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Mad Cow Disease in Upstate NY?

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posted on Nov, 6 2004 @ 10:58 PM
This scares the hell out of me....I live in Western New York!! I'll be keeping an eye out for the "Men In Black" [/url]


[edit on 6-11-2004 by magickalworld]

posted on Nov, 6 2004 @ 11:05 PM
Canned tunafish

Condensed campbells tomato soup

Cereal + Skim Milk

Ramen (Saimen) - Cup noodles


Vegetables / fruits

Pork N' Beans (beans in tomato soup, canned)

Tostito's tortilla chips + salsa or quaqamole' dip.

Thats basically my diet (I love it, tastes good)... If you're wondering what the canned tuna is for- you put it into the Ramen(Saimen- Cup noodles).

I dunno, I eat that diet because 1.) Its cheap and 2.) Its healthy and 3.) It tastes good

As for "eating out". I choose between chinese food, italian food (pasta- speghetti- sallads- garlic bread). I don't even like steak (or cows) that much.


posted on Nov, 8 2004 @ 11:53 AM
I would be suprised if there haven't been more Mad Cow disease incidents than what has been reported.
Farming in US is so industrialized... and pretty much all that matters in that ideology is profits, even if it means raising cattle very unnaturally.

posted on Nov, 9 2004 @ 01:39 AM
I totally agree. That's why there have been all the cattle mutilations. The so-named "men in black" are government agents that are tracking Mad Cow Disease in the U.S. That why most of the time, the cattle are found with their eyes, tongue, and digestive organs missing. That is where the Mad Cow prions are supposed to show up (besides their brain and spinal cord)....There has been a pattern of the men in black showing up a lot in areas in the west where there is a mad cow-like disease in the deer and the elk also. They are definitely tracking it.....And God help us with Bush in office for another 4 years!!

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