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Earth is expected to plow through meteorites(meteor rate 50-100 per hr!)

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posted on Nov, 7 2004 @ 08:16 AM
Look at this, Earth is expected to plow through 1000 year old stream of dust left from comet Tempel-Tuttle--
the parent of the Leonid meteor shower.

Satellites are in danger of becoming damaged by this.

People living in Europe and Asia can expect to see a flurry of shooting stars on the 8th of November at around 11:30PM GMT.

Look out for this one it should be quite cool with 500-100 shooting stars per hour.

Leonid Meteor Shower

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posted on Nov, 7 2004 @ 08:20 AM
yes thanks for the update the leonid meteor shower is the largest one we get. it happes every year

the raidaint is leo of course which means all the meteors will origonate form that part in the sky.
its about 100 per hour meaning if you stay outdied in a perfctly dark place at night and watch this shower you willsee about 100 meteor. as your area is more affected by light pollution the less you see but teh leonids are a very bright shower so even if you live in suburban areas its a good idea to go check this out. i live 15 miles from New Orleans and i saw about 30 of them last year in an hour. a pair of binoculars helps

posted on Nov, 7 2004 @ 08:28 AM
im sorry i was wrong the leonids arent the shower i was thinking of......
i was thinking of teh geminds which reach maximum on december 14 with a raidant of 75- 100 an hour

the leonids are still verry bright but they peak on the nov 17 with a raidant of only 10 an hour which is weak

sorry for the false info

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