of his own wisdom.

On the matter of the difficulty of formulating questions:

That is quite perceptive of you. Take your time.

Thanks for your time,


Fr. T.E.U. - Fr. E.S.Q.S.

posted on May, 14 2014 @ 01:24 AM
Fr. T.E.U.

Sorry for the delay, I have spent some time on the question , I have pondered on this for a good while since my first encounter with the subject(PH) and decided to put it here as some "reference" for my question, I have this concept ( one of other versions ) regarding the universe. (It may be a little long, but I tried make it short as possible )

Here it goes.

Say the "highest", "indivisible" consciousness "unit/element" is : a !

You may ask why it is "a" not "A", because if it is "A", you will ask the same question why "A" not ,say "X" ? So whatever it is , THERE MUST BE SOMETHING, and it happens to be "a".

"One day", "a" becomes self aware , I dont know why or how she did it, but she just did it!

She is aware that just because the fact "she is aware" , then "instantly", she becomes "different". Again I dont know why or how that is the case, she just "did" it , again.

Things starts to get "complicated" because she("a") is aware that she "feels" like an "a1" when she is aware of "this"(I dont know what "this" is ), and she feels like an "a2" when she is aware of "that"(I dont know what "that" is either), IT JUST "WORKS"! And "each time" as she is aware she will find herself a little different, like "a3", "a4", "a5", .........etc (maybe there is a limit , like she can only "go" 7 different ways that is ever "possible"; or maybe there's no limit, she can "go" as many as "she wants").

Now we have a1, a2, a3, a4 ,.......... Maybe "a" thinks this is fun, so she just keeps playing with them, "time" is not a "factor" here, she just plays as "long" as she likes, she has made "piles around piles" of a1/a2/a3...... in her backyard, until one day, "wow!", a completely "different feeling" , "dawns" on her, when she "combines" some of her "toys".

It just happens that when a2, a5, a36 "forged together", she("a") "feels" completely different, like in a whole new "way" so dramatic it is like she is not "a-like" anymore, she feels like a "new" thing , something like "b", she is aware of this "change". She doesnt know what that is, but definitely not like anything in "a(n)",

"That is more fun!" she thinks, she starts to "combine" the "a(n)"s to make different "super-feelings" ------ b1, b2, b3, b4 ,b5, b6, b7, b8 ......... She then decides to expand her backyard to accommodate her new toy. It also happens to her that when in "b"-like "state" she seems to, have "attained" a new awareness ( simply because , she now aware of it ) , or a new way of "perception" that she can be both "a" and "b" "simultanously", which is "ab" (if she choose to).

It also "dawns" on her that as far as she is aware of "b(n)", she doesnt have to "go back to 'a' ". It may take more "activity/'energy' " to "produce" b-toy or to maintain the new b-playground so she could "hold on" to it and "enjoy", however (maybe) she thinks its worth it.

So things get even more "complicated" from here. It may only be a matter of "time" for her to be reaching "c" by combining "b(n)"s, then to "d" , then "e", ..........all the way to "z" and more.... (I'm running out of "letters" but sure it is far beyond that)

Now each letter represents a "dimension", dimension "a" is the "highest", all down to "z" and beneath

My questions:

1. Is that close in describing how the universe comes to be , or is it "completely" wrong ? If it's wrong, what is the correct way to "visualize" it?

2. What "exactly" is a dimension? Is it related to "distance/ wavelength/ frequency/ time/ perception "depth"/ or something else?

3. If my concept is anywhere close to it , then is it possible , that at some "point"(or dimension) she may get 'trapped" at , say, " k "dimension ? she "forgot" she is not just a "k-being", she forgot it is "a", who she "really/truly" was/is/always be, who started the whole thing and it is just a "game" and its supposed to be "fun'?

4. If the Physical plane(world/worlds) is the "lowest"dimension, what/where is the "evidence" to show that? How do we know, say, that there are NO "lower" dimensions "beneath" the 1st dimension ?
Is it possible, that there are beings/"other type" of "group-consciousness" that live in a super-physical plane lower/denser than us, only that we cant perceive?
Or is it simply because, higher dimensions can always "see" lower dimensions, and since we haven't seen any thing "lower"out there so it can be concluded that we must be dwelling on the lowest pit of this universe?

