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[HOAX] A *NEW* Window of Opportunity: Ask, and ye shall receive.[HOAX]

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posted on Jun, 4 2013 @ 01:37 PM
reply to post by seabag

Truth be told, I was working for 10 hours and I'm exhausted, so I wasn't reading carefully. Plus, my attention span is that of a fish.

I wish the same to you too, thanks.

posted on Jun, 4 2013 @ 01:45 PM

Is this a cult of personality, or is it a genuine interest in what I have to say? Do you believe the message is only worth listening to, once you have established me worthy of speaking?

Here is the fail that you have been looking for.

You don't ever directly question your audience's ability to suspend their disbelief.

This is the textual equivalent of the cinematic imperative to 'Ignore the man behind the curtain'.

And, in fact, in this case The Wizard is going to go straight past pleading with you and he is going to go directly to bludgeoning you with it.

This is also like having a nun whack your fingers with a ruler for misbehaving, and in this case, the OP is telling you all that you are not only misbehaving, but you are all stupid.

Who would sign up for this nonsense?

posted on Jun, 4 2013 @ 01:55 PM

How about a nice occult secret?

but I only recently decided that perhaps it was time (and part of my responsibility in this life), to divulge some proper, useful information in regards to the hidden side of things and the nature of our reality.

Did you know that the only members of any secret society that are actually obligated to run around shooting off their mouths are, like, totally 0 degree-type newbies? Yep, and in some instances, the harder they do it, and the more publicly they do it, the more *bling* they garner from higher up the food chain.

So there's that.

posted on Jun, 4 2013 @ 02:14 PM
reply to post by TheAlmo

Not pertaining to you in particular,TheAlmo:

As long as we remember,however much politeness+consideration we give this new member,with his fascinating thread-we then give the same politeness+consideration to our members,old and new-any and all who come to post in the paranormal,ufo+alien,philosophy and metaphysics+Gray area forums.

If belief can be suspended or entertained from a stranger claiming to know it all,let us from now on afford our "own" the same privileges.We don't troll this guy,we don't troll our own,from now on.

Remember that.

Whatever politeness you afford a newcomer,how much more should you afford the known ones amongst ye?
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posted on Jun, 4 2013 @ 02:28 PM

Originally posted by Bybyots

How about a nice occult secret?

but I only recently decided that perhaps it was time (and part of my responsibility in this life), to divulge some proper, useful information in regards to the hidden side of things and the nature of our reality.

Did you know that the only members of any secret society that are actually obligated to run around shooting off their mouths are, like, totally 0 degree-type newbies? Yep, and in some instances, the harder they do it, and the more publicly they do it, the more *bling* they garner from higher up the food chain.

So there's that.

Hey Bybyots

How about a nice stay on topic, as your opinions of the OP do not fall within it?

posted on Jun, 4 2013 @ 02:33 PM
reply to post by Initiate

Is it possible for this "knowledge" to come from highly intelligent, but, psychotic individuals?

I do not mean to offend- if I have, my apologies- I am sincere with my question. I ask, because, I tend to project my condition onto others. I am a higher functioning paranoid schizophrenic with full range delusions and hallucinations. My emotions, thinking, memory, perception, motivation, skilled movements, language, judgment, and grasp of reality, etc. can become so disturbed as to function improperly. I have been stable for three years now, with only a mild level of disturbance, but, my views on reality have been greatly challenged. I have read a small portion of the answers in this thread and I find myself curious how such knowledge was derived. Not so much how you arrived at the knowledge, so much as, how the knowledge itself was acquired. I do not question the intellect of the one who originated such knowledge, but, I would wonder their sanity.

