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Pythagorean Hylozoics

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posted on Sep, 8 2013 @ 09:08 AM
reply to post by Fr. T.E.U.

Dear Fr. E.S.Q.S.,
It doesn't matter at all that you took my name for Oneness, because that's the meaning I mainly intend(Now O-ness also contains meanings like the Circle(indicating the spirit), the Wheel of Life, etc.), and my first account was just named as 1ness(since oneness is unavailable then).

As to that business, alas, what I regret most is that his promised(& possibly-completed) treatise for humanity failed to be posted. Anyway, I found the treasure he left there, which led me to here. Above all, you has arrived, and give us a new window of opportunity. (Now I re-read your first post, and realized I may begin the journey as you did seven years ago, since I'm still a senior in University and only began to learn about PH not too long ago. Before that, I've just studied LoO intensively for 2 years or so, and already developed an overall interest in Mysticism and Occultism.)Thank you for all that you did and your thoughtful advise(In any case, my e-mail:, and besides, if you don't mind sending me a message, I'll remind you once I respond your post here). Since that all remains to be seen, I will be careful and try my best to keep this ball rolling, no matter others would come to participate or not.

I really appreciate your humbleness, and your insights on "The more I learn, the less I know", which makes much sense to me, since even Ra is a humble messager, and my own experiences did show me a sort of Synchronicity, giving me new directions when I got to a point.

My brother, your sharing do slake my curiosities for sure, and it also gives a more wider window of opportunity for us who're interest in Occult and Esoteric. Anyway, I should first keep my main focus on PH here.

Since I have to spent lots time on preparing for my post-graduate entrance examination, sorry that I don't have enough time to touch the questions I remained right now, but I'll come back as soon as I get some spare time. Anyway, long time ahead, and I hope all goes well.

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posted on Sep, 8 2013 @ 04:07 PM
Brother 0ness,

Great post. Your Wisdom, as does mind (oops I meant 'mine'-- oh well, we'll leave it) and many others around and within the four corners of the Earth, is GROWING!

I recommend we be patient with our'selves', as well as brother Fr. who is doing a good work here, if not a Great work. Time will tell.

I pray that others join the discussion, as we will all learn from it.

I could share some of my history, but I already have in so many words. Many (and much) of our Paths are reflections of our journeys from past lives, as well as they correspond // relate to those who are on a similar path now and then.

Just remember, as you are SEEING, that we are discussing ESOTERICS-- hidden meaning to things-- right here and Now. So read, then re-read, then reflect, then respond. That's my plan!

Friend, You are on the right track! ... I FEEL.

Blessings, (There is no rush ...)

posted on Sep, 8 2013 @ 09:08 PM

I have just one quick comment, in the mean-time, concerning the past of PH on ATS. I would argue that the individual you mention (without mentioning them, properly [as you cannot]) was behaving like a complete and utter fool to think that they could communicate such things to a site like this. PH should never have been mentioned directly, at any rate. As the saying goes, "Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend thee". This, of course, is not implying that people are "dogs" or "swine" (as many people seem to believe), but rather that it is useless to share the "pearl of great price" with those who would only mistake it for a stone - hence why they would "turn again and rend thee", for they would consider it an insult. My esoteric work, on the other hand, is subtle in approach; it is completely anonymous and widely distributed, but requires a key to be understood.

Thus, my purpose here - just so that we are crystal clear - is not so much to take the place of this particular individual; I am not so foolish as to think that I can teach all of you, not least of all when I am still learning myself. My purpose, in short, is damage control; to, in a sense, clean up some of the mess the individual made - not in terms of the site itself, but rather the minds that were left wanting to know more. As an aside note, please be aware that though I call that individual foolish given their particular approach, I do not mean to imply that they are a fool altogether; I would have very much loved to enjoin them in a (private) discussion, and possibly a work or two.

Thanks for your time,


Fr. T.E.U. - Fr. E.S.Q.S.

posted on Sep, 9 2013 @ 06:56 PM
To fr. Or anyone

What were the lives previous and post of the person Pythagoras? Historical or occult.

posted on Sep, 10 2013 @ 08:28 PM

Honestly, I do not have any idea. Then again, I really do not know just what sort of answer you were expecting here brother - even Pythagoras (as historical Pythagoras) was a particularly elusive figure; most biographical information concerning him is highly dubious in nature. Thus, what hope have you in uncovering something about his previous lives? At that, what good is this information mind you; can we - honestly - make use of it in any meaningful way or is it just idle curiosity (which I suspect it is)?

