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Nestle is Monsantos lapdog . Water,chinese herbs,breast milk,just the beginning .

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posted on Jun, 6 2013 @ 06:51 PM
I've seen a few posts about this here and there ,but the claims are,Nestle will be hated more than Monsanto .
The thing is ,Nestle IS Monsanto ,and WHO is behind part of it .

As I have been saying for a few years now ,big pharms plan is to take over Chinese herbs ,and put them into the hands of western MDs .
As we know,most MDs can barely handle western meds.
This will be a disaster of magnitudunal proportions.
They want to prescribe herbs to healthy people,who have no other health problems ,thereby putting every American on something they can milk insurance for .
Herbs are never meant to be taken indefinitely !
They want to mass market qi and blood tonifiers .
Herbalists have known this since 2009 ,and no one is listening to us !
There will be interactions ,side affects and possibly deaths ,and these morons will blame the herbs,not their own ineptitude .
I've been saying this for years,and told I was a buffoon .
Nestle is under the auspices of Monsanto .
WHO and codex alimentarius are their facilitators .
This is a disaster coming .

The last week of November 2012, just as the World Heath Organization (WHO) is meeting in Hong Kong to prepare its traditional medicine 10-year global plan, Nestlé SA (NESN) and Hutchinson China Meditech Ltd. (HCM), agreed to form Nutrition Science Partners Ltd. (NFP). The venture will research, develop, make and sell medicinal and nutritional products using traditional Chinese medicine.

Coincidentally, Chi-med is controlled by Hong Kong billionaire's Li KaShing (appropriate last name for a billionaire in American slang). The company agreed to be equal partners with Nestlé for an undisclosed amount on November 28, 2012 to form Nutrition Science Partners Ltd. (NSP). Nestlé's headquarters is in Vevey, Switzerland; the World Health Organization's is in Geneva, Switzerland.

Traditional Chinese medicine has seen phenomenal growth in recent years. Up nearly 30 percent from 2009, just in China close to $48 billion in these medicines was produced in 2010. Between 30 and 40 percent of all pharmaceutical sales in China are traditional Chinese plant-based medicines, and 30 percent of Hong Kong's population, where the WHO meeting is taking place, already uses traditional treatments. The World Health Organization estimates the value of Chinese medicines in the global market at over $83

Nestlé bought out Prometheus Laboratories Inc. in 2011 and those capabilities may be used in the new venture. Prometheus' specialty is tests and treatments of cancer and gastroenterology. In December 2011, Chi-med agreed to develop a cancer drug with AstraZeneca Plc (AZN). The new collaboration gives Nestlé exclusive access to one of the largest libraries of traditional Chinese medical herbs, Chi-Med's library of 50,000 medicinal plant extracts and over 1,500 purified natural products.

For the purpose of combating medical issues like obesity, heart disease, and diabetes through developing personalized nutrition treatments, Nestlé began the health science business in 2011. The new NSP venture will focus initially in the United States on gastro-intestinal treatments, ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease, possibly branching out in the future into metabolic diseases and brain health.

Both Nestlé and Chi-Med stocks increased in value in 2012. Nestlé shares gained 12 percent this year up to 60.60 Swiss francs and Chi-Med is up 43 percent in 2012.

The WHO's 10-year global traditional medicine plan is expected to be implemented by 2014. Watch the video on traditional Chinese medicine from News Nine MSN.

Video here :

Read more here :

In addition to this Nestle has patented human breast milk .
Remember ,a patent for Monsanto ,means you can be sued for owning it .

Under the US Patent Office, which has granted patents to natural seeds to Monsanto Corporation, now comes a new patent on human breast milk!! Sounds absurd doesn’t it but then again look at the US Patent Office and check their previous wealth of patents granted to Monsanto, Dow, Nestle and other corporations with deep pockets. Human Breast Milk is Now under a Nestle Monsanto Patent: Human breast milk is called colostrum, which has the main function of protecting the babies intestines, nourishment and until it’s own immune system can grow and function properly. Similar to a bird feeding its own youngsters, the parent bird digests the food then offers it to it’s young by it’s own throat. This is a natural feeding process, that does not require any human involvement other than the mother and her baby.

A woman produces a host of beneficial ingredients such as proteins and antibodies (immune system protection) that is passed on to the baby. If she chooses the most organic foods then her breast milk will be of higher quality with less chemicals passed on to her child. Follow the Progress of Un-natural Patents on Nature and Now Humans If you follow this history of corporations obtaining “patents” on natural seeds that produce organic, natural foods and turning them into corporate owned plants, this is just the beginning of a take over of nature both plants and humans. This is the beginning of Monsanto’s world domination as: the God of Seeds and Food for mankind which is their goal, total world domination of Food.