For example, here's an excerpt from my personal account to demonstrate what the mind can do to something as mundane as being transported to jail:

Then, the guard lit a cigarette and the other inmates were like, "Give us one." The guard turned around and looked at me and said, "Cup your hands and put them to the window." So, I did and the guard cupped the lit cigarette in their hands and putting it against the window, which did not appear to have holes in it, they took a deep breath and blew. I felt heat in my hands and when I opened them, there was the lit cigarette. I took a few drags, relieving my nicotine fit and then I passed it to the guy beside me. The cigarette went down the line of inmates until it returned to me. Someone on the other side of the partition said, "Blow some of that over here." Doing what I had seen the guard do I blew smoke into the partition with my cupped hands. I heard choking and someone said, "Thank you, but, pass us the cigarette." So, again cupping my hands with the cigarette in it, placing them against the partition, I took a deep breath and blew. The cigarette was gone. I heard, "Thank you" from the other side. Not long after, I saw the cigarette fly through the partition and land on the floor, it was just a burning butt so I stepped on it and put it out.
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posted on Jun, 4 2013 @ 02:43 PM
***under time constraints much as we all are****reply to post by Initiate

My question:

What is the path to human hygiene true hygiene so as to be able to access the upper realms? I suppose my question might be "long winded"... In particular I'm wondering if you have knowledge of ensoulment and fractals. Are there M-state metals or powders(IE gold powders or psychedelics) that one can administer to way of achieving unity with the material/aether. IE works of Dan Winter the physicist????

I store information and corroborate it later and discover my own set of perceived truths therein

Thank you and regards,

posted on Jun, 4 2013 @ 02:46 PM
Dear ATS,

I am about to make another post, addressing Shilo7's questions.

The reason I state this, is because temporarily I have decided to post the answers as I complete them, due to there being some formatting issues when copying and pasting from the word processor back to ATS; and for the moment, I wish to spare myself the time and effort required in amending this, so as to not make you (the reader) wait for much longer.

So, the answers will be flowing in the next few hours.

It seems, therefore, unlikely, that I will reach page 8, as I intended, before our session today ends. But let's see how far we get.

Thank you.

posted on Jun, 4 2013 @ 02:47 PM

Originally posted by old_god
reply to post by Initiate

Good day to you dear fellow! What a pleasant surprise to read a post on ATS that is clear, present and lacking of an ego (mostly).

We are all old souls, those of us that are, much older than we know or care to know...I am either an old god or an old dog depending on which way you look at things ;-)

I would like to leave you with the following quote as like you I have little time on here (ATS) and in general but only a fool believes they have any amount of time on this material world...

The primary aim of all knowledge is to awaken God-consciousness. This was understood as the aim of all traditional sciences. So while modern science has made leaps and bounds as concerns measuring the quantitative - the worldview it has developed has served to undermine the entire purpose of the enterprise of knowledge acquisition in the first place & thus set mankind back in the way that matters most. If one accepts this criterion for knowledge they will agree with the following assertion:

"it is a thousand times better to believe God created the earth in six days and that the world beyond lies beneath the flat surface of the earth or in the spinning heavens, than to know the distance from one nebula to another without knowing that phenomena merely serve to manifest a transcendent Reality which determines us in every respect and gives to our human condition its whole meaning and its whole content."

F. Schoun

I am of the esoteric and the above paragraph sums up my view very well...we live in a world now where I am an anomaly, a man of science and technology who has a strong spiritual perspective (god consciousness if you will).

I will take the time to read through this whole thread tonight and ask a question or two however I wanted to get your view on something more immediate. I am very much aware that the illuminati (or whatever they want to be known as) are making a point of being more open now, especially with their symbolic magic which is ever present in all forms of media lately, what is your view on this?

I believe they are heralding the arrival of the Antichrist (or rather a person of that nature i.e. an embodiment of all that is in opposition to good/spiritual/esoteric) and as such becoming more prominent and vocal with their actions...I would be interested in your views (as these are just theories developed from long sessions of thinking too much so I am not claiming to know anything).
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He probably won't answer you directly on this. He's talked about the Illuminati not being the top dog in the whole operation somewhere on the first few pages.

He also states, this isn't about who has the older soul and instead it's about the journey you take.

posted on Jun, 4 2013 @ 02:50 PM
Session 2~ Everyone get ready!

In all seriousness, I'm look forward to seeing where this is going... I just though the preverbial Tin-Foil Hats should help bring some laughter before Initiate get's rolling.