Thanks for your time,


Fr. T.E.U. - Fr. E.S.Q.S.

posted on Sep, 12 2013 @ 07:31 AM
reply to post by Fr. T.E.U.

To dear Fr.E.S.Q.S.,
As I get some time now, I’ll go on to finish the latter part of my last post.
Before moving on our discussion of PH, I would like to discuss the concept of “austerity” first, which “you find is a dangerous sort of thing in that it invites the delusions of grandeur and self-importance that we must necessarily overcome.” I agree with you that it’s really dangerous, especially when it’s practiced in an excessive manner, or attached to the ego, and I do appreciate your simple Are of Living, but I also appreciate the Art of austerity, when it’s practiced properly in a balanced manner - called “the Middle Way” in Buddhism - by which we could save and transmute our otherwise “wasted” energy to a more subtle form for greater purposes in meditation, healing or learning, etc. Actually, I think that’s why there are a good many of precepts in Buddhism, Taoism, etc. The point I’m making here is that we must be honest to ourselves if we really want to practice austerity - such as celibacy, fasting, retreat, etc. - and be safe with such practices, which have their uses for adepts.
So what’s your opinion on my thoughts here?

Then, let’s continue the discussion of PH and the LoO.
Thanks for your reminding me of this, I know I have to drop the LoO at some point in order to grasp PH, for otherwise I’ll be surely confused; and that learning something new - especially of the unknown and unprovable still - requires an open mind and suspending of judgment until the learning process is complete. Only then, could one be able to do a comparison without much bias, and try to work out a broader working hypothesis for himself, as there is only one REALITY in spite of so many interpretations of so many minds in different times and cultures.
Personally, if there are significant differences regarding the SAME thing/object/matter between PH and LoO, I’ll be inclined to the LoO, for the “Veil” really matters as I mentioned before. However, these differences may also be different aspects or perspectives of the Reality (or in other words, they are not talking about the SAME thing of reality at all.) Anyway, they’re all just working hypotheses before I could prove them right or wrong for myself.

Then on the matter of the STS in the Worlds of Man, after re-reading carefully what you posted, now I find where the mistake I made is - I thought this difference pertains to the SAME matter, and Henry(whom I took as Laurency here) was wrong on this matter according to the LoO, so I misread that you also think a "STS" oriented individual is able to progress beyond the Worlds of Man: 47–49, since you said you have to disagree with Henry(Laurency) on this one. I'm sorry for that mistake.
So you just point out the difference here, then I may ask which one do you incline to?

Thank for your illustrations on the matter of the number seven, and that really make much sense to me. Here I would also like to ask, is the Systemic World the so-called Solar Systemic World (43 – 49)?
I’m sorry for asking you these silly questions as I’ve not acquainted with PH and its terminology yet. Thus, I think I should learn more about PH first, and only then could I ask you some questions of value.

As to your last reply to me, I really appreciate your clarification of your approach and purpose here. Just one more question, what’s the key required to be understand, or do we have to look for that key ourselves?

(PS: I think I’ll not ask more questions besides what has already been discussed, since I have little time left these months. After my post-graduate entrance examination, I’ll spend much time poring over Henry’s major works first, and if you’re still here, then I may ask you questions about PH; if not, I hope you don't mind sending me your email before you leave.)


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posted on Sep, 12 2013 @ 08:38 AM
reply to post by HenryBowen

Dear Henry,
I really appreciate your inspiring and kindly words!
We're really witnessing a transition/transform of human consciousness going on in this 21st century.
I wish I could also radiate the light & love as you and our brother did, but there's still a long long journey to go. Anyway, I'll keep seeking on that track.
Thank you for your advice of no rush, and best wishes for you.


posted on Sep, 12 2013 @ 04:39 PM
reply to post by Oness

Fr. You are correct. I was curious, and searched a little, and being lazy, and thinking (thinking I remember in the PH Lexicon, reading of His past lives) I had read it before, Ithought to ask you. You responded to me correctly and so I am corrected.

Oness, I do not KNOW my past lives. Please! Don't mistake me for Laurency, for goodness' sake!

Aside from that, Oness. It is my FEELING that you might not have mastered LoO ( as Irecall you typing that [and I'm too lazy at the moment to check the thread [Ishould say too tired]])

If that is so, and you feel 'inclined' to it, LoO. Iwould finish your work there-- ASSIMILATEit ... all thewhile beginning on your journey in PH, which is 'inspectional' at that.

