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The Truth Of Young Women

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posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 08:23 AM
Truth of Young Women

You're as beautiful as ever
But give that mirror a rest
You're a predetory female
Rev. Shannon said it best

You hang out with women
Not as pretty as you
You act as if your friends
Then gossip later too.

You'll take up hobbies
Just for the catch
Then months later
You go out for another fetch

Your lies and deceit
Is something I should mention
For its not honorable at all
You just do it for attention

When you meet a fellow predetor
(another attention whore)
You discuss the likes and dislikes
Of the immature show, Jersey Shore

Your main intentions
Are normally unclean
You measure intelligence
By the knowings of People Magazine

You hate being treated
Like a piece of meat
But love it when when shown attention
And receiving gifts as a treat

You think it's ok
To spend $300 on some shoes
Then yell at me later
when we have no money for food

You listen to crap
Like Gaga and Bieber
I could complain more
But I'll stop digging before I get deeper

Enough or your madness
Can make any man go insane
Although I see right through you
I do not feel your pain

But I will keep myself content
I will watch what is said
Because all I really want
Is a handy and some head


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