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He's here! The latest addition to Mblah's household :D My son, Liam.

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posted on Jun, 30 2013 @ 02:06 AM
reply to post by mblahnikluver

Congrats! You are going to be a wonderful mom

posted on Sep, 13 2013 @ 02:59 PM

Im just posting this to up my post quota ..

you know i adore my little nephew.... awee..

BAHAHA you kill me!

posted on Sep, 13 2013 @ 03:06 PM


Congrats from the high desert.

Thank you

posted on Sep, 13 2013 @ 03:40 PM
Here is my little man. He is now 3mths and weighs 13lbs. He is such a good baby, only cries around feeding time or when he has a messy diaper which I don't blame him. He gets a little fussy before nap time then he just passes out.

His daddy is a big FSU fan, me I don't care either way lol, he will love this outfit i got him today. I also FINALLY found the original 1982 Glow Worm and yes it still works. I love Etsy for vintage items!

Another close up from today's new outfit for daddy. Found some FSU bibs too. BTW why is collegiate attire so expensive! lol

Smiles!! He loves the camera.

He can hold himself up on his tummy now. He loves it. He is trying to roll over but only goes in circles lol He gets frustrated and it's so cute. I think by the end of the month he'll be rolling over.

I love being a mom. I won't lie I have my moments of frustration but i just breathe and leave the room and count to 10, it works. lol He sleeps through the night now which is GREAT esp for me lol I don't feel like a zombie anymore. I wasn't getting much sleep and it was getting to me physically. My husband is overseas so it's just me. My mom has been awesome though when I need help or need some "me" time to get things done around the house. We take each day one at a time. He has a routine every night and a day time nap. He sleeps about 8hrs now at night and when he wakes up in the morning he is just all smiles and laughs. I can make coffee and take care of the furry kids before i have to feed him. He is just a happy and content baby. Everyone is always saying how good he is. He doesn't fuss when someone holds him, he does the opposite he smiles and chats with them. It is cute. You can have a conversation with him and he gets all serious with his facial expressions.

He loves Rosco!! Rosco is his buddy!

Rosco is ALWAYS next to him on the floor. At night Rosco sleeps in his room by his crib or on the couch in his room. When I wake up and go to get Liam in the mornings Rosco is right behind me with his tail wagging. I have to put Liam down so Rosco can greet him. He gets so excited lol. Rosco brings Liam his bears when he is on the floor. I can't wait til Liam is crawling and walking around. He and Rosco will have a blast!!

As for Buffy, she is like yea um what is this thing taking away my attention

It was so funny when I took this picture. Buffy just stared at him for a few mins then rubbed her head on him asking for him to pet her. lol Liam just had this look and it was too darn funny. She has come around slowly and will sit on the floor with him when she feels like it lol

Happy home for sure!

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