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What are the real reasons and causes?

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posted on Nov, 7 2004 @ 10:31 AM
I would like to hear your opinions, especially the Americans, on what the Root causes were that lead to the 9/11 attacks and of course Iraq. Im new so if something to this effect has already been posted please point me to it. Please post any links to where you may have received information leading to your views.

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posted on Nov, 7 2004 @ 11:05 AM
Well first of all you can find some answers here:

Also try the ATS and Google search HERE

Everyone has there opinions as to the cause so really nailing it down is for the most part impossible.

On a personal level I believe the genesis of radical islamic terrorism began in the conflict in the Middle East between Arabs and Israelis... and that anger and hatered was transfered to the USA after years of supporting the Israelis... And what sent these radical islamic terrorists over the edge was the first gulf war in Iraq and having the US military launching attacks on an Arab nation from a base within the most holy land of all Islam... Saudi Arabia.

It is all a matter of perception... To understand the enemy you must set aside bias and try to look at the world as they see it to understand their motives.

I am sure others will have opinions on the cause of all of this and not one will be exactly the same.

The reason we went to war in Iraq this last time for the most part is a mystery to me. I believe we acted on bad information some of it provided to us by the Israelis, some by our own CIA.

All indications before this last war in Iraq were saying that Iraq was contained through sanctions and no fly zones, and were no threat.

Somehow that changed in a dramatic way after the attacks of 9/11.

Whatever the reason we are there now and in my opinion Iraq is not better off despite our war and the removal of Saddam, which leads me to suspect that we have been more of a victim in this war than anything else.

Someone was pulling our strings!

All of that aside we have to find a way to make things better in the middle east and most important in Iraq now.. Though I am not sure we are the nation to be trying to do this now.

Will Iraq be a better place one day?... who really knows, for now it does not look good.

The cause... ???

You tell me!


posted on Nov, 7 2004 @ 01:45 PM
Ok I cant say as I agree with Osama's cause especially considering im an athiest and a Religion based state is just wrong be it Fundamentalist Islam or Fundamentalist Christianity. Both are extremist, biased and blinded. I guess what Im asking is why is all the rage directed at Osama? or Iraq? or where ever the Pres points his finger. The U.S. was (may still be) the worlds largest terrorist sponsor. Please view links posted and do some reading if you disagree.

I was unable to find any sites referring to American involvment in the creation of Isreal and the terrorism used to drive out the Brittish so if someone could post a link that would be nice. This is another point.

I guess the question is When you create a rabid dog who's fault is it when you get bit?

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