Play on, player~

posted on Jun, 4 2013 @ 03:00 PM
reply to post by Bybyots

Yeah, this is a recycled concept, even though it may be salted with a pinch of truth - at any rate, as seabag says, it makes for a lively read anyways.

posted on Jun, 4 2013 @ 03:26 PM
OP this is some of the most fascinating info i have ever read and want to thank you for this.Much resonates with me as truth and you have given us much food for thought..This info is perfect timing for me..I have been so caught up in seeing what is REALLY going on on earth that i am full of hate over it, hate for them that is..I do not want to be ..I am choosing attraction from this day foreword and will not watch or listen to media any more. Let the Light fill us all who choose this path!....

Btw i am not reading any other post but yours op...I choose not to wade threw the trash and wish others would not respond to the idiots..Ignore them and maybe they will go away.

posted on Jun, 4 2013 @ 03:29 PM

by Shiloh7

My religious upbringing taught me that there is both a heaven and hell and from various lectures, workshops I have attended over the years it appears to be a general position that when one dies, one will be met and escorted (hopefully) to heaven etc.

Dear Shilo7 PART I:

The true, real hell, is on Earth. One of my very high level brothers once mused: "Earth; such a cold hell!"

However, that is not to say that you are exempt from suffering in the lower emotional worlds (I am aware that sometimes it might be confusing to readers and even contradictory, as I use the plural and singular interchangeably, when referring to the subtle dimensions of our world. I do this sometimes because of habit. But let this be clear once and for all: Emotional world [without an 's'] is the same thing and interchangeable with emotional worldS [plural]. Why? Because, the emotional world [like the physical world [worlds!]] can be looked at as one conglomerate world, which itself is divided into sub-worlds. Therefore, there is no contradiction in my terminology. There is no confusion among my brothers of the order, nor should there be any confusion among you, my brothers at ATS). So, when you read me write "emotional world" or "astral world" or "physical world" or "mental world," please remember that I am simultaneously referring to their respective sub-worlds, and thus, I am simultaneously referring to them as: emotional worlds, physical worlds, mental worlds.

And in case people have not read my previous posts: A world is its own kind of dimension. Thus, the cosmos, which consists of 91 dimensions (49 Solar Systemic, 42 cosmic, which together constitute a 49 + 42 + 1 = 92 dimensional ball [or globe] in differentiated, primordial matter -- I shall elaborate on this later, don't worry!) simultaneously consists of 91 worlds! Each of these worlds has its own time, its own space, its own consciousness activity...

While this isn't directly addressing the question, I am simply introducing this, so that I may expound on it later. Every time I make occasional off-topic (beyond the scope of the question) remarks, please know that I am only doing this to plant seeds within you, to stimulate your consciousness activity and arouse your own independent thinking and seeking!

Anyway, back to the question.

In the lower emotional worlds, you will indeed suffer, (in your dreams, when astral traveling, having an out-of-body experience, as well as 'resting' between your incarnations [discarnation and your upcoming re-incarnation]).

In other words, yes, when you die, you may well experience a non-physical hell. Please do not look upon this lightly, friend, for the vibrations (and thereby intensity) of the suffering will increase a thousandfold, because you no longer have a physical organism to filter down these repulsive energies and thus somewhat shield you from your pain and torment.

The good news, however, dear brother, is that very few human beings, relatively speaking, will experience these torments for too long a period of time. There are soul helpers in the emotional planes (planes=worlds=dimensions) to try to guide you into the higher realms. Recall: The emotional world consists of 7 individual, separate dimensions, although the higher dimensions contain all lower dimensions.

Please do not try to begin to imagine this in your physical brain. You will fail each and every time. Not even the world's greatest mental genius could hope to construct a pictorial representation within their densely downscaled brain cells. The only way to 'imagine' this (ponder on the word: imagine, dear readers) is to actually experience it, and be directly conscious of it.

