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Freedoms, Liberties, and Privacy - Where's Their Defence?

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posted on Jun, 10 2013 @ 01:44 PM
The question I pose in the title of this thread is probably the single most important subject we ought to concern ourselves with, but in truth, such a concern is conspicuous by its total absence. I believe that each of us, as individual members of our respective nations, cherish the ideas of freedom, liberty, and privacy. They are noble concepts we take unto ourselves not as 'rights', but as inalienable expectations, necessary ingredients for a happy and productive life; not just for ourselves individually, but also for our neighbour, our community members, and for all the peoples that combine to make up our nations.

From these noble concepts we are (or should be) able to create an equitable society, that regardless of one's race, creed, or colour, each of us are accorded the same freedom, liberty, and privacy from others as we would wish it for them. Without this accord of agreement existing and pro-actively practised by everyone, society cannot ever be an equitable one; and a non-equitable society is one that no single person or group or nation should accept as tolerable.

We are a diverse species, made up of different races and cultures and belief systems, but we are the same species, we are all human and combine to create humanity. Freedom, liberty, and privacy are such basic concepts that they are devoid of culture, they are not exclusive to any particular race, but to all races: they are in fact the bedrock concepts of our species continuation, but they are only these things through consensus and agreement. It is we, the people, that make them real and bona fide from a sense of moral rightness and from a full understanding that for each of us to enjoy their benefit we must ensure that others enjoy their benefit also. We cannot claim their benefit for ourselves and not others, as that equally weakens our own possession of them: if you believe you can deny others their benefit, you too, can be denied them also by the same argument you use to claim them for yourself.

For whatever reason or rationale, others have agendas to deny or limit your freedom, your liberty, your privacy, which makes it absolutely imperative that you, as an individual enjoying their benefit should defend their expression, not just for yourself, but for that of others. These noble, species-saving concepts require an essential 'no compromise' in their continued establishment and expression. There can be no argument of reason or rationale put forward that make it necessary to deny or dilute them. No threat, no cost, should be established as a 'fear' that enable freedom, liberty, and privacy to be denied, not even at the cost of lives, because the concepts are what give quality of life to life itself. This is where you should never compromise on them, this where each of us should draw the line, and defend them. There is no society worth creating or living in if freedom, liberty, and privacy are not established as its bedrock and remain so, fully intact.

Where do you begin to defend them? At this point it becomes necessary to drive home a perspective, one that has seemingly become lost over the years to convenience and laziness on the part of the people. Firstly, let us establish that a tyranny of any kind, malignant or seemingly benign, should not be allowed in any society. Not a single one of us is born to be the serf of another. Not a single one of us is subject to the whims of others seemingly at greater advantage than ourselves individually...remember, absolutely no compromise!

People you elect as trustees and managers to your local and national state offices do not suddenly become your 'betters', they do not become barons, dukes, kings or queens, somehow divinely chosen to be more different, more special, and more important than you. They are just ordinary people whom pee and defecate just like you and I, they are nothing to be feared, and there is nothing they can present to you that you should fear. They have absolutely no right to determine what powers they are able to exercise or to give unto themselves, the authority resides always in you the people as a nation, it is from your collective agreement from which they draw their power of office. Without your consent and trust the power of office is as impotent as a eunuch.

Nor can it be stated that they derive their power from law, because laws are made by people, and what is created cannot be greater than its creator, so once again, without your consent to abide by the suggested laws and rules, especially as a nation as a whole, laws and rules have no power at all over you. The establishment of laws and rules should never compromise, dilute or deny freedom, liberty, or privacy, if they do, or seek to do so, they are not right for society as a whole, but for the advantage of those that make them, and that is when you take to the streets in peaceful civil disobedience. When you do this, you do so with no compromise in mind! Freedom, liberty, and privacy are not to be touched at all...not by a smidgeon.

So what if there are terrorists? So what if there are those whom would seek to take away your way life? Let them bring it on, but do not allow your way of life, your society, your freedom, liberty, or privacy be changed because of these threats. If you allow them to be changed, out of fear or convenience, or misplaced trust, your enemies have won; however, there is no greater enemy than that of your compatriot seeking an advantage over you for his/her own benefit or that of their group. These are the most insidious and poisonous threats to whom we should pay the greatest heed, for they are far more harmful than the terrorist or a war with another country, they undermine everything you cherish in life and country.