I have no major works, yet, my friend, but there are Ideas floating about my Mind --- which I intend to slay -- my mind.

You are moving along quickly, as am I. Stay grounded and stick to your duties to Life, and School, and in due time (plenty of time, IFEEL) you will master many THINGS. Ihope!


posted on Sep, 12 2013 @ 07:57 PM
reply to post by HenryBowen

Didn't mean to yell ... just shocked.

This what Iknow: ... nothing.

But I FEEL things.,,,

I'd like to share things here, in our temple. Little sayings, just one for now:

Between U&i there is 'no thing', but ALL THINGS. (Or YOU and I -- the Higher Self and the lower self ... between us is an infinite gulf, so it seems, but it is not so real, as it seems. Somewhere in there is ALL REAL THINGS.)

If you appreciate what and how I write, i appreciate that. And it brings me light, little by little, as I can give hints only, but receive from my brothers and sisters like You, Oneness, and Fr. Too; I receive to the measure I can give.

However, most of what I've written over there was too colored, so I deleted it. I have been being corrected here, and there, and everywhere.

But remember, I KNOW nothing, but I FEEL things. Intuition, 'maybe'

Enough of my 'self'-important attitude (it's innocent, at least I'm trying to be). I Will to Be SELF-'Import'ant.

Blessings, Oness, and anyone in Our Temple.

posted on Sep, 13 2013 @ 12:00 AM
reply to post by HenryBowen

Although I do appreciate your intuitions and expressions, I've never mistaken you for Laurency, so I think I made a mistake again in conveying my ideas in my last post replying to our brother Fr.
Here, Let me correct that mistake - When our brother said, "I have to disagree with Henry on this one." I thought he was referring "Henry" to Laurency(Henry T. Laurency), not until yesterday did I realized he was referring to you, not Laurency.
Feel sorry for that mistake and my poor English, and I hope I make it clear now.

Your feeling is right that I've not mastered LoO yet, and that's why I mentioned "after two year's intensive study, I'm still far from outgrowing it" in my former post. Anyway I do wish someday I may master or outgrow it as our brother did.

Thank you for your advice, which's very important for me to balance between ideal and reality.
May we all have a good journey toward our Destiny!


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posted on Sep, 13 2013 @ 12:25 PM
reply to post by Oness

Oness, I might have misread it too, as I was very tired last night when I posted.

I'm obviously caught up a little with cult of personality, especially my own. I seek to forget my'self' but that is a Herculean task. One practice I do is to try not to look at my reflection in the mirrors. If I do, I try and see through it, as Spirit (Light, and one with ALL THINGS).

IMO, your ideas about austerity are good, but remember the balance. YOU are YOU, and what 'you' do is just a ceremony to purity and light, regarding austerity. Regarding it again, there must be benefits to it as well, but one can rather 'do as he Will' at some point in development, always considering Divine Laws though.


posted on Sep, 16 2013 @ 05:59 PM
Fr. If you will, regarding the acronyms here:

"Currently I am studying PH (a la HTL primarily; HPB, CWL, AWB, AEP, AAB/DK), the symbolism of Freemasonry and the Enchiridion of Epiktetus. My "body of practice", as I tend to call it consists of an early morning meditation, journaling, reading, the fulfilling of duties and obligations and active service. It is, admittedly, a rather sparse "body of practice", but that is because I have long since learned to appreciate the simple Art of Living; austerity - of any kind, I find, is a dangerous sort of thing in that it invites the delusions of grandeur and self-importance that we must necessarily overcome. Hopefully, this enough to slake your curiosities? "

Who are AWB and AEP?


posted on Sep, 18 2013 @ 02:26 PM
reply to post by HenryBowen

Hello ALL, friend of Henry Bowen here, those are Annie Besant and Arthur Powell I believe...

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posted on Sep, 22 2013 @ 06:39 PM
Thank you JT.

Some analogies for the Hall. It's quiet with the meditations, which is good. Remain where you are, but listen if you will. Just sharing, my friends, brothers and sisters.

A Tow Truck being Towed (an Analogy)

The other day I saw a Tow Truck being Towed. Well, about to be towed.

There was only one Driver about.

He drove the Bigger tow truck which was empty (unencumbered by a vehicle-in-tow).

The other, little tow truck was similarly empty. No vehicle.