If you think this is a cop-out response, a few words deserve exposition: try explaining to a human what an orgasm is; a human who has never experienced it in his present life (not even seen it in a film or read about it in any literature).

(Sidenote: Ladies, please do not take offense when I use 'he/his/him/etc,' i.e. the male gender in my expositions. We, in the entire cosmos, look at each other as the gender-neutral 'he,' because we are all brothers. Genders do not exist in the superphysical worlds anyway).

All the mathematical equations, diagrams, fancy technical jargon and such, will do no good. This is why speculation (on anything in this world) is such a poor use of one's time. This is why the cult of speculation is so heavily condemned by my brotherhood. It pains them to see humanity hindering their own progress by dreaming about life, instead of living and experiencing it!

One recalls spontaneously Morpheus' statement to Neo: "unfortunately, nobody can be told what the matrix is. You have to see it for yourself..."

To be continued in PART II

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posted on Jun, 4 2013 @ 03:32 PM
reply to post by Initiate

Hi, Initiate.

If ever you come to this page. . .
do you know about "The Ra material" ?
It changed my way of thinking and seeing the world !!
It also answered many of my "important" questions !

The first line of my signature did too !

Blue skies.

posted on Jun, 4 2013 @ 03:59 PM
To the op,

I have always thought of the human body as a type of "tech". This may be my mechanical mindset speaking out as I am a hybrid car technician... I come to this conclusion based on "odds" I guess. What are the odds that we have so many individual components that ALL work together to give sentient life. Each component serving it's specific purpose. Everything works in harmony to give the product of life.

It seems to me that our creator designed the body as a type of vehicle to traverse our world.

This then gives the ultimate question for me, "Who's the driver?" For lack of understanding, I relate to what I know. A soul? Did our creator make the body as a "vehicle" to experience life better? I've never known how to express my own beliefs on this... And struggled here haha but I have a keen "understanding" of what I'm attempting to ask.

I will note, obviously very skeptical here... I'd just love to discuss this with someone. Maybe they have thoughts that fill in my blanks. Who knows? But I'd love to hear your thoughts....

posted on Jun, 4 2013 @ 04:29 PM

Originally posted by Kgnow
And as a final point regarding this reply, why would clandestine individuals and groups choose to dedicate their entire efforts towards an agenda that they will never see accomplished? The One World Totalitarian agenda is a multi-generational plan. I do not 'see' the motivating factor that would have so many people of influence dedicate their lives to an agenda that has taken centuries to come to fruition.


Just popping in to give my $.02 before reading the rest. BTW Kgnow, I, too, am at-one-mind.

My conclusion is that said individuals/groups possess the Stone, and those who are subject to public scrutiny (as part of their cover) simply 'duck out' to renew periodically. It's easier than you might think to fake your death, esp. if you have abundant Gold to bribe a coroner.

Back to reading the rest of the thread...

posted on Jun, 4 2013 @ 04:37 PM
What is your take on addiction?
Where does addiction root from?
Is there a way to come out of it?

Thank you

posted on Jun, 4 2013 @ 04:40 PM
reply to post by EarthCitizen07

you're actually preaching to the choir but I don't support following others who claim to be "above" everyone and privy to hidden knowledge when they are sitting at a computer in their underwear just like anybody else. When one of them discovers the answers to breaking the stalemate between tptb and a truly free society let me know until then it's all just static noise.

posted on Jun, 4 2013 @ 04:42 PM

Originally posted by Livelovelaugh6
Where does addiction root from?
Is there a way to come out of it?

Thank you

my two cents.

"Where does addiction root from?" - Lack of will power, lack of self appreciation...

"Is there a way to come out of it?" - Will power, ever increasing self appreciation/resepct...

Oh also some stuff about astral traveling and emotional planes and Illuminati and past lives

posted on Jun, 4 2013 @ 04:50 PM

by Shilo7

My religious upbringing taught me that there is both a heaven and hell and from various lectures, workshops I have attended over the years it appears to be a general position that when one dies, one will be met and escorted (hopefully) to heaven etc.