For now, that is the question I want to ask, and I really appreciate your time : )

Thank you!!


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posted on May, 27 2014 @ 08:23 PM
The OP opened many windows, for a seeker of deciphering the alchemy within,with some naivety,but truth acceptance along the path, has for me, created a profound realm of realization,in initially investigating PH and pondering, as has always been, the vastness, of our present, possible persistent illisionary states, circulating , the current,relaying, potentiality factors, our internal circuitry, frequency, capacity, ingested consciousness, existence, form flow, pitch matter, resonance, symmetry, probability,expanding the realms, one, totalisation, constant,source, lots to discuss and invest.....

posted on May, 28 2014 @ 10:17 PM
a reply to: Fr. T.E.U.

Dear Fr. E.S.Q.S.,
Thank you for your coming back and replying.
It really builds up my patience these months as I check ATS only for this thread from time to time.
I hope you will not give up this thread and you will come back occasionally to reply questions about PH, since this thread, when "Hylozoics" is searched on google, appears at the very top of the list.

Since I have decided to study PH next several years, I will take your advise not to compare PH and LoO meanwhile. However, I don't think either of them is an infallible mental system of the reality, and I don't have to stick to any mental system for they are only working hypothesis, which is waiting us to practice and verify. The Buddha taught that we should "Believe not because some old manuscripts are produced, believe not because it is your national belief, believe not because you have been made to believe from your childhood, but reason truth out, and after you have analysed it, then if you find it will do good to one and all, believe it, live up to it and help others live up to it." Just as you mentioned, every man is the master of his own wisdom.

I really appreciate your clarification on the matter of austerity and your clemency on my mistakes.

Finally, I still wonder what the key is in your earlier post, "My esoteric work, on the other hand, is subtle in approach; it is completely anonymous and widely distributed, but requires a key to be understood. "
Your omitting this question suggested to me that I have to seek for that key myself.

By the way, I have only read through the major part of "The Explanation" recently, so it will also take me some time to formulate my questions.

In addition, I come across a website and a thread about PH, which is very interesting.
Esoteric Science
The author said "by far the very best esoteric books I have read were written by a Swedish philosopher between 1930 and 1971 under the pseudonym of Henry T Laurency. His books are very comprehensive, quite systematic and they utilise modern language." in "About Lee" section.

"The Black Lodge & Laurency/Esoterics, Science and Religion" originally posted by Neogen who seems to have study PH for many years.

Enjoy & Namaste~

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posted on Jun, 6 2014 @ 05:34 PM
a reply to: Fr. T.E.U.
So if I enter balderdash, please correct the explanation, of the factual facade, drawn to play with exception, the answer is not related, but conceived within the aliened ensemble,

The akashic record s agree.

The emerald Tablets?

All Matter, indeed has memory, is it this memory throughout our induced perception of time, only brought into existence to prolong the everything, so that all at once, may not overwhelm the conceptualization of itself to align the gradualism of deceleration to illusion, the show of balance (needed) within all matter.
Rather than, the saturation of everything all at once, in a bewildering totality of immersive speeds not, comprehendible in the current, current?

posted on Jun, 8 2014 @ 04:57 PM
So things to un-ravel you will get used to my half catch writing style(its gonna rain on me)(have fun)
Can we understand that? Our larger/higher life force, be that what it may, in our local identified universe or beyond,
Somehow collectively brings form/dimension,for us to be both,(1) part
Of the eternal mind (2) part of our
Universal network, bringing biological programs to initiate, as in, alpha
And omega, together in union to possibly being a form of pure connection pos/neg combined purity?
If the Alpha-Omega cycle is completed.
Then, can magnetic fields, shift causing,
Genetic information to be adaptive,
To a new biotechnology, of source
The magnetic fields could create neutral
Zones, for the interfacing of high
Speed molecules, which then, actually control
Growth and development in all living

Things to do disentangle, all that is, find truth..............................
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