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Drone operator who's killed over 1600 - The other whistleblower this week!

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posted on Jun, 10 2013 @ 03:21 PM
reply to post by multichild

Drone operator who's killed over 1600

I might be inclined to question the number - 1,600... but the outcome is pretty much the same. You're a soldier and in war, you kill your enemy. Don't fret because they would kill you without half the fretting.

People deal with this differently. War is indeed hell but... the hell-a-shousness is spread pretty evenly between the people doing the warring. In other words, if you are going to hold one person from one side accountable for casualties he/she inflicted, you had better be ready to do the same for the other side, too.

posted on Jun, 10 2013 @ 03:30 PM
I think it's interesting to see the hate and vitriol directed toward this guy who is obviously dying inside for what he's done in some of the most powerful remorse I've seen from a vet. It's not THE most, but ranks right up there (Read about the Tiger Teams in Vietnam to see the worst man can become).

It's interesting because while he may deserve some of this, some of the same people who condemn him like evil personified ..will tomorrow defend one side of politics or the other as if they have a difference....without regard to the fact that among those being defended are the men who thought up and helped create what this kid got plugged into.

They don't breed killers like he became. They create them ..and usually without the killer realizing what's happening. Like the frog on a slow rising temperature. By the time he fully realized his horror? He'd accumulated enough kills to make Carlos Hathcock puke in his hat.

Save some of that hate for the men who MADE this kid the man he became and by God, stop defending them every time a political topic comes up that strikes the fancy of one of us. They're the same evil whether doing something that makes us smile or cry. Evil doesn't just changes appearance as needed.
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posted on Jun, 10 2013 @ 03:38 PM
How is this different then a killer who says sorry to a priest or in court?

You can't just do something say sorry and be gone with it. If this guy had any reall sense of empathy or plain heart he would have quit before he got the first order.

No job is worth killing for. Never, and to glorify him because he "came " out is sad. I suggest you put 1600 people in a room and then imagine how many families those have and grandchildren etc.
Then Imagine those 1600 getting bombed by an enemy thousands of miles away.

FFS we are talking here about killing and wiping out villages between coffee breaks.

The world has gone mad.
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posted on Jun, 10 2013 @ 04:55 PM
Tesla once refused to make radio controlled torpedos for the US Navy. He knew exactly what would come of it. This is what we are left with.

This guy deserves no sympathy. Anybody who joins the military should know full well what they are getting into.

I do applaud him for coming out to speak against it. The drone program is the second worst weapon that we have ever used against an "enemy". I could give a crap that it "saves lives". I say do it the old fashioned way, with risk to life and limb and all of that. The drone program is an act of cowardice. It is about as "targeted" as a game of lawn-darts.

People need to beat the streets and demand an end to the madness. It is just so sad that most Americans will never realize that our nation is responsible for most of the worlds problems. They will never do anything because they don't realize that we are the bad guy. Following orders is bad, compliance is bad.......... Non-compliance can set us free.

posted on Jun, 10 2013 @ 05:11 PM
reply to post by multichild

US is now officially a nation of pure sociopaths. Sociopaths love reading and hearing about other sociopaths. They love sharing their morbid mind-set in well edited "interviews" with sociopathic news celebs and of course nothing is as fun as the destruction of life taped or broadcasted in real time.

The word compassion and its proper applications doesn´t compute to a sociopath. He or she gets instantly an error message from such simple act of mercy.

Like ancient Rome. US is slowly imploding on itself. Ppl are too lazy to think before they vote, too tired to get to know eachother before they march against the system (like their parents did during the 60ies and 70ies).

Soon, when the dollar has collapsed and Obozo, the black demon from hell has started another dozen wars, right before Hillary takes ove 2016 and finishes the job, the few of us remaining and looking back at what once was a beautiful nation with a proud and healthy ppl, will at that time,not far ahead, behold but a smoldering heap of trash with the wealthy elite far away, on permanent vacation on some private islands in the carribean, enjoying the loot from the sheeple they fooled and slaughtered o easily.

Cheers all !
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posted on Jun, 10 2013 @ 05:44 PM
so is this cheeky dude trying to justify his 1600 judgement calls!!?

im sure there are at least 20 people in line, to blame, before you get to the president

these long shot attempts at scandals are funny sometimes

posted on Jun, 10 2013 @ 06:33 PM
I don't get why people are going off on this guy as a "MURDERER" He joined the service and this was his job! If you want to get technical IMHO post WW2, Any killing the US has done in the name of defense has been MURDER! The pilot of Enola Gay was just as guilty as this drone pilot...He had the means supplied and followed his orders. If you want to get to the murderers you only have to look at the citizens of a country that fails to riot in the streets against the atrocities of their elected officials! I don't see how you can pawn off the disgust of how the game is now played on one individual...Makes zero sense

posted on Jun, 10 2013 @ 06:36 PM

Originally posted by GogoVicMorrow
reply to post by multichild

The guy is smiling which is weird. I think he's an egomaniac and I think he's lying about watching the guy turn cold.. it would take hours for a person to lose all their heat and I doubt they watched a dead guy that long.

Maybe, maybe not. Didn't he say the guy's temp faded until he was the same color as the ground? Not sure how fast body head fades upon death (I'd imagine far quicker if there was excessive blood lost), but isn't it pretty hot over there?

Actually, on second thought, that almost makes it stranger. How does a cold body turn the same color (in thermal imaging) as the ground, when the body runs at about 98.6 degrees, and you're in a climate with 100+ degree temps?

EDIT: Maybe that could indicate a (dead, without the ability to regulate temperature) body heating up to the temp of the hot ground...? But how would someone operating a thermal camera mistake a body cooling for a body heating? hm...

