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NEWS: Chirac to Bush: Its all over - Arafat is Dead

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posted on Nov, 8 2004 @ 04:18 AM
It was said best by a simple man.

Why can't we all just get along...

This next part is said by me.
World, I call upon you. Lay down you arms. Take into your homes, your brothers and sisters of different faiths, and colors, and apologize. Apologize to them for your hatred, your fear, your oppression. Bring them into your home and feed them and clothe them. They are your fellow humans, we all bleed red. We all have hopes and dreams, we all at heart desire peace, yet in this world a peace will not be realized if we do not accept that peace in our hearts. It does not matter what was done to your neighbor, will the violence end if you kill in the name of your neighboors revenge? No one is even sure who started it, but there is one sure thing it will continue if we do not open our eyes and see that violence begets violence begets violence. The word of God in all religions is do unto others as you would have others do unto you. If you want peace, sow peace. How can one sow peace, if they hold a cocked pistol aimed at the heart of their brother.


posted on Nov, 9 2004 @ 09:02 PM

Originally posted by Gools
Well I'm not 100% sure that Debka is a credible source but they seem to have access to juicy details and they usually make sense.

Suha Arafat accuses Qureia and Abbas, due in Paris Monday, of intrigue to “bury Abu Amar (Arafat) alive,” in live broadcast over Al Jazeera Arabic TV. “I appeal to you to be aware of scale of conspiracy.”

DEBKAfile’s sources: Arafat’s wife Suha will demand Abbas and Qureia sign documents drafted by her French lawyers guaranteeing her multimillion dollar inheritance and pension - as price for switching off life support systems. She has controlled information on Arafat’s condition and nature of mystery illness.

DEBKAfile’s Exclusive Sources: Libyan ruler Qaddafi determined to attend every stage of Arafat’s funeral ceremony – even if it entails landing at Israel’s Ben Gurion airport to an Israeli welcome. This would make him the first Arab leader to touch down in Israel in 25 years since Sadat’s epic peace pilgrimage.

Palestinian leaders Abbas and Qureia arriving in Paris Monday will fight off tight French timetable for Arafat’s removal: formal announcement of Arafat’s demise Tuesday night; funeral rite in Paris and departure for Cairo – Wednesday.

The Palestinian visitors will dig in their heels for Nov. 19 burial. Jericho is now mentioned as possible venue with coffin arriving through Jordan.

If the Tuesday and Wednesday dates check out as well as the Qaddaffi angle The "debka's sources" are pretty good.

As for all of the stories acting as if Araffat is still alive. Well he is on life support but has been brain dead for several days. France requested he be moved on Friday.


[edit on 11/8/2004 by Gools]

Well what do you know... seems debka was spot on.

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