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Living the body, being the mind, re-membering the Soul.

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posted on Jun, 9 2013 @ 11:02 PM
Welcome to my second thread here on Ats. I would like to create a space here, where people can "see" through words, how most are living and being today.

Is it not correct that the body has no awareness of its own? When you wake up in the morning, you go to the bathroom maybe, and release that which the body has intaken the day before.. You then go to your kitchen and make some food. After a happy tummy, you jump in your car, or maybe you walk to the bus/train stop, and travel to your workplace.

When we look at this daily process; is the body aware about peeing, needing food, what it needs to wear for the day? Is the body itself; aware of all that, aware its time to work for 9 hours? Aware that it must walk through the lobby, to the elevator and go to floor '16' to the office by the window?

The body was only aware of walking in alternating lines, or directions. It was not aware of any of those things. The body was not sure it had to go 'anywhere', nor was it aware, where it was 'going'. The body only knew it was to travel through space, via feet on the ground.

The mind was aware of all these things. The memory of the individual 'living' within the body. The mind is what was being aware of peeing, brushing the teeth, making breakfast, catching a taxi, or going to work. The body, simply, just moved from point 'A' to point 'B' without any awareness of where is was headed. The mind navigated the body to its destination.

What is this 'mind'; that was aware of all those things? What is aware its reading english letters, within a computerized device, while seated in a chair, presently? The body is only aware of one of those things; it is seated.
What is 'looking' or perceiving through the bodies eyes, is an awareness within the body itself.

So now we have two sides here. The mind and the body.

When we live in the body; we are living a very limited version of this grand experience. The body can do two things - survive, and procreate. It knows nothing other then these two things. At a certain "age" the body starts to develop in weird ways - and the awareness within the body starts to have different experiences. I talk of hormones.

Hormones are compulsive, something that the body feels and automatically reacts too. For the example; a male is seeing a gorgeous female body, with a short skirt and nice legs. The male body starts to react; maybe blood runs, hormones release. But this is a natural and automatic experience that the body has, as the female - is the other half of the male. The body knows it needs the female to procreate, to keep the species alive, like a type of programing the body has.

But a conscious mind might just see this gorgeous female with an attractive body - as nothing more then a nice lady going about her day.

If we live the ways of the body, we only live a limited version of a grand experience. As the body itself is 'programmed' to function in specefic ways, which are limited, because the body cant do anything. The body cant fly, or stay under water, or walk along a wall (webbed feet). It can only function the way it was programmed too. It is only aware its moving (not where its going), what position it may be in, and its compulsions. Other then that the body will function until its in a grave.

The mind is aware of a destination, this is what moves the body. The mind is aware of what time it is, what language it knows, how to do "this" or "that", who it came in contact with earlier in the day, what is for dinner etc

With that said; if we are living the body, we are not being the mind, and therefore we are living the pre-programmed - short-living version of 'life'. Instead of living the infinite awareness that is the mind. The mind must be infinite as it has no direction, no walls, it can perceive and bend in any way it can think of, it can fly, it can stay under water, it can choose where to go, it can even look at a gorgeous lady or gentleman with a smile without reacting hastly.

It must be clear now that the limited body and the unlimited awareness it cases; are two different things, but are sharing the same expereince together yes?

What of a blind body, one that has no vision? Or deaf, one that cannot hear external sounds? Or one that cannot smell, feel, taste, see, or hear? What of the body and mind then? What becomes of the external surroundings of the body then, and how is it experienced by the awareness cased within it?

If the body cannot see - the mind within the body has no sense of direction, no sense of gender or polarity as it cannot see the difference between man and female. It can only think of the difference, based from the sounds the teacher or relative told. As all it would be is sounds, as the mind cannot perceive the languge or symbols used within the external surroundings. Its pure speculation to the mind experiencing with no sight.

If a body cannot hear, smell, taste, feel, or see; the mind has absolutely no understanding or experience of the external reality we share with active senses. What comes of the mind then? It is surely aware it is aware. It can still think thoughts, and are aware of these thoughts coming into it.

The awareness can still feel emotion, wether its Love, happiness, frustration, doubt, sadness or anger. But nothing external has caused these things to manifest, as there is no external experience, but only awareness of the thoughts and feelings.

The mind still has no reference to anything of the external realitý- so where are these thoughts and feelings coming from? It does not know it is cased within a body. There is no reference to anything but the thoughts and feelings.

This is where we have lost our understanding and acceptance of the Soul; The highest form of awareness that allows the lower forms to be, with reason. The one that creates a stream for emotions and thoughts to enter into the lower awareness. The one that has no reference point to itself, or anything it thinks or feels. Its all perception of the mind that interprets those things. The Soul just is, the creator of all those things perceived and expereinced.

The body is a programmed, automatic vessel with one destination - the grave.

The mind is an unlimited stream of thoughts, visions, images, ideas, opinions, needs, wants, cares, obligations.. with one purpose - to experience and understand with reason.

The Soul is the creator of all these experiences combined, giving light and reason to the mind; which is then to create and experience within the body.

The images and feelings within the heart/mind complex, are streamed from the highest form of awareness - the Soul. The body does not know how to feel love or give love. It does not understand how to feel anger and give hate.

It just is a by-product of creation.

So; when one is living the body, and this becomes all it knows - it will not live to its full potential, it will not feel fulfilled within. As it is experiencing or living, a limited version of the grand experience. The body can only do so many things, until it is destined to fail in function, and die. Especially when being pushed to the fullest and intaking garbage a life time.

One living within the mind; will be in full control over the body, the thoughts, the dreams, the visions, and all the aspects of the mind. Living a more fulfilled life then just the limited body.

When one reconnects with its all knowing self; it will be infinite, and the fullest and most expansive self possible.


posted on Jun, 9 2013 @ 11:37 PM
I have added a workbook lesson from A Course in Miracles that deals very specially with this subject.

I am not A Body

Definitely something you would enjoy reading. The practical application that The Course deals with comes about, in my experience, through necessity. It is, after all, a required Course.


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