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posted on Jun, 10 2013 @ 06:44 PM
reply to post by minkmouse

Because they are mostly Hopliphobic and have NO IDEA what the world outside is like apparently. War is a failure of humanity but is it still there to be dealt with.Stopping it isn't an enlistee's responsability its YOURS.If we don't volunteer some of YOU get to go fight and who really needs a bunch of dead people in US uniforms?
Is it right? F##K NO , but attacking combatants is politics not functional. We have enough of that from 2 parties who are competing for the bottom of the line.
We know our sins,better us than you to bear them. It is a form of prejudice.

posted on Jun, 10 2013 @ 07:00 PM
First of all, as a war time vet, I can honestly say I would have never participated with a drone program. That's just me. Maybe I would have initially, but after my first mission of blowing three dudes to hell who were simply walking down the road (never mind some other reports we hear about drone strikes at wedding receptions, schools, hospitals, etc) you can bet your ASS I would have found a way out of such a program.

Second of all, not everyone feels like I do. Most people in the service truly are brainwashed and trust their superiors above all else. This is how it should be for an oiled military machine. But upon that moment of disillusionment, people are gonna react to this sorta stuff with "weird" sentiments.
Take the NSA threads for instance (doesn't really compare to killing someone, but just an example) we have a VERY SERIOUS issue, one I KNOW is being "watched"..yet all I can do is laugh about it all. Otherwise, I am gonna be mad as a freakin' hornet and that does nobody any good.

posted on Jun, 10 2013 @ 07:22 PM
When boots on the ground don't decide I feel its far too easy. Some guy in an office can kill willy nilly and that is a plan for them. No one to witness their crimes.

posted on Jun, 10 2013 @ 08:56 PM
intelligence had to be present or the order for a drone assassination mission would not be ordered.

using a drone is not much difference between a claymore set up for an ambush, or a IED employed by the enemy.

we and they are just using the cutting edge technology to kill the enemy.

a claymore is a 1.5 pounds of c4 with 750 flat washers embedded in the c4 so when it goes off it is like several double barrel 12 guage shotguns firing at once.

an ied can be any kind of an explosive detonated by remote observators.

a drone is merely a remote operated device(like the ied or the claymore) that kills the enemy, while friendly forces are completely out of harms way.

actually a bullet out of a rifle is the same thing.

posted on Jun, 10 2013 @ 09:04 PM

Originally posted by butcherguy
Yet, when it comes to warning our troops of IEDS,' they had no way to warn them'.

It doesn't jive.

Sure it does. Take the NRO. They gather all sorts of ground imagery and intelligence. That intel is available to the top level guys. But you can't pony it up in real time as a guy in a Humvee going down a dirt wash.

These things happen at very different levels in the hierarchy. Small events in real time - how exactly do you think you can see a vehicle or some troops from a drone, pick them out and then say "stop, that's a mine"? How do you see that communication occurring? You won't have a clue who that is.

It's sort of like looking out a window at work, and seeing that some guy texting in the road is about to be hit by a bus. You see it. He doesn't. You have a phone. He has a phone. WHY DIDN'T YOU CALL HIM??! MURDERER!! See? You see it all happening, but there's no practical way to convey the info in real time to a person you don't know and can't identify.

posted on Jun, 10 2013 @ 09:09 PM
reply to post by spirited75

It is a question of personability.
As a soldier, give me a rifle or a hand grenade and let me FACE MY ENEMY before you give me access to an RC plane with missiles any day.

I want the ability to ASSESS the situation and pull a trigger if need be.

Blowing people sky high from 1,000 miles away would make me feel like a cowardly murderer.

Plain and simple.

posted on Jun, 10 2013 @ 09:21 PM
reply to post by JayinAR

dropping Acr Light on the Ho Chi Mihn trail from 50,000 feet.
remote killing of enemy.

firing artillery at a target from 15 miles away
remote killing of enemy

Long range ICBM
remote killing of enemy.

why all the phoney outrage at drones killing 1626 of enemy
remote killing of enemy.

Carlos Hathcock sniper shooting a enemy in Laos from hill in VN 2500 yards away
remote killing of enemy.

fighter jets launching missiles at ground convoy
remote killing of enemy.

posted on Jun, 10 2013 @ 09:23 PM
reply to post by JayinAR

David throwing stone at Golith with sling
remote killing of enemy

using arrows
remote killing of enemy

using bullets from guns
remote killing of enemy

using four airplanes to crash into twin towers and pentagon
remote killing of enemy.

we do not like wet work

seal team got obama
wet work.

posted on Jun, 10 2013 @ 09:29 PM
operating a joy stick in USA to kill someone around

the world is a skill set derived from many of the vodeo games kids play today.

good idea to tap into and capitalize on the

skill sets to turn them into kill sets.

when it is all said and done do you want to
be kneeling on the ground blindfolded with
your arms tied behind your back and a rifle
pointed at your head waiting for the bullet
to fly, or do you want to be holding the rifle?

answer that question honestly,
and then pay your taxes so someone
can be the one holding the gun to
the other guys head for you..

posted on Jun, 10 2013 @ 09:30 PM
reply to post by JayinAR

Isn't that kind of...Well, Like the Brits who when presented the idea of a submarine, declared they didn't want them because it was cowardly and ungentlemanly to sneak up on ones enemy unseen

posted on Jun, 10 2013 @ 09:44 PM
reply to post by minkmouse

yes and who was is that came to the aid
of the british twice in the last 100 years.

the ancestors of the people the brits released
from prison in order to populate the new country.

posted on Jun, 10 2013 @ 09:54 PM
reply to post by spirited75

you lost me with that comeback

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