Acton said: "Power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely!" Fair warning then to watch closely those that would seek any office of state, and to eject them when their ideas and beliefs are counter to the accord of freedom, liberty, and privacy.The people must hold politicians to their electoral manifesto, any backtrack on their promises, no matter what the reason, has to be considered a betrayal of the trust by which he/she was elected. Obama is in his second term, and now no longer cares what draconian measures he introduces, or support he gives to invasive procedures upon the American people for instance. The second term of any president is always the most damaging, as it is the term by which agendas are advanced.

The surveillance of all Americans' private phone calls and emails is and was an illegal act, carried out through deceptions and lies, and has to be considered an intolerable act, but Obama doesn't care, he won't be running for office again. For those of you whom would say that it was not illegal, but was made law through the proper authorities and channels, I would suggest that it is not morally right, and gives far too much advantage to the state over the people. It robs the people of privacy, one of the cornerstones of freedom and liberty, but also introduces avenues by which a tyranny can be established...such an avenue needs to be blocked. Laws are only at their most succinct when they are morally right, and do not hamper the bedrock cornerstones of society. If congress and the senate passed these surveillance laws into power, then they did a great harm to American society, just as they did in passing the Patriot Act.

How you perceive all this is up to you.

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posted on Jun, 10 2013 @ 02:16 PM
UK MSM has been adamant that us citizens have not been spied on, but I've seen a lot of talk on ats stating that you have. Has your government admitted it or something?

Nice rant. SnF

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posted on Jun, 10 2013 @ 02:39 PM
nice rant yeah. tossed out a star. ...shoulda just copied and pasted previous comment

it seems like a lot of people don't care about any of this until it's happening to them..

..i think it's bigger than all of us and noone can stop it now
..i think it's all about bringing in a new world order

posted on Jun, 10 2013 @ 02:57 PM
reply to post by elysiumfire

I believe that the founding fathers had a defense in mind when they constructed the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The Second Amendment.

posted on Jun, 10 2013 @ 03:31 PM
You guys should make Obama step down. He has blatantly lied to the american people. I can't believe he has said you need to trust him on this after being caught red handed. I think the whole world would be behind you lot as it came out first that they were spying on the rest of the world but not America., like that makes it ok.

A legitimate window has come for the world to stand up together and as one and say NO

posted on Jun, 10 2013 @ 07:13 PM
Many thanks for the replies guys.


I believe that the founding fathers had a defense in mind when they constructed the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The Second Amendment.

Absolutely! However, it is up to the people as a nation to defend the American Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the 2nd Amendment, but so far, the American people have a done a very poor job of doing so. No, it is not a criticism, or an anti-American rant, it is an observation of fact. It's not just an American problem, as the issue as been exported beyond your borders and into the lands of other nations, but not without collusion from the governments of the lands to where the agenda has been exported.

Somehow, the people of all nations need to become engaged to the issues, to organise and act as one, en mass, in the streets in peaceful civil disobedience, and escalate things as and when is necessary. Governments should not think they can 'lord it' over the electorate as if we are their personal serfs, they need to be shown that they cannot do as they please, nor make laws out of thin air as if they give them authority over nations of people. It is the people whom decide what laws they will consent to, but they must go about their protest in the correct manner.

Want to know what world war 3 will entail? It won't be nations against nations, it will be nations fighting against themselves, as people rise up against the encroaching tyranny from their own governments seeking to enslave the people to an agenda that is not right for any nation, nor any society.


I think it's bigger than all of us and no one can stop it now.

Not true. The one thing 'they' fear the most is the complete and utter breakdown of society, and the people can tear it down any time they turn their mind to it. They can turn this intolerable status quo into a quagmire of never-ending strife and disobedience. 'They' like to be served upon, so simply stop serving them.


I think the whole world would be behind you...

This is true. The American people rising up to slough off the subtle tyranny encroaching them would be the catalyst to ignite the global protest. They need to return to the principles of their Constitution without compromise, and the best way to go about this is to organise meetings around multi-racial music concerts promoting such a return. It's time musicians began to be the voice of protest behind which the people can organise and add their own voice...there are plenty out there whom would be willing I bet, it's just that we all need to find each other.

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