As I drove off, having been stopped at a traffic light, and being in the middle lane of a roadway, I watched as the Driver began to move the vehicles into position, the Bigger tow truck to tow the little one.

I will to be like the little tow truck, but I am encumbered by a vehicle.

The Driver of a Bigger tow truck has arrived, but he will not tow me anywhere until I unload this vehicle.

I can not seem to figure out how, as He will not tell me directly, but has given me a hint.

He says, "Learn all about this vehicle, and then dismantle it piece by piece, so as to remove it from your truck, and rebuild it, as it is, off of the little tow truck, and firmly on the ground."

I have only just opened the hood.
Imagine now, in the old days, 100 years ago or more, your carriage broke, and your horses scrambled as a modern day tow truck pulled up to tow your carriage...

Imagine too, if you were to try and explain to a dog, the ideas man has about god(s). The dog cares nothing about it; cannot even begin to grasp anything about IT, but only cares for Us, their care-takers. To them we are the Higher Self, and we are dogs to gods.

Think of the poles a dog has. They can be so violent, and so loving, in an instant! Like Us!


- Could be the Bigger tow truck is like the Higher Self, and the driver, his voice, your Master within.
- We can train a dog, much like the Master inside (Higher Self) can train us, if we let It.

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posted on Sep, 30 2013 @ 06:58 PM
reply to post by HenryBowen

Fr. Do you see the Higher Self of Theosophy (and other systems) as the Solar Angel Augoeides? I believe this to be true.

There is something new in Hylozoics regarding our relationship with this Angel, which is a collective. I need to read further on it, but if you will, you can answer my question above, and also share your thoughts.

I hope everyone that has posted in this thread, and anyone reading this is well and I send blessings to all.

wiki on Augoeides:

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posted on Oct, 9 2013 @ 11:29 PM
reply to post by HenryBowen

Oness, I've been thinking of the austerity factor, and believing that's needed at the Highest degrees in our Aspirantship, before making much ground esoterically. I hope you and Fr. are well in your mediations. ( (

posted on Oct, 9 2013 @ 11:31 PM
reply to post by HenryBowen

As soon as you reach a mountaintop, in this world, be certain it's not the highest peak.

To climb a mountain, from ground level, or base, to the highest peak, is a daunting endeavor that takes preparation of the physical, as well as the emotional and mental body. It also takes proper planning and provision.

Once set out, it should be set upon with an all or nothing motive.

One need be sure that they are capable, and for what reasons, they should ask, do they seek to climb this mountain.

"What reasons are there to climb a mountain?", we might ask.

The answer: many, varied reasons, if we think about it. An impulse, the first one, to go up and further. But there are many reasons; as many as there are persons. One such reason could be simply to gain view of surroundings or a glimpse of your future travels, especially perhaps if one were born in a valley which no one ever seemed to climb out of, or follow the paths out of, on account that they were so treacherous, and many already believed to know what lies beyond.

Your future travels will lay aHead when you reach that mountaintop. You will likely see another valley, and other mountains, with higher peaks.

"Whoa now! I have to climb down this mountain of which I took so much time and skill and energY to rise up, and which I aLmOst fell down but slid so many times!" -- one might exclaim.

One would have to climb down so as to reach that new valley, and down an unfamiliar face of the mountain to get to that valley, whatever lie there; cross the valley, and then climb that other mountain, to gain another view! To gain what? ...

One doesn't have to climb the other mountain, or climb down the one conquered through those the clouds of daZe again. If the weather is temperate, you may remain, and some do. And they find they are not alone on the mountain.

But some climbers want to share the vision, the journey, and make it easy on those whom they share it with, so that as they go down to where they came from (where all men and women come from--the valley of darkness), and they find some person or persons with the impulse, and then come up the mountain once climbed alone, now together, and quicker, less perilous, guided by experience and the experienced this time.

The first climber leads, and alas, they reach the top, and there is the visiOn ...
of another peak, on another mountaIn, aCroSs another valley. This new peak might be snow covered and reflecting more of the sun's light, but it's still so far now for that first climber, being worn from the journeys up and down, he rather hopes that at least one of the new climbers will have the impulse and 'will' to seek that other peak, and have the want to come back and share the vision beyond where neither can see from the first mountaintop.