Beyond the 'neutral' 4th emotional dimension (the 11th dimension overall in our cosmos), you will experience the 'heaven' or 'bliss' levels of the emotional world. We call it the 'emotional unity' worlds. You could also label them the 'emotionally noble' dimensions. These are the worlds where most humans live out (you're still alive when you 'die,' because death doesn't exist! It's only a transition of organisms, i.e. from your dense physical-, to your less dense emotional-, to even less dense mental- and finally the least dense [in the worlds of man] causal world, where you shall rest, awaiting your next incarnation) the remainder of their CONSCIOUS, incorporeal lives.

Most humans currently (unfortunately) are still unconscious (or only faintly conscious) beyond the lower mental levels. A great shame too, for no words have ever been uttered or written as to the splendorous bliss that awaits you there and beyond. You will experience only a tiny fraction of it, as you are unconscious in the causal world. A highly evolved soul, would be objectively self-conscious in that realm. A well developed soul, subjectively conscious. Below that, you will be unconscious, or only very faintly conscious.

Humans only have themselves to blame again, for this lack of awareness on those planes. The refinement of your aura (which you carry with you after 'death,' or let's just say, after your present incarnation) is what decides where and how you shall be conscious in the subtle worlds.

If you have been sitting on your chair (or otherwise) consuming pornography/violence/hatred/envy/gossip/suspicion/fear/etc half your life, then you shall be aware of those very low levels, that harbor such repulsions, in the emotional world.

To some, that is perfectly acceptable, because they will engage in that activity with like-minded souls (incarnate and discarnate) in those realms, when the time comes. But these souls should not wonder why they miss out on the bliss planes of the higher worlds.

For others, who have pondered on art and culture (as an example), they will experience the higher levels of the emotional world.

And I am of course talking about real art and culture. The bulk of what's pumped into you (which much of humanity happily consumes) is not even remotely close to art or culture.

The word 'culture' alone is misleading, because no true cultural nation has ever existed on Terra. Not even in Atlantean days, or Roman/Ancient Greek days, have we ever had a cultured nation. The word 'culture' is thrown around a lot, but its meaning has been thoroughly perverted.

Some examples of culture are: Goethe's 'Faust,' or Vivaldi's 'Four Seasons,' Michaelangelo's 'Creation of Adam,' Shakespeare's (actually Francis Bacon's) 'Hamlet,' Bulwer Lytton's 'Coming Race,' Schopenhauer's 'Welt als Wille und Vorstellung,' Tolkien's 'Silmarillion' etc.

I am not claiming these to be the peaks of human production (exceptions go to Shakespeare's works, of course. Anybody who believes these were written by an ordinary 'mortal,' has still a very long way to go in his evolution).

I am, however, stating very clearly, that no human-built nation on Terra has ever come close to achieving a cultural identity.

The proof is obvious: look around through any nation's news channels, and observe what it is they produce and report as a nation. Claiming a few rare geniuses in your midst as examples of your non-existent 'culture' do not cut it. No, the truth is, humanity has yet to build a civilized nation (which is a lower stage in development. Ponder on this, dear readers).

Also, this is not a matter of opinion. No. You cannot come and argue "but for me, this and that are culture..."

Of course, you can believe it, but you cannot fool nature. If you relish in repulsive perversions, then nature will allocate you those fruits in your discarnate lives, for you have attracted it to yourself by your own divine free will.

Thus, my dear brother, it is completely up to you, which levels you shall experience, and for how long, based upon the thoughts, deeds and emotions you entertain and cultivate in this present life.

No, this is not punishment (punishment doesn't exist in the cosmos, only causality). It is not the wrath of god (not even the highest God in our cosmos has the power to exercise 'wrath' upon you. Not even a Black Magician or an Illuminati henchman can harm you, if you have not attracted this consequence to you in either the present- or in a previous life. It is your own free choice. Ponder on this, my friend).

by Shilo7

However when I did some research I also read that when one dies one has to negotiate pathways, some very dangerous with devils etc

Please read above. That depends entirely on your present Earthly life. Be well.

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