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Increased rain in hawaii (where I live)

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posted on Nov, 6 2004 @ 10:57 PM
For the first time in hawaii, rain poored down so heavily that it flooded manoa valley (last week).

I was reading (not sure if this site is legit or bogus) and that website said Hawaii is a safe location ( ).

Now, anyway. I live on a mountain called Makakilo, were about 50 miles away from honolulu (the only nuke target really- is 50 miles enough to be safe?).

Anyway- here it's rained every single night for the past 14 days. Daytime = no rain, afternoon = clouds start pile'ing, nighttime = rain untill morning.

People have even spotted "funnel clouds" being formed across the island while driving on Freeway 3.

I'll try to get more info on this. Seems the raining is either 1.) Luck or 2.) Global Warming... ehhhhh


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