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My Personal Global Meltdown Preparations

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posted on Jun, 2 2013 @ 10:45 AM
Hey everyone. Darkbake here. When I am making preparations, I think that it shows that something might be coming down the line. At any rate, here are a few of the things I have been doing:

*Figuring out what I need and getting it, ditching what I don't need
*Blankets, backpack,
*Books, encyclopedia set, reference books
*Pellet gun, Co2 Cartridges
*Canned food, Ramen - this is what I have been eating mostly now, as it is fairly cheap, so I have a supply!
*Laptop - loaded with internet, games, music, anime, etc.

*Working on social skills - leadership skills and the ability to see things clearly help. Check out this Wikipedia article on Dialetic Behavioral Therapy in order to assist you find happiness and purpose in a world that might rapidly decline in its materialistic standards. It is actually based on Buddhism, although I don't particularly like taking it all the way, because it kind of promotes not standing up for yourself a bit, some stuff is useful.

*Moving to a small town
*As much as I hate living in Idaho, I moved to a small town here and in with one of my friends who bought a house. I did this in a large part to give me a buffer.

*I live off around $900 a month. First, I'm renting a room. For food, I will buy $1.00 canned food, use a microwave and also I buy those powdered drinks - like Tang and Lemonade to mix with water. I also happen to like Macaroni and Cheese, Ramen (with a bit of salt and pepper and an egg thrown in), Spaghetti is good, I don't know cooking is not my strong suit.

*Herbal Medicines
*Let's see... I am taking vitamins because I don't trust my dietary skills. I found out that Excedrin helps me focus since it comes with concentrated caffeine and is a lot cheaper than buying sodas. Cinnamon tablets can help regulate blood sugar along with Cayenne Pepper supplements (wow! hot! hot hot!).

*I am starting to learn how to garden, it is my third year now? I'm actually planting the seeds in pots so that they are mobile.

So... there you go. I'm not really trying to prepare or anything, but part of it is the fact that I already hit rough economic times after graduating from college, so a lot of this is reacting to a bad situation - still, it comes in handy when and if other people need to do it in a pinch.

I think you can see where most of it came from having to adapt to the bad economy. The plants being in pots is actually so that I can garden without messing up the yard, it is not a bad idea if you live in a city or something.

My quality of life is actually much improved. I can game whenever, read, I have good people around (this one is super important, by the way), renting a room for cheap takes off economic stress, I like the food I'm eating, although I'm trying to improve the variety of it.

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posted on Jun, 3 2013 @ 01:52 PM
looks like a good list.

Living in idaho helps. your already Secluded from the masses.

As far as the pellet gun, you can wear a jacket or sweet shirt, like a lot of people do in Idaho, and barely feel the pellet hit you. I recommend getting a real gun for protection if you can.

posted on Jun, 3 2013 @ 02:07 PM

My Personal Global Meltdown Preparations

Over the last 18-24 months, these 'prep-for-the-end' threads have been coming pretty regular. Most of the time, my reply is something like... all things considered, do you really want to survive to see what awaits on the other side?

On one occasion, my eldest daughter (who pops in here on a rare moment) emailed me and said that she diodn't want to embrass me online but... just because I was old and had lived well over half of my expected lifespan, doesn't mean that everyone else shared that view. She told me that those younger who did survive would be, basically, the Adams and Eves of the new world that followed.

I told her that using the term 'Adam and Eve' here would have seen her fallen upon and devoured... but the point she made was a good one.

So, let me first offer an apology to all those who would indeed prefer to live/survive through whatever the worst of tomorrow brings, to then become the Romulus and Remus (better than Adam and Eve, no?) of whatever follows. I genuinely wish you the best... just be sure to remember a few old rules:

1. Never eat yellow snow.
2. Never urinate into the wind.
3. Never drink water downstream from a large village.
4. Never drink water that hasn't been turned into beer.
5. Learn to sew and cook and hunt as fast as you can.
6. Learn to communicate without cell phones.
7. Learn to write without a keyboard.
8. Learn to spell so it is readable.
9. Learn to read.
10. They're called 'horses'. Learn to like them even if they kick your teeth out, lol.


posted on Jun, 3 2013 @ 02:56 PM
An air rifle and a laptop full of amine, huh? Those'll be handy when you're Mad Maxing it out with a band of roving, desperate, cannibalistic mutants.

The only things one needs in a post-apocalyptic wasteland is a .357, a Bible, and some guts. Oh, and a dog. Ooo, and maybe, like, a slightly malformed sidekick who- WAIT! A little girl. Yeah, dude, a little girl you found in some burned out rubble a few years back who'll be scrappy and cute and who'll call you "Pa" even though you're remarkably similar in age.

No, but seriously, uh, water purification tablets? You'll need those.

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