Legend has it that beyond all the valleys and mountains there lies the an ocean seen only by few physical eyes alone. No one has heard of those early travelers for a long while.
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posted on Oct, 19 2013 @ 11:19 PM
reply to post by HenryBowen

Thank you, my brother, for sharing with us that essay Meditation by HTL, and that thought-provoking allegory of mountain climbing, which I really appreciate.
I just came across a passage from LoO yesterday,

Questioner: Are you saying then there are an infinite number of octaves of densities one through eight?
Ra: I am Ra. We wish to establish that we are truly humble messengers of the Law of One. We can speak to you of our experiences and our understandings and teach/learn in limited ways. However, we cannot speak in firm knowledge of all the creations. We know only that they are infinite. We assume an infinite number of octaves. However, it has been impressed upon us by our own teachers that there is a mystery-clad unity of creation in which all consciousness periodically coalesces and again begins. Thus we can only say we assume an infinite progression though we understand it to be cyclical in nature and, as we have said, clad in mystery.

Since the journey of mountain-climbing seems to be infinite & eternal, experiences of what we freely choose really are of great significance.

PS: It seems that our brother Fr. is busy these days, since his last visit was on Sep, 14.
so we had better be patient.
(I'm sorry for my delayed reply, as I don't check ATS everyday as it used to be.)


posted on Dec, 7 2013 @ 12:47 AM
Hey fellows!

There is a lot of talk about the Akashic Records these days, and who can and is reading them.

I was doing a little searching of the Hylozoic Lexicon, ala google search: "akashic records"

Lots of interesting results.

I'm going to spell something out in words, putting it out there for review (by Fr. Oness, or any other students):

The Akashic Records that popularly spoken about are not the true and factual planetary records of the Worlds of Man, the Worlds Physical, Emotional (Astral), Mental, Causal (Spiritual).

But in the Emotional World, each molecular level has with in it's own records of the occurrences and imaginations that have been had for the timeframe of the existence of that world.

So if the Emotional/Astral World has 6 molecular kinds (48:2-7), each 'dimension' has it's own history in their individual spheres.

These individual molecular worlds of Emotional/Astral Matter are what is being popularly accessed by men and women clairvoyants and channelers, which is the cause for so much inaccurate information.

On top of this, it is my 'theory' that the Beings and Groups of Beings in these worlds masquerading as Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides (for their own nepherious purposes that I can not fully explain in this composition), are even 'putting up' and creating fake records for their victims who 'visit' and channel, so as to continue their manipulation of the persons, and so also the distorted and perverted information that is supposed to pass as Knowledge of Reality these days.

The real record of the History of All the World of Man, is in the Akasha proper, the Superessential World 44 of Hylozoics, and it is called the Planetary Record(?). This world is not accessible to the average man, but is to the person who has achieved Causal Consciousness. One who would be considered a Master of Wisdom, something more than Enlightened. An Adept of old.

I assume, as I am no where near this level (if any of this be true at all), that one such Adept would not go spilling the beans about the Nature of Reality outside of a planned release by the Greater Powers above even the Superessential World, the so called Planetary Hierarchy.

So, in my early research, that I bring here for possible discussion, I am now distinguishing between:

Akashic Records = globe memories = dimensional records that only pertain to the particular world (plane dimension)
- each world has their own records, much like on the physical plane, some countries will have differing records of history, painted one way or another, as well as these histories are rewritable and adjustable as new facts occur, and new facts or records are discovered. So it goes in the fickle yet expansive Emotional Worlds.
- The Akashic Records being accessed by clairvoyants and channelers are to be found in the molecular worlds of the Emotional World (48:2-7) and the Mental World (47:2-7)

[question before research, what is to be found if anything in the atomic records of these worlds. Do they hold the total and objective memories of the lower molecular worlds?]

Then we have the Planetary Record, the true Akasha, that the objective record of all the happenings in all the lowers Worlds beneath the Superessential World 44, where any and all information regarding facts and reality can be ascertained only by the most Evolved Persons incarnate on this Earth, who in my estimation do not cast pearls, but stick to The Plan (which is beyond my comprehension, but may include timed and secretive release of pertinent information for whoever need be concerned, regarding the evolution of human consciousness)

There. That's my best early guess at things regarding the Akashic Records.

Please correct me where I'm wrong, brothers and sisters.

posted on Jan, 6 2014 @ 02:22 AM
reply to post by HenryBowen

Sorry for delaying our discussion so late, for I just finished my big exam, and have free time now.
Regarding the Akashic Record, it is said in LoO that,

14.32 Questioner: Where did the information come from that Edgar Cayce channeled?
Ra: I am Ra. We have explained before that the intelligent infinity is brought into intelligent energy from eighth density or the octave. The one vibratory sound complex called Edgar used this gateway to view the present, which is not the continuum you experience but the potential social memory complex of this planetary sphere. The term your peoples have used for this is the “Akashic Record” or the “Hall of Records.”

