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Identifying the forms of a conscious universe

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posted on Jun, 5 2013 @ 08:49 AM
Recently I begun looking for information about the nature of consciousness and its cyclic function on reality and the perception of it. Looking at the evidence gathered it seems the whole deification of the universe began with the sumerian development of observing some of the planets and recording their movements. They classed these as dingir with also the word MUL. LexLine

Further reading. The Omen of Ibbi-Sin

Their whole culture became the foundation of sciencetific matematical exploration. They wrote of what their level of consciousness had thus far developed. Early theoretical writings are given with a particular prose to convey a sort of awe in the words. And to make it memorizing too.

If we paraphrase and analyze the contents of this passage, it may be worded as follows: Heaven and earth, originally united, were separated and moved away from each other, and thereupon the creation of man was ordained. An, the heaven-god, then carried off heaven, while Enlil, the air-god, carried off earth. All this seems to be according to plan. Then, however, occurred something disruptive. For the goddess Ereshkigal, the counterpart of the Greek Persephone, whom we know as queen of the nether world, but who originally was probably a sky-goddess, was carried off into the nether world, perhaps by Kur. No doubt to avenge this deed, the water-god Enki set sail to attack Kur. The latter, evidently to be conceived as a monster or dragon, did not stand idly by, but hurled stones, large and small, against the keel of Enki's boat, while the primeval waters attacked Enki's boat front and rear. Our poem does not give the result of this struggle between Enki and Kur, since the entire cosmogonic or creation introduction has nothing to do with the basic contents of our Gilgamesh composition; it was placed at the head of the poem only because the Sumerian scribes were accustomed to begin their stories with several introductory lines dealing with creation.
Sumerian Mythology: A Study of Spiritual and Literary Achievement in the Third Millennium B.C., Samuel Noah Kramer ,University of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia, [1944, revised 1961]

The subsequent civilizations also recorded the astronomical wanderings of the stars and planets, conjecting imaginitive narrative drama they displayed ritual acts. Again the consciousness retranslated into deification and the clusters of mystery schools retaining the current edge of knoweledge and wisdom in secret. That is one of the most ancient of occult conspiring evidenced to be known.

As languages evolved the number of errors increased as the secrets were written down and was aminly the result of scribes misunderstanding of earlier texts and the natural error that creep in when translating from one language to another which manified over many decades.
So now there is a big misunderstanding of the core identifications of religion. It is a certain insanity to behold how its reality has been defined as. However it is only a fragment of what consciousness can function as it seems to do.

Why anyone should suppose all their thinking and intelligence originates only in their own minds, encouraged by what other humans have been thinking, is quite a minor mystery. In old days people believed their Gods talked to them through Nature. Nowadays some might suppose telepathic communications reached them from some other dimensions of Life, or more simply via Space from Life-forms outside our Solar system. Whatever happens, the end-effect is that the reach of human consciousness is undoubtedly extending in range and qualities over the centuries, and we have witnessed a great leap forward during the last space of a single incarnation.
The Language of the Gods, William G. Gray

Both old and recent mystery schools attribute to the learnings of academic enlightenment and to discover the questions as to the reasons of existence. Consciousness is in a constant chaotic flux.

A human brain is a type of computer called a neural network, composed of about 100 billion neurons, each of
which is connected to, on average, about 7,000 others via synapses. Neurons are cells that receive, process and transmit information within the brain. Synapses are connections between neurons through which chemical and electrical messages are transmitted. All these neurons in our brains, constantly communicating with each other, ostensibly enable all the functions of our brain, including planning, memory, imagination, information processing, calculation, simulation, and every other aspect of thinking.”
(Moss, Shaun, Practical Metaphysics, 2009)

Wild theories of holographic atoms and mysterious dimensional realms that sound like modern day fairy-tale but no less true of anything strangere than can be imagined. Consciousness is always searching for the immortal enternity. Reality of perception is like a dream when it is examined at a most nano level.

What if it were possible to cover vast interstellar distances in arbitrary short periods of time? What if one could fabricate an Deus ex Machina that could be employed to accomplish such a goal? What would this machine look like? How would an engineer or physicist go about the process of fabricating such an apparatus? All daunting questions to be certain, but there are some potential answers - at least theoretical ones anyway.
The notion of inflation is fairly well known in the literature and has some common acceptance in its most current form evolved from Guth’s original model. It is this mechanism that motivated Alcubierre (1994) to construct a metric that employed inflation to allow an observer to traverse vast distances in arbitrary times by riding inside a ‘warp sphere.’ The benefit of employing inflation is that one never violates the speed of light locally, one merely rides space itself to achieve the desired result of getting to Alpha Centauri in less than four Earth years. Now time for some bad news. The Alcubierre model requires negative energy, which is obviously not your typical garden-variety matter that you can pick up at the grocery store in the boson/lepton aisle. It is this requirement that relegates Alcubierre’s model, in its original form, to simply being a toy mathematical construct.
The Alcubierre Warp Drive in Higher Dimensional Spacetime,H. G. White, E. W. Davis, 15231 Pilgrim Oaks Lane, League City, TX 77573, USA, Inst. for Advanced Studies at Austin, 4030 W. Braker Ln., Ste. 300, Austin, TX 78759, USA 1281-957-5388,

Everything then can be manipulated into a formation of a new kind of reality like the type that is being attempted by the 2045 organization to have consciousness functioning and exsisting as pure energy.
When notions of a universe inside a black hole in a sort of data storage statistical memory block then so is consciousness. The question is then ?can consciousness exceed the effects of black holes.
Cognitive reality and the experience of consciousness is the eternal immortality seeking itself in a maze of mirrors.

posted on Jun, 5 2013 @ 09:01 AM
I have to run, but wanted to bump this, and S&F it as I know this is going to keep me busy for a while.

Peace, NRE.

posted on Jun, 5 2013 @ 07:49 PM
reply to post by NoRegretsEver

Care to post any initial thoughts on this subject.

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