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Japan and other nations say no to U.S. wheat, worried about GMOs

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posted on Jun, 2 2013 @ 09:52 AM
Japan wants to make sure its noodles remain untainted by GMOs.
Japan cancelled a bid on 27,500 tons of Pacific Northwest wheat on Thursday — the first bite taken out of America’s wheat export market after a rogue genetically engineered strain was discovered growing like a weed on an Oregon farm.
Other international buyers also reacted negatively to the news, with South Korea suspending its tenders to import U.S. wheat and European Union countries being urged to step up genetic testing of American imports. Taiwan said it may seek assurances that all imported wheat from the U.S. is GMO-free, the Wall Street Journal‘s MarketWatch reports.
From Agence France-Presse:
“As long as the situation remains unchanged, we have no choice but to avoid bidding for the product,” [a Japanese government] official said …
“We are asking US authorities to disclose information related to the incident as quickly as possible,” the official said. …
Japan imports around five million tonnes of wheat a year, 60 percent of which is from the US, making it one of the largest importers of the crop

posted on Jun, 2 2013 @ 09:56 AM
Monsanto, the makers of agent orange have never taken responsibility for the suffering they've caused, not just to the Vietnamees but to American soldiers. There are many US corporations that cause a great deal of harm in the name of profit. Even after their products are outlawed in the US, they continue to sell it over seas to unsuspecting consumers, like DDT for example. Oh, it's ok to poison other people's birds and people.

posted on Jun, 2 2013 @ 11:09 AM
reply to post by Surfrat

There goes some more of our the U.S. can sink even further into the abyss of nothingness.

Did you all know that Bill Gates owns 500,000 shares of Monsanto stock?

The Bill Gates foundation is promoting GMO

Here is an article from Doctor Mercola about the harm Bill Gates is doing:

A quote from the above article: "In Bill Gates, Monsanto also has one of the wealthiest and most influential "philanthropists" supporting their agenda and spreading misleading propaganda about their products."

Bill Gates lives in the we all know he is extremely wealthy...and he has power and influence; seems to me he is directly connected to these countries saying no to our wheat crops.

This man is investing in and promoting GMO crops globally.

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posted on Jun, 2 2013 @ 11:22 AM

Originally posted by caladonea
There goes some more of our economy...

Would not want to be an American wheat farmer ight now.

But some analysts feared a potentially damaging blow to the $8 billion wheat export business, recalling the more than yearlong disruption to corn sales following a similar discovery in 2000.

"Unless there's a quick resolution, this is not going to be good for the export market,"

"The recommendation right now is to not panic," he said.
"We really need to let the investigators do their jobs and get more information before people panic.


And that was before the Japanese cancellation.

P.S. The MSM publishing an anti-monsanto story about the doom caused by GMO crops? Someone isnt going to get an invite to the Bilderburg christmas party.

posted on Jun, 2 2013 @ 11:28 AM
reply to post by Surfrat

Thank you for this information.

I am glad to see that the other countries of the world is beginning to stamp down their authority, when it comes to buying GMO-contaminated food for their people.

The awareness about the negative affects of GMO crops are spreading.

I am not from the USA, but I feel sorry for the people of the USA, because I understand that 80% plus of all the wheat, corn, soy bean, and canola crops in the USA, is in fact GMO. That is a shocking statistic!

The USA is busy with a very big, and irreversible, Frankenstein experiment, which in the end, will affect the health of millions and millions of people.

If you value your health, stay far away from GMO food!

And insist that GMO food is labelled as such!

posted on Jun, 2 2013 @ 12:26 PM

This is awesome news. More and more threads are coming to light in regards to Mon#o being rejected. Well done to the countries who are waking up to their agenda.

And well done to the members exsposing them

Star and Flag them, EVERYTIME

Be safe be well and eat healthy


posted on Jun, 2 2013 @ 05:47 PM
With over 30 countries (and growing) banning GMO's, with documented sterilization of men, damage to umbilical cords of pregnant women, organ failure, muscle and joint damage, altering of our DNA and cross contamination of heirloom crops....GMO's are a poisonous nightmare! We have to protect ourselves and our children. Autism has been linked to pesticide use (1 in 88 children now) which is sprayed ON crops....what happens when kids eat GMO foods when that pesticide is INSIDE the food? Lord help us....

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