The second instance is the FDA’s claim that human stem cells are now classified as “Drugs” under their control. This means the FDA controls what you can and cannot do with your own stem cells and they are illegally doing this to gain control of what you can and cannot do with your own stem cells. Human breast milk also contains human made: Proteins Lactose Oligosaccharides Carbohydrates Triglycerides Fat- human milk fat-( the beneficial kind) Oleic Acid which forms Hamlet that kills tumor cells Hamlet is Human Alfa-Lactalbumin made Lethal to Tumor Cells Lipids Vaccenic acid Conjugated linoleum acid (CLA’s) Breast feeding babies with oleic acid actually prevents the babies from getting cancer. It is an anti-cancer substance that belongs to the human mother to pass on to her child. Human Breast Milk actually programs cancer cells to die. The genetic material in human milk cannot be patented for corporate profits no matter what the claims of these companies may be to support their numerous patents. Currently, there are 2,000 patents on human milk components. Women own their breasts and they own the milk they produce not the US government. Human beings own their stem cells, the fluids they produce and to grant a corporation any patents that involve human milk is just plain insanity. It would amount to a corporation owning sperm from men.

The fact that these ingredients are made by the human body, for another human body any inference that they can be “owned” is total or in part by a corporate entity is totally outrageous. This patent would render women in to a form of ownership by a corporation sanctioned by the US government through it’s patent office. Corporations are claiming ownership of human bodies! ! If the public is not aware of what the implications are for our own health, our freedom, our children’s health, future generations and ownership.

In addition to all of this,Nestle is taking over water .

This has been discussed here,so I will just post the links.

In any case,Monsanto is now using Nestle as its lapdog,to the point of ridiculous .
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posted on Jun, 6 2013 @ 07:54 PM
Interesting... here is something about Nestle in Canada and how there are groups that are against what they are doing. It is not a good thing at all especially during times of drought. OP already posted something like this, I am against their nefarious actions.

posted on Jun, 6 2013 @ 08:05 PM
reply to post by gardCanada

Unreal . Everything belongs to some moron who sits behind a desk . Earth resources they can be used to gouge the working class.
It's pathetic.
People say its not possible,but I see the world of the Road Warrior coming.
Gas food and water will be fought for,and many will die .
It's,said that the earths population now consumes in 12 months,what the earth can produce in 18 months.
The USA being the biggest consumers of everything .

I don't see this ending well .
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posted on Jun, 6 2013 @ 10:43 PM
reply to post by PtolemyII

Unfortunately, I agree with your sentiment. That said, I find it hard to believe the elected governments are not extolling the virtues of people growing their own gardens to say the least. It is plausible that it could be done by people seeing this as part of a solution. The system needs changing to where some thing were- people used to grow food! As a populace, we could do it willingly (somewhat) or we'll have to by necessity. If there are agents from the government that monitor here on ATS, I do hope they see this as what it is- an idea for the people by the people. When it all comes down to it, we can't eat money.

Yes it sounds naive, blaming doesn't do anything except maybe make on feel good for a short time.


posted on Jun, 8 2013 @ 02:08 AM
It's things like this that truly rip at my heart. the fact that We The People of the country have let things get to this point. I don't know how much longer people can keep heir heads in the sand before it's too late. I hope it isn't already. I don't know if it's he same all over the country, but where I live you have to get a permit to plant a garden. I couldn't believe it when I was told that. I would give anything to be totally self-sufficient. One day...

It is truly scary that the patent for Breast Milk, something sacred shared between a mother and her child, is owned by a corporation. II myself am trying to do more research into Monsantos and other companies like them. Me and my fiance want to go organic and cut out any gmo food. But it's getting harder and harder to tell if something really is organic.
Awesome Thread!
Thank you

posted on Jun, 8 2013 @ 10:23 AM
What an amazing thread, with some very informative links.Thank you.
I will never understand what makes people so greedy for money that they will murder others so they can get it. And it's not just to make them rich, it's rich to the extent that they could never possibly spend it.
Wars seem almost civilised compared to what these corporations do in that there's usually some sort of passionate reason behind them. I can even understand invading other Countries for Oil - although I am against it. What these companies do is callous, cold-blooded and pure evil. I can't think of it any other way. It is utterly barbaric.

posted on Jun, 8 2013 @ 01:58 PM
reply to post by SadieMae

I can tell you ,we fought against Chinese herbs being taken over,and even Monsanto getting control over seeds.
We called senators and congressmen ,for years . It made no difference in the end .
If they want to do it ,its done.
The fact we are fighting back now against Monsanto ,is picking up momentum .
We used to be the few,now we are the many .


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