91.7 Questioner: Now, some entities on this planet evolved through second density into third and some were transferred from other planets to re-cycle in third density here. Did the ones who were transferred here to re-cycle in third density add to the planetary or racial mind?
Ra: I am Ra. Not only did each race add to the planetary mind but also each race possesses a racial mind. Thus we made this distinction in discussing this portion of mind. This portion of mind is formed in the series of seemingly non-simultaneous experiences which are chosen in freedom of will by the mind/body/spirit complexes of the planetary influence. Therefore, although this Akashic, planetary, or racial mind is indeed a root of mind it may be seen in sharp differentiation from the deeper roots of mind which are not a function of altering memory, if you will.

To get some ideas about the Akashic Records, knowing the concept of possibility/probability vortex may be helfpful,

65.9 Questioner: We would seem to have dual catalysts operating, and the question is which one is going to act first. The prophecies, I will call them, made by Edgar Cayce indicated many Earth changes and I am wondering about the mechanics of describing what we call the future. Ra, it has been stated, is not a part of time and yet we concern ourselves with probability/possibility vortices. It is very difficult for me to understand how the mechanism of prophecy operates. What is the value of a prophecy such as Cayce made with respect to Earth changes with respect to all of these scenarios?
Ra: I am Ra. Consider the shopper entering the store to purchase food with which to furnish the table for the time period you call a week. Some stores have some items, others a variant set of offerings. We speak of these possibility/probability vortices when asked with the understanding that such are as a can, jar, or portion of goods in your store.
It is unknown to us as we scan your time/space whether your peoples will shop hither or yon. We can only name some of the items available for the choosing. The, shall we say, record which the one you call Edgar read from is useful in that same manner. There is less knowledge in this material of other possibility/probability vortices and more attention paid to the strongest vortex. We see the same vortex but also see many others. Edgar’s material could be likened unto one hundred boxes of your cold cereal, another vortex likened unto three, or six, or fifty of another product which is eaten by your peoples for breakfast. That you will breakfast is close to certain. The menu is your own choosing.
The value of prophecy must be realized to be only that of expressing possibilities. Moreover, it must be, in our humble opinion, carefully taken into consideration that any time/space viewing, whether by one of your time/space or by one such as we who view the time/space from a dimension, shall we say, exterior to it will have a quite difficult time expressing time measurement values. Thus prophecy given in specific terms is more interesting for the content or type of possibility predicted than for the space/time nexus of its supposed occurrence.

65.10 Questioner: So we have the distinct possibility of two different types of catalyst creating an atmosphere of seeking that is greater than that which we experience at present. There will be much confusion, especially in the scenario of Earth changes simply because there have been many predictions of these changes by many groups giving various and sundry reasons for the changes. Can you comment on the effectiveness of this type of catalyst and the rather wide pre-knowledge of the coming changes but also the rather wide variation in, shall I say, explanation for these changes?
Ra: I am Ra. Given the amount of strength of the possibility/probability vortex which posits the expression by the planet itself of the difficult birthing of the planetary self into fourth density, it would be greatly surprising were not many which have some access to space/time able to perceive this vortex. The amount of this cold cereal in the grocery, to use our previous analogy, is disproportionately large. Each which prophesies does so from an unique level, position, or vibratory configuration. Thus biases and distortions will accompany much prophecy.
So from what Ra and you said, I speculate that,
-both the negative Beings you mentioned and these different possibility/probability vortoxs are the sources of fake records.
-Akashic Records = global/planetary memories.
-each world has their own records, much like different races have different racial mind.
-the false Akashic Records "could" be found in the molecular worlds of the Emotional World (48:2-7) and the Mental World (47:2-7) , which may be different possibility/probability vortoxs of both the past and the future.
-the true Akasha(the Planetary Record) have objective record of all the happenings beneath the Superessential World 44(may it be the eighth density or the octave?),
-A few Evolved Persons do cast some pearls about the evolution of human mind/body/spirit complex.

Thank you for your carrying forward this discussion about Hylozoics, my brother.
I plan to read The Knowledge of Reality and The Explanation first this month, then may ask some questions about them. Hope other brothers and sisters will also take their parts in this discussion.


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