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Office Sip

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posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 07:23 AM
Office Sip

I need a drink
My last one was yesterday and I can’t even taste the liquor on my breath
I think I might buy a pint at lunch
Wait, are bottles even measured in pints now?
Or did they pull a switcheroo?
Screw this
My job sucks
It’s a beautiful day outside and I’m in here.
Slaving away at a computer program to make a buck or two
I can feel my back pain getting worse
That’s why I need a drink
To get the pain to leave
Feels like my vertebrae is hanging out with my ribcage playing cards
Fu***** bastards
There was this spider on my head
He fell off onto my desk
I let him go in Chris’s cubicle after a five minute interrogation
Booze would make this job better
Even one fu***** beer would do the trick
Is anyone happy in any career?
I have to piss but there are too many people in the bathroom
I find it uncomfortable when people want to hold convos while using the restroom
Can I just piss in peace?
Screw all of you
Fake superficial office friendliness is fu***** annoying
Let’s just be honest over a glass of bourbon


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