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A Full Analysis of a CBS News Video (Revealing Truths Between the Lines)

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posted on Jun, 10 2013 @ 05:53 PM
Here is an analysis that I made of a CBS news video reading between the lines.

Eric: "A lot of us are asking what in the world has been going on, we don't know right now"
Yes, they do. He has an idea, but doesn't know for sure what is going on though. Snowden was likely set up or they let him leak the info. He may have been played. The senator does not think it is as simple as him having leaked the information.

Eric: "There are possible security incidences that continue, and that is just the world we live in"

A lot of these incidents are caused by people reacting to civil liberties being taken, so this means there will be a cycle of increased lockdown resulting in increased threats resulting in increased lockdown.

In addition, we have to remember that the reason people have to be locked down in the first place, is because they have valid concerns about the quality of their life and are not being heard by the senate or their Democratic Republic.

In other words, the underlying issue is that the government and corporations are not doing their job, which is to listen to feedback either by vote, or by wallet.

Eric: "We also know that we have to balance, which is to safeguard civil liberties"

He is totally skeptical that there are any civil liberties left.

"If anyone were to violate the law by releasing classified information outside of legal avenues, certainly that individual should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law"

Well... he can't talk about his opinion on the constitutionality of these surveillance programs, so this is all he can say. The executive branch has the senate's balls now.

"There are a variety of classified programs that exist for us, to again, guard us against "

Reporter: "Do you believe PRISM and these surveillance programs are constitutional?"

"Well I think the court has upheld the constitutionality, but the question here is, what exactly has this individual done?"

Eric thinks the court upheld the consitutionality of the laws, but thinks that they are not constitutional.

Remember - Obama was a constitutional law professor. How come? Well, the best way to gut the constitution is actually to know as much as you can about it and find its weaknesses.

He has to speak carefully here, and in all of these cases, because as a SENATOR, he is not able to do anything about the Executive branch or he might risk being prosecuted.

Eric: "The imperative here is to safeguard the constitution while also guarding our civil liberties"

In this statement, Eric is actually trying to say that our civil liberties are not being protected and asserting his view